O'General Service Center List State Wise
O'General Service Center List State Wise

O’General (which is a joint venture of ETA-Ascon, Dubai and Fujitsu General Limited, Japan) are the manufacturers of   premium range Air Conditioners. Recently i bought one after hearing so many mouth publicity from many friends and relatives. Those people who suggested have been using almost every version of it. And here i am reviewing in general, every window version of this AC. That’s why i am not specifying any particular model no. here.

O’General Window Air Conditioner Review

Before starting writing review, i would like to tell you few things like how to calculate tonnage requirement for an Air conditioner. All you need to know how much big your room is?

So, just find out your room floor area like (10 ft x 10ft = 100 ft2)

Divide it by 600. So, this gives you basic AC capacity. And you have to add 0.5 ton for every 5 people.

So, its like 100 divided by 600 = 0.167. Add 0.5 ton for 4-5 people living in that room which results as (0.167 + 0.5) =  0.667.

So, for 10ft x 10 ft room, usually a 0.8 ton air conditioner is enough.

Same way you can calculate tonnage require of air conditioner for any room size.

Also to mention, always go for a rotary compressor, your electricity bill would be 15-20% lower and noise would be low and cooling efficiency would be much better.

Now, talking of review:

O’General AC Cooling Effectiveness

The cooling of this air-conditioner is very effective. It cools down room very well and fast . Since i am writing this review in winter, so it doesn’t mean that this thing would be biased. My friends had oGeneral AC already since years and they operating it without any problem. I had tested this AC in summers and i must tell you, that 6 years old AC (at my friend home) was really effective and at night, when i even started feeling more cold, then i adjusted the temperature to some higher temperature and had a real peaceful night. So, coming back to my new AC, i ran it and tested it run below 18 deg C and it was able to do it. I was simply shocked since most other brands AC usually don’t run below 18 deg C. So, on cooling terms, this AC simply impressed me well.

O’General AC Build Quality

I really liked the build quality and finishing of this product. Every corner of this product was properly manufactured and finishing quality is very high. Since, o’General AC’s comes in premium range and its cost is almost highest than any other AC available in India, so we really expect its build quality to be premium as well. So, in this case too i am quite much impressed with it.

oGeneral window ac
Image Credit: Kaushalendra Singh

O’General AC Looks

I won’t say that looks of this AC is bad or good. Since its looks varies as per tonnage version. I liked the looks of 0.8 ton and 1 ton window AC version personally but looks of 1.5 ton AC is quite basic and you won’t find that version quite much attractive in terms of looks only. But, as per all mouth publicity i heard, its the most popular AC in its category. But i wonder why o’General does not work on improving its looks a little better. While buying this, i saw AC of Hitachi too and frankly speaking i was quite much impressed from their looks. Even at one point, i had a mind of buying that one, but since i already had a deal with showroom dealer and all the appreciation i received for o’General AC’s, so i went ahead buying this only. But for looks, things can be improved with time.

O’General Window AC Power Consumption

When it comes to case of power consumption, Yes, they are really power efficient. But what i personally feel, a person when if he can buy this premium AC, will not care much about power consumption. Its like buying Honda City rather than Maruti Suzuki Alto, however both have high fuel efficiency and in same way, this AC has high efficiency in power saving or in other words, its cooling is so much powerful that you will place a timer daily of 1-2 hours rather than keeping it ON whole night. I am sure, not everyone like to sleep whole night under AC. Its actually not good for health keeping that running whole night.

O’General Window AC After Sales Service

Talking of after sales service, i would recommend buying O’General AC’s from its authorized dealers only. The reason is i have heard not so good reviews for after sales service by this company. Even i didn’t got any call from O’General company which usually other company guys do asking whether the AC got installed properly or not. And at-least buying from an authorized dealer will help you keep poking him if in any case AC requires some maintenance or servicing.

