LG Window Air Conditioner (AC) Review
LG Window Air Conditioner (AC) Review

This is the latest window AC price (Air Conditioners) list brand wise and tonnage wise with power consumption comparison. This table will give you a clear comparison of how much price difference per brand is there with how much tonnage capacity. However, the prices mentioned here could vary from place to place.

Best Window ACs with Pricing for 2019

We do not guarantee the prices written here are the actual prices on which these air conditioners are available in the market. So, do let us know what price you bought which model AC from where that is going to be very helpful for all other readers. You can share the prices in comments. And when you search for any product price, rely most on e-commerce website prices who actually sell the product or of the local market. Relying on prices from any other source online will not give you a satisfactory answer. The prices I have given here are the dealer’s price. Hence, these will definitely vary from place to place.

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 0.75 Ton

CompanyPrice (Rs.)Model No.TonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor
O’General18,500AKGA09AATB0.75 N.A.2.6324980.95Rotary
Voltas15,290GOLD 2S (4011021)0.7522.5525090.984Rotary
Whirlpool17,000WAR09G20DW00.82 25800.95Rotary
Carrier GWRAC009ER001 / GWRAC009EM0010.753 29280.96Rotary
Godrej16,990GWC 10GG 2 WJM0.7522.5225050.994Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1 Ton (1 & 2 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor 
O’General18,500AMGA13AATB1N.A.2.6335141.35 Rotary
LG21,990LWA3BR1D / LWA3CR1A112.4933701.35Rotary
22,990LWA3BR2D / LWA3GR2D122.6333701.28Rotary
Voltas18,590Gold 2S (4011024)122.5533701.314Rotary
Whirlpool18,500WAWR12G20 / WAWR12G28D012 34001.25Rotary
Godrej19,190GWC 14 G2 WHH122.634251.317Rotary
Lloyd16,540W12TRD211 35141.465Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1 Ton (3 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor 
LG23,990LWA3BR3D1 / LWA3GR3D132.7633701.22Rotary
Voltas20,690Platinum 3S (4011026)132.7533401.236Rotary
Whirlpool19,990WAR12G30RW013No proper technical details found for this model.
Carrier GWRAC012ER002 / GWRAC012EM00213 36901.28Rotary
Godrej20,490GWC 12 GH 3 WJM132.7233411.228Rotary
Bluestar 3WAE121YA132.7234501.27Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1 Ton (5 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor 

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1.5 Ton (1 & 2 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor 
O’General24,000AXGA18ARTH / AXGB18ARTH / AXZA18ABTH / AXGN18TH1.5N.A.2.452002.18Rotary
Voltas22,990SILVER 2S – 1.5T1.522.5548001.882Rotary
23,190GOLD 2S (4011029)1.522.5551002Rotary
23,990PLATINUM 2S (4011030)1.522.5151502.052Rotary
Whirlpool22,900WAR18B20DW0 / WAWR18B20DW01.52 51902.02Rotary
Carrier GWRAC018DM002 / GWRAC018DR002 / GWRAC018X1002 / GWRAC018X20021.52 51251.95Rotary
Godrej22,990GWC 18 GG 2 WJM1.522.5248301.917Rotary
23,490GWC 19G3 WHH1.522.551002.04Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1.5 Ton (3 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor
Voltas25,590SILVER 3S (4011034)1.532.7149501.826Rotary
26,190PLATINUM 3S (4010970)1.532.7550501.836Rotary
Whirlpool23,990WAR18G30RW01.53 51901.8Rotary
Carrier GWRAC018ER0011.53 54761.861Rotary

Disclaimer: Product information of Whirlpool given in online brochure and online listing were some different and there is lots of confusion which one to rely on. So, the stats given for Whirlpool here could be wrong too.

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 1.5 Ton (4 and 5 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor
Voltas30,000PLATINUM 5S (4011039)1.553.1150001.607Rotary 
Godrej28,990GWC 18 GU 4 WLH1.542.9050001.724Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 2 Ton (1 & 2 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor
O’General34,000AXGA24APT / AXGA24ANTB2 2.66650 – 68002.8 – 2.9Rotary
Voltas28,990SILVER 2S – 2T (4011036)222.5558002.274Rotary
29,090GOLD 2S (4011038)222.5561252.402Rotary
29,490PLATINUM 2S (4011042)222.5160002.39Rotary
Whirlpool WAWR24G2022 65002.5Rotary
Carrier GWRAC024DM001 / GWRAC024DR001 / GWRAC024X1002 / GWRAC024X200221 63842.545Rotary

Window AC Price List and Power Consumption Comparison for 2 Ton (3 Star)

CompanyPriceModelTonnageStar RatingEERCooling CapacityPower ConsumptionCompressor

I have taken utmost care to avoid any mistake while doing entries, since it can ruin the comparison. Also i am adding some FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) related to air conditioners. Hope this is going to be very useful for all my readers.

