Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models
Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models

Voltas is one of the oldest names in air conditioners manufacturers. Voltas is a part of the TATA Enterprise and is one of the largest suppliers of engineering products and service provider for textile machinery as well. Voltas air conditioners company has a head office at Mumbai and various regional offices in many respective states.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) 2019 Reviews

#1: Voltas SZS 1.5 ton 4 Star Inverter Split AC

Need an energy efficient air conditioner to cool a large room? The Voltas SZS is everything you have been looking for. Why? Let’s find out.

Best Features

One of the reasons the AC is so energy efficient is because it is an Inverter AC. What does that mean? Simple, unlike most AC’s where the compressor continuously turns off/on due to temperature change, here it is more controlled. That means while the compressor shuts down, the fan continues to blow, in turn, maintaining the temperature and eliminating the need for the constant on/off. And to top that, the copper coils offer better energy efficiency aluminium coils.

Don’t believe us? Well, it has a 4-star energy efficiency rating from BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) and that speaks volumes.

Considering your room is between 120 to 180 sq. ft. with multiple modes, it can cool or even dehumidify the room in minutes (50-degrees, 52-degrees? It doesn’t matter).

The AC doesn’t just cool your room it also gives you fresher air to breathe thanks to the 4-stage filtration process.

It also features a self-diagnosis system so are never left wondering why the AC isn’t working (diagnosing AC problems doesn’t get any easier).

And anytime the power comes back on after some downtime, it’s auto restart feature ensures the previous settings are restored.


A 5-star AC would have been more energy efficient but considering its lower cost, the SZS is still a WINNER.

#2: Voltas CZT

Need a slightly cheaper 1.5-ton AC? Well, if you are willing to compromise a little on the energy efficiency part, the CZT checks all boxes.

Best Features

Just like the SZS, this AC also is an inverter AC so it won’t unnecessarily turn on/off by maintaining temperature better in the room (so you do not have to sleep with a leg out).

Further, the copper coils of the condenser are both highly durable and energy efficient (way better than their aluminium counterparts).

And neither will they corrode after years of use as they are coated with the Blue Fin Technology.

Also, it has a 3-star rating so compared to non-inverter AC’s it will surely save you a few bucks on those high electricity bills.

There is also a 2 stage filtration to get rid of the dust and some allergens (after all, what’s a cool room if dusty, right?).

There is also the self-diagnosing system so you are not left scratching your head or calling the handyman for just the diagnoses (the AC will let you know).

Lastly, with the Ambient Mode, the AC is designed to cool even in temperatures of around 52-degrees while the Dehumidifier mode comes in handy during the monsoons.


Well, obviously it won’t be as energy efficient as a 4-star or 5-star AC. Also, compared to the SZS it has only a 2-stage filtration.

But that aside, it does cost lesser and ideal for anyone looking for a Voltas 1.5-ton AC on a tighter budget.

#3: Voltas EZL (Best 1-ton Voltas AC)

If you have a room smaller than 120 sq. ft. all you need a is a 1-ton AC and the EZL is just the right model to help you get the best bang for your buck. Why?

Best Features

Firstly, it combines all the high-end features you would expect from any Voltas AC. So what does that include?

Well, to start with, copper coils. This not only a more energy efficient condenser but a long lasting one. To ensure that, the coils have been Blue Fin Coating.

Then as you probably already know, an Inverter is better at maintaining a constant temperature by keeping the fan running rather than turning the condenser on/off at the slightest of change.

Next up, you also get multiple modes like Turbo, Ambient Cooling, Dehumidifier etc. (so there is a mode for weather conditions and needs).

But where the EZL really stands out is with the 5-stage filtration process. So it isn’t just dust and allergens but even the minutest of pathogens that the AC can rid the air of.

And you do not have to worry about any disturbance from the AC be night or day as it operates at less than 29dB.


Being a 1-ton AC it only works in rooms smaller than 120 sq. ft. Plus, it is only a 3-star AC but being an inverter AC, it is more efficient than even a 5-star non-inverter AC.

Buyer’s Guide

Voltas is one of the oldest names when it comes to air conditioners manufacturers and is one of the most famous names in India. People know names like Voltas, O’General, Carrier since decades and again they are one of the most successful manufacturers as well.

Voltas is famous because of its low priced AC’s and has more sales on the middle-class category of consumers. They had a kind of monopoly for a long time run in Indian markets until other manufacturers also jumped in the market since 1 or 2 decades years back.

Voltas offers basic functions in their air conditioners and are not much full of features like Hitachi offers. These are like ACs just like O’General which also doesn’t offer many features in there air conditioners and the functioning is also very basic.

Voltas was also awarded “Reader’s Digest Gold Trusted Brand Award” on 2010 and accorded “Power Brand Status” in 2011 (This survey is conducted by Indian Council for Market Research) as well.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

It’s not difficult to find out how some AC manufacturer offers an air conditioner at a lower cost while the same product is being offered by other manufacturers with a bit higher price difference. When you compare the technical specifications with other competitor AC manufacturers, you’ll easily find out why? When we compared Rated cooling capacity of Hitachi and Voltas, we find some difference in cooling capacity and power efficiency as well.

That’s why it is said to buy O’General or Hitachi for more power efficient air conditioners because of the higher price difference which we pay initially get recovered by electricity bill differences we pay later on. However, this difference is not very big that you may regret why you didn’t buy these premium air conditioners.

But just keep one thing in mind, buy the right tonnage capacity air conditioner as per your area requirement and every air conditioner will cool down your space. The major aspect between Voltas or LG and O’General or Hitachi air conditioners is that cooling remains effective for many years for later manufacturers and is said to have a longer time span. The compressor of later would perform better at high-temperature areas but now Voltas has also improved with time to offer a good quality compressor.

The compressor is a high torque compressor which is helpful for giving fast cooling for your space. But keep one thing in mind, there is always a difference between a higher cost and lower cost air conditioner. However, for the price range Voltas is offering their products, they are not bad to have and are good as well.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Build Quality

Build quality always differs between a higher and a lower price AC. But it would be really unfair that if we compare Voltas with O’General or Hitachi for build quality. Because for offering a product on a lower price, there would be definitely a difference of quality. But it doesn’t mean that the quality they are offering is bad.

The quality of there products is good and you won’t feel that you’re buying a lower priced air conditioner. However, a premium feel is missing which we get on higher priced ranged air conditioner only.

The major difference in cost also impacts compressor life as well. As per your usage, sometimes compressor can demand to service early for these and you may end up paying for the refilling of it once in a year or two.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks
Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

One appreciable work which Voltas did recently is to improve looks for there split ACs. It’s a fact now that split air conditioners get more sales, that’s why most companies are targeting more into improving their range of split AC’s. Samsung recently stopped manufacturing window ACs just because of this reason that Split AC’s are more in demand today and as well in future. Most of the consumer is more inclined to have good looking products in their house and care for power consumption as well. These are the 2 most major points which every company is keeping in mind these days and that’s why everyone is coming up with best looks they could offer in there AC’s. That’s why Voltas introduced a new series of AC’s in there Vertis series which are good looking as well.

Other series models looks were also improved with some modifications but Vertis series is what caught first looks in it. And for looks, you can judge a product in an actual showroom only since everyone has its preference with looks.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

When it comes to power consumption, as I said above, they have improved the compressor quality and power efficiency as well with time. However, we still cannot compare it with O’General, Carrier or Hitachi since their values differ when compared with Voltas. But when we compared their values with LG, the values of power consumption was almost the same with similar-rated rated cooling capacity and product specifications.

So, it can be said, you can buy between LG, Samsung or Voltas where you get a competitive price for the same. However talking of Vertis series of Voltas which is having a high torque compressor, it usually consumes less power because they start with increasing torque and low voltage frequency, however, if you run the air conditioner in turbo mode always, do not expect it to perform as a power efficient product for you.

However, it is worth mentioning that Voltas was awarded “Empower Awards for Energy Efficiency” for manufacturing most energy efficient air conditioners, which is awarded by Urjavaran Foundation, a voluntary non-profit NGO. Their panel of jurists consisted of eminent personalities from the field of Energy and Environment.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

FilterAnti Dust
IDU CoilHydrophilic Aluminium
Copper TubesInner Grooved
IDUChampagne Color Panel
Auto Restart
RemoteSleep Mode
Turbo Mode-Quick Cooling
Blow For Anti Fungi & Mold Forming
Glow Light Buttons
Dual Function Temp Display
Air VentCross Flow Vane For Less Noise

Above given features are subject to change as per model range and price.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price and Models

Model No.

Tonnage Capacity

BEE Star Rating

MRP (in Rs.)

Silver 2S




Silver 2S












































































































































Above given list is an exclusive Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price list.

Voltas Split Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

Voltas has got many rewards which shows that it is one of the most trusted brands among consumers. But in actual their after sales service is average or OK.