O’General Window AC Price

As per i said previously too, upto my knowledge, O’General and Hitachi AC’s are the costliest Air conditioner in Indian markets. But when you actually use them, there cost get justified. So, let me make you aware with approximate prices of o’general window AC:

Model No.Tonnage CapacityPrices *
O’General AKG10G

0.8 Ton

Rs. 17000 – 19000

O’General AKGA09AATB
O’General AKG9GNR
O’General AMG13GNR

1 Ton

Rs. 23000 – 24000

O’General AMGA13AATB
O’General AXG18APN

1.5 Ton

Rs. 25500 – 26500

O’General AXZ18GNN
O’General AXG18GPN
O’General AXG24APK

2 Ton

Rs. 29500 – 30500

O’General AXZ24ANL
O’General AXG24GNK

* – Approximate Prices, it may varies from place to place.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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    1. I bought it one month back. I bought OGeneral Split AC.  The power consumption is really high.. I ran the AC ON for the Whole night (infact only other electrical appliance i used is a CFL lamp).. But when i checked my meter next morning…. 14 Units have been consumed.. Do u also face the same problem.. Please let me know..

      1. what was the capacity of the ac? 14 units is 14KW. The o general 1.5 ton split consumes 2.12KW so if your AC ran all night that (compressor turned on for about 6.6 hours) then that is the consumption you should expect.

    2. Ankit, We are planning to buy o general, window AC 1.5 ton. You article helped me a lot to choose the capacity and brand of AC. I have few questions. Please clarify:
      1. what is the difference between 3 different models in 1.5 ton –
      O’General AXG18APN

      O’General AXZ18GNN

      O’General AXG18GPN

      and which is to opt for?

      2. I heard that there are two o general, one is indian and other is imported. Imported is better. is it true? and how to figure out whether the seller is giving imported one or not?

      3 I also heard that o general has stopped using fujistu’s compressor, and the one available nowadays is without fujistu’s compressor, so not very worth buying. Please comment.

      4 I am staying in east delhi, do you know any good and authentic dealer to buy from. And on nominal rates.

  1. Ankit, We are planning to buy o general, window AC 1.5 ton. You article helped me a lot to choose the capacity and brand of AC. I have few questions. Please clarify:

    1. what is the difference between 3 different models in 1.5 ton –

    O’General AXG18APN
    O’General AXZ18GNN
    O’General AXG18GPN

    and which is to opt for?

    2. I heard that there are two o general, one is indian and other is imported. Imported is better. is it true? and how to figure out whether the seller is giving imported one or not?

    3 I also heard that o general has stopped using fujistu’s compressor, and the one available nowadays is without fujistu’s compressor, so not very worth buying. Please comment.

    4 I am staying in east delhi, do you know any good and authentic dealer to buy from. And on nominal rates.

    1. Thanks a lot.
      —–All these points you asked are generally said by dealers who don’t sell O’General products and they try to sell other companies products by creating these myths.—-. Yes these were told to me by dealer.

      I will see at naaptol. Write me which mode you have bought. I may go for that.

      I will buy from authorized dealer, let me search out the one near east delhi.

    2. Forget the Indian O’General acs. What you say is all true. I made the mistake and now facing all the above problems. Try Hitachi. KBM is located on Vikas Marg.

  2. I too bought an o general ac but. It is defected so I’m moving on to hitachi summer qc.Is this better than o general ??????

    1. If you found it defective, get it repaired Sir. Issues can come in any company AC. There is nothing which is perfect in this world. Hope you understand. Thanks!!

  3. I had purchased an O General Split AC from Delhi, India. Now I am facing a major problem in it..I had complained about it to the delhi office,, but they are not able to remove the defect because of lack of knowledge. I suggest to the people of the world not to purchase O General ACs.
    Y.L Sharma

  4. Never buy an Indian manufactured O’General acs. They are horrible. Add zero service and useless customer care team. The compressor breaks down within one year. No hope of getting it repaired. The Company thinks that the acs are top selling so no need for after sales service. Believe me, don’t make my mistake of beliveing in them. DO NOT EVEN THINK OF BUYING AN O’GENERAL PRODUCT. AT LEAST YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. MY AC IS LYING IN THE OPEN AND RUSTING WHEN IT IS STILL IN WARRANTY.

