Everything You Need to Know About Honeywell Air Purifiers
Everything You Need to Know About Honeywell Air Purifiers

Honeywell had been a major player in B2B category of Air Purifiers and this season they’ve launched their Air Purifiers for Indian consumers after having a strong presence in US markets for decades. Honeyll Air Purifiers have stood out from the current range of purifiers majorly for it’s sleek & award winning design and the patented HiSiv Filter technology. If you don’t know about Honeywell, it has leadership in commercial, industrial, residential, and homeland safety and security solutions. They have a strong presence in India and have been here since decades with having more than 10000 employees across the country with 5 technology and engineering centers.

Everything You Need to Know About Honeywell Air Purifiers

Indoor are is more polluted now-a-days than outer and we spend our most of the times indoor. As per a study by Environmental Protection Agency, an average person spends 80-90% of his/her life indoors and most of this time is spent at home. Taking the average industrial exposure to 40 hours a week, consider that an infant is exposed to indoor home pollutants for almost 24 hours daily. Have a look at below given facts:

  • Indoor air pollution – one of the top 10 death, disease risk factors in India.
  • According to a WHO Report, most Indoor spaces in Indian cities have 5 times more pollution than outdoors.
  • Against the norm of 20 ug/m3 for indoor air pollution prescribed by WHO for particulate, the avg. indoor air pollution in India is 375 ug/m3.
  • Increasing automobiles on the roads emitting harmful gases – with increasing no. of diesel cars.
  • Residential sector accounts for a nominal share due to low product awareness among the consumers.
  • High indoor air pollution has caught the attention of policy-makers recently and environmentalists wanted the central government to prescribe national indoor air pollution norms on the lines of national ambient air norm.

Hence, we do need Air Filters which must be capable of removing hazardous gases, bacteria, airborne particles, formaldehyde and above most PM 2.5 particles (PM 2.5 = 2.5 micrometres = 0.0025mm, these particles penetrate into lungs and cause health problems).

Technology Used in Honeywell Purifiers

Honeywell purifier comes with a unique 3-stage filtration process, which helps eradicating most of the indoor air pollutants and replace that with a hygenic breathing environment. Some features of Honeywell purifiers are:

HiSiv Filter Technology

This trademarked technology by Hoenywell is capable of removing 2.5mm Particulate Matter (PM) using multi-layered filtration process. Also the filter life is of 3000 hours approx. Layers of 3-stage filtration includes:

Honeywell HiSiv Filter Technology

Pre-filter: It’s a washable pre-filter and used for removing large particles likes hairs, dander, dust and PM 10.

HEPA Filter: It’s a high efficiency H11 grade HEPA filter and helps removing PM 2.5 and microscopic allergens.

HiSiv Filter: It’s a long-lasting, catalyst based honeycomb designed filter which helps removing formaldehyde, VOC, microbes, odour and other toxic gases.

Honeywell Air Purifier Features

Visual Indicator of Air Quality

Visual Indicator of Air Quality

There are visual indicators provided on the purifier which tells you precisely about the air purity level at your surrounding. It’s high accuracy sensing technology broadcasts the air quality at a single glance.

Zero Blind Angle Air Flow Design

This air purifier throws out purified air in a 3D design to ensure optimized airflow to reach corners of room.

Smooth Touch Controls

Touch controls are easy to use and child-friendly which gives overall a good user experience.

Sleep Mode

Nobody likes the sound of any rotating equipment in our rooms. Hence, if you activate sleep mode in the purifier, it’ll reduce the fan speed automatically, cuts down noise and turns off the indicators.

DIY Filter Replacement

Honeywell air purifier tells you when there is a need for a filter replacement and notify you with different colors and numbers specifying which filters needs a replacement. Also the drawer type design helps in easily removal and replacement of filters.

Poly-carbonate Body

With premium finish, build quality of this product is excellent with no compromise on durability.

Honeywell Air Purifier Product & Particulate Removal Efficiency Details

Honeywell Air Purifier Particulate Removal Efficiency Details

Honeywell Air Touch Purifier Specification

  • PM 2.5 Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR): 300 cubic meter/hr
  • Range: Up to 270 square feet room area
  • Power consumption: 7.5 Watts – 52 Watts
  • Low Noise: 23- 54 db
  • Warranty: 18 months
  • Working voltage: 220VAC, 50 Hz
  • Particle Purity Efficiency: >99% (30 cubic meter/1 hour)
  • Formaldehyde Removal efficiency: >99% (30 cubic meter/6 hours)

Honeywell Air Touch Purifier Price

This purifier is available online exclusively with Amazon.in for a price of Rs. 29,070 and it comes with 18 months replacement warranty.

FAQ about Honeywell Air Purifiers

  • What does this product do? / explain the product / what does it do?

 The main function of the Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier is to purify the ambient air inside your home and office. The Air Purifier, removes pollutants and provides fresh air. Fresh air is an important need in the present environment where major news and media reports constantly suggest about rising pollution levels, making it an unhealthy environment to breathe in.

  • Is Air Pollution such a major concern that I need an Air Purifier in my home?

India is amongst the most highly polluted regions in the world. As per a recent WHO report, 13 of the top 20 polluted cities in the world are in India. Add to this fact, the indoor air pollution is up to 10 times** worse than the outdoor air pollution. There are many factors that contribute to this indoor air pollution.  (i) Oil and spices based cooking (ii) Burning of incense sticks,  candles (iii) Pollution emitted from carpets and fabric based items such as sofas etc. (iv) Furniture polish (v) Usage of cleaning agents such as Floor cleaners (Phenyl), Colin, Wood cleaners etc.

