Selfie is the new trend that has gained immense popularity in recent years. Earlier, there used to be a demand for a professional photographer or someone who could snap some good shots of you with your loved ones, but now, with the growth and advancement of smartphone cameras, anyone can capture some of the most beautiful and memorable moments in his life. Sometimes, even I pick up the camera and take some shots here and there, but in most of the cases when I’m travelling, attending some events, having awesome food with friends and family in a restaurant, I’m fine with a smartphone that can capture every one of us in one single frame.

Now, smartphones are coming with selfie cameras having a wide angle lens. The benefit of wide angle lens is that using that one can have a larger frame compared to the one with a regular lens and in case of bokeh effect or shallow depth of field like a budget DSLR camera under 40000, two camera sensors are used among which one is a usually a regular lens while the other one is a depth-sensing lens so that the camera can measure distance and accurately differentiated between the background and the foreground to apply the bokeh.

How the Selfies has Evolved and became Better with Time?

Earlier, selfies used to be quite regular shots with average quality and couldn’t even come close to a point and shoot camera. But now, all I can say is that smartphones are as capable as the point, and shoot cameras and some of them can provide selfies having unmatched quality. You must have heard many people talking about how taking selfies is dangerous and blah blah blah, but the fact is that be it selfies or anyone else capturing a photo, you have to be attentive and sense the perfect timing while maintaining the safety and you’re good to go.

Photography used to be something that only a handful of people really cared about because either they are involved in a profession like journalism, or it used to be their hobby but now, it has evolved and in the same way, taking breathtaking selfies is the new trend and people are doing it well at spectacular locations like at the top of the Mount Everest and Burj Khalifa. While you take a selfie, you make an assessment of yourself in your subconscious mind. I’m not probably mastered the art in that way, but here are some of the shots that explain my reasons for happiness, enjoyment, beliefs and never-ending love for exploring great locations.

The Era when taking Selfies started

But selfies aren’t always about only yourself, right? A selfie from the time, when Virat Kohli wasn’t married

Holi is a perfect excuse to fill the phone with lots of selfiesBad luck, could fit only 8 out of 10 heads of Ravan in this selfie (Wide angle was selfie needed here)

Friends at events and parties = Lots of memories (A phone with better low light camera needed)

Birthday selfies are awesome to streamline the evolution of human life (maybe with better skin tone)Just me and nothing else (This one I love most)

So, what are my selfie goals?

  • When you’re alone, entertain yourself.
  • A selfie is not always about you only.
  • Travelling and exploration opens up the mind and lets you free your soul.
  • Life is not just about good or bad, represented by white and black, fill it up colours.
  • The dramatic environment doesn’t need to be created. It’s everywhere.
  • Life is short and ever-evolving, enjoy the precious moments and cherish them.

How Technology Changed the Way of Capturing such Memories?

Earlier, storing precious memories was quite hard, especially in the days of old-school cameras and capacity was probably the biggest issue. Then the point and shoot cameras came which performed well, but were not that lightweight and easy to carry everywhere. And apart from a phone, there are very few things that are so ultra portable. Phones also improved and got a better front facing the camera, and now, smartphones, even at a nominal price offer wide angle lens for the selfie camera so that you can capture everything in a large frame like the upcoming phone from Mobiistar, which boast an excellent front-facing dual lens camera with flash for a price less than Rs 10K.

Also, the Flipkart has partnered with smartphone brand Mobiistar to disrupt the Indian smartphone market which has seen an immense level of demand for affordable selfie centric phones. Mobiistar is set to launch a phone that is equipped with a dual front-facing camera module featuring 120° wide angle lens so that you can fit everyone in one single frame. This will surely enhance the selfie experience and boost the trend. On Flipkart, the Mobiistar Dual Selfie Camera phone will be launched on the 23rd of May. Also, it will be a budget phone priced below Rs. 10,000, as far as the CEO of Mobiistar himself indicated so let’s see how Mobiistar disrupts the market by offering the latest technologies at a nominal price.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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