    1. If the compressor is in warranty, please get it replaced. No one in the company can deny if your AC has this issue.

  5. hello sir,
    read your reviews and the comments as well..i’m still in the dilemma as to whether to buy it or not…could you suggest me any reliable source in chennai(read the part where you indicated saying that you may enter into sales)…

    1. I don’t know any good place any at Chennai. But you can buy it without any hesitation from any authorized dealer. It’s totally worth of your valuable money.

  6. Regarding O-General 1.5 TON,3 Star Rating-Model No. 18AAATH

    Dear Ankit,
    I am planning to buy O-General Ac. Now a days O-General 1.5 Ton Window Ac comes with 3 Star rating by BEE. The model no. is 18AAATH.Is it Indian? Because, As you said in above review that due to not rated by BEE, It means it is imported from Thiland. But Now a days it comes with 3 Star rated. So please suggest if any review regarding the same….Please….

  7. terrible after sales serveice and frequent repair

    their after sales service stinks – i bought a 1.5 ton split infact 3 and 3 LG a/c – all the ogens have come for repair. the LG came for repair only once because the drain out pipe got jammed since we did not use for a long time. the LG service was fast , prompt and effective. the o gens keep coming up for repair and now they say the coil is damaged after hardly 4 to 5 yrs of use and they say it costs 35 k. when i wanted a second opinion for more that 15 days they promise a visit and nothing happens. i would never recommend purchase of an Ogen – i did not find any special performance too. we are totally frustrated and do not know what to do. instead of spending 35 k we can as well go in for a decent LG which will cost less than the repair – and will probably give me more reliable service. i think their copper work is very shoddy since we keep having to refill gas and every time they tell us that the a/c needs brazing. the local rep is very very very polite and very very very ineffective and the franchises for repair are very very very arrogant and indifferent

  8. ac size according room

    dear, I lived north delhi my room at 2nd floor and up side open tarrace the size of room is 12×12 . kindly suggest me ac size according my room and suggest a better ac brand also.

  9. heat load

    heat load of a human being is about 300 BTU/hr.
    That makes it 300/12000 tons = 1/40.
    Or in other words 1 ton for 40 people.

  10. jaankari chahiye

    कैरियर और सैमसंग ख़रीदे पर आफ्टर सेल के सर्विस बहुत ही घटिया रही कोई सुनता ही नहीं गाजियाबाद तक जबकि शिकायत की इस लिय कोई भी खरीदने में अब डर सा लगने लगा हैं ….आगरा में कौन authorized dealer कौन हैं जरा बताने की मेहरबानी करें …और सर्विस इसकी कैसी हैं कही खरीदने के बाद पछताना तो नहीं पड़ेगा ….

  11. O Gen A/Cs - General Awareness

    Hi All,

    I have 2 OGen split’s one 1.5T & one 1T.

    Few inputs for your benefit from my personal experience …

    There are 2 types of compressors. Piston & Rotary. Piston is less prone to issues when compared to rotary. Piston units are bulkier & consumes a little more power when compared to rotary units. Cooling wise you can’t see a much bigger difference.

    Issues with electronic equipments is purely fate. If you are lucky it will work on & on. If you are not even the numero uno product in the market will be a pain in your butt.

    Coming back …

    I bought them in grey market, for the very obvious reason “they are cheap”. But I bought it from a very reliable & knowledgeable technician who knows in & out of OGen models. My 1.5T & 1T are imported ones. Only in 1.5T you can find the “made in —country” tag. You will not see it in 1T. My 1.5T is from Thailand. I have also enquired in a lot of places, the “made in —country” can be found only in models >1T.