Broadly, there are 3 kinds of pollutants inside home, (i) PM10 size which is the normal dust, hair, dander etc. that we can see through naked eye (ii) Then the most dangerous particle in the form of PM2.5 (2.5 micron in size). This is the particle which is responsible for short term effects in the form of running nose, skin allergies, restlessness and migraine like headaches and long term effects in terms of diseases, reduced stamina and general unhealthy effects (iii) High concentration of harmful gases (again released by all the above) and external air – Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide, Nitrogenous and Sulphuric gases etc. The effects of all these gases are proven to be extremely detrimental to health.

(**Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4215499/)

  • How does Honeywell Air Touch Air Purifier clean the air?

Honeywell Air Touch has a 3 stage filtration process. Filter No. 1- Pre Filter removes all the PM10 and larger particles.  Filter No 2 – HEPA Filter (high efficiency particulate arrestance) removes close to 100% of PM2.5 particles.  Filter No. 3 – Patented HiSiv filter that traps the harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (the odor and smell) and the carcinogenic (cancer causing) formaldehydes from the ambient air.

The effect is that once you put this product in your room it traps the harmful pollutants (which one can see or which are invisible) and provides pollution free fresh air for you and your loved ones.

  • Wouldn’t my AC also do the air purification? I always feel better when I put my AC on.

Any normal AC is designed to suck in the air from the room, dehumidify and cool it and then send it back. It does not remove any pollutants from the room except the PM10 which it removes to some extent. The concentration of the PM2.5 and other dangerous pollutants remains the same as it just re-circulates the same air. Some consumer durable companies have launched ACs with air purification technology. However an AC is likely to be in operation only during summer season and consume lot of electricity. Air Touch is designed to work for you throughout the year at very low power consumption.

  • What is the power consumption of this device?

At the maximum fan speed it uses 52 W (which is less than a normal ceiling fan) and the lowest fan speed it uses 7.5W (comparable to LED bulb).

  • For how long should I run it in my house?

The product is designed to run 24 hrs. However one may use it asper personal preference -during sleep time or even in the day time as per requirement.

  • What is the area that it can cover?

The unit has a CADR (clean air delivery rate)* of 300 Cubic meters per hour which is good enough for a 270 to 300 sqft area (as per operating environment). Please note that square foot area coverage is a subjective claim as per different measuring standards. Our recommendation is to compare products basis the CADR.

The Indian bedrooms are typically 100 to 150 square feet in size while the living rooms are 250 to 300 square feet which essentially means that this unit should be good for all the different type of rooms that you have in your house.

*Clean air delivery is the volume of air that a specific model air purifier cleanses of a specific pollutant in cubic feet per minute. CADR is the airflow in cubic feet per minute (cfm) multiplied by the efficiency (percentage) of particle removal. So a customer should look out for airflow rate or CADR in combination with area coverage. If the air flow rate is low and area coverage is more, it means it will take longer to clean the entire room.

  • Where should I keep/place the air purifier?

The Air Touch Air Purifier can be used in the bed room or the living room. The product has a ‘Zero blind angle’ air circulation design which covers all areas of the room within coverage area.

  • What if I place it in one of the rooms? Would it clean my other room (which is attached) as well if I open the door between the two?

1 Air Touch Air Purifier cleans only the room that it is operating in.

  • Do I have to buy multiple units for my home (One for each room)

The product weighs about 9.5 Kgs and hence portable. It has a latch at the back to carry it. However if relocating the unit is not convenient then it is advisable to opt for multiple units as per requirement.

  • Does this cool the air as well?


  • Does it remove moisture from the air?

No, it doesn’t remove the moisture from the air, in fact HiSiv is more efficient than Activated Carbon in maintaining moisture in the room.

  • Does it remove smells / bad odor as well?

Smells / Bad odor are generated by Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The HiSiv filter traps the VOCs and removes any smell / bad odor.

  • In how much time does it clean the room?

The time taken to clean the air in a room is a function of 3 factors – Room size, CADR and ambient air pollution level. Higher the pollution level, greater the time taken to clean the room air.

  • What if I open the doors and windows? Would this still work?

Yes it would work, but with polluted air also coming in at the same time, the air purifier would operate less efficiently. For instance, consider how we use an AC. When the AC is on, we tend to keep windows and doors closed.

  • How does the purifier show me if the air is clean or not?

The purifier has three LED colors – Red, Amber and Blue. Each color indicates the air quality in operating room. The smart sensor in Honeywell Air Touch senses the level of air pollution and accordingly the LED changes its color. Red indicates highly polluted air, amber indicates moderately polluted air and blue indicates clean air.

  • What is the life of the filter?

The life of the HEPA and HiSiv filters is close to 3000 hrs. of operation. The Smart Sensor on Honeywell Air Touch provides a light indicator that alerts the need to change filters (blinking of specific number marked LED for each filter on touch panel display).  There is no need to remember the filter replacement dates.

  • Where can I buy the filters?

One can buy the filter directly from Amazon (separate product listing) or call the Honeywell Smart Home Customer Care Manager on toll-free helpline (1800-103-4761) for assistance. The filter replacement is a DIY (do it yourself) job and can be done in less than a minute.

  • What is the warranty on the Air purifier?

It is 18 months from the date of purchase as per standard terms and conditions. For more details, please refer the product manual inside the package.

  • How do I avail the warranty in case of any defect?

Call the Honeywell Smart Home Customer Care Manager on toll-free helpline (1800-103-4761) for registering your case and they will provide you with necessary support. .

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