  • Q 1: What is 1.0T of refrigeration?

Ans: Amount of heat to be removed from 1.0T (1000 kg) of ice in order to convert it into water, within closed envolepe, in 24 hours, on or at 0 deg C.

  • Q 2: What is EER?

Ans: EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) is ratio of air conditioner cooling output compared to the power air conditioner consumes. Hence, higher the EER ratio, you’ll have more savings in electricity savings bills.

  • Q 3: How to Calculate Air Conditioner Power (Energy) Consumption?

Ans: You can use following steps to calculate power consumption of your air conditioner on basis of Power Input required by it. You can find out this value in technical specifications provided by product manufacturer:

  1. I am assuming 8 hours normal working hours of air conditioner in a day.
  2. Actual working hours of compressor in “Cut-in & Cut-out” condition is 70%. That means 70% of 8 hours = 5.6 hours/day.
  3. Assuming Electricity consumption of a 1.5 Ton 5 Star Rated AC is 1655 watts/hr which means it’ll consume 1.65 Units/hour 
  4. Actual Units of electricity consumed per day = (5.6 x 1.65) = 9.24 units
  5. Assuming electricity rate per unit = Rs. 5
  6. Electricity consumed per day in price = (9.24 x 5) = Rs. 46.20
  7. Electricity consumed per month = (Rs. 46.20 x 30) = Rs. 1386/-
  •  Q 4: How to find Right tonnage AC capacity for your room?

Ans: Buying an AC with right tonnage capacity is very important for every consumer. Buying an air conditioner with wrong capacity can lead to higher power (energy) consumption and also cooling loss can happen if you bought an AC lower than the capacity required.

There is a straight thumb rule for choosing capacities as per your room area:

Upto 100 Sq. Feet = 0.75/0.8 Ton

100 – 120 Sq. Feet = 1 Ton

120 – 160 Sq. Feet = 1.5 Ton

160 – 200 Sq. Feet = 2 Ton

I have explained this calculation in more detail in this post. However, there are some exceptions for this rule which depends upon the direct exposure of sunlight to the room, Floor on which the flat is constructed etc.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. will there be any difference in power consumption (units)in two AC having EER=2.75 each,power consumption 1838 watts, cooling capacity=5046 watts, but having 2 star and 3 star value respectively ??

  2. Hello Mr.Ankit, I am planning to buy a window AC for my living area, approx 500sq ft, we will be using them only when we have guest visiting us for 3/4 hrs may be once or twice a month,
    I have short listed 1.5 ton LG 5BR, and Blue Star, retailers are pushing Blue Star over LG, which one do you recommend.

  3. Help

    Dear Ankit,
    I live in Kolkata. I intend buying a 1.5T 3Star Window A/c for my room.
    I’ve been advised to go in for Copper-Coil A/c’s as they last long & save power.
    Further, i’m being advised to buy 1)Hitachi 2)Carrier & 3)Blue Star in that order. I’ve heard Blue Star a/c’s are good, but hear misleading reports about their after-sales-service,which is important to me!! The same is being told about LG a/c’s & Reputed shops here have discontinued both these brands after customer-complaints about poor-service!!
    Brother, Please advice which brand i should go for/buy?? Longevity/Cooling/Economy & Service are all important for me.

    Thank you,
    Jeetu P.

    1. Jeetu, BTU of Onida window is at par with OGeneral, besides that it also has a copper coil & condenser & price is very competative, Blue Star & Hitachi BTU is low in comparison to OG. Carrier does not use copper coil. Recently LG has gone down on quality of their pipes you may have to carry out major repairs for leakages from coil or replace since leakages on alluminium cannot be repaired. So Onida fits the choice.