In today’s time, a company needs to remain connected to consumers in as many ways as they can and Voltas looks like they don’t simply care for that. We heard good things about after sales service by this company by less percentage of consumers and found more un-satisfied one.

However, they were satisfied by the product but not by the service. Even when I contacted Voltas for some query, I didn’t get any answer from them as well.

I contacted them from there Facebook fan page and using company official website contact form as well, and there was no response. This shows how much they are concerned about there consumers and I didn’t found them active as well on their Facebook fan page.

So, Voltas really needs to push up things further as they have got some big competitor with them like LG or Samsung who are better in providing after-sales service.

Final Verdict

If you got to know that Voltas has got some good reputation in your area and people are satisfied using it and you’re seriously looking for a budget air-conditioner, you can choose this product. However, do check prices at many local places you find and compare prices with LG or Samsung as well and take a wise decision.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. I purchased VOLTAS 1.5 ton split ac from SAHIL ELECTRONICS, Sarojini Nagar on
    the 2nd of June, 2012. Earlier also I had read bad reviews of voltas AC and its
    Customer Care, But due to pursuation of my father and the dealer,I decided to
    buy it to my bad luck. Now I have having first hand experience of the one of
    worst possible split ACs in indian market The Compressor of voltas AC is
    pathetic. Inspite of the AC put on “Continuous cool mode” the compressor shuts
    down frequently. As a result, The room is not cooling. I compained to Customer
    care a number of times. Every time I call, they renew the complain and say that
    “Technician will visit in 24 hrs”. But even after 5-6 days, there is no
    response from their side. Its really frustrating that even after spending 36000/-
    on their product, they have such pathetic service to offer. One thing is for
    sure, I am never buying voltas again in my life. and also that never let any
    dealer pusuade you to buy any product.

    1. Dear how much KWA stabilizer you’re using with your AC?? Also do you get any voltage fluctuations at your place often?

    2. Have you tried using the Turbo mode. Normally the shutting off of compressor is for saving electricity and this happens as soon as the temperature inside the room reaches the set temperature in AC. Do try the try turbo mode, in this mode the compressor will always be ON.

    3. The worst after sale service

      I bought 2ton split ac on 13 jun18 after 3 days it stops working. I complained to customer care on 16 june and every alternative day but nobody came to me till date i.e. 26-6-18.
      Anybody can imagine what is the frustration level

  2. I too have a bad experience buying a Voltas Split AC 1.5 Ton, which i bought for my son, who is usually in Hostel & comes Home only for two to three Months in a year. I bought it from their Faridabad Dealer Mayur Electronix. The First problem i faced is that they (Voltas Dealer) forget you after you buy the Product (before buying they will keep on following you / pursuade you). No after sales & service back up is there. The second major problem i faced was on complaining for low cooling, their engineer told that Gas has to be refilled as it got leaked & that also within 13 Months of buying. where no mishandling was done from my side as it is less used. I prefer not to buy this Product in Future & would advise all my friends to be careful as well.

    1. Volta’s A/C is not good and service is also bad Volta’s inverter not good it’s waist of money

  3. On the recommendation of the shopkeeper I bought Voltas Vertis AC last year that too spending a lot more extra than the similar ACs in this category.
    I had bought 1-ton AC, and the same price LG and Samsung offers 1.5 ton AC.

    – Price
    – Never go on the star rating – this might not give the desired performance
    – The body is made of poor quality plastic. The hinges of the filter window break after removing it 3-4 times, and in result you get is vibrating window which is noisy.
    – Worst of all – the gas leakage problem. Within a year the gas leaked – few days after it was serviced by the Voltas service center. I have been using LG and samsung ACs since a long time. Infact one of the LG AC was bought in year 2000 and still I have never felt any cooling problem or gas leakage. But the quality of Voltas AC seems to be so poor the problem arose within a short time.
    – To add to it, they themselves believe that thsi problem can occur, hence they ask the customers to have the AC coils to be copper coated to prevent any damage.
    – At the time of its 1st service, they asked me to get them copper coated for Rs. 300 which I did, and here is the result. Within a month, the gas leaked and they are charging Rs. 2150 for refilling!
    FYI – The AC’s price is Rs. 17500/-

    To conclude, I would warn all prospective buyers not to buy Voltas AC. Go for LG, or O-General instead which have better cooling and less maintenance.


    1. Voltas waste product

      Me to oooo.. after spending 42k… Just after 1 year 3 months compressor fan is not rotating… Never buy Volta’s again… Right from day 1 we have seen issues with Volta’s ac… Better to VOLTAS to quit market …

  4. any one who hv godrej ac if have can u tell me ki i take godrej ac or switch on other brand.


  5. Never go with Voltas

    Dear Friend if u want to suffer from lot of Problems this summer than go to purchase Voltas products those pepole have the worst servicing centre in the world and worst working peoples

    1. Never buy a Voltas A/C with Aluminium Condensor

      With my experience I am leaving this review as I believe it can help somebody before getting cheated .

      I have bought a Voltas A/C 2 years back from a leading Home appliances shop at Cochin. I asked the executive whether the Condensor used inside is made of Copper or Aluminium. He suggested me to take a Voltas 5 Star A/C which was very expensive but he guaranteed that the Condensor is made of Copper. So I bought Voltas Vertis Elegant at a higher price.

      Exactly after 2 years the condensor got a gas leak and I raised a complaint in Voltas Customer Care. The Service Technician came and examined and said the Condensor is made of Aluminium. I have enquired Voltas about this and they said a 5 Star A/C will never come with a Copper Condensor due to energy saving reasons. Aluminium Coils consume less power is a fact but another fact is that it can go leak anytime. Aluminium Condensor is not long lasting . The cost of replacing a Condensor including gas filling and labor is approximate Rs.6000/- Transportation charges extra. In short if you are planning to buy a Voltas 5 Star A/C with an Aluminium Condensor , keep reserved Rs.6000 for maintenance in every 2 years. When I have visited Voltas service centre, I have seen lot of Condensor units lying there for replacement and I undersstand that this is a genuine issue of most A/C manufactures especially voltas as they have compromised the quality of their split A/C units in name of energy saving and spoiled their good name in the market.

      Fortunately in my case, Voltas has given free replacement of the Condensor due to my seroius approach, and I have to pay only the gas filling ,labor & transportaion charges. But I have suffered almost 10 days without A/C especially in this hot season till this issue gets resolved.

      1. Hey can u help me whom should i contact in case of condenser breakdown of voltas ac as my AC is having this problem..the service is really pathetic..would not have bought it had i known earlier

  6. I want to purchase split ac for 108 sq. feet bedroom. Pls. recomend capacity & Brand.

    I want to purchase split ac for 108 sq. feet bedroom. Pls. recomend capacity & Brand.

    1. Don't buy Voltas Ac

      Don’t buy Voltas Ac, worst product and customer service, gas leakage problem is very frequent. Gas refilling charge is Rs. 2200/- each time.

  7. Poor service by Voltas

    We (NRCP, Solapur) have booked complaint for 3 ACs reinstallation vide No. 13MY0307613; 13MY0307714 and 13MY0307731 on 4.5.2013 which were attended and submitted Estimate No.UPBG/Casual/786 dt.13.5.13 for Rs.31,705/-. Approval of the estimate was issued on 16.5.13. On reinstallation, mechanic found one of the three ACs compressor has burnt out and suggested to replace with new one for which we have received Estimate No.UPBG/CASUAL/790 dt. 24.5.13 and for which the approval was given on 1.6.13. Till date we have not received the Compressor and rectified the same. When we contact the person concerned (Pune: Mr. Ramana Reddy) he says something or the other. However, he informed that the compressor has been received by him and handed over to Mr. Anil of Pune. But still it has not reached Solapur. Please look into the matter and do the needful/help.

    K.S.Sharma, AAO, NRCP, Solapur (Mobile: 09096776606)

  8. Voltas or LG

    Hi Ankit,

    First of all thanks for all review. I’ve gone through with your voltas, lg, hitachi reviews and found that LG is more better brand to go with.
    But I wanted to know that if I am getting a good offer from voltas (20% off for TATA employees, directly with co. (No dealer involved)) then should I consider Voltas ac (if it could stand somewhere in from of LG) or not?

    I am leaving at Gurgaon and looking AC for my 2bhk accommodation at second floor for one 12 X 12 room. I guess 1.5 ton AC would be required for it. I need to buy another ac for another room as well but may be not this summer.

    I need to use it in summers only and mainly use in night during weekdays but almost whole day during weekends.

    And if you could suggest model as well with BEE start rating that I should consider.