    My 1.5T is a piston unit & 1T is a rotary unit. Both the units where installed in Oct ’12. 1.5T is working perfectly fine. No issues. However I had an issue with my 1T. I got it fixed & its fine now.

    My usage of 1T is regular. I rarely use 1.5T. However the power consumption per month has increased by 2 folds, defeating the argument that rotary units comsume less power. However I need to do more research on this though.

    OGen has an assembling unit (not manufacturing unit) at Pondicerry in Tamilnadu. So all the authorised dealers in India will give you only Indian units. You need to ask the dealer if they sell imported ones as well. I had enquired a lot. Very very few dealers deal with imported ones. In any of Indian units you will never find the “made in —country” tag.

    Also please note that any issues with your A/C, your voltage satbilizer might also be a culprit. I have installed 2 V-Gaurd VND 400 (4KVA) which has a meter to check the output voltage. I always check the output voltage before turning on the units. Now a days you have wide range stabilizers with digital meters. Go for them, even though they are a little costlier.
    Though our fridges & tv units are attached to a voltage stabilizer, they do fail. So is the A/C unit.

    To sum it all … I am a happy customer till date. Also feel free to correct me if I am worng anywere … :)

    1. Made in country

      Hi ssgeethan,

      I recently purchased a 1 T O General A/C from the Sadar Bazzar in Gurgaon. The cardboard packing has the marking Made In Thailand in bold. So would like to update you that even for 1Ton model, the country is mentioned.

      1. country name

        thx ramesh for the update … however does it say the make of the country in the indoor or outdoor units? that update should be useful to all

        1. Hi ssgeethan,

          I bought a window ac. The country is not mentioned on the unit anywhere.
          In fact its design is so simple that people may wonder why it costs so much as compared to the others in the market.

    2. Need more Infomation


      Thank you. You took time and provided needful information. However, I have few questions with regards to made in country tag and specially with stabilizer.

      Today, I spoke with one of the salesperson (employee of O General) and got some useful information/points…. out of which one of the important point he said that Stabilizer should be a good one. I said I am using V Guard for years for my Refrigerator and Desktop. Next minute he said it’s the worrest stabilizer. Earlier they use to use Copper coil inside and now they are using Aluminium coil. I asked him to suggest a good one!!! He said to do survey and buy better one and make sure it have copper coil only.

      You said you are using V Guard…. So, you also better check.

      Please help me out with made in country…. Do we need to buy this O General AC, if is mentioned as made in Country as Thailand?

      This is visible only on the packing box or on the unit? I asked you this because, packing box can be printed anywhere… Just like our 500/- 1000/- fake currency notes…..

      Is there any other identification by which we can believe it’s a genuine unit and not a fake unit.

      Reply ASAP


  12. Power consumption

    Hi Ankit,

    I have bought O’general reciprocating ac yesterday. I heard that Its power consumption is too high? is this right?

  13. HI ANKIT



    Just to tell you my experience, i have 2 old 1,5 ton unit, they are more than 2o years old and there are still running. Time to time we have to recharge the gas, but it only happen rarely, i m so impressed by the quality that i just bought a new one… with remote control… the 18abth model1,5 ton

  15. about general ac

    Sir l am in east delhi near our clinic we have a open drain which ac will be most suitable for tje place

  16. Need information regarding Auto mode

    Dear Ankit,

    I bought a 1 Tonne window ac and it is working pretty decently. However till date, I have not been able to understand the Auto mode of operation. The Auto mode in the Fan Control is understandable somewhat. But when I use the Master Control button to set on Auto from Cool, I am given temperature option of +1,+2,-1,-2. I don’t understand what this is, could you please help me.
    Whenever I tried it, the fan just runs without cooling. Changing to Cool mode also doesn’t seem to change the behavior. Then I have to switch off the power and then turn it on, for the Cool mode to start functioning.