      1. hello to all,

        i have been using onida ac ….although when you go to market wat you will find is that there specifications are same that of o general or hitachi or bluestar …..bt when it comes to performance of ac hitachi or o general or bluestar are far far ahead so its better to go for the company which is master in its own field and its better to spent more money once than feeling dissatisfaction

  4. Suggest me.
    is window ac better than split ac.
    if I have proper vantilation considering cost.

  5. ac

    Suggest me.
    is window ac better than split ac.
    if I have proper vantilation considering cost.
    Please give details and performance of panasonic cube ac.

  6. price

    please tell me what will be the actual price as on date in kolkata of O general window ac 1 ton, if possible please send me the dealers name also

  7. split ac

    1.5 Ton 5 Star Rated AC is 1550 watts lg split ac,use ac per day 8 hours,please suggest me the Electricity bill how much per month..electricity per unit/7 RS

  8. which window ac is better

    hey hi please suggest me the best companies window ac with good pricing and quality.Quality prioritising and 5 star rating

  9. Window AC - Carrier Midea

    Iam looking to buy a 1.0T window AC. Any reviews on the Carrier Midea new models – i got a competitive quote for 1.0T,3* model – but worried on service & after sales support since it is a JV. I currently have an old A/C Carrier, but have got good service from the local Carrier authorised service center for past 8+ years. The service team claim it will be serviced by Carrier authorised center – but it is too early & do not know how it would be in the long run.

  10. I have bought a Voltas 1 Ton 3-star Window AC with EER of 2.81, cooling capacity: 3350 Watt and Power Consumption: 1192 Watt for a room of around 160 sq ft in the top floor of a building with north facing windows.

    Would the unit efficiently cool my room or should I have gone for a higher Ton unit?

    Provided it runs for 8 hrs a day, what would be the no. of units consumed in a month?


  11. AC buying Guidance

    Hi Ankit,

    I am currently looking Window ac for my medium(small) size room. After going through almost all the articles I have decided to buy 1 ton with 3 star window ac. But I am in dilemma due to different brands avilable in market.
    O general seems to be best but it doesn’t have 1 ton with 3 start AC instead they are having 1 ton with 2 star & also I haven’t read much negative feedbacks or reviews on after sale services (bit costly).
    Voltas being an Indian brand and considering all my requirements is a perfect match (in my budget too). But after sale services are really a concern. Even I have seen Bluestar too.
    Kindly suggest/guide me in this. It would be really helpful if I can get some advice from a researcher like you :)

    1. AC buying Guidance

      Thanks for your guidance Ankit. If possible can you calculate Electricity bill for the same (LG 1 ton 3 star model).


  12. Hitachi or Ogeneral or Blue Star

    Dear Ankit,

    I want to purchase best 1.5 ton Window AC. feature / Life / Cooling / Start Rating are the key requirement. Please suggest should I go for Hitachi or Ogeneral or Blue Star.

    Amit Jain

  13. 1 ton 5 star ac

    I am planning to buy a 1 ton 5 star window ac.One of my friend recently purchased voltas 1.5 ton ac, he advised me to purchase voltas ac rather LG ac.But my problem is that voltas does not have 5 star window ac in 1 ton. what is your advice regarding following:
    1) Should I compromise with star ratings and buy 1 ton 3 star window ac.I want to keep my electricity bills at possible lowest level.
    2) or I should purchase LG 1 ton 5 star ac LG PRIMA.
    3) Or I should go for hitachi 1.1 ton (room is 130 Sq Feet ground floor)SUMMER QC/ SUMMER TM. How is the performance of these two new ACs of hitachi.

    Your precious advice is keenly awaited.

  14. window AC

    I want to purchase window AC 1 ton. Please suggest should I go for LG or Onida or Voltas. my budget is 12-15k.

  15. Hi..I am looking for a windows ac for around 130 sq . The room is at ground floor without direct sunlight facing. It normally remains cool during peak hot hours. If I wanna go for a ac ..plz suggests the ton along with the brand. If you can suggest any model ..den it would be great..m in Noida.

  16. Hi Ankit,

    You are really helping us all.

    1.5 tn AC. Not yet shortlisted any brands but my budget is around 22K

  17. Window or Split AC

    Hi Ankit,

    Is there any difference in cooling efficiency, maintenance and power consumption between a Window and Split AC (1.5 Ton)? As both have a huge price difference.

