Orient Electric Lifestyle Range Fans
Orient Electric Lifestyle Range Fans
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When you think of a fan for your interior, the first thing which would pop-up in your mind would be a fixed ceiling fan hanging on the roof. But what if your requirement is not of a ceiling fan, or you have a low-rise residence where installing a ceiling fan is not possible, or you require something to suit your modern decor. Not only that, especially in shops/offices where installing a ceiling fan is next to impossible at most places, you want something which may stay fixed at one corner or something portable to keep everyone cool while it may not ruin the looks and takes the least possible space.

To address all of these requirements above, Orient Electric launched a new range of lifestyle-focused fans which are designed to take minimum space possible, are easy to move around with ease, are super safe even if you may have kids around and are capable of throwing air in each corner of the room.

Orient Electric Lifestyle Focused Range of Fans:

With a history of brilliant products launched by Orient Electric like Orient Aerostorm or Aerocool, the brand has come a long way and offers an extensive range of premium fans to suit everyone taste and needs. Although suitable for everyone, these lifestyle range fans not only have been designed to meet the needs of low-rise residence/offices; these are also meant to improve the decor of your room stylishly. Not only these portable fans are safer for kids, but these can also be used for better air circulation in air-conditioned rooms, fulfiling the need of personalised air for confined spaces like dining setup, study areas, puja room etc.

For decades, the wall mount or pedestal fans have met the needs of people, but for now, to meet the glam quotient of the modern interior, there has to be something else, stylish and safe as well. Orient Bladeless fan or the Monroe (Tower fan) is a perfect solution for that, let’s discuss more around these in detail:

Orient Bladeless

Never seen anything like this before in India, Orient Bladeless fan is an engineering marvel which uses a combination of Physics and aerodynamics to multiply air, thereby ensuring an uninterrupted flow of air. The flagship among all, Orient Bladeless has a distinctive, eye-catching design, consumes less power and runs silently at all three different speeds.

Orient Bladeless Fan
Orient Bladeless Fan

But most of all, it is super safe to keep Orient Bladeless anywhere even if you have kids around, you got nothing to worry about. Since it has no blades inside, it is quite compact in size and light in weight, take minimal space around and can be moved across the home/office with utmost ease by anyone.

The swing function in the fan not only pushes the air across the room but if being used in an air-conditioned room, it also multiplies the cold air significantly, cooling down each corner of the room for good. The fan doesn’t create any noise at all on all speeds (Low, Medium and High) and consumes only 40W of energy an hour which is almost nothing.

This ultra-modern curvaceous fan has an inbuilt ambient light strip with four colour options, i.e. off-white (default), Green, Purple and Blue. Not only these lights create the perfect ambience to match your mood, but these also help to indwell in the decor of the room. For ease of use, it comes with remote control and has a standby timer feature of up to 7.5 hours.

Summarising the features of Orient Bladeless:

  • A fan without blades; extremely safe for children.
  • Very quiet and very efficient.
  • Combination of clever physics and aerodynamics to multiply air, leading to less energy consumption.
  • Light-weight, slim design & takes up minimal space.
  • Left to right swing function & high-speed motor with 3-speed settings.
  • 7.5-hour standby timer with an interval of 0.5 hours.
  • Amazingly built-in ambient mood light with colour-changing options, i.e. Off-white, Green, Purple and Blue.
  • Remote control operation with options for manual control.

Orient Monroe (Tower Fan)

Suitable when you want to keep a fan at one corner of the room to push the air across for everyone, Orient Monroe using its swing function and tower design, delivers the air across its full height. Designed as a tower fan, this lifestyle fan boasts a nice, slim design and a reliable, powerful motor to ensure uniform airflow across the room. The main USP of the product is the silent operation, and you won’t even notice when the fan is running other than by the breeze created by it.

With looks no less than a futuristic concept product, Orient Monroe is quite compact in design, you can keep the fan into any kind of space, whether big or small, be it your home, office, shop or a cabin.

Monroe comes with 3 settings of Breeze Modes, i.e. Natural, Normal & Sleep, has an inbuilt timer and remote control for ease of use. Like Orient Bladeless, this fan also can increase air circulation inside an air-conditioned room for more uniform cooling.

Summarising the features of Orient Monroe:

  • Sleek and Slim Design.
  • Easy to fit in any corner of the House/Office/Cabin.
  • Classy look yet reliable and robust motor to give good air flow.
  • Comes with Remote Control.
  • 7.5-hour standby timer with an interval of 0.5 hours.
  • Safe for children.
  • Three Breeze modes; Natural, Normal and Sleep.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Left to Right Swing Function with 3-Speed Function.

Orient Auctor (360-degree fan)

While this might look like a trendy spotlight, the all-new Orient Auctor is an aesthetically pleasing air circulation fan with 3-D auto-oscillation feature. Powered with a strong and reliable motor, Auctor is capable of throwing air to longer distances. It comes with remote control and has a touch panel control to use with ease. Not only that, but it also shows the room temperature on display.

Orient Auctor 360 Degree Fan
Orient Auctor (360-Degree Fan)

Compact and light-weight in Design, Auctor takes minimal space and can be moved around anywhere in home or offices easily. Auctor also has a standby timer feature of 8 hours with an interval of one hour.

Summarising the features of Orient Auctor:

  • Stylish, compact and rotating air-circulation.
  • 3D-Auto Oscillation Spreading cool air to all corners of the room.
  • Strong and reliable motor with high air-flow.
  • Amazing Touch-panel for manual control.
  • Also comes with remote control.
  • 8-hours standby timer with an interval of one hour.
  • Room Temperature Display

Orient Proteus (Box Fan)

Designed as a luxurious box, Orient Proteus is a super-silent fan which ensures delivering cool air with no noise. The fan has round-edges around and the use of white-grey colour scheme imparts a premium look to it. The knobs on the fan offer adjusting the fan speed in 3-modes, i.e. Low, Medium and High along with timer control.

Orient Proteus Box Fan
Orient Proteus Box Fan

To direct the air in any particular direction if required, Proteus offers a 30-degree vertical adjustment of whole fan box. The front grill on the fan also rotates anti-clockwise to distribute the air in all directions evenly. With a compact and lightweight design, Orient Proteus takes minimal space and can be carried anywhere across the home with utmost ease.

Summarising the features of Orient Proteus:

  • Luxurious box fan with super silent motor.
  • 3-speed control panel; Low, Medium and High.
  • Rotating Grill which gives air flow to all direction.
  • One Hour Standby timer with 10 min interval.
  • White-grey colour gives it a classy and premium look.
  • Extremely lightweight making it highly portable.

Comparison of Features of All Four Lifestyle Range Fans:

Silent OperationYesYesYesYes
Timer0.5 h to 7.5 hrs0.5 h to 7.5 hrs1 hr to 8 Hrs10 mins to 1 hr
Body ColorWhiteWhiteWhiteGreyish White
Remote ControlYesYesYesNo
Power Consumption40W40W55/65W42
Swing FunctionYesYesYesRotating Grill
Speed Settings3333

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