Best power bank in India for 2019

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? Check your mobile? From our alarm clock, mode of communication, gaming console to even an audio player, mobile has become a must-have all in one device.

But for all the power and utility, if there is one aspect I hate about mobile is battery life. So what can you about it? Simple, get the best power bank in India.

And no, you do not have to get confused by all the brands and models in the market. We have narrowed down the search for you right here to the 5 top models so you can find one that best matches your budget and needs.

Best 10,000mAH Power Bank in India

Mi 20,000mAH: If you want a power bank that lasts for long in terms of both durability and battery, this Mi power bank is just what you need. With a 13,000mAH capacity, it allows you to charge your devices multiple times and supports 2-way quick charging as well.

Mi 10,000mAH: If you want the best bang for your buck, this 10,000mAH variant is the ideal pick. It too supports 2-way quick-charging and comes with a special 9-layers circuit protection system that ensures hassle-free charging for years to come.

A Power Bank on a Budget

Intex IT-PB11K: If you are looking for something really cheap, this Intex power bank is available for less than Rs. 600. Does not hold the charge for too long but even at this cheaper price gives you fast charging and has the most number of charging ports on the list at 3.

Best Power Bank in India for 2019

#1: Mi 20000mAH Power bank 2i (Best 20,000mAH Power Bank in India)

With high capacity, a sleek design and unmatched build quality, Mi have powered their way to becoming one of the leading power bank brands in the country. More about their 20000mAH power bank below.

Best Features

The 20,000mAH delivers a capacity of about 13,000. This means if your mobile’s battery is 3,000-4,000mAH, you can easily charge your mobile 4-5 times.

Not just that, it is also equally capable of charging your MacBook, tablet, Smartwatch etc. (pretty much anything and everything).

And that too on the double since it has a Quick Charging port. If you intend on using both the ports, the charging is still pretty quick with the 5.1A power supply.

For safe charging of all the low powered devices like your Mi Band, Bluetooth earphones with the low voltage mode. To activate it all that is needed is a double press of the power button.

Quick Charging extends to the power bank as well which means you will never have to charge the power bank for more than 2-3 hours when charged using an 18W USB Cable (way lesser than most power banks).


Setting the power bank apart from the rest is the 9-layer circuit protection system which means the power bank is primed to deliver both efficiency and durability.

Here’s how this 9-layer system ensures the utmost safety of your power bank and device:

Temperature Resistance: It protects the power bank from overheating when left on charge for long or during power fluctuations.

Protection from Short Circuit: In case of a short circuit, the motherboard and battery are well protected from any damage.

Reset Mechanism: Use the power button to reset the power bank when need be.

Input Overvoltage Protection: Ensures no harm comes to the battery of your mobiles and other accessories in case of voltage fluctuations.

Protection from Incorrect Insertion: Placed in the charger incorrectly? Don’t worry, the power bank will automatically stop charging to prevent any damage to both the bank and device

Protection from Output Overcurrent: Automatically shuts down the power if it notices a power surge.

Output Overvoltage Protection: This feature is in charge of ensuring the power bank is off when there is a voltage surge.

Protection from Overcharge and Over-discharge: Does not let the power bank overcharge or over discharge so the batteries last you for longer than with usual power banks.

PTC Protective Circuits for the Cell: Since the batteries come with PTC protection, a rise in temperature or current beyond safe limits does not damage the batteries.

The Anti-slip texture on the body keeps the power bank firmly in your hands even during moist conditions and also prevents scratches. Combine that up the PC+ABS build and you have an eco-friendly yet very durable power bank.

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty


One small drawback with the power bank is that it only allows quick charging when a single port is used.

Also, the white color tends to get dirty quite easily. Plus, it is bulkier and thus does not fit into the pockets.


  • Comes with ample capacity to charge a mobile 4-5 times
  • Low voltage mode allows charging of smartwatches, Earphones etc.
  • Quick-charge your devices when a single port is used
  • The 2-way quick charging charges the power bank on the double as well
  • The 9-layer circuit protection system prevents damage from high voltage, current, temperature etc.
  • With the PC+ABS build, the power bank has excellent durability and is eco-friendly
  • The Anti-slip texture provides an excellent grip


  • Quick Charge is available with one port only
  • White colors body means it gets dirtied easily
  • Bulky design means it does not fit into pockets

#2: Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 2i (Best Power Bank in India Under 10,000mAH)

Mi is at it again and this time with their cheaper 10,000mAH power bank. If you want to the best value for your money, this the power bank you can bank on.