    Thanks in advance

  9. Worst company ever

    voltas is a very very dirty company.very bad service they have. i have purchased a 1.5 tonn split AC and it has a manufacturing deffect. i have purchased it before 2months and since that day its noy working. service providers are very bad. they dont know how to talk to a customer. i have wasted my 35000Rs. in such a worst company. sirvice managers talk nonsence words.
    from 1st day this ac is not working. and i have wasted my money on such a bad company i.e. VOLTAS. Company is not replacing the motor of fan worth Rs200-300 for 2 months. such a bad company is this.
    i request you all, never purchase voltas company products. they just sell there products and they dont know how to provide service. if a single person of this company do workout in these feedback. then plzz contact me and help me. deepu.ag.07@gmail.com.

  10. nuisance nd rediculus company

    It is warning 4 evry customer that don’t buy ac of this company. I hav bought ac of this company and I m surfing frm vry trouble nd its only some mnth old. I hav complained many tym to the customer care bt always hav a negative impact. pls before buying ac of this company be ready for troublesome conditiond which will happen aftr buying this. I hav complained about 6 tyms bt I always get negative response frm the customer care. they always giv me the complaint no. bt nevr help us. my complaint no. is 14052805294. any1 can check it.
    VOLTAS is useless company. never buy ac of this company. I m really fed up frm this.

  11. Average product but service sucks...

    Average product. Not very quiet and no robust build. I bought my first Voltas from Hyd and was so imprressed that i cvhanged all LGs with Voltas in Delhi. All of them are average or below average. Noisy, sometimes too noisy, two of them had problem on first day itself.

    The quality of service is dismal.. I would never buy Voltas

  12. worst AC-voltas

    voltas has worst ac… guys don’t buy..ac will stop working in 6-7 months..becos of manufacturing defect .u can see above pic..i have taken this pic while enginner was telling about manufacturing defect in tha ac..they will fix the issue and again in 6 months u would get the same problem..and this time no warranty.lolz..they will charge for the same ..here starts their business…guys believe me life of ac is 6-7 months..only..have more pics and audio..to drag them in court..will do now

  13. After sale service

    After sale service ek dum bakwas mera 2 ton voltas vertis ko 6 may ko service center gya to 1.5 month ke bad bhi nahi mila roj aaj kal krte h voltas kabi mat lena

  14. pathetic service by tata voltas

    whenever you buy something it is not sufficient that the product runs and looks good . over the years and surrounded by so many gadgets equipment and vehicles you realise that one single most important factor is the post purchase services provided or else you would probably spend all your valuable time filing complaints and following them. Tata Voltas service is PATHETIC . Not only do the executives show up after 72 hrs of filing the complaint despite the assurances given by the customer care they do not even bother to acknowledge it. this year one of my window ac cooling stopped and the executive contacted me on the third day. after a few days only another of my split ac started dripping water and i again filed a complaint and was duly given the no and sent a message but not only did nobody contact me for 2 days , i got a message after two days that my complaint has been cancelled and cannot be looked into and to refile a complaint contact customer care, which i did. They gave me no reason and had no clue as to why this happened and again file a complaint … so , lets see. but going by their record, i am not very hopeful about their promptness. Do we as professionals have time to do that ? Do we not deserve a hassle free maintainenece when we have been charged for the product and are ready to pay for the maintainence. It is as if the company is least bothered and concerned about customer satisfaction.

  15. Thank you guys for your reviews

    I was planning to buy Voltas hot and cold ac by looking its specification as compare to its segment competitor, but after seeing this type of reputation earn by the Voltas, I have changed my mind and planning to switch to Panasonic ivory hot and cold 1.0 ton as i believe being a Japanese company, it will be better to go for Panasonic please suggest me if any another brand is recommended. My budget is around Rs30000 for hot and cold 1.0 ton ac???

    Thank with Warm Regards,
    Arvind Kr. Pal



  16. worst service of voltas

    i have experienced the worst service of voltas, i recommend not to buy voltas product ever

  17. LG Split AC has Aluminium Condenser and Aluminium Evaporator

    I went to LG brand store today and enquired about 1.5 T Split AC [5 star]. I was told that LG has also started using Aluminium Condenser coils in ODU and Aluminium coils in Evaporator [IDU]. The salesman could not confirm if the installation kit of LG contains Aluminium pipes or copper pipes for connecting the ODU and IDU. My request to Mr Ankit is to kindly confirm if his recommednations for LG split ACs [ in comparision to Voltas] are valid for these models of LG too .

    Surprisingly, I was informed that LG has a four star model with copper condenser which the brand stores do not sell though LG sites shows this model to be still available. Any comments for this…

    Thanks in advance.

  18. for dealership voltas

    dear sir ,i wouldlike joining voltas dealership .so pls explain syatem for following rules and terms condition pls

  19. Very Nice

    First of all, i am not sure why people are facing problems with Voltas AC. I have been using 2 Voltas Split ACs model – Y series classic 185cy 1.5 ton with 5star rating and believe i have never faced any issues till date. The AC is almost 3 years old and till date it has been performing as expected with very good cooling efficiency. The indoor is very silent, however the outdoor unit is bit noisy but not very noisy, its just the fan sound similar to ceiling fan sound in bedroom.

    Cooling wise, the AC has been delivering its best without any issues.
    About the Voltas service, i didn’t face any issue. They visit regularly for routine service and checkup.

    I am really happy with Voltas.

    1. Dear Ankit,

      I came across this web, because i was searching for the owner’s manual and i was unable to find the same, so i started to visit each website displayed.

      And i somewhat disagree to your comment on my comment being biased, the just wrote what I felt about the AC what i have being using, that’s all. Everybody have their own views and comments on product they use. The best example would be Android vs iOS :P

      I have also noted that many people write reviews when they start facing problems or issues with the product but otherwise they hardly write their views.


    I am planning to buy 1.5 ton window ac for my room. Please suggest some good models and which brand to go in for within a budget of 32k

  21. heat-pump system air-conditioning split-ac in india

    I did some online-research and found that only LG & Voltas are the two companies which sell hot&cold ac in India.

    is it true ….???

    1. Thank you - any-kind of comments/help will be appreciated

      Thank you for the info;
      As of now iam confused between Voltas , LG & Bluestar… (HOT & COLD)….
      Voltas has the lowest price , Bluestar is the costliest , LG is some-what in-between and even has a PHYSICAL service-center location in my city….

      will certainly post-here after deciding , meanwhile any-kind of comments/help will be appreciated.

  22. we bought a 2 ton split ac on 17.06.2014 and within 10 month it is it is not working , i have contacted with customer care and registered a complaint on 21.04.2015 vide reference no.
    150421006996 and after 24 hours of lodging complaint , a guy came and saw the product and told us that he will come tomorrow to rectify deficiencies of the AC but till time he didnot yet come.
    we have contacted so many times to customer care and local voltac ac stores / service center but no body is listening.

    Poor & pathetic after sales service and worst product we have ever seen.

    Please dont buy Voltas AC

    Thanks and Regards

    Team Tourism

  23. Worst After Sales Service

    If you want to shell out a couple of thousands and have a better option to buy, please go ahead because you will regret your decision when it comes to after sales service

  24. after sales ervice issues

    Tata voltas, we bought the ac because of the name and brand of tata. But, little did we know about the after sales service. My ac’s remote and PCB has been damaged, so i called the voltas customer care and requested for a visit of their technician. I had called them and registered a complaint on 30th April 2015, they said that their technician will visit us in 24 hrs, but no one showed up. I started calling them everyday, but in response I would only get a fake reply that the technician will definitely visit today. After some time they got fed up with me and finally they gave me the direct number of the service provider in pune. So i started calling them and finally the technician came on 7th may 2015. He took the PCB and the remote which i had already removed and kept ready and he demanded 450rs for just paying us a visit. Now it is 12th may 2015, still my components have not been repaired and they dont have any regrets and shamessly suggested to get it repaired from somewhere else.
    So i would suggest please dont get fooled by the name of tata or their sales service and go for other brands such as LG, Samsung or Daikin

  25. worst voltas

    The Services of Voltas is worst. .I am regretiing after buying this AC. Please be careful w

  26. type of coils

    Guys suggest me about voltas 1.5 tonnes split ac 183 cy model no. 4501768 . It has copper coils or aluminum coils.

  27. Voltas Split AC from Viveks - worst experience

    I purchased Tata Voltas AC from Viveks on 12/May/2012, Chennai, Adyar. Bill No :11621202468 for RS 32300. I was about to purchase 3 star AC, but the Viveks sales guys encouraged to take 5 star A/C instead for better power savings so paid extra 5000 rupees. Later i learnt that 5 star comes with aluminium coil and it does not last long more than 2-3 years. There was a gas leakage problem within a year of purchase, the service engineer (N Manikandan) just filled the gas (02/4/2013) but did not fix the problem. I had an AMC contract from Viveks between 2013 May to 2014 May and again there was a gas leakage problem and again the service engineer just filled the gas and failed to fix the problem. Now i am not in AMC, but the gas leakage problem has reoccured again and A/C is not functioning properly. When i called them, they said they need to change the aluminium coil and it may take around 4000. The actual problem occured during the warrent period as well as during AMC which they failed to fix but now they are charging for fixing the problem.

