Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Review
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Review
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Further expanding its revolutionary Aero Series range of fans, Orient Electric recently launched its super premium Aerocool ceiling fan. Aerocool although looks quite different from the previously launched Aerostorm fan but the design is again aerodynamic, has equal sweep length of 1320mm and the air-delivery rating is exactly same. Both fans have winglet technology in the blades and are designed on the theme of “Very Silent, Very Powerful”. But does this fan perform the same as Aerostorm, we shall find out in this review.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Unboxing Video

P.S – This video was not made by us, but it’s from CompareRaja. We just included it for the informational purpose for our readers.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Review

Beautifying the interior doesn’t end with just the paint finishes, furniture, and accessories in the room. These days, the looks of other home gadgets and appliances contribute as well. It is essential to see how they match the looks of the interiors and how great they look. That’s when along with other accessories, the market of premium fans also saw a rapid rise. These days, a premium fan can be a great match for the room, with futuristic looks and aerodynamically designed blades.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Box

Orient Aerocool is such a futuristic fan along with aerodynamic design which runs silently and delivers air delivery of 300 CMM which is highest in the segment.


Orient Aerocool is simply the best-looking fan in the premium fan category for me, Period. Although there are many stylish fans in the market, this one truly stands out for the way it looks, the way it’s built, those curves on the blades looks outstanding and attract the attention of anyone in the first look.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Review
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan

Though the fan comes with no fancy accessories, the simplicity and futuristic design are the elements that attract anyone. The Orient Aerocool is aerodynamically designed, so it doesn’t just add value and becomes perfect match, but also adds more efficiency and power, resulting in better air delivery. The build quality of the rotor and the blades are excellent, and this fan set a benchmark for other brands who sell most fans with metal blades.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Review
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan

Orient Aerocool is completely aerodynamically designed like its sibling i.e. Orient Aerostorm (review). It offers a futuristic modern design which adds a zing to the interior, blends well with other modern devices in the room. It’s kind of a new breed of product which has never been launched before by any brand in India. It has a monolithic seamless design and has no gaps between the fan and the blades, which gives a unibody appearance to the fan.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Seamless Design

There are no visible screws or joints on the fan rotor or blades when viewed from the front. That gives a seamless design impression on the fan and gives it premium futuristic looks.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Rotor Front
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Rotor Front

The chrome ring which extends to the sides of the rotor adds an elegance to the looks and is surrounded by the premium white PU-finish estate of the rotor and blades. Such detailing on the fan not only balance out the home decor requirements but also suits the overall aesthetics of your room.

Why Orient Aerocool?

Orient seems to have invested a lot in R&D for Aero series fans. First Aeroquiet, then Aerostorm and now Aerocool, Orient Electric has come a long way with aerodynamically designed fans which come with a winglet on the blades, which minimizes the vortex and that helps to deliver higher air thrust with minimal noise. Following are some quick feature of Orient Aerocool ceiling fan:

  • Aerodynamic blade design for Higher Thrust & Air delivery.
  • 300 CMM Air Delivery which is the highest being delivered by any ceiling fan in the Indian market.
  • Winglet* in blade design to minimize the air vortex & noise.
  • Blade profiles inspired by the aerodynamic design of Aircraft wings.
  • Eye-catching spiral curves in the canopy, curves in blades and bottom cover plate for bold & dynamic looks with elegance.
  • High gloss premium finishing with PU paint.
  • UV Metalized Deco Ring for premium looks.
  • Seamless design to ensure no gaps & clearance in the various parts of the fan.
  • Smooth Airflow with negligible air cutting noise.
  • 100% Rust free blade made of High grade compounded ABS for longer life & reliability.
  • Sturdiest & Heaviest 18-pole motor design for longer life.
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Back

Orient Aerocool is a new kind of product in ceiling fan market, whose blades are made of glass-filled ABS. This fan is rust-proof, bend-proof and has highest air delivery rating among any fan in India.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Rotor Back
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Rotor

Under the hood, it has an 18-pole induction motor which is made of high-quality copper windings, strong magnets, and efficient commutation assembly and superior quality double-ball bearings which helps in the silent operation of the rotor.

