Livpure launches India’s 1st Smart RO Water Purifier
Livpure launches India’s 1st Smart RO Water Purifier

Livpure has launched India’s 1st Smart RO which empowers consumers to control the taste of purified water, model i-taste. Livpure is an innovative brand and a pioneer in smart and intelligent products. With i-taste, Livpure redefines the concept of water purifiers with its hi-tech technology and to offer Indian consumers the most advanced water purifier ever.

Livpure i-taste RO, That Lets you Control Taste of Your Water

i-taste is a smart, innovative & wi-fi enabled water purifier that can be controlled through your smartphone via an Android app. It auto communicates with the Livpure service center facilitating proactive preventive maintenance/filter replacement on time as required.

Livpure Premium RO i Taste

This product has features that make it remarkable in the category. To ensure healthy water, i-taste gives us a health edge because it comes with a unique Anti-oxidant and Mineralizer Cartridge. It is an advanced 8 stage water purifier that provides hot, warm & ambient water dispensing to facilitate preferred drinking water temperature.

Livpure Knight Purifer

Along with i-taste, Livpure also launched a water dispenser – knight. It is a premium looking water purifier cum dispenser with RO+UV+UF & Taste Enhancer. Knight has 8-stage purification with hot & cold water dispensing. It ensures pure water quality and a high efficiency and low noise compressor for stable cold water output.

Livpure Glitz Purifier

In continuation with i-Can philosophy, Livpure also launched an entry-level RO, model Glitz+ (RO+UF) to provide pure drinking water to value conscious consumers who currently opt for substandard unbranded water purifiers in the market.

On the launch of the slew of new products Rakesh Malhotra, Founder, Livpure said, “Innovation around consumers is the core of everything at Livpure. We firmly believe in empowering our consumers to take control, which extends into our ethos of ‘i-can’. I am pleased to announce launch of an exciting range of RO products: i-taste, a sophisticated and intelligent RO that enables the consumers to control the taste of their own water. This product also can remotely communicate through wi-fi with Livpure’s service infrastructure to pre-alert in the case of impending service need ensuring uninterrupted purity. Knight, a unique combination of purity & convenience with 8 stage advanced purification system built inside a hot & cold dispenser. This product will serve diverse customers ranging from SOHO, retail, office, large families, etc.”

Furthermore, i-taste has features that make this product a remarkable one:

Livpure i-taste purifier
  • Hot, warm & ambient water dispensing to facilitate preferred drinking water temperature
  • Antioxidants enriched water that ensures healthy and not just pure water
  • Interactive LCD display that helps you control the taste of your water & monitor essential RO parameters
  • Smart dispensing mode lets you control the volume of purified water – unique to your requirements
  • Insect-proof water storage tank eliminates any chance of contamination by any insects like ants
  • Advanced 8 stage purification

Livpure i-taste Technical Specifications

1.Purification TechnologyRO + UV + UF + Deoxy
2.Purification CapacityUpto 15 liters/hour
3.Max Duty CycleUpto 75 litres/day
4.Storage Tank Capacity7 Litres (approx.)
5.RO Membrane75/80 (Gallons per Day)
6.Purification Cartridges8 Stage Purification
-Sediment Filter
-Pre-Activated Carbon Filter
-Antiscalant Filter
-Reverse Osmosis Membrane
-UV Disinfection Column
-UF Cartridge
-Post Carbon Cartridge
-Deoxy+ Cartridge (Antioxidant)
7.UV Disinfection Column24 L/Hr (Design Registration No.- 264546)
8.UF Cartridge0.1 μm
9.Minimum Inlet Pressure0.3 Kg/
10.Maximum Inlet Pressure3 Kg/
11.Input Voltage140-300 V AC / 50 Hz
12.Operating Voltage24 V DC
13.Hot Water DispensingTwo Water Heating Settings / Dispense Options
-Warm Water @ 45°C
-Hot Water @ 80°C
14.Hot Water-Child Lock-Child lock prevents accidental dispense of hot water
15.Heating Element Wattage / Input Supply500 W/ 230 VAC
16.Hot Water Tank Capacity0.8 L
17.Recommended TDS RangeUpto 2000 ppm
18.User InterfaceCapacitive Touch Activation with Symbols Backlit
20.Customize Dispensing ModeTo Fill One Glass/One Bottle/ Custom Volume
21.Filter Life IndicationAlert on Display when filter life is about to Finish
22.Fault IndicationFault Indication on Display, if Electronic part is faulty.
23.Water Quality Change AlertAlert on Display, if there is change in Water Quality

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