Philips Gopure Compact 110, An Efficient Solution for Car Pollution

There’s a reason why Delhi Govt has came up with Odd Even number rules for cars in Delhi, i.e. because of the alarming levels of air pollution in Delhi. Delhi is now the post polluted city in the world and people are not safe breathing this air whether it’s indoor or outdoors. You must read my post here about indoor pollution and so when the situation has gone bitter for outdoors too, there is a need of an air purifier at all places where you spend your most time. After office or home (in usual days), we spend most of our time in cars travelling. Hence Philips automotive, a division of Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG) has came up with a car purifier, which helps in preserving the health of drivers and passengers in India.

Philips Gopure Compact 110, An Efficient Solution for Car Pollution

GoPure Compact 110 is a healthy and efficient solution to eliminate in-car air pollution. It is equipped with the latest SelectFilter, the powerful multi-functional filtration technology that eliminates up to 99% of those in-car air pollutants that are especially impacting those who have repertory problems, like asthma. GoPure Compact 110 effectively combats dangerous pollutants, bringing you and your family fresh air and creating a pleasant driving experience day and night.

Philips Gopure Installation

Speaking on the launch, Rajiv Khosla, Managing Director – Lumileds India (Founded by Philips), said, “The fact that India, today, is facing a serious concern with air pollution needs no introduction. At present, with little to no immediate respite to this situation, it is up to the citizens themselves to counter this hazard. With the newly launched Philips GoPure Compact 110 car air purifier, the Indian public has access to a healthy and efficient solution to eliminate in-car pollution. Given the fact that most urban Indians spend a significant amount of time in their vehicles, we are confident that this measure will improve the overall health quotient for vehicle owners and their families.”

Mr. Forest Shen, Global Product Marketing Manager, Mobility, Lumileds (Founded by Philips), added, “Having identified the need for something that addressed the burgeoning problem of air pollution in India right away, we, at Philips, have launched our GoPure Compact 110. Since vehicular emissions and in-car pollution contribute heavily to the air pollution quotient as well as several health hazards, this handy device can help serve as an efficient tool to significantly decrease the impact of air pollution on the Indian populace.”

15 Minutes to healthier, cleaner air quality

It only takes 15 minutes to enjoy clean air in your car.[1] GoPure Compact 110 boasts an efficient three-layer filtration system that rapidly removes air pollutions. Equipped with Philips unique three-stage multi-layer filtration, SelectFilter GSF80 X80  outperforms other conventional air filters in eliminating 99%[2] of PM2,5 fine particles including cigarette smoke, pollens, dust, PM2.5, airborne virus and bacteria. In addition, SelectFilter even neutralizes and removes up to 99% of toxic gaseous chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene and TVOC, which are caused by exhaust fumes and industry pollution. So you are protected against the particles in the outside air.

Simple and easy to install

GoPure is plug & play. In a few simple steps, you can install GoPure anywhere in your car and enjoy fresh air. GoPure Compact 110 is equipped with a handy automatic switch that detects when you star. According to your personal preference, GoPure Compact 110 is designed for safe installation on the armrest, headrest or under the seats.

Fresh in-car air for your loved ones

Take a deep breath and rejoice! With GoPure Compact 110, you and your loved ones can easily enjoy fresh and healthy air in your car, no matter where you go.

Philips Gopure is available at a price of Rs. 7999 exclusively available at

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