Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models
Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models

Hitachi Split air conditioners are one of most selling split air conditioners for premium range customers. Hitachi is one of the leading manufacturers in air conditioners and it has a major production plant set up at Kadi, Gujarat which is among top-1o manufacturing plants of them worldwide. Split air conditioners by Hitachi are one of the best looking ACs in Indian markets.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review

Hitachi offer split air conditioner’s in almost every range of budget they can for consumers. Their premium range air conditioners are costliest in Indian markets giving a strong competition to O’General split air conditioner’s market share. And they offer lower range air conditioner as well like KAZE series for those who can’t afford to buy a premium range product. However, there is some difference of features in a different range of AC’s they offer. It’s like, the more you shell out money, the more features you get. However, most required features are available in the lower priced range as well. These air conditioner have an image in the market, Buy Once and Forget It. But do get the air conditioner timely serviced and enjoy its cooling for decades.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

When it comes to cooling, they have got no match. To give a strong competition to brand like O’General, they have ensured to offer their customer features like Super Cool which gives instant cooling on demand. These AC’s starts at high RPM to quickly reach the desired temperature and with lower power consumption as well. Also, its Direct Efficient Technology adjusts the compressor speed and refrigerant flow to maintain the desired temperature, this is the same technology which LG is offering with the branding of INVERTER V.

Also, it has an inbuilt feature of Auto Fan speed which adjusts the speed of the fan, e.g if the compressor is cut off after reaching the desired temperature, the fan speed also comes down to a lower level and vice versa. However, there is also an option to adjust fan speed as well to suit your comfort level as well. And its 4-way Air-Distribution cools a bigger area in lesser time by adjusting the movement of horizontal and vertical louvres. Also up to my knowledge, only Hitachi offers to run the air conditioner in a temperature range of 16 deg to 32 deg C.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

Talking of build quality, the product quality is fantastic. It is indeed very impressive, however not to forget, one is paying a premium cost for it too as well. Its outer body has a great finish and the copper tubing which is connected with the outdoor unit, is also of copper inside the air conditioner. We mentioned this point of copper tubing because we heard that some manufacturer keep Aluminium tubing inside the air conditioner and keeps it of copper on outside part for showing it to customers. However this is not wrong, this is just done for doing cost cutting and to lower down the prices. This doesn’t make any negative effect on air conditioner capability.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

Hitachi offers best looks in the air conditioners market, however Samsung, LG & even Panasonic even came up with some good looking split air conditioner’s are well. And these companies are giving good competition to Hitachi when it comes to looks. Personally, I like looks more of Samsung & Panasonic. However, looks I am talking about here is of iClean or iTec. KAZE has got some standard looks but they are not bad at all. However looks is something which one should not give much priority and should focus more on quality, performance and long life which is Hitachi AC is capable of.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks
Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

To lower down power consumption at a drastic rate, their premium ranged models have Twin Rotary Compressor which features a “Permanent Magnet Motor” to magnetize it without electricity, as a result, it becomes 10% more power efficient than other conventional AC compressors. Its inbuilt Tropical Inverter Compressor can withstand temperature up to 52 deg C. It has an inbuilt Power Active Module inverter system which suppresses electrical distortion to minimize power losses. This inverter works in a combination of PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) & PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) which helps in minimizing the phase gap & draws more effective power. This technology is patented by Hitachi.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Technical Specifications

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Technical Specification
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Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Technical Specification2
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 Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

We have prepared a special comparison table which would show you the major difference of features between every model of Hitachi split air conditioner’s.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features Comparison

Features in Detail:

  • Auto Clean Function

This is one of the most advertised features by Hitachi (even in TV commercial’s). The unique thing about this feature is that it automatically removes the dust accumulated on the AC filter. Its working is pretty simple when filter clean function gets command from the controller, its inbuilt cleaning unit makes one cycle from its home position to dust collector box position to sweep the dust by the brush fitted on micromesh Stainless Steel Plated filter. And then, dust collector collects and move the dust to dust collector box.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Autoclean Feature Working
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Auto Cleaning has got many advantages:

  1. It would keep your filter always clean like new and it also helps in preventing the formation of mould and bacteria that causes unpleasant odours.
  2. Since, you’ll have your air conditioner filter always clean, hence the performance of AC won’t get degraded much with time and you’ll enjoy a fresh breeze for a longer period of time.
  3. This feature also helps in lowering power usage and makes it more energy efficient because of having a clean filter, the compressor has to work less for cooling purpose.