Best Features

This power bank is very similar to the first pick which means, it also features dual charging ports for you to easily charge 2 devices on the go.

And whether it is the power bank your charging or your mobile, the quick charge ensures neither device remains out of action for too long.

But how quick is that exactly? Use an 18W charger and power bank will take no more than 3-4 hours to get fully charged or about 6-7 hours with regular charger (still quicker than many).

The 10,000mAH means it has a capacity of 6000-7000mAH, good enough to charge your mobiles at least twice so they last you the entire day even during the most hectic of periods.


On the build and design front, this power bank edges ahead than the 20,000mAH model as it is sleeker and compact (yup, compact enough to even fit in your back pocket).

The ergonomic arc design gives it a good fit in the hand while the rugged texture prevents any slips.

But if you do end up dropping it, the power bank is still well-protected by the strong aluminum body which is also rust-free giving you years of uninterrupted charging on the go.

And to top it all, it comes in an all-black design along with the 9-layer circuit protection that all Mi Power bank boasts of (fluctuations or overheating, nothing can breakdown this bad boy).

Warranty: 6-months Manufacturers Warranty


On the downsides, the USB cable provided in the box is quite small.

The body of the power bank gets scratched easily but that can be avoided with a separate power bank cover.

Though keep in mind, the cover might make it uncomfortable to carry it in the pocket.

Lastly, it has a lower capacity when compared to the 20,000mAH which means you only get to charge your mobile or tablets 2-3 times. But nonetheless, offers greater conversion than other 10,000mAH power banks (a mind-blowing 93% to be precise).


  • Comes with dual ports to allow charging of multiple devices at once
  • Both the devices and the power bank quick charge
  • This means the power bank takes only 3-4 hours when charged using an 18W USB Cable
  • Gives a charging conversion rate of 93% with its 6500 capacity
  • Aluminum body provides both a durable and rust-free build
  • Ergonomic 180-degree arc design makes it easy to grip
  • The 9-layer circuit protection keeps the power bank from overheating, over discharging, overcharging etc.
  • Compact and light enough for easy carrying even the in the back pocket of your jeans.


  • The aluminum body gets scratched very easily
  • A longer USB cable would have been better
  • Gives lesser charging cycles than a 20,000mAH power bank

#3: Intex IT-PB11K (A Power Bank on a Budget)

Need something on the cheap? Then this Intex Power Bank is just the portable charger you have been in search of and is available for less than Rs. 700.

Best Features

One of the standout features of this Intex power bank is that it supports simultaneous charging of 3 devices.

Two of the ports are 5V/2A ports that provide faster charging times for mobiles, tablet, and laptops. The third 5V/1A port is great for powered devices like Bluetooth earphones etc.

And since each port is clearly marked with the output, you will know exactly which port to use for the device you intend on using.

It also has a 5V/2.1A Input so charging the power bank should only take about 5-6 hours and with a low battery indicator, you will know precisely when it needs charging.

Furthermore, it also features a LED torch which is pretty handy when you are out in the dark and cannot find your USB cable or earphones or worse, your way back (forgot your flashlight? No problem).

For cheaper power bank, it is quite surprising to see that it has an 81% conversion rate. So what does that mean? Well, that power banks capacity is just about 7000-8000mAH.

Simply put, your iPhone 7 or your OnePlus 6T can be charged around 2.5 times.

Also, it is one of the lightest power banks on the list with a weight of just 280g but the thickness means it does not fit into any pocket.

Warranty: 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty


The white body catches dust and dirt quite easily so if you are not color specific, I would suggest you go for the black variant.

The body does not come with an anti-slip coating so if happen to be a clumsy person you would want to buy a cover for sure.

Also, the power bank discharges rather quickly but thankfully, the quick charging is a blessing in that case.


  • It has 3 ports for charging multiple devices at once
  • Two ports allow for quick charging whereas the third port is ideal for low-powered devices
  • Each port is clearly marked so there is no guesswork involved
  • The 2.1A input ensures the power charges in just 5-6 hours
  • It is the most pocket-friendly power bank on the list
  • The power bank weighs a mere 280g
  • The LED torch is particularly helpful for hikers and campers
  • Gives you an 81% conversion with a capacity of 7000-8000mAH
  • This allows you to charge your mobiles about 2-2.5 times


  • Does not hold charge for long
  • It has a bulky design though remains pretty light
  • White color catches dust and dirt
  • It is prone to slipping especially in moist conditions

Not the most efficient of power banks but nonetheless, for anyone on a budget, this is definitely worth the consideration. But if you are willing to pay a few hundred bucks more, the Mi 10,000 power is by far the best power bank in India around this price range.