  18. Hi Ankit,

    The EER of ONIDA W18TRC3 is highest(2.85) in 1.5T 3STAR RATING CATEGORY. Is it the best Buy?


  19. window or split

    I want to buy an ac for my top floor(150sqft). we have lots of humidity in weather.please suggest which one(window or split with same ton and star value) should i buy in terms of faster cooling and low electric bill. also please suggest any model.

  20. window or split

    Is it true that the split ac is more better than window ac considering more faster cooling,low maintanance and power consumption or it is just a myth due to high price.

  21. Carrier window AC 1.5T 3***

    Is it true that Carrier Estrella R GWRAC018ER010 has a cooling capacity of 18700 BTU with a power consumption of 1861W? Is Carrier using Copper coils? What parts are required servicing in a window AC? Considering Longevity, Economy, Cost & Service, which brand’s model is better in Chennai? Thank you.

  22. 1 ton or 1.5 ton split ac

    Hello ankit,
    Hope u doing well.
    I am planing to buy split AC. My room size 12*10 facing sunlight since 1:00pm.
    Should i go for 1 ton or 1.5 ton?
    I think to buy 1.5 tone but i m worry that may be 1.5 ton AC bigger as per my my room size and thus become more expensive in electricity bill.
    Does 1 ton AC enough for me? because my room face sunlight so i wirry that it take more time to cool and thus gain become more expensive.

    Please advice.

    what is best from LG and ONIDA? please suggest some new model in LG?

    Thank you.

  23. Lg or O'General

    Hello Mr.Ankit,
    I am planning to buy a window AC for my living area, approx 270sq ft (15*18),
    I have short listed 2 ton LG and O’General. Retailers are pushing O’General over LG because of power consumption, which one do you recommend. I am really confused. Please help me out. I need to buy it urgently.

  24. 1.5 Ton Window or Split AC

    Dear Sir,

    I am confused how type 1.5 Ton AC install in my house window or split, which will be give me long life service and Power save.
    Please also refer company Brand which will be install and model no.
    Sumanta Ghosh

    1. Please first time refer to me what is AC Install Window or Split which will be give me long life service and Power save.
      Sumanta Ghosh

  25. Help

    I live in Kolkata. I intend buying a 1.5T 5Star split A/c for my room.
    I’ve been advised to go in for Copper-Coil A/c’s as they last long & save power.
    Further, i’m being advised to buy 1)Hitachi 2)Carrier 3)Blue Star 4)Lg &5)Dickin in that order. I’ve heard Hitachi & Blue Star a/c’s are good, but hear misleading reports about their after-sales-service,which is important to me!! The same is being told about LG a/c’s & Reputed shops here have discontinued both these brands after customer-complaints about poor-service!!
    Brother, Please advice which brand i should go for/buy?? Longevity/Cooling/Economy/Save Power & Service are all important for me.

    Thank you,

    1. My Reply

      are you LG employee ? LG is nowhere in business of good AC’s. Suman. you been rightly advised 1)Hitachi 2)Carrier 3)Blue Star 4)LG &5)Diakin. just keep Diakin before LG.

  26. Ac

    I need a gud Ac fr my room it’s dimension z 12*12 so which brand should I go with and split or window m having a gud option for window

  27. hi ankit plz suggest best 1.5ton split ac 5star rating in buget of 25k

    will run it for 8 to 10 hours a day plz suggesst the best and how much power it will consume.

  28. inverter Ac 0.75 tonnes

    Can u guide what is minimum power Genset can run a 0.75 tonnes inverter ac

  29. ac for 11*12 room

    What is the best ac for this size. Also suhgess star ranking is effected when I used it 8-10 hours. I want to buy window ac of hittachi or o general. If u suggest better then, plz suggest. I want to also know what is best 1/1.5 ton


  30. Need info on Brand


    I am planning to buy a 1.5 ton window AC. Type of Star rated will depend on the budget. Currently I am stuck between Voltas and Panasonic. If I am going for a Panasonic, I can go for a 2 star however if I am going through with Voltas I can go for a 5 Star. The point and question here is if Voltas is the right selection. I am getting mixed responses. Kindly help.

