LG Launches Its Air Purifier Range In India – Details and Pricing

As air pollution is growing day by day and already, big cities like Delhi are suffering a lot, LG Electronics has decided to launch its Air Purifiers range, called the LG PuriCare. Under the LG PuriCare range, the modern, state-of-the-art Air Purifiers will offer powerful filtration, reducing harmful particles present in the air. Commenting on … Read more

Livpure Launched Advanced Range of Home and Car Smart Air Purifiers

Livpure, a pioneer in touch-based water purity, is now expanding its range from Water to Air, by launching a new range of Smart Air Purifiers for Car and Home. Committed to its core of Purity, Health, and Wellness; Livpure has introduced Air Purifier with Smart APP. It not only deliberated on the concerns of air contamination impacting … Read more

Blueair Sense+ Intelligent Air Purifier – Everything About It You Need to Know

Blueair Sense+ Intelligent Air Purifier

PM2.5 particles aren’t just an outdoor problem. Emissions from traffic and industrial plants seep inside and are added to particles from e.g. cleaning fluids, beauty products, building materials, carpets, candles, cooking, and smoking. Indoor air may contain over 900 chemicals – plus pollen, molds, pet dander, and viruses. Since we spend 90% of our time … Read more

Philips Air Purifier Review (AC4372)

Philips Air Purifier Review

While Air purifier does only a basic tasks of air purifying, it does have a complex engineering in making of these air purifiers. As we all are aware of dangers from indoor pollution, this issue has now reached higher levels in metro cities like Delhi/NCR or Mumbai especially. Recently in a survey report by Greenpeace foundation, … Read more