Once you pick up the rotor of the Aerocool, you’ll realize how much heavy it is. And it is said that the heavier it is, better would be the quality of the fan. The motor of Aerocool not only has sturdy mounts, those high-quality bearings and high-purity copper windings also add up to the weight of the rotor. If there is any other fan in my knowledge which matches this quality is Orient Aerostorm.

*What’s the Importance of having Winglets in Ceiling Fans?

Winglets in a ceiling fan have the same use as they have on an aircraft. While rotating, the pressure is created when the fan rotates and it creates a pressure at edges of the blades, that creates a vortex and drag which is the result of a sudden pressure difference in the air.

Orient Aerocool Blade Winglet

The vortex vibrates the blade and while rotating, this vibration creates noise. In this case, the winglets direct the airflow from a high-pressure zone below the blade to low-pressure zone away from the blade and hence directs the airflow in a controlled manner.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Blade Design

This helps in minimizing the vortex by helping the pressure difference have a smaller marginal difference and hence, helps in eliminating noise while the blades of the fan rotate.

Aerodynamic Design

Just higher blades count doesn’t mean that a fan will be able to deliver more air. Ironically, there are fans in the market which come with 4 blades, but some of them are terrible and can never fulfill the claim of higher air delivery, and are not even near to the air delivery benchmark of 300 CMM. As the number of blades increases, it creates more drag, adding more noise. At the same time, due to vibrations and a heavier load, power efficiency also goes down and whereas an Aerodynamic design keeps you out of all these hassles and provides the best in class air delivery.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Blades
Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Blades

So, it’s clear now that the Aerodynamic design is another USP of the Orient Aerocool. Orient Electric has researched a lot while developing Aerofoil designs blades of this fan. Air delivery by fans depends on the air velocity, as well as on the area covered by the fan. So, if air thrust increases, it results in higher air delivery. This is the moment where the Aerofoil design plays a vital role by increasing both the air thrust and air delivery while producing much less noise.

Orient Aerocool Ceiling Fan Unibody Design

I mostly don’t believe in marketing lines pitched by brands and always try to push the limits, and this time also I did the same. I tried to bend the blades of Aerocool hard, but couldn’t do it. Due to being so lightweight and touch, while they are robust and strong, they don’t hurt the electricity bill as they are efficient as well.

Orient Aerocool Performance

As I had to review this, I replaced my old conventional fan with Orient Aercool. The biggest change I have found is the sound level, which has dropped to a huge extent. That now makes it possible for me to record a video without much background noise while the fan is running at full speed. My old fan motor was already making some noise, so now, with Orient Aerocool the ambiance is quieter, and at a saner speed, it is totally silent.

Step-type fan regulator
Step-type fan regulator

In terms of sound level, the room is now at least 10 dB quieter in terms of ambient sound as compared to the time before switching to the Aerocool fan. The fan delivers more air than the old one I had under same speed setting, and that’s the difference an aerodynamic fan brings along with. With an air delivery benchmark of 300 CMM at 300 RPM, I found that Aerocool delivers more than 40-50% airflow than standard ceiling fans which are usually capable of delivering around 200-220 CMM.

I very strongly recommend using step-type fan regulator with this or any ceiling fan. Buy any branded fan regulator only, not the cheap local ones. Also if you have already installed movable regulator (the one without numbers), replace them. Prefer to buy the regulator which takes sizes of 2 normal switches. The bigger the better in simple words!

Orient Aerocool Box Contents

Orient Aerocool Ceiling fan Box Contents
Orient Aerocool Ceiling fan Box Contents

The box of Orient Aerocool contains:

  • Fan motor
  • 3 Blades
  • Top Canopy
  • Bottom Canopy
  • Rod Cover
  • 36.5 cm Down Rod
  • Shackle Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Warranty Card

Final Verdict

As of now, the Orient Aerocool is one of the best ceiling fan available in the market, both in terms of design and features. It looks beautiful and the unique design it has gets a lot of attention while it doesn’t compromise in terms of performance. Orient Aerocool is available for Rs. 5290 exclusively at Amazon.in and it is also available in the offline stores. Few might find this price expensive, but when you actually compare it with other premium fans available in the market in the same price range with 1320 sweep length, you’ll find that the Orient Aerocool is priced very reasonably. There is no other fan in the market which is even near to this kind of high air delivery rate at 300 CMM in this price range.

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