    Awaiting your advice,


  17. window ac

    My question is I want to purchase a ac I am confuse in Hitashi/o general/.which is the best one .pls help me out .in ur opinion .it is urgent.i have to buy tomorrow

  18. Buy new 1.5 ton windows ac

    Hello Mr. Ankit ,

    My question is I want to purchase 2 window ac, I am confuse in O General or Napoleon. which is the best one .pls help me out .In your opinion it is urgent.i have to buy tomorrow.

  19. buy new 1.5 ton window ac

    hi ankit
    i am from amritsar and i am looking for a window ac.i have read all your comments on o general and have been advised
    to buy the same but would still like your opinion.and can you please recommend authorised dealers names in amritsar? i’ll be truly greatful.thanks

  20. Please help. ..

    I buy an ac of ogenral and dealer send a vestar and said that this is a model of ogenral. …that time I feel cheated. .actually dealer is my relative that’s why I can’t take a strong step on him. .whenever I m not sure about that…….Please guide me


  21. Need General Information w.r.t 1.5 Ton O General Ac

    Hi Ankit,

    Its really nice to see a o general review on the above page.
    I recently brought O general AC from Gaffer market Delhi After doing lot of online research.
    I brought 1.5 Ton AC unit for 29500 Rs/- Imported from thailand.
    Now I have some quick question.
    1. My AC is little bit noise …is it a problem with unit?
    2. After doing switch on we are feeling some oil like smell? is it normal? or have some issue?
    3. In one of the fourm I was read the noise is coming because of packing present on compressor ? In mine also some form pacing was there which was not removed by my installation guy, he told this is for safety and not need to remove it …do we need to remove that packing…do you have any idea?
    4. I’m using BlueBird 4KV stabilizer for my AC . is it good?

  22. Worst products.

    I purchased 5 new cassette acs. all started giving problems from the first day. Even after reccurrent complaints Problem has not been solved.No after sale service. very bad quality products. They should close down and stop selling such shit products. Request everyone to never ever buy this company’s product. Purchase a local made ac, its better than o general. There products are worth throwing into drain, which you will definitely do after their performance.

  23. Feedback Needed for O General Split AC model No ASGG18LFCD - 1.5 Ton Inverter Hot & Cold

    Could Anyone Let me know about the Model from O General ASGG18LFCD – 1.5 Ton Inverter Hot & Cold Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioner.How is the Performance and is it made in Thailand?What about the Processor Here is the Link to the Product:

  24. Feedback Needed


    I need Little Bit clarity on 2 issues before bying O general AC
    1.Is there a Made in India O general AC and Made in Thailand(Imported) AC or all ACs are imported from Thailand?
    2.Could you please tell me regarding the compressor of the Hot and Cold Model Inverter ASGG18LFCD – 1.5 Ton AC?Here is the link of the same — http://www.generalindia.com/inverter-hot-cold-asga18lfcd.html .Also is this particular model imported from thailand?

  25. window or Split

    which AC ,should i can buy window or Split,
    i have no any Installation issue for window or Split
    i would like to go for BEST AC but confuse into Window or Split
    Please suggest

  26. window AC with no sound output

    i want to procure urgently a window AC of 1.00 ton capacity. I want to know the most reliable Company ( as for the quality of product and after sale services). Also I want to know which is the best Sound Proof Window AC for a 10X12 bed room. Sound is distracting and likely to disturb ones sleep. Thus, this request for sound proof and best branded AC. Pl. reply urgently.

  27. AC

    I just bought o general window AC 1.5 ton yesterday only after your review of the product. Hasn’t got installed it yet but the built quality is definitely visible while comparing with other brands.

  28. O'General 1 ton window/split comparison

    1 ton window ac v/s split ac.
    which one is better in comparison to fast cooling/power consumption/life.

