Reliance Digital Stores Review, Locator & Discounts
Reliance Digital Stores Review, Locator & Discounts

Reliance Digital Stores are one of the pioneer names in Electronics Chain range stores in all over India. They have in-house over 150 International and National brands with over 4000 products. They have almost every big brand like LG, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, Toshiba and many more. They have so many stores all over India, although I am not aware of the actual count. But with 156K fans on Facebook, they surely have an influence on so many consumers around. They have stores in many major cities like Delhi/NCR, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Vadodara, Pune, Jaipur, Kukatpally, Vashi, Nashik, Mangalore, Kanpur, Banjara Hills, HimayatNagar, Jalandhar and many more.

Reliance Digital Store Locator

Reliance Digital Stores – ResQ Service

Reliance digital stores also provide installation, maintenance and repair of all products which you buy from them. Their service is available all 365 days a year with 10 AM to 10 PM timings. The major services they provide in ResQ are:

  • Product Installation
  • Specialized Customer Training
  • Authorized service station for diagnosis and repairs (Cater to all brands)
  • Demonstrate Product Usage
  • Health Checkup plan: Preventive Maintenance
  • Enhanced Utility: ResQ accessories
  • Extended Warranty Service (As per some specific plans)
There are some discount coupons which you can get from Reliance digital stores itself for getting some waive off in charges of ResQ services. The following image demonstrates the discount coupon details:
Reliance Digital Stores Review, Locations and Discounts
Also, Reliance Digital Stores helps customers choosing the right product for them as per their requirements. There are a series of videos, prepared by them which I added as a playlist and embedded below. This shall be helpful for understanding the services being provided by store in much more depth.

Hope above series of videos will surely compel you to visit the store once and see what they had to offer.

Reliance Digital Stores Locator

The below-given map will auto-detect (after you allow the website to detect your position when browser alert for it in the top) your current location and will suggest you the nearby store. Although the locator is not perfectly accurate in detecting your location, it does provide feasible and relevant results. 

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  1. Bad experience with Relience Digital

    Dear Sir,
    We had purchased a split air conditioner last year in April 2014. While purchasing the sales representative Mr. shiraj had offered us a price of Rs. 4500 for our old window ac in discussion with their company approved buyer. After multiple follow ups of 3 qweeks the Ac was installed and charges were paid for installation. They were supposed to pick up our old ac and remit us the amount for the same in APril. They delayed it to may and so on. Now we are sitting in February 2015 and no One is living up to their commitment. Mr. Som Chekar CRM has been telling me he cannot do anything about the commitment given by the company employee. We have been fleeced by relience. The ac is still lying with us and we have made more than 150 phone calls to the company to try and resolve the issu

  2. Worst Service, Worst Material

    Worst service I ever experience in life, suggestion for all peoples purchase from road side shop better then go with reliance. don’t believe in RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE, i had purchase SONY LED in 2013 with 2 years additional warranty from Reliance. from last 15 days i am trying to resolve my issue by Reliance side. no proper response from Reliance, making excuses we don’t have material, we don’t have technician, sir your bill is not showing warranty in our system, first give us advance. let me know one thing if i have warranty then why should i pay any advance or other charges. totally pathetic & Bakwas service i ever experience


  3. Worst Retail Chain in India....

    I purchased a Hitachi Split 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner from Reliance Digital Vishnu Enclave on 11th April, 2016 and I was promised the installation on 12th April, 2016. The technician came on 13th April but could not install as he was not having a bigger drill to make a hole on the wall, so he said he will come back in 2 hours with a bigger drill. The technician never came back and this has been the third day I am still awaiting the installation.

    I tried calling Vishnu enclave multiple times but they did not answer my call and never sent any technician so far.

    This is a really appalling service as I never expected Reliance Digital to be so inefficient and incompetent in their after sales service.

    I feel I have been cheated and this is breach of trust by you, definitely your actions have turned me to a dis-tractor who will never buy any products from Reliance in future and will also recommend my friends/family never to shop any products from you.

    It seems you don’t know the art of winning the heart of your customers and keeping up to your promises, shame on you……


  4. Bought a LG direct drive from HSR Layout branch. Delivery and service was very fast and good.

    Thanks Team

  5. Dear Team,
    I Have Purchase Samsung Washing Machine with Reliance Digital – Virar West.
    I Have Received Damage Product at my Home on Dt.16/10/2016
    I have Call Reliance Team but Till Date they have no idea about this product next delivery.
    please replace product as soon as possible.
    Dear Team ,
    Very poor service from Reliance digital til l have not got my new product replacement.I have purchased product on 15th oct from virar store and product deliver to me was defective.I hope I will get product within 2 Days.but now its 22oct still I have not got my product.will not visit virar Reliance store.your unhappy customer.


    but still I have not got my product.
    will not visit Reliance store. for purchase product i my life.
    your unhappy customer.

  6. Bad store and liar salesman

    I bought a ac a month ago and came broken and I m waiting for the repair man


    Cheating customers in the name of extended warranty. While purchasing a product they just compel us to take extended warranty which covers all the parts of the product but after a year if we call for service they ask us to pay extra amount for the parts . That say then that the extended warranty that we got while purchasing covers only the service not the parts. If we escalate this issue..they drag this for more than 2 weeks. No proper response at all. LIARS AND CHEATERS.

  8. Worst service I ever experience in life, suggestion for all peoples purchase from road side shop better then go with reliance. don’t believe in RELIANCE DIGITAL STORE, from last 15 days i am trying to resolve my issue by Reliance side. no proper response from Reliance, making excuses we don’t have material, we don’t have technician, totally pathetic & Backwash service i ever experience

  9. False promises, Bad service, Wont recommend/reuse!

    1st Day – Bought an A/C from Reliance Digital online portal. As usual payment got debited immediately.

    2nd Day – 10am_(msg)Out for delivery. 3pm_(msg)Couldn’t deliver, customer has refused to take the delivery and asked to deliver on a future date. (my only reason to but it from from Reliance Digital online portal as it promised for next day delivery). 4pm_complaint lodged on CC but no revert or update for 24hrs.

    3rd Day – 4pm_product delivered with bill date of 2nd day. 4:05pm_(CC) calls & requests to close the complaint. (me) OK. Please process the installation, (cc) OK. will be done in 48hrs.

    4th Day – No update. ok.

    5th Day – Till around 4pm_No update. (me) called CC again for update. (cc) sir, now your installation request has been registered. it will be done in next 24hrs. (me) ‘frustrated’ OK.

    6th Day – 24hrs, no one arrived but called. Sir, it will be done. Installation done late evening.

    Their selfish CC executives doesn’t call back to provide any update or resolution, even they cant contact their delivery & installation agents when required for immediate resolution. Only concerned on closing complaints without customer satisfaction.

    Just ONE call back from CC during these 6 days which was for closing complaint.

    1 day late in delivery & 2 days late in installation.

    #RelianceDigital #OneOfTheBiggestPrivateFirm

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