  28. confusion between samsung ac and voltas ac

    I’m planning to buy a 2ton ac but confused which one to buy between samsung and voltas…
    Plz suggest…

  29. Don't Buy Voltas AC

    Ex trimly worst service. If you will call for service, voltas will send some local guys. They come and start lying like gas is not available in your AC you have to refill, same copper wire will not be used even if it is in good condition in case of re installation. Very irresponsible and misguide customers to make money. If you call their customer service to complain about all this stuff they will simply deny by saying to go with technicians.

  30. Do not buy

    Do not buy and beware of Installation thiefs. I bought an AC 186 CY after 2 days the installation service engineer came. One named Parvesh, other Immamuddin from Ginni Aircon. They told me Voltas have send them for installation. These Engineers installed the AC only 2 mtr External Pipe got used, and these thiefs took away the Extra Pipe (coil) pair with them.
    Such acts of theft on job from Authorised Engineer is intolerable. Even after repeated calls and warning they did not returned the Pipe (pair – 1.5mtr).
    These people did not even apologise, even my complaint on Voltas website went unheared.

  31. World's most PATHETIC AC and Company

    I bought this AC from Croma centre. AC is very very noisy that you can watch TV or two people cant talk easily when your AC is on. I filed complaints three times. they sent their so Called Sr Eng. they all are Morons. they are not able to solve any of your problems. they gave us very stupid reasons and they said “YE TO ITNA HI AWAAJ KAREGA” Morons!

    I am requesting them to replace the product but every time they say that VOLTAS Ac does not have any technical problem so you have to live with it.


  32. Worst AC EVER!!!

    Dear All,

    NEVER NEVER GO for TATA VOLTAS. This is the worst AC till time.

    It has been only 10 months since I purchased and had to get it repaired twice.
    Once, it had problem with Gas leakage and the other time, it had problem with Blockage

    After Sale Service is PATHETIC !

    They take 24 WORKING HOURS which means your issue can take up to 3 working days to be addressed. Kindly don’t buy VOLTAS and regret your decision later.

  33. Do not buy Voltas AC - with Reasons

    1. Voltas AC is Indian Brand sold under the name of TATA – True but they import all parts from China.. you will start to see the results in second season i.e. right after 12 months

    2. Voltas uses aluminium coil in main unit which will cost 3000 – 6000 depending on your model.

    3. Voltas offer after sale service – for gas refill they give 3 months warranty – ok – but they charge Rs. 400 for visit if your gas is leaked within 3 months… well how can they refill gas without a visit? .. hidden charges – so basically you as a customer paying salary to their employees indirectly NOT THEM

    4. All Voltas ACs whether window or split – Keep your pocket filled with money every season for no reason.

    5. Voltas AC offer star ratings in every product – well these star rating works in first year after that when you have 0 star and you will get huge electricity bill since they use Chinese parts some part get rusty and need more electricity to heat u and operate

    6. Voltas engineers always blame it on Voltas where you cant reach easily – well if an engineer damage your part accidently – they ask you for visiting charge + they tell you that your part is damaged which will cost you in some thousands.. you have no idea if it really was damaged or it was the engineer – they will tell you cost and say if you have any complaint please tell voltas – so basically voltas is the guy who visited and voltas is the guy you have to complaint indirectly you are hitting your head on a wall and end up wasting time and money

    7. if you are already a customer – take all evidences and go to consumer court – only option to get your problem fixed.. Voltas itself cant do it since company already facing loss and losing customer because customers are now aware of the truth of this so called Indian Company.

    Hope you do very well research before investing your hard earned money on this waste money eating company.

    Go for other brands instead – General, Nepolean etc

  34. Warranty of voltas AC compressor

    Hi All,

    Can any one please tell me how durable is AC compressor , my voltas split AC having trouble and the service company kannankandy at Calicut telling me need to change the compressor . I hardly used the AC as I reside abroad . I bought them in December 2012. If I am not mistake the compressor should have the warranty of 5 years .

  35. Pathetic Installation Service / Do not Buy Voltas

    Recently i bought Voltas AC 183 Lyi 1.5 T- installation guys did not done proper job and hang the AC in such a way that water drain was leaking in full flow right below the Indoor AC unit. Because of their silly mistake – all our bed and comforter below went wet. Also this installation guys went keeping the place dirty and all rubbish they spread for their work. pathetic – even more – two young chaps came for AC installation does not came with their tools and spanners even. they were asking us to provide..
    Story does not end here – because of wrong installation original water pipe got 4 holes and need to replace, which they didn’t wont to provide even.. some how after raising voice they brought very lo quality pipe and even though – after 4 days – they could not solve problem -seems like technical problem with this IDU. i am chasing up with their seniors but they are also giving dates when they will arrange senior technician..:( .. really pathetic service and product.. better i would have bought any other AC brand..

    1. Dear Rakesh Panchal

      We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number at voltasallweather@gmail.com and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

      Online Team

    2. Dear Rakesh Panchal,

      Further information about your concerns highlighted earlier is awaited from you; please let us know if we can do any further assistance.

      Voltas Customer Care

  36. Do NOT buy Voltas AC

    Voltas split AC with 5 Star rating fails repeatedly. Their service representative in Delhi gives outlandish reasons for failure and wants to be paid each time for visits and repair. Unfortunately, he gets support from the first line supervisors in Voltas. Overall it is best NOT to buy Voltas.

    1. Dear Rajan Kapoor

      We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number at voltasallweather@gmail.com and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

      Online Team


        One more summer has started, and as usual, the Voltas AC I own is not cooling. Repeated requests to your local office to check the indoor unit for leak fell on deaf ears. No doubt the gas has leaked again. In the 4 years of owning Voltas, I have spent more on maintenance than the cost of the machine.

    2. Dear Rajan Kapoor,

      Further information about your concerns highlighted earlier is awaited from you; please let us know if we can do any further assistance.

      Voltas Customer Care

  37. Fan motor problem

    Dear Voltas Service,

    I was complaint on 21-Aug-2015 (Friday) for cooling problem and automatic off. Technician was come to our office on 22-Aug-2015 (Saturday) .He had found complaint of fan motors problem. He said i will try to change on 23-Aug-2015. But my complaint is not getting resolve now after the sending huge request. You were also harassed me on 18-June-2015 for my display problem It was also solve in 10 to 15 days. Now you are try to doing this same. I am not getting understand why are you more delay. Today I have received a call on service center for this mob no. 7840022971. I don’t know his name he said we will take to solve your complaint 3-4 days we have order your part today while i have filed complaint on 21-Aug-2015 and problem found on 22-Aug-2015 after that I am talking about our complaint in Consumer court. He said you can filed it. I have no problem. They are telling me you provide your old motors and I will provide you 2 -3 days.

    If you want to approach me for Consumer court. I can go and also i have time to spent in consumer court and will aproach to change our new ac and compensate of harassment.

    I assured to you in the future I will not bought any type of Voltas ac and any kind of Products. If You don’t solve our problem tomorrow.

    1. Fan motor problem

      Dear Harsh Saini

      Thanks for voicing your concern. Please be assured that we are working on your problem and we will get in touch with you at the earliest. For any further clarifications, please write to us at voltasallweather@gmail.com.

      Voltas Online Team

    2. Fan motor problem

      Dear Harsh Saini,

      Further information about your concerns highlighted earlier is awaited from you; please let us know if we can do any further assistance.

      Voltas Customer Care

  38. Worst voltas product and service

    Very worst brand in service is voltas even if u drop a mail to higher authority in voltas won’t response for your mail or call. If a ac got failed it will 20 days or more to attend that issue. Even if it. Is free service they will charge for fixing and labour travelling charges and food and allowance for then service person these all will be charged as hidden bill. Quality of product will be only 6 months goods and then keep on giving trouble.. Best don’t suggest this product

    1. Dear Rajasekaran

      We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number and mobile no. at voltasallweather@gmail.com and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

      Voltas Online Team

    2. Worst voltas product and service

      Dear Rajasekaran,

      We’re still awaiting the requisite details to help with your concern. In case your concern is still not resolved, please share your complaint number or registered mobile number so that we can assist with your concern.

      Voltas Online Team

      We’re still awaiting the requisite details to help with your concern. In case your concern is still not resolved, please share your complaint number or registered mobile number so that we can assist with your concern.

      Voltas Online Team

  39. Vertis Elite S split Air conditioner-1ton

    When I switch on the AC with the remote unit, I am getting “F8” in the display and the AC is not switching on. There is no mention about this symbol in the manual. Can anybody solve this problem?