Also, do read its manual for more detail how the cleaning happens and in how much time intervals. You’ll really come to know about many interesting facts about it.

  • Auto Humid Control

This is an intelligent feature which will help you get a more comfortable room environment by reducing the level of humidity as well with room temperature.

  • On/Off Timer with Advanced Start Up

This feature is not a simple On/Off timer feature but the unique thing about this feature is when you set a particular time e.g. suppose you want your room to be cooled down at 9 pm. So the air conditioner will scan the room condition an hour before and will start by himself and will run till the room reaches the desired temperature required by the user.

  • Auto Climate Technology

As I described this in Hitachi window AC review as well that this air conditioner is smart enough to find himself in which city it is installed, the time and the metabolic needs e.g. hot, very hot & humid (to be chosen by you). And it has inbuilt data fed into it already of above 100 cities of their temperature and humidity. Based on these factors, AC automatically changes the settings of himself from time to time to maintain a proper climate inside the room.

  • Koukin Filter

This filter helps to prevent bacterial growth inside the air conditioner.

  • Powerful Mode

In this mode, air circulation speed & set temperature changes automatically and run continuously for 30 minutes to cool down the room quickly.

  • DigiLock

You can lock down your AC digitally to prevent misuse of it from children or any stranger whom you want that he/she should not be able to use it.

  • 4-Way Air Distribution

This feature ensures uniform air-distribution (throughout the room) by the movement of louvres in the horizontal and vertical direction.

  • Asymmetric Louver Movement

This feature allows Vertical louvres to set in the opposite direction to divert air-flow in opposites sides of the room.

  • Kaimin

This unique feature adjusts the temperature automatically at night by increasing it 1 deg C for up to 4 hours and you’ll not feel chilled in the middle of the night.

  • Precoated Aluminium Fins

It prevents the air conditioner from rusting and corrosion and ensures a long life of the product.

  • Auto Fan Speed

This feature keeps an eye on working of compressor i.e. when the compressor is cut off, it automatically slows down the movement of fan speed too and vice versa to save power.

  • Auto Power Save Mode

This feature will automatically keep the air conditioner at 25 deg C with suitable fan speed and will maintain it as much as you want.

  • Filter Clean Indicator

Filter Clean Indicator LED light up when the filter needs to be cleaned in the indoor unit.

  • Selectable Fan Speeds

This air conditioner comes with preset selectable fan speeds which you can choose as per your comfort level you require.

  • Auto Restart

This feature resumes the working of air conditioner on the same settings automatically after a power failure.

  • Dry Mode

When activated, this feature will slow down the fan speed as required to the low down level of moisture inside room.

  • Defrosting Sensor

This features prevent frosting of the indoor unit and ensure the optimum working of air conditioner for longer periods.

  • Minus Ion Stick

 This stick draws the airborne particles like dust, pollen, mite, germs etc to ensure providing clean air.

  • UV Fresh Technology

This feature is about air flow mechanism which enables spiral air flow, creating a “whorl” effect, ensuring there are no hot air pockets inside the room.

  • Nano Titanium Filter

This filter deodorizes the air and eliminate even the tiniest sized bacteria to make the air free from odour and bacteria.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

From all the reviews we aggregated for Hitachi, they were just above average. People living in metro cities and using this product are however satisfied with it, but if you live in a remote area, not in any metro city, you’ll find after sales service as average only. Hitachi has made such wonderful products, but they are not at all socially active too among consumers. Hitachi really needs to pump up his image as a more trustable brand among consumers mind as LG & Samsung do.