  31. confussed


    My name is vikas gupta. My residence is in delhi. I need a window ac, but confused to buy which one. My room is on ground floor. Its area is 10x12x12. It contains a window 4×3. And two roshandan of 1.5×1. and two doors of 6×3. My house have 3 floors. A water drainage is near my house approx 400mtr away. We will use this A/C around 8-10hrs/day. Please suggest me a cheap and energy saving a/c. Some mechanic visited my room and told me to go for 1ton A/C. I already have 3 star 1.5ton voltage window A/C installed on first floor. But am not satisfied with its cooling, and two times its gas leaked and it is very energy consuming, it takes around 10 units in 6 hours of running. So, please suggest a better one which is having copper coils/condenser. Somebody told me i should go for a copper coil a/c. My budget is 30,000 maximum.

    So please reply the best A/C’s for me, and if i go for window a/c or split one.

    Thanks & Regards

    Vikas Gupta

  32. Maintanance Cost


    Which A.c.(Window Or Split) Is Less Expensive On Yearly Maintanance.

  33. confused within companies, not a high budget

    Room size 9*12*10,mid flr, no direct sunlight, one small window towards shaft with ac space in it. Need window ac but budget is low. Godrej gwc18gq3 getting in 22500/- without stabilizer,1.5ton. Should go?? Or else which one.

    Our uses are very less May be 3hrs in a day 3person family.


    I stay on 7th floor which is not directly exposed to sunlight but is very hot during siummers. We are planning to buy window AC for our bedroom which is about 200 sqft. we want to go for 5 star 1.5 tonne AC and have finally choosed 2 brand of 2015 model i.e. HITACHI and BLUESTAR. Price and features are almost same for both the models. would you please help me out in deciding which one to buy. ( also if LG would be the better choice with same features and price)

  35. Ac capicity by sq/ft as well spilt/window

    I am lookin a ac but i am not understanding that how much capicty ac i required.
    I have 2 room, 1 kichen all of three joint together participation by dor only. 1 room size 12″9″9″(full ventikation) and second room attache with 1st by gate size 10″9″9″(ventilation problem) also kichen attach with 1rooom. Kindly suggest me 1 economic ac option which cover all area. Also tell me brand or window/split option.
    Shiv singh delhi

  36. cooling capacity

    Room dimensions are…. W20*LI2*H10
    Can 1.5 ton split ac cools my room or may i go for 2ton.

    Room at top floor., no window no direct sunlight..
    My budget is around 35k max.

  37. Window AC


    I want to purchase a window ac. My requirements are:
    1) 1 ton
    2) 2 or 3 Star
    3) budget Rs 17, 000 to 22, 000
    I am confused among Bluestar, Lloyd and Haier brands. Will you please suggest which brand of window ac is good to buy as per my requirements, also providing good after sale service.

  38. Window AC

    I want to purchase a window ac and my requirements are:
    1) 1 ton
    2) 2-3 star
    3) budget 17-22000
    i am confused among Bluestar, Lloyd and Haier. Would you please help me to select one of them as per my requirements and having good after sales service.
    Thank you

  39. suggest window ac and company.

    Dear Ankit,

    Please suggest me for which company should I go as I am looking for window ac for my 10/12 sqft room…under the maximum cost of Rs. 25-27000 if it’s 1.5 ton ac or,if I can go for 1 ton only for such size of room…please suggest the manufacturer also i should go ? Please do revert quickly… As I am planning to buy latest by tomorrow.

    Thanks and Regards

    Naseem Abbas Rizvi


    Dear sir,
    I am in Tamilnadu. Room size is only 12′ x 8′ x 9.5′ height with two doors of size 3’x7′ and a window of size 3’x4′ . The room is at ground floor with terrace roof. There is no first floor.
    If I go for a L.G. Split A/C – 5 star model under the maximum cost of Rs. 50,000. I am worried about only the POWER CONSUMPTION. (Budget no problem: Ton no problem : But the expenditure towards the cost of POWER CONSUMPTION is problem to me due to the ceiling system of Tamilnadu Electricity Board).
    I need your suggestion. Please suggests the ton along with the best model A/C for me.

    Thanks & Regards

  41. Which window ac should i buy?

    hi ,
    i am planning to but a 1 tonne window ac for an approx 100 sq ft. room in which nearly 15 people are occupied at any point in time ( i have a commercial coaching centre). My daily usage is going to be approximately 7-8 hours a day.. currently the power is being supplied by the BEST.
    would request you to suggest me a window ac which has the highest efficiency in terms on savings and also will a 1 tonne ac be able to cool a room as per the above details?