    1. Vertis Elite S split Air conditioner-1ton

      Dear R. Chandramouli,

      We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number and mobile no. at voltasallweather@gmail.com and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

      Voltas Online Team


    My split AC Vertis Gold bought in mid 2008, had started problems from 2010 onwards tho mostly minor, which i cud manage with AMC. Each time the service technician visits he wud be all praises for the unit, saying its a super unit and nowdays Voltas stopped producing this type. It had two boards, one indoor and another, outdoor. Now due to some short circuit both boards required tobe replaced, But to my dismay the necessary boards are out of stock and we have to buy a new AC only. And again they said its such a wonderful unit full of copper components, nowadays u wont get such an Airconditioner. WHATs the use if they do not produce spare..replacement boards for such wonderful praiseworthy VERTIS GOLD SPLIT SC 1.5 TON ANYMORE.

  41. Please don’t buy voltas ac full of crap. We bought voltas window ac 1.5 ton. After one year Air duct plate asy fully rusted damaged the fan blades…We gave for service(authorised service center)they told us to change the compressor cos gas leaking Can’t be repair.since we have a warranty for compressor we told them to change…But more then one month we are waiting for compressor approval…Still we are waiting…One good thing this month EB Bill is 1500 Only.If we use AC 6000 and above…

  42. Voltas Split AC Blower not rotating. Previously, when rotating in manual, it is working. Now your mechanic in Tiruchirappalli “Classic Refrigerator” Tamilnadu attended. Now it is not working and they are not responding our calls after 20 days. Where should I conduct for this problem? Pl help me.

  43. Best AC product to buy for a room size 10X10

    Hi Ankit, I am planning to buy a 1 ton AC for room sized to 10X10, so I request you to suggest a best air conditioner, which should give good cooling and less electricity charges.

    I have Voltas, LG, Carrier and Daiken in my list, but you please give your comments, mentioning the brand to purchase and any model code to go with.

    Many Thanks for your comments




  45. wrost buying,before purchasing voltas ac be sure and satisfy from yourside what they are showing and what they are giving.

    worst product i ever seen from the manufactured by TATA voltas a.c vertis elegant, with in a couple of year after buying it i have to go 3 to 4 time repairing it.
    issue lots of problem gas leaking, compressor drainage out wid in a year always have to reffiling it even though we not use it continously.
    when going to buy it seller said just buy this its a TATA product with a such a wonderfull unit full of copper components, now a day u wont get such A.C.
    we get convenace becoz the brand name of TATA.
    we buy it, but when its giving us problm like not chilling always sounds of fan coming out we go for a service they told me gas is leaking and many more things.After looking the compressor cabnet i got socked there is not any copper coiling only aluminium craps are there with not coatting for resist from environment.
    fabire quality is not up to the mark.
    Just we feel that we became fool on the name of Brand.jst lossing the faith from TaTa products.
    when go to buy any product like this dnt get convenace with the seller on the name of big brand just go through hardware, components and specification details as much as u can and alao compare it from the other brand from your side.

  46. I was totally upset my spilt ac repair @ 2april till te problem not sortout last 8 days im strugglig with this people no reply no response no action service is pathetic unbelievable useless...

    Worst mechine Worst service providers Worst day in my life for purchasing this Voltas split AC in warranty last 8 days no responce from Voltas ‘vserve@voltas.com’ no action no reply mail.
    customer service not updated our requests. in chennai 100 degree hot selcies still my problem not short out..


    Don’t buy Voltas AC if you are in Lucknow. They will provide your worst services. I have bought two voltage AC in 2015. With in week my first AC stop to work. I called to customer care they came and took some AC part, after that I called more then 30 time but they have only one reply that parts are not available( just think it’s only 5 days old AC with such problem). They came after 32 days. After 4 months again my AC stop to work. again same process they took 26 days ( both services I spend INR 3000). In September my second voltage AC faced same problem they took 62 days. I suffered lot means lot. I brought two AC one is 1.5 ton & second was 2 ton. I sold my ac with in 9 months. WORST PRODUCT, WORST SERVICES. DON;T BUY

  48. How About Voltas Inverter AC

    Hi Ankir Sir, just read this review and stopped my self from buying VOLTAS but is your opinion still same about newer VOLTAS Inverter ACs? like the one here?

    Iris 3 Star (Y Series)

    BTW I haven’t yet purchased AC as I want to refrain purchasing online and waiting have some one buy from local stores in my area.

  49. Rating Of This AC

    Hi Sir, Thanks for the response again, well yeah after reading so many comments am also not going for Voltas but my question was about how do you rate this particular AC Iris 3 Star? most importantly 46DBA how loudly could that be?

  50. Pathetic service

    I have taken a AC of voltas . Some of my relatives told me that voltas is a good company that is why I have purchase voltas AC. But the customer service of voltas is pathetic… On the daily basis I m calling in your customer care ..they told me that executive will visit at your place but no one has visit till now …. Complaint of my Ac Request No 16040902307

  51. NEVER EVER BUY A VOLTAS AC!!! Worst service



    I have purchase voltas AC. But the customer service of voltas is pathetic… On the daily basis I m calling in your customer care ..they told me that executive will visit at your place but no one has visit till now …. Complaint of my Ac Request 1604040739 .solve this problem

  53. Which AC is better in terms of Elecricity Consumption

    Hello, I want to purchase 1.5 Ton Split AC, 3 Star rating,auto cut,consumes low Electricity, humidity Controller, better efficiency,better cooling effect,durable , Comparatively Low Price, which one is better among Voltas, Hitachi, Daikin,O General and etc etc

  54. Bad services,

    Very poor service
    Pls never purchase voltas ac, no one come solve your problem. This is totally wastage your money.
    Third class se third class ac voltas ac.

  55. Don't ever make the mistake of buying a voltas product

    I agree 200% with the comments above. Voltas seems to be a below average product with the worst possible service.
    We bought a voltas vertis platina 6 years back. It was working just about okay all these years. This year the cooling was almost nil but I noticed a formation of ice crystals. Even after 3 services & getting fleeced (₹ 1300/-) the problem continues. To our absolute shock our electricity bill has sky rocketed to 4300/- as opposed to the normal 2000/-.
    This is how pathetic their product & service is & to top that they are extremely arrogant. Right from their call centre employees to their technicians. The manager of their service centre coolex aircon systems Mr Sunil, is one of the most unprofessional and ill mannered executive I have come across.

    I don’t think voltas has any intention to continue in the business. Needless to say, don’t ever make the mistake of purchasing anything from them. Rather we should all help them shutdown their business.

  56. voltas ??

    i want to buy an ac

    which will be best for me ?

    i booked voltas ac . please reply me i done the mistake ? if i done the mistake, i have such a time , i can cancel my booking .

    please reply fast

    1. Cancel without delay

      Dear Tejas, My advise to cancel your booking without delay. Buying a cooler is better than Votas AC

  57. Worst company ever

    voltas is a very very dirty company.very bad service they have. i have purchased a 1 ton inverter split AC and it has a manufacturing defect. i have purchased it before 1months and since that day its not working properly . service providers are very bad.i have wasted my 34000Rs. in such a worst company.

  58. Don't buy ACs from this fraudulent brand.

    I hope no one buys voltas ACs,cause once your AC breaks down, there’s no hope for it. Their service is the absolute worst I have come across. They haven’t sent any technician despite assuring me that they will as soon as possible ( it’s been 16 days ).

  59. parchesh new ac in best power seving

    I have 10×11 Room. Need recommendation of ac with best power saving. Suggest pls!


    PLEASE DONT BUY VOLTAS. firstly they delivered faulty product and then no service. From 1 month i have called a minimum of 30 times they say technicial will vist in 24 hours but they never turn up. Voltas will shut down if the service cintinues ti be pathetic

  61. worst service VOLTAS... Unbelievable that t comes under TATA Consern

    never buy voltas ac… In 6 months of use water will start leaking from front side and wen you wake up in the morning your room will be flooded with water. And if you register complain they will speak very rude and will say service person will come in 24 hrs but it s 3 weeks since I registered but no response…very disappointing… 2 months back I had similar complaint with my LG AC they came for service within 6 hrs and according to my free time… My advice is voltas AC is not good in terms of cooling and service is worst… If you want to buy AC go for daiken or LG

  62. Please reply ASAP!!

    Hi ankit..
    I am looking to buy A.C..Since I’m getting from one scheme..I have option between voltas,hitachi and godrej..All 5 star A.C…please suggest me for Which I should go..!!

  63. Hi Ankit,

    I’ve heard mixed reviews about Voltas & Daikin for after sales service. I have been to number of shops, reading forums for finding out which is best. I wasn’t considering LG until now, but today 1 shopkeeper recommended it. So now, please help me to decide. Which one out of 3 has a better product & importantly good after sales service.

