Philips Dry Iron Review

If you’re planning to buy a dry iron, don’t ever think that you should just see your budget while buying an iron. There are many more points which you should consider and keep in mind before buying an Iron. This article is of Philips dry Iron review but I am going to write some points too which you must consider before purchasing these products.

Tips before buying a Dry Iron

1. Fabric Settings

The iron temperature setting knob must have settings related to them as per fabric like Nylon, Silk, Wool, Cotton Linen or many more, likewise this Philips iron had which I purchased recently. Also, the iron must cut-off after reaching the temperature setting set for any particular fabric.

Philips Dry Iron Knob 1
Philips Dry Iron Knob 2


2. Wattage

This is very important to check, of how much wattage iron you’re buying. To get a good ironing experience, and if you want quick ironing, iron must be of at least 1000+ watts. This would help to save you a lot of time and even efforts would be less. This information is usually given on the packing of an Iron or on the Iron itself too. However, you’ll have to remain little more careful too while handling these products.

Philips Dry Iron Wattage

3. Sole-plate Type

The Sole-plate must be with Teflon coating which is non-stick in nature or with a similar type of coatings. The iron I bought, had American Heritage coating which is a similar kind of coating as of Teflon. The only benefit of American Heritage coating is that it slides more easily on clothes if compared to Teflon coating.

4. Weight

Weight of Iron is also a big factor. Lesser the weight, fewer efforts would be required for ironing. The one here I bought, this product sole-plate is made of Aluminium with American Heritage coating. This made it much more lighter than irons having Iron sole-plates.

5. Swivel Cords

This is not a very big factor, but having a swivel cord is a plus benefit for getting effortless manoeuvring or say Ironing.

Philips Dry Iron Review (GC136)

I wonder many people actually would like to read a review of a Dry Iron, however, to date, I have seen people buying such appliances without any knowledge. The only factor they keep in mind is design (how it looks) or how much it costs. However, choosing a wrong product can ruin your investments on your appliance. I was more keen to buy a Steam Iron, but since my mom only insisted to have dry iron, hence I bought this. So, I am going to write in detail, why I choose Philips Dry Iron GC126 model, after doing so many comparisons and market research.

Dry Iron Technical Specifications Comparison

Philips (GC136)Rs. 9761100Aluminium with American Heritage Coating0.76 KgNo
Havells (Joe Heritage)Rs. 9251000Iron with American Heritage CoatingNo Details GivenYes
Morphy RichardsRs. 8951000Teflon Non-stick CoatedNo Details GivenYes
Bajaj (Insta lift 1000)Rs. 9251000Non-Stick CoatedNo Details GivenNo
Usha 1602 LTRs. 5301000PTFE Non-stick CoatedNo Details GivenNo

Points to be observed here, that only I found only Philips which is providing weight too of their products. If you check similar models of Philips Dry Iron with almost the same specifications, you’ll find the difference of wattage and weight. Since this model soleplate is of Aluminium, it is lighter than other models. Other models of Philips were nearly 0.90 kg with the iron soleplate and American or Golden Heritage coating.

I believe, a company is good if they are cut and clear in providing the right technical specifications of their products and may not hide it from the consumer. Philips and Havells, are those two brands in Dry Iron category, which I find it most trustworthy who has been pretty clear in providing required details in a correct form. However, Bajaj is also a good brand to go for, the only thing which I didn’t like about them, that they are not providing any technical specifications of their dry iron products in their official website itself.

Philips Dry Iron Design

So, returning to review, one of the major points to choose Philips Dry Iron (GC136) was its design. If you see the iron closely, it is indeed pointed in a much proper proportion if compared to other brands design, making it slide more easily on clothes or to reach some corners more easily while ironing, say area near collar in a shirt or while ironing a pant. Also as per its dimensions (25.5 x 11.1 x 12.8 cm), it covers more area in one go during ironing of clothes. And, in the below given 3rd image, if you observe the button grooves closely, these grooves will help you iron easily on areas nearby or along with buttons or seams.

Philips Dry Iron Front Shape
Philips Dry Iron Review
Philips Dry Iron Price


Philips Dry Iron Heating

As per I said above, more wattage means quicker heating means quickly you’ll get free from ironing efforts. In dry iron category, the most wattage iron you’ll get is of 1200, but this much wattage was not available in Philips. Bajaj one model has this much wattage, but I am very unsure about it since no technical specifications were given on Bajaj appliances websites and I was not ready to rely on specifications given on Flipkart listing since they were confusing me. And even in Philips, this category most models were available in 1000 Watts. But luckily I found this model listing in Homeshop18, and I bought this one, because of its 1100 watts wattage and aluminium sole-plate with American Heritage coating which helps in easy gliding over clothes.

Philips Dry Iron Back

Philips Dry Iron Sole-Plate

Philips dry iron GC136 was the lightest iron I found in dry iron category i.e. 0.76 Kg because of its aluminium sole-plate and even if you buy an iron with Iron sole-plate, that weighted nearly 0.9Kg. Also, since Aluminium is a good conductor of heat, this also makes a plus point for buying this particular Iron.

Philips Dry Iron Soleplate Aluminium American Heritgae

Philips Dry Iron Cord

This iron, however, doesn’t have a swivel cord, which I feel it should have. However, if you see the product pics given above, its cord tail end can lean to some angel, which is some useful.

Philips Dry Iron Fabric Temperature Knob and Indicator

This iron is equipped with pre-setted temperature for different fabrics, which you can set easily by revolving the round knob given in Iron. Also, the indicator of cut-off and cut-on is also there which is a very usual and basic thing. However, one thing I feel is that they should give the indicator light on the handle rather than below handle. But still, the indicator is easily visible since it’s very nearby the round knob.

Cons of this product:

  • 1100 watts Power Input
  • Weight: 0.76 Kg
  • Sole-plate: Aluminium with American Heritage Coating
  • Design

Pros of this product:

  • No Swivel Cord
  • Indicator provided below the handle

Final Verdict

Whenever I bought any product, I do proper research before buying it. And now after using it for many days, this iron has not let me down in any way and is definitely a recommended product to buy.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. Need Clarification

    I read your review and its usefull. I m also looking to buy iron box. I have selected Philips GC158/02 and Philips GC157/02 which is latest(2014) models but only confusion is

    is these product is “aluminium” with American Heritage sole-plate or iron with American Heritage Iron sole-plate.

    Please reply.

  2. Quilter

    I only use dry irons and have gone thru 4. I found your info most informative, and helpful. It is hard to find dry irons. Thanks again. K henry

  3. Excellet article written by Aniket chaugh.

    A very good article is written by Mr.Ankit Chugh.
    Additional points
    BODY should be stainless steel handle, actually bajaj companies upper part of plate made low quality of ceramic which brokes eassily by falls down by short distance.

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