    I am looking for Window Ac 1.5 Ton 5 Star Rating. Can you please suggest Best Brand? Retailers are pushing me for Carrier Brand. Looking forward for quick reply.



  44. Hi plz suggest best 1.5 tonne window ac with model name also if possible as i have 3 rooms and my room is on fourth floor.

  45. Windows Ac

    I want to purchase a window Ac for my room I.e. 10×10×11(l×b×h) so plz suggest me what ton is correct for my room and which brand is better…. Godrej or whirlpool is come in good brand category or not….if not than suggest me another brand with models no. alone with price my budget is 20k t026k with stabilisers…..
    Please suggest me as soon as possible….
    Yours faithfully
    9761217193(call me if u can)

  46. Need suggestion for buying AC

    Hello Dear Ankit,

    Iam from Hyderabad, and have to decide on taking an AC for my home. We have a Hall of size 28′ x 12′ x 10′(H). and during day time all my family members(7nos) mostly will be in the hall and during night we go to our bedrooms(which are adjacent to Hall). Please suggest which AC (Window or Split) will be suitable and economical and how much tonnage.
    We have good space surrounding.

  47. Need suggestion

    Dear Ankit
    Pls recommend me the best window ac in my budget of 18000 to 22000, and also the maintenance factor of split & window ac.

  48. Buy a ac

    Hi i want to buy bluestar 1 ton 2 star ac which is you show in your price list.
    please tell me how i can buy it.

  49. 1.5 ton ac

    Hi Bro
    I am thinking of buying 1.5 ton ac 3 star but confused between carrier Estrella and Panasonic 5 star ac as both are of same price but getting extra star rating with Panasonic
    Pls help .

  50. i want to purchase ac for 80 square feet room. suggest capacity in tonnage ,brand. which is better window/split. window dim is 480mm by 420 mm.

  51. .75, OG, LG or Voltas

    Hello sir, My room is aprox 100 sq n as u suggested in dimensions i m planning for .75 ton…. Sir plz suggest me which .75 ton ac shud i buy? OG, Lg or voltas n i guess only OG has 5 star rating in .75 ton… i have to look for electricity bill also….eagerly waiting for ur valuable suggestion… regards

  52. LG better than carrier or bluestar. ....seriously doubt that.

    Chugh ji kya LG ke alawa aur koi company dhang ka ac banati hi nahi hai…all you seem to suggest is LG…..I just cant grasp the rationale of you suggesting lg over carrier and bluestar brands which are pioneer in cooling technology???

  53. A/C for Guest Room and Drawing Room.

    Hi Ankit,

    Excellent article. Thank you for the same.

    Query 1:
    I am looking for a 1 Ton Window A/C or Split A/C. The A/C is for guest room, so the consumption would be less. Maybe 400 hrs yearly.

    There are many names in the market. Kindly suggest 2 – 3 brands and model numbers (In addition to LG) on the following factors.

    Cooling efficiency –
    Electricity Consumption –
    After Sale Service –
    Price –
    Longevity –
    Star Rating –

    Query 2:
    In addition, I would also like to know few good brand for 2 Ton Split A/C for my Drawing and Dining room (Both are connected and is a big hall.), on the above criteria. The consumption would be more than 1000 hrs yearly.

    Thanks for your help.


  54. Need suggestion

    Suggest me.
    is window ac better than split ac.
    if I have proper vantilation considering cost.

  55. WINOW LG AC 1.5 TON

    when my ac is in cut in cut off position then its throw water out n consuming also more unit per hour can tell me whats the problem inside in ac .


  56. AC comparison ..which one is better

    Which is best in list below 5 star for
    1. Voltas 185 EYR 1.5T RS.35000
    2. Voltas 185 JY 1.5T RS.33000
    3. Videocon VSD 55 1.5 T RS.27000
    4. Carrier superia 1.5T RS.37000
    5. Godrej gsc 18 1.5T RS.30000

  57. Kiya ap mujhe bta sktey hain k,,,,, 0.75ton ka window Ac 3kv ke generator pe chal skta hy…,

  58. Ankit, i want to buy a HITACHI window AC , which one would you recommend? 1.5 tons please

  59. Window AC 1.5 ton

    Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC White (WAC 1.5 T MAGICOOL COPR 5S)

    Is it a good AC to buy? getting deal for INR 27,000/-

  60. How is Hitachi

    Pls comment Hitachi 5 star window ACs r they best
    2. Witch is best for high ambient temp.
    3. Any AC with live display of power consumption

  61. Panasonic, haier, sharp or voltas?

    Hi, Panasonic, haier, sharp or voltas? Want to purchase a 1.5Ton window ac for my home.