    Hardik Sheth

  64. Dont buy A/C with Aluminium coil

    Voltas Split AC 1.5 Ton – Purchased it for around 36,000. Not happy with the product or the service provided. They come for free service and go for sake. The fan in the outdoor unit broke on the first week and took a week to get it replaced. The aluminium coils are not really good, it causes the leak in a year – but the service engineer will just suggest to refill the gas. I almost refill the gas for every 6 or 9 months, with a third party service person. Replacing with copper coils may cost upto 8000. Bad experience with Voltas a/c – need to have a good quality a/c for the brand name, not replacing the parts with aluminium parts and say 5 star. I am planning to throw out the a/c and go for an another brand, instead of getting parts replaced with copper.
    Learned Lesson – Dont buy A/C with Aluminium coil, you will loose out your money soon

  65. Voltas AC

    I just bought new split AC 1.5 ton one month ago.
    In compressor some spark happened and AC stopped working my complaint no. is 16060701884.
    No body came to attend.
    Feeling sad after purchasing such a worse company product.

  66. Bad Product and Services

    M HAVING A BAD EXPERIENCEAlthough a fan f TATA Voltas, I feel cheated for the last two years in d name of service of split AC by your irresponsible and inexperienced non sense staff. I will definately go to the consumer court and will also bring your market bad in Jammu. Will never buy and will never let others buy voltas products.


    I purchased 2 Ton Voltas office on 19.06.2016. From the day of installation it is not at all functioning. I made a no of verbal request to the dealer either to repair or to replace the AC but no any solution was provided to me. On 25.06.2016 I lodged online complaint regarding the problem. The Request ID was 16062508762 but to no avail. I once again made online complaint on the very same day . Request ID provided to me was 16062508800. Again my problem was not resolved. To my disappointment I received a fake message from the company that my problem was resolved. Alarmed by the fake response I again made online Complaint dated 28.06.16 with request ID 16062802803 but as usual my problem has not yet been resolved. I made a no of Email at the company but no any solution was provided to me.

  68. Voltas AC is Worst Product And Dirty Policy of Voltas

    Voltas AC is worst Product and very very poor service
    Voltas AC is very Bad product. When you call for the service technician will come and solve a problem and create a new problem the you will call again the he will charge further.
    This is the dirty policy of Voltas

  69. Never ever buy voltas Ac.

    Don’t ever buy voltas, Tata can only make trucks.
    They can’t provide after sales service. They are pathetic just like their ac.

  70. Never ever buy Voltas Ac they just want sale very bad Customer service they make people fool shity brand shity customer service shity Ac

  71. Bunch of crooks

    Unique enternational. Voltas service centre. They took 500 rupees for wet service and did nothing. Voltas please learn something from LG . They just through water on fan and clean coil with tiny brush . And voltas service centre people don’t know how to do service.

  72. Dont buy voltas AC

    voltas does not have a good service.
    dont buy their AC . LG is good for AC.

  73. don't purchase Voltas Ac plz , it is one of the worst service provider

    plz, don’t buy Voltas Ac it one the bad company I have seen and its service is one of the worst kind I have ever seen in my life. we have called them a lot to get our AC serviced, they even stipulated us a lot of times to come to our home for the same but never came.

  74. Never buy a Voltas AC / useless voltas AC and its service

    Worst service of voltas / useless Voltas AC’s / never buy a Voltas AC

    Just bought a Voltas AC not even 2 months passed cooling problem and no service at all despite calling so mant times .

  75. one of worst possible split ACs in indian market

    I purchased VOLTAS 1.5 ton split ac from police canteen, Coimbatore one month before, bill no 74607/16-17, C.NO 13298, DATE 22.03.2017, Earlier also I had read bad reviews of voltas AC and its Customer Care, But due to pursuation of my colleque suggestion I decided to buy it to my bad luck. Now I have having first hand experience of the one of worst possible split ACs in indian market ,Inspite of the AC put on “Continuous cool mode” the compressor shuts down frequently. As a result, The room is not cooling. I compained to Customer care a number of times. Every time I call, they renew the complain and say that “Technician will visit in 3 working days ”. But even after 4weeks there is no response from their side. Its really frustrating that even after spending 36000/- on their product, they have such pathetic service to offer. One thing is for sure, I am never buying voltas again in my life. and also that never let any dealer pusuade you to buy any product. my no 9176751172

  76. type of Condenser and Evaporator

    We are going to purshase Votas vertis Premeum 1.5 split Ac.
    Our required specification for
    A. condenser Fin Type is Anti Corrosive Blue Fin condenser
    B .Evaporator Fin Type is Hydrophilic Blue Fin Evporator
    So pl confirm me that Votas vertis Premeum 1.5 split Ac is as per our Speciofication


    Voltas AC is definitely a junk. Service is ridiculous. You have to call them for months. A BYE/TATA for TATA product. Complete no no. Since day one the AC is not working properly. It is a total faulty product.

  78. Irresponsible customer service

    I have recently purchased voltas 1 ton split Ac and I have a problem with it
    Its tooo noisy and vibrating and the inner fan blades are damaged
    I registered a complaint with the customer care service before 8 days and they havent rectified it yet this is really bad from the customer care service and it’s just being there fr name sake if U can’t able to do service y they are running this kind of services
    I found the error on Ac on the 2nd day of installation
    Even though it has warranty they are nt responding properly fr servicing it.

  79. If any body is thinking of buying split AC, pl avoid VOLTAS. I have no words to say about their after sale service.They can’t provide after sales service

  80. Very Poor after sales service

    Voltas after sales service very poor. service staff don’t bother even. I bought two invertor ACs.
    They are not working well from the day one.Even after repeated complaints at call centre. Nobody turn up. I don’t suggest to buy VOLTAS PRODUCTS.

  81. Bad product and bad service

    Never buy Volta’s product it’s very very bad product and service is very very bad also



    1. Very bad service

      voltas is a very dirty company, very bad service they have. i have purchased a 1.5 tonn split AC and it has a outdoor manufacturing deffect. i have purchased it before 3days and since that day its noy working. service providers are very bad. they dont know how to talk to a customer. i have wasted my 32000Rs. in such a worst company. sirvice managers talk nonsence words. Turning the service back when we are calling the calls do not have the calls. Being disturbed for 3 days but this company is joking that ours are being hidden games,. Bakwas service voltage air-conditioned don’t buy voltage better then Lloyd.

  83. Poor service by voltas


    I want to bring an immediate notice to everyone that, how the customers are getting harassed by the dealer and Service Staff.

    I have brought the Voltas AC 1.5Ton on 30th of July 2017 from Ranjeet Electrical & Electronics Uttam Nagar, which got installed on 1st Aug 2017.
    Since the beginning when it was installed we were feeling that the temperature is not getting as cool as the space or the covered area is, however the person who has installed has given an assurance as it is a first day and by the time it will become more cooler.
    With the assurance we have passed a week time and finally raised a complaint on 8th Aug 2017 regarding the cooling issue.
    Request Number-17080808222

    After two days on 10th of Aug 2017 , Engineer Mohd Azharuddin has came and confirmed that there is an issue with the motor , which is not working properly.
    So he will be coming next day with the New Motor , as the old one need to be replaced.

    Neither the engineer came nor the motor got replaced.
    After taking so many follow-ups with the service team, we got to know that the Engineer Mohd Azharuddin who came ,was went for a long leave of 15days.
    On 17th Aug 2017, New Engineer Mr. Sunil has alligned. After inspection he has confirmed that the motor is not working properly apart it has other issues too.
    Also the process of Motor replacement will take 4 more days, first he will take the Old Motor and then he will putted the New One after days of time. (Don’t know whether it will get repaired or changed with some other motor)
    We were disagree to this process as we have already spent a long time and sent the engineer back.
    Then after few hours we start receiving calls from Janvi / Umar from service team, they forces us like hell to replace the motor. Even they said they have a new motor with them and they will replace it by the same day. (Not sure actually it was a new one or someone’s repaired , also what about the other faults, how could we neglect that)

    Aside to this , we have also approached the dealer. Unfortunately as like others there is no after sale service.
    The supervisor said the executive who has sale this product went out for a training & he can’t help anything.
    Even we have called to MR. Ranjeet owner of the dealer , has no time to even speak to us.

    With the all above senerios , we are really very embarrassed with brand Voltas and have an idea that either the products available at dealer store are actually defected/repaired which are selling calling new to the customers or Voltas fail to deliver right product & has poor services.

    We could not take any risk with the repair/replacement of any part , we want the entire AC to be replaced/changed as it has issues since beginning and even we have not used it.

    Please take this as priority , we already lost 20days by now.