    Both Ac are of same price at gaffar market around 28000/-. is it worth paying this much. which one is best. please answer.

  29. scrap the old is gold or fix it?kindly advise

    i have 1 window ac of mitsubishi brand,probably with good cooling performance and also with heater mode inbuilt.purchased in saudiarabia and was brought and used in hyderabad for 2 to 3 yrs.we are impressed with the performance and very very long life of compressor.of late its power supply wire is getting heated and burnt.is the problem in its capacitor..that neds to be fixed or is it time for me to scrap it……or do u suggest any good servicing technician/engineer who can rectify the problem.

  30. big problem ..help me

    i have o general 1 ton ac . when electricity cuts and when it comes after some time the ac have to be switch on by remote there is no option for automatic switch on ..here big problem in night becouse in india electricity cuts after 2 hrs nd whole night we have to wake up and switch on the ac..plz help me if u have any answer

  31. Useless Service

    Last year in the month of September, purchased OC 1.5 TON. Before buying this A/C, I have done lot of ground work. I have come to know from other brand A/C guys that OG is the best of other A/C with worst service. I heard the same from one ones who were using at my place. Later before me buying, I said the same to the Vizag distributor and I was informed that whatever I heard about the service was true, however, now its not the case. We have our own service centre and we do service on time. With his words, I purchased, I was informed that the first free service will be done after 3 months. Now its 7 months passed, even after multiple calls, till date no one visited. Every time I call, I only get false promise. Now me being a user, I say OG SERVICE IS PATHETIC. People, if you want service after sales, go with any other Brand.

  32. How to know basic details of Og

    How to check by model no. Or serial no. whether O general AC has rotary or recip compressor ?
    And is it 3 or 5 star ?

  33. New A/C

    First of all i would like to thank you for your valuable suggestions, posts & comments. Myself Dr. Vivek, i had recently opened a new clinic now i am planning to buy air conditioner for that. I am confused like whether i should go for window or split. are of my clinic is 60 sq ft, 45×20. what kind of star rating should i keep in mind, should i go for two window or one split a/c, electricity consumption should be as low as much possible with low price too, what type of warranty should i look for, from where it would be best to buy near by Tilak Nagar, New Delhi.

  34. Need advise on O General AC

    Hi Ankit,

    I have just purchased 1.5 ton O General 3 star window AC model from an authorized dealer, It is yet to be installed, I see a small dent on the outer shell at top right with some paint chipped off. Do you think i should accept and get it installed? Everything else is okay.

  35. Problem!

    We bought O general window AC a month ago. Everything is fine but the problem is once electricity goes off , it gets switched off but doesn’t get ON automatically when power comes again. We have to switch it on everytime light comes . Kindly look into the matter.

  36. How much o.O General 0.75 window AC costs in gaffar and please give any good dealers number too, Please advise the best place to buy local shops or online?

  37. Auto Restart Problem

    i have o general 0.75 ton ac . Model no AKGA09AATB. when electricity cuts and when it comes after some time the ac have to be switch on by remote there is no option for automatic switch on …plz help me if u have any answer

  38. O general coil damaged in 3 years

    I had bought the 1m5 ton split AC of O general and after 3 year with regular service and proper pad cleaning, from the last 15 days AC started to show problems and when I asked o general team to check and said the coil is damaged and it needs to be replaced and it costs more than 35k.

    Is this the only life of O general AC’s.

    Ankit please suggest the way forward and what to do and what is the gurantee of Indian bought O general aC



  40. Confused

    I am confused that we should buy a voltas or O General window ac? Can u plz help


    I’m Rajan.Living in Chennai.I am using two OG A/cs.One is 1 ton window A/C which was bought in the year 1992 and the other is a 1.5 ton split A/c which was bought in the year 2008. Both A/Cs are Indian ETA make.Till this day (15-5-2018) I have never come acrossed any problem.They are working perfectly and smoothly.I used to clean the air filters monthly once or two months once and doing service by local Technicians once in two years.No problems only peaceful night sleep. Thanks OG.