  62. 09717287328

    Hi ankit, thanks for a ton of useful information about cooling in this whacky summer..
    Can I use a 0.75ton window Ac on the counter in a shop(kept out side with only the face of the ac inside.) rest front area covered with plastic sheets to insulate. Shop size is 9ft*15ft hight is 12 ft.. Will it work?

  63. So confused Hitachi or LG

    so confused between hitachi, Whirlpool , LG kindly help 1.5T 3Star
    Hitachi Kaze looks good, but being in delhi and dry summer people are saying hitachi is not so good and after sale service is not that easy. or should i go for LG- L- Crescent, little worried since i am not a much of a user of LG.

  64. Ankit, i want to buy a 2 ton window AC , which one would you recommend? Room area 300 sq ft ground floor.

    Ankit, i want to buy a 2 ton window AC , which one would you recommend?
    Room area 300 sq ft ground floor.

  65. hey ankit!
    i have to purchase a 1.5 ton window ac for my room, it has got to be a 5 star and power efficient as it would be in working condition for about 8 hrs a day.
    My budget ~Rs.30,000.
    Plz suggest the best option for me ASAP.
    Thanks :)

  66. Window ac needed

    Hi Ankit,
    I was looking for ac information on Google..just found your site..such a informative site..first of all kudo to ur knowledge on this and very well answered to each n every quries..i too have questions..I m looking for Windows ac for a big hall exact area size I don’t remember..I can say 2 double bed can come in that area and lots of space are still there..can u pls suggest a good window ac..my most important concern is electricity..cause unit charges is 12rs per unit..pls suggest which can fit as per my requirement.

  67. tell me

    i satyabrat want to install an ac at my shop (Xerox & Print) area around 81 sft. Tell me which company and which capacity required for my shop.

  68. 1.5 Ton Window AC

    Hi Ankit,
    I am looking for a decent 1.5 ton window ac. I live in Delhi so according to whether conditions here can you please advice some good models.

    I am also concerned that why are you pushing everyone to buy LG products over every company.

    Tarun Giri Goswami

  69. About AC electricity bill

    Ankit, i have purchased Blue star 1.5 ton 5star 5W18LC window AC. Its consumption power is 1530W and cooling capacity is 5060W.I used this AC for 8 hours in a day. Please can you tell me how much will be the electricity bill in a month.

  70. Power savings

    I am using a 10 years old Voltas window ac and its serving well. With increasing power rates, I am wondering if there will be significant savings if I were to replace it with a new split ac. The newer ones claim low power consumption. I am unable to tell you specified power consumption of the window unit in use. Any advice?

  71. Suggetion for which AC to buy

    Hi! Ankit
    An excellent assessment on ACs of various brands. Very useful. But I hve one question and that is which is recommended for a 1.5ton window AC; Hitachi or LG? i am in noida.
    if Hitachi which of the following three models
    1. RAV518ESD
    2. RAT518ESD

    Would appreciate an ear;y response.

  72. Inverter or non inverter

    Hello Mr.Ankit,
    I want to install ac for 450 sq ft area ,where 30 students are sitting at top floor for 10-12 hrs per day. I have already installed window ac 2 Ton blue star . Looking much greater area I want to install additional split ac .
    Kindly suggest which ac should I purchase among the following:
    Inverter or non inverter
    Brand : except o general as beyond our budget.

  73. I want to purchase Split ac in my 180 sq ft approx . Please advice me which brand is good and economical in Electricity consumption.

  74. Hi,
    I am planning to buy window ac for room size 142 sq feet, top floor.
    Which ac would be economic in electricity?
    How would be voltas 1.5 ton, 5 star?

    1. 142 square feet. You need minimum 2 ton AC. If you install a smaller AC then it will cool the room but the compressor will work continuously. It will shut down when it gets hot, maybe at night. While 2 ton AC will cool and cut the room in a short time.Try to install a large AC as the top is the floor and will be the hottest

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