    Vikas khanna

  84. Voltas Selling faulty products.

    Worst AC ever not buying Voltas AC.
    Hello guys, I writing this post just to aware people from buying Voltas AC or their products. I was purchased a Voltas inverter split AC from NAVEEN ELECTROTECH PVT. LTD.in Model Town, Delhi-11009 on 26.Apr.2017. From after the installation, this Voltas AC is not working properly.
    The main problem is that when temperature goes high above 30 degree it doesn’t take startup or working. After my complaint their executive came but they are unable to resolve the problem. First two months of purchasing Voltas AC many times Mr. G.S Arora (Owner of local service Centre) came and put water in the outdoor unit and also suggesting us to do the same, if you want your Voltas AC work, Instead of repairing or doing any permanent solution. What a shame for Mr. G.S Arora giving such type of suggestion. Can we hire a person just to put water in the AC?
    Then after my too many complaints Mr. Kapil , so called area manager visited to our place and give some suggestions, like change the direction of the AC and make shed for the outdoor Unit. I agree with their suggestions and do the same like changing the direction of outdoor unit or making shed for them and also change the direction of the internal unit as well. But after these changes and spending money suggested by Mr. Kapil or we can say that Drama, there is no any solution, the situation is still same.
    Again after complaint Mr. Jitender, So called Delhi head in-charge came and again doing their drama, put the gas again and other things, but the situation is still same, there is no any result.
    Even in the last visit of the company executive on 09.09.2017 by Mr. Amit and Mr. Anil, it is clearly written that AC needs a replacement. The AC was not working on that time because it’s a hotter day. If it is not capable of working even in September month, can we use it in winter season?
    But Now after too much harassment or wasting my time and money, company refuses to repair or replace their faulty Inverter AC.
    So from this post, I aware people do not buy Voltas products because of cheap quality and providing such type of services. I am never expecting from TATA selling poor quality products and services.

  85. It is quite disappointing that i have purchased 1.5 T voltas ac and following regularly for demo. There is pathetic response from customer care and no body contacting. Very poor response, will not suggest to buy any voltas product if you need services.

  86. J K Electroinics - Dombvvli Branch cheats for all the customers local here just be carefull

    I have purchased 1 ton AC from Dombivli J K Electronics, on 29th Sept, The shop owner told me that he will send the Voltas Engg. But he sends his private Engg. The person who comes to install had to be paid extra installation charges, which is been borne by customers, that’s fine, the material which is sent along with the AC the Shope keeper J.K Electronics – Dombivli Branch sends in half the site, that is 8 meters and he keeps with him 12 meter original copper wire, then the Tech person tells you its being falling short so i need to add additional wire to the same, and he charges extra, Today i came to know coz voltas tech person had come for repair they told md you get 12 meters of copper wire, So here in Dombivli you dealer cheats the people. Hope you take an action against the same

  87. One of the worst, bad, bakwas, a.c company in the world. totally worst a.c…Last year i have buy voltas a.c and now 2018 no cooling, and other so many problem. Plz dont buy voltas a.c, go with Onida

    1. Dear Customer(Shagg),

      We are sorry for the experience you had. Please write to us about your problem with your complaint number and mobile no. at voltas.socialmedia@gmail.com and we will put all our efforts in trying to help you out.

      Voltas Online Team

      1. Dear Customer(Shagg),

        We hope your issue has been resolved. Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with. Please feel free to give us your feedback at voltas.socialmedia@gmail.com.
        Have a nice day.

        Voltas Online Team

  88. Worst product and service

    Bought voltas split ac in March 2016, now it’s not cooling, we have put in a complaint on 7.04.2018, no action has been taken by the service centre. Our complaint no 18040709607

  89. Pathetic service by voltas AC installation team …. . Repeated complains no response… Now I am buying bluestar

  90. Never buy a Voltas AC / because you can not get any service

    Worst service by voltas purchase on 21 march 2018 voltas 3 star inverter ac it is not working till 11 april 2018
    untrand technetion come to resolve problem and do not do any thing talk to area service head of state but
    no response i request to all please do not waist your money and time to buy voltas product because if area
    manager is not intrested to resolve problem how can customer get good service . Voltas imploy will do there
    work just like govt. imploys

  91. Worst customer service- Voltas

    Voltas is the worst company in terms of customer service and some product..! I have exclated my problems to the Voltas head office but no one is bother to help me . Mr Pradeep Bakshi sir this is directly for u and I don’t have ur email I’d to write u .!! I am disappointed by the negative attitude of the Tata company.. pls help if possible..!!!

  92. Last Year, I have purchased one Voltas 1.5 ton Split AC for my bed room (22ft x10 ft). The cooling is no problem at present. But, surprisingly, I am unable to sleep when the AC is ON. I feel thirsty, and drink water continuously, still no sleep. I do not have any health problem. Is this due to freon gas leakage? The firm may please advise.

  93. Excellent for people with spare time to get busy with repairs.

    Customer service at its worst. Customer service is pathetic due to the fact that product itself is poor quality.

    For customer service a person can follow up rigiriously but what about the poor product that needs repair every now and then. There is no solution to a poor built product.

  94. Voltas ac and service both are third class. Recommended not to buy !!!

    Recommended not to Buy !!! Voltas AC third class …

  95. Worst product ever.

    I purchased VOLTAS 1.5 ton split ac from RAVI ELECTRONICS, JALORE on
    the 2nd of NOV, 2017. Earlier also I had read bad reviews of voltas AC and its
    Customer Care, But due to pursuation of my father and the dealer,I decided to
    buy it to my bad luck. Now I have having first hand experience of the one of
    worst possible split ACs in indian market The Compressor of voltas AC is
    pathetic. Inspite of the AC put on “Continuous cool mode” the compressor shuts
    down frequently. As a result, The room is not cooling. I compained to Customer
    care a number of times. Every time I call, they renew the complain and say that
    “Technician will visit in 24 hrs”. But even after 5-6 days, there is no
    response from their side. Its really frustrating that even after spending 40000/-
    on their product, they have such pathetic service to offer. One thing is for
    sure, I am never buying voltas again in my life. and also that never let any
    dealer pusuade you to buy any product.

    Complaint no.

  96. Product/service of voltas are C grade level

    A 3rd class & c grade spilt ac,service is very poor,No service standard,illetirate service peoples,no customer support,I strong ke recommend please don’t go with Voltas,Go with LG only have a very good standard of after sales service.voktas service centre are pathetic.service engineer is on the level of a simple roadside puncture wala.
    I am talking about there service centre called Swift Airfare,noida

  97. upset

    Hi guys.
    last year i bought voltas 1.5 ton like this
    he ran well 2 months.
    than after that, problem started his cooling became less
    3 times i also mailes to the company
    he used to come and work after coming.
    serving the worker then went.
    after 20 to 23 days , the same problem came again.
    now after the air flow mode is turned on , the voice comes from it.
    and water is also leaking.I AM UPSET

  98. Pathetic after sales service

    One of the worst after sales service. Even if the product is under warranty they do not repair it after repeated calls also. It is better to spend slight more money and go for some other brand with good after sales service.

  99. Pathetic after sales service poor show voltage

    After opening the box of indoor unit by the authorised agent of Voltas it was found that the air u flap was broken. After repeated reminders to the call centre the Voltas AC still not repaired. Pathetic customer service after sales by Voltas. Never buy a Voltas product because of the after Sales Service. Complaint number is 18070 904 854 which showed complaint resolved as per message but nobody visited me to see the AC. it is better to buy some other product and pay more money than to buy Voltas.

  100. Very much disappointed with Volta's product

    Hi I bought Volta’s AC 2minths back. With in 1month itself it got fault. Then service engineer came and it got repair. With in 2days again same fault happen.after that nobody is responding from Volta’s. I am very much disappointed with Volta’s. Is this the right way of service for customers.


    NEVER GO FOR VOLTAS. This is my personal request to all the people who are planning on buying voltas air conditioner. By far of all the companies I have used voltas is the worst of all. I am satisfied with the customer service of all other brands except for voltas. Voltas promises to be the best among all but seldom realises that its the worst of all. They have a way that their commodity will only work fine till the warranty period. Once the warranty is over, the problem starts coming. Not just once,twice or thrice but almost 4-5 times in a month. The customer service people is also the worst as they don’t know how to deal with the customers. Customer is the king as we all have learned in economics. But for voltas customers are fool. They keep making money from the customers. Their so called visiting charges which is valid for a month. But voltas people don’t follow that. Recently I encountered a situation in which they charged me visiting charges for the first time and in the same month they visited me almost five times and every single time they charged me visiting charges. They have a technique for that, first time when you pay them they will hand you over the bill next time they visit they will ask you the bill and keep twitch themselves and make a fresh one for you. This is not how it works. If they have already charged you visiting charges once in a month the same is valid for an entire month irrespective of the number of visits they make. But the story is different. SO BEWARE OF VOLTAS CUSTOMER SERVICE WHICH IS THIRD CLASS. We don’t have a negative rating system. If we would have had I would have rated -5 out of 5 to Voltas.
    Never go for Voltas .