  42. O general AC services problem

    O general AC is the worst AC with its components and after sales gives the worst services in the world. I would appeal people not to buy their AC and better go for another company’s brand. I bought their AC one month ago and their services are like they do not want to even listen to their customers problem. I spent my 55 thousand rupees to get a nice AC and now it’s not working and they are not trying to resolve the problem

  43. AC

    Chug Sahib
    What a lovely analysis you have given wonderful and to the point no bias at all. As a teacher I love your way of explanation or the art of putting things across. Congrats for having a mastery in articulation. I am not a user of any ac. Looking for one in the evening of life.


    worst company i have ever saw.
    nothing is perfect in ac,no proper cooling in ac its have only fan speed just like cooler.
    electricity consume 2, 2.5 unit per hour.
    i complained 4 5 times technical always and always says that everything alright no problem in ac.
    this type of ac i am not ever seen.
    other companies are far better
    its ridiculous company totaly wasting of money.

  45. Sir, please don’t buy this brand of ac, it’s a humble request to all consumers. I have bought a 1.5 ton window ac in the month of apr 2018. I went for this brand as this was said to be the best in ac. This was the costliest ac as per my requirements. I did mistake by buying it, keeping in mind that this buy is for my family. Problems faced are Firstly Noone came for installation, you have to get the installation done for yourself . Secondly after installation I found out that ac is not cooling as per specification. I have one more ac of Hitachi in my house so I compared. I complained several times since that day but there is no response from company. Everytime I complained in customer care next day I received msg stating that my problem has been resolved. But in actuals noone visited my house for resolving this defect in ac. I request you all please don’t buy this product it’s wastage of money as there is no after sales services.

  46. Not Worth the money

    I recently bought an O General AC on 4th of July and after using it for one day, it started making weird sound. Even the cooling is not upto the mark. It is not cooling properly. I called up the customer care number and they said that I will have to contact the dealer I purchased it from. It is really frustrating that my new AC is not working properly. After much struggle the service person came and said that there is some problem with the fan and it will be changed within one week, but I did not buy this expensive AC so that I have to get it pars replaced on the 7th day itself. I want my AC to be replaced.

  47. Need with following specification:
    Multiflow cassette air conditioner comprising both indoor and outdoor units, with cooling capacity not less than 6000 watt (nominal) with hermetically sealed rotary compressor, operating on refrigerant R-32 / R-410A, Air Flow minimum 529 CFM, EER not less than 3.75, copper condenser suitable for operation on 230 V, 50 Hz, single phase.

  48. I bought Split AC from Ahmedabd , Gujarat. Since last 22 days my AC is not working. I have registered complaint 3 times on toll free number ” 18602081007. Every time they register my complaint and on other day I received call from Technician that you have not bought AC from chorma or Vijay Sales, I will not come to repair your unit. You need to contact to shop owner from whom you bought AC. Now hop owner is not responding to my calls. I just wonder if shop owner closed permanently than will I not get services 5 – years compressor warranty. My complaint numbers are AHM130042000004 (Dated : 30 April ,2020) AHM1160420000005(Date 16th April,2020) and AHM129042000002 ( Dated : 29th April,2020). Even they never sent technician for regular maintenance during the first year too.

    1. Worst AC Company Ever. My Ac has given problems in June one season. I bought tha on 12June2020 and it was used for only 3-4 months last year and this year In June it strated giving problems with No Cooling And MotherBoard issues. That would not get resolved in 3-4 days atleast and you have to suffer in this summer season because have purchased the World’s best company ever AC which would not work at all. I would suggest not to go for O’General as this might have been a brand name earlier but not the after sale service and the product quality are becoming worst. No1 would like to spend 40000 for just one year only and think of buying a new one next year because you bought O’General and did the biggest mistake of your life.

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