#4: Coolnut CMPBAND-53

Going toe to toe in terms of both build and quality with the Mi is the Coolnut CMPBAND-53 and here’s why we rate it so highly.

Best Features

What makes the Coolnut Power Bank another very powerful choice, is its excellent conversion rate which puts it at par with the Mi as it has a capacity of about 12,000mAH.

That means most smartphones and tablets can be charged 3-4 times and that too at pretty fast rates with the 2.1A dual ports. The 2A input gets the power bank up and running in 4-5 hours as well.

For the smaller devices, the power bank automatically adjusts the output so they not only get charged quickly but are well-protected.


The advanced PCBs circuits mechanism is very similar to the 9-layer protection Mi power bank circuits come with. So you can rest assure overheating, over current, wrongly connect USB Cables etc. won’t harm your power bank or the smartphone.

While the ABS+PC build gives it elegance, the Silicone Shell casing gives it brute strength so it can handle the rigors of your travels and daily life like a pro. It also gives a firm grip on the power bank so it does not easily slip out.

Adding a touch of modernity to the power bank are the LED indicator which blinks when the battery goes down to 75%, 50% and lastly, 25%.

The LED Flashlight is perfect for emergency situations be it the indoors or outdoors giving you ample light to search for the necessities.

Warranty: 1-year Manufacturer Warranty


The power bank is on the expensive side and more so if you buy the power bank with a C-Type cable and power adapter (both are primary for a quick charge) as it can cost you about Rs. 2,000.

This Power bank too isn’t compact enough to fit into your pockets so carrying it around can be tedious.


  • Comes with a capacity of 12,000mAH allowing you to charge mobiles, tablet, laptop etc. multiple times
  • Dual ports allow you to charge 2 devices at once
  • Both slots offer fast charging with a 2.1A output
  • The power bank also is quick to charge as it an input of 2V
  • For devices like a smartwatch etc. the power is automatically adjusted
  • The advanced PCBs circuit system prevents overcharging, over discharging, overheating etc.
  • The PC+ABS build gives it great durability
  • With the Silicone shell, the grip on it is firm and protects against slips and falls
  • LED indicators tell you the precise battery level
  • The LED flashlight helps during emergencies especially when out in the wild


  • It is on the expensive side
  • Bulky design means carrying it in pockets is tough

#5: Ambrane PP-20

Last but not least comes another comes another power-packed power bank from Ambrane. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Best Features

Whether you want to charge your mobile, MacBook, FitBit etc. the PP-20 lets you charge 2 devices at once with its two ports.

Both the ports support 2.1A output which means your devices get charged at the fastest possible speeds.

And if you are wondering how many charge cycles it can give you then note that it has a capacity of 11,000mAH (so that’s about at par with the Mi or Coolnut Power bank).


Protecting the outer body of the power bank is the rubberized finish which not only keeps the power bank dust and scratch-free but also ensures it can handle the light bumps and falls.

Warranty: 6-month Manufacturer Warranty


  • It has a capacity of about 8,000mAH giving you at least 2 charging cycles
  • With dual ports, you can charge 2 devices at a time
  • The slots ensure your devices are charged quickly as they have an of 2.1A
  • Thanks to the 2V input, charging times for the power bank are quick as well
  • It is safe for smaller devices like smartwatch etc. as well as the power is automatically adjusted
  • The advanced PCBs circuit system prevents overcharging, over discharging, overheating etc.
  • With the rubberized covering, the power bank is protected against scratches and dust
  • The circuit is protected from over discharge, over current, over voltage high heat etc.


  • The capacity is lower as compared to other 20,000mAH power banks
  • Does not come with a flashlight


A power bank can be a really handy device especially if you are one those people who remain glued to their mobiles all day long. After all, there is nothing quite irritating than having your mobile suddenly switched off in between a call or a game, right?

Well, by the end of this post, we are pretty sure you know exactly the power bank you should be buying but if you still have doubts, do write to us and we would be happy help you guys out personally.

Till then, happy buying ;)

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  1. I am using it since last 1 year and trust me the power backup of this is superb. Excellent built quality, Better charging speed. You can charge two mobile at a time with fast charging. Wonderful Product, good value for money.

  2. I love this product. Great power backup ever, I used these last months gives me good results. The design of the power bank is nice. There is an indicator on the power bank that is awesome. I really like this indicator of the amount of charge it has left also. Very helpful in knowing the exact amount left.

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