  102. Please DO NOT BUY VOLTAS

    I bought Voltas 1T 12 MZO2 split Air Conditioner from Croma store on 20th April 2018. The installation person did a poor job while installing it and also broke the condenser panel body, did not install insulation on copper pipes and poor workmanship. It took me 3 months to get it replaced after following up with Voltas rigorously. Finally got it replaced on 18th Aug 2018. I thought ordeal is over but it wasn’t.

    I tried using AC in Mar 2019 after getting free servicing provided by the company. Bad odour started coming and I raised a service request on 16th Mar 2019. Even till today (9th April 2019) the Voltas doesn’t have the necessary part available in their inventory and we are unable to use the Air conditioner. Post sales service is pathetic in Voltas, so people please re-think before you buy Voltas.

    All the Best !!!

    1. Never buy Voltas they are selling defected products

      Hi I also faced same problem. 1 month onwards I am following not solved. I think they are selling all defect products. And reselling. We bought in jan 2019 and up to March we used 3 hrs. Later it not at all working I am planing to place a complaint.

  103. Voltas split ac 1.5 very bad so pls don't buy that

    Very bad service and very bad product , my split ac is not working and service centre is not giving any satisfaction answer big name but service quality is very poor

  104. Diffucult Remote Functioning

    AC functioning is very complecated. Very difficult to understand for a housewife. Carrier is far better than Voltas easy and simple remote functions. Compressor runs forever even at the temperature of 28 degree and the room becomes chilled resulting the electricity bill very high. Even the serviceman doesn’t know about the right functioning.

  105. Voltas is worst performing AC I had ever experienced.

    Inverter A/C is worthless better dont go for it

  106. bought Voltas 1.5 tonn split ac in 21 May 2018. In which seller has given 05 year complete warranty of voltas 1.5 inverter AC. Had water leakage issue during the first 18 months which was repaired during service , but before it’s even 2 years old it stopped cooling.
    I got it checked from Voltas repair and they confirmed its a gas leak and charged Rs 400 for just visit and telling your AC is out of warranty & asking RS 3000 for gas refilling.

    I have another LG AC which worked fine for more than 6 years without cooling and gas leakage problems.
    I have paid more to buy voltas brand thinking of quality. I have suggested all consumer people’s voltas customer care executive, Area Manager as well as service center or service field team are totally involving to make fool to earn more money from consumers whereas voltas AC is under warranty. If you can pay services of AC then your AC immediately repair/ service. If you don’t pay for service your service couldn’t be completed by service team whereas your AC is under warranty. Kindly don’t purchase voltas AC. Keeping in view of acting of voltas customer care service. I am suggesting don’t purchased voltas AC and suggest to all who are purchasing AC.

    I’ve paid more to buy Voltas brand thinking of quality when I could have bought other cheaper ones and this is what i’m getting. Inferior quality AC. How can a major issue of pipe break leakage occur in such short time after careful usage? And Voltas customer care is asking to get AMC contract for another Rs 2600 per year.

  107. I purchased a Voltas AC Spilt of 1ton on 27th May, 2020 from a authorised shop in Rewari and paid the cost as per bill this ac assembled on 30th May, 2020 but fail to give service and not colling. I submitted many time complaint but till today dated 23rd not rectify the problems. So I and family never recommend to buy any product of voltas. As this company sold defective products and not rectify the problems only taken the hard money of public. Don’t purchase. DON’T PURCHES THE PRODUCTS OF VOLTAS. MY MOBILE NUMBER IS 9466316589.

  108. HORRIBLE: been 3 months and the AC is still not working

    We bought this AC in May 2019. The AC worked fine last year, but it has only been throwing warm air once we started using the AC this year in April.

    What has added more to the trouble is the extremely pathetic customer service!
    Even though the customer care is very prompt in responding to the queries, the on-ground team is not at all up to the mark. They are not professionals and seem to intentionally not resolve the issue. There turn around time is extremely poor.
    They even asked us to pay Rs1200, after doing some minor fixes, even though the AC was under a 1-year guarantee.
    Joyful that after 3 months the AC might finally work, we even paid that!!!

    I am extremely disappointed to say that it’s been OVER 3 MONTHS now but the AC is not working despite several efforts by technicians. I strongly advise not buying Voltas AC at least in North India as their service is terrible.

    I will post another review if the AC is repaired by VOLTAS, to keep other users updated on the story.

  109. I purchase inverter ac 1.5 ton 3star 1 year back now in out door unit sensor got damage . I call to coustmer service person came and told sensor was damage and told after 2days I will replace with new one Jun 26 complaint date today July 26 till problem was not resolved if I call to coustmer service they are telling movie story regular same story worst Voltas products and services Also so friends pls don’t choose to buy any Voltas products . Worst products and services by voltas

  110. This is regarding the Voltas product “Voltas 2 in 1 ConvertibleCooling 1.6 Ton 3 Star Split Inverter AC – White” I had purchased on Flipkart, Voltas team did the wrong installation resulting in product damaged, They even don’t fill the hole that they drilled on the wall to take the piping and wire to the indoor unit, which resulted in rainwater to go inside indoor unit and inside living room and also damaged my other home appliances and products.
    From the Day 1 of installation, there are lots of water leakage from the indoor unit, I even raised a complaint twice but not no action taken by the voltas service team giving excuses that because of lockdown the services are delayed.
    whereas other respective vendors like “LG” are still doing new AC installation and services in my neighborhood.
    This situation gives me the impression that once the product is sold you don’t even care about the services to the customers.
    I needed the service team to troubleshoot this issue within 24 hours, otherwise, I will be raising a legal complaint about this purchase and installation, also I will leave negative feedback on Flipkart about this purchase.
    Today I really regret my decision over purchasing an Indian Made product (Voltas) over other good products and services available in the market.
    Invoice Number # FADZ4A2200002214

  111. Dear Voltas Team,
    We are using Voltas 1 Ton Inverter Air conditioner Since last 2 years and we have purchased the same from Flipcart Website, But Last Month on date 29thof june our Ac stops working so we have raise the complaint on Voltas Customer care and Junior Engineer (Mr Rakesh) visits our home for the same and he was not capable for Searching the Fault, He has informed us that the indoor PCB is not working and we need to replace it. So it will cost around 2500 Rs. We said ok but after changing indoor PCB our AC was still not working and the engineer was unable to trace the problem. It has taken almost 10 days of time. So after facing all these difficulties and struggle, we are so disappointed and we have approached Mr. Sunilkumar – service head of Voltas. Then he as send the Senior Engineer Mr Kalu Bhai who had Visited our home and that Senior Engineer Guided us about the Fault of IP Programmer of Outdoor PCB, So He Had Taken Our AC Outdoor Pcb for Repairing Purpose and guided us to wait for 10 more days, than after 10 days we have contacted Mr Sunil Kumar( Service Head of Voltas) for the Solution, Than After 5 days Again That Junior Engineer Visits our home and Brings New outdoor PCB and He told us to Give 11000 Rupees for new outdoor Pcb and we have Contacted Again MR Sunil kumar, he said that we are still trying to repair your old pcb, Till Further time we are installing new pcb in your AC for providing you Temporary Solution, After Fitting new outdoor PCb our Ac Gets Start working properly,
    So now tha Main Issue is, Yesterday we have Received the call from Service Team Department (7818888633) he told us that your Old outdoor Pcb is not repairable so you need to pay the 10500 charges for new outdoor Pcb, and we are offering you 20% discount in that,
    I just want to tell one thing, that do we have made any mistake by purchasing this product? is there any my fault, if your product part is not getting Repaired, you guys are advertising yourself that Voltas is india’s Number 1 AC Brand, Is this the Quality of your Brand? In just 2 years I need to spend againg 10500 Rs on this product which I have bought in 27800 Rs. Which is not a small amount.
    Please Look into this matter and provide me the proper solution for the same..
    Service Request number : 21070124010
    Please find the attached file of Invoice

    Rakesh Kriplani

  112. New AC got issue after one week. Every time want to send mail.Very worst in service. Don’t choose Voltas.

  113. Worst purchase ever… new ac stop working within 20 days.. there is no cooling in 16degree temperature also even if we use it for long time there is big ice cube popping out from ac…

  114. Voltas third class Ac of this decade

    I purchased voltas inverter Ac in March but within 3 month my Ac cooling call is damaged i don’t know what type of product voltas make that within 3 month the item is se defective and after 15 days of complaint company not replace my ac….i would like to say that please don’t purchase any Voltas product otherwise you will suffer a big loss and also waste your time.

    Prateek sharma

  115. Voltas third class Ac of this decade

    I purchased voltas inverter Ac in March but within 3 month my Ac cooling coil is damaged i don’t know what type of product voltas make that within 3 month the item is se defective and after 15 days of complaint company not replace my ac….i would like to say that please don’t purchase any Voltas product otherwise you will suffer a big loss and also waste your time.

    Prateek sharma

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