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

Model No.Model DescriptionTonnage CapacityBEE Star RatingMRP (in Rs.)
  RAU514ISD  SPLIT AC – 1.2TR HITACHI I-CLEAN – RAU514ISD  1.2  5  38190
  RAU517ISD  SPLIT AC – 1.5TR HITACHI I-CLEAN – RAU517ISD  1.5  5  43240
  RAU321ISD  SPLIT AC – 2.0TR HITACHI I-CLEAN – RAU321ISD  2.0  3  49740
  RAU514HSD  SPLIT AC – 1.2TR CLASS HITACHI ACE CO – RAU514HSD  1.2  5  35690
  RAU518HSD  SPLIT AC – 1.5TR CLASS HITACHI ACE CO – RAU518HSD  1.5  5  40740
  RAU324HSD  SPLIT AC – 2.0TR CLASS HITACHI ACE CO – RAU324HSD  2.0  3  47240
  RAU022HQD  1.8TR-Class Hitachi Star Split AC RAU022HQD  1.8  5  53490
  RAU026HQD  2.2TR-Class Hitachi Star Split AC RAU026HQD  2.2  5  60990
  MRAU518KSD  1.5Tr ACE square  1.5  5  56990
  MRAU223KSD  2.0Tr ACE Square  2.0  2  62490

Please note that you may get a good difference of prices mentioned above in list and the price you get from authorized dealer. It is always best to check your nearby authorized dealer for best prices & to buy this air conditioner.

Final Verdict

Hitachi is the only company who offers such a long list of features in their air conditioners. And their products are definitely up to mark. So, if you planning to buy this product, go ahead and buy it. You’ll never regret that you bought any wrong product.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. Ankit, I have to buy 4-5 split ACs ranging from 1, 1.5, and 2.0 ton for my two new houses. Confused between hitachi, dikin, carrier. My prefs are good cooling, energy efficient, after sales service. Plz advice.

  2. i actually regret on buying a Kaze 1 Ton Split AC… The machine cannot even reach the temperature below 27 degree C inspite of having good insulation in a 90 sq.ft room. The compressor runs all the time or cuts off when the temperature is set above 27 degree C. The current consumption is also drastically high compared to our 1.5 Ton Voltas.

  3. Ace Square - Hitachi

    [MyReviewPlugin Rating-Only Comment – 54aac83b006f00de35802c590189c9c6]

  4. i want to know what can be the maximum distance between outdoor and indoor unit for a 1 ton split AC? i want to keep it at the same height.

    1. Hitachi iclean A/C related

      I am bit surprised the contradictory detail while the review of Hitach A/C looks good and impressive especially about iclean by the specifications. Whereas the comments are shocking to find so many problems.. In fact I like Japanese products and service, but to find such detail now I am taking a step back in my decision to buy 2 A/Cs of Hitachi iclean.
      I have question to Mr. Ankit: Why only if we use more than 8hours/day we need to plan to buy inverter , why not if usage is less or for example if I use inverter A/C during summer months only well and other times either occasionally or very less, since my plan is to use in the Hall now … I need your detail.
      is not the wet clean applicable to all A/Cs? I wish to discuss more and perhaps I call you after I get your feedback to this.

  5. price and feature

    pls tell me price of hitachi rau318htd 1.5 ton and hitachi ras318htdz1 1.5 ton split ac and if there is something differ in these two ac.which one is best?

  6. Need Urgent Advise!!!

    Hi Ankit,

    Really glad to see that a forum like this exists and appreciate all your sincere responses.

    I reside in Kolkata and am planning to buy an ac(budget : around 32k) for my room measuring 10*10 ft and directly facing east and north. My usage of the ac would only be limited to a maximum of 5-6 hrs with the majority of it being used at night for around 3 months in a year. Now my first dilemma was to go for a window ac or a split ac. I have heard that a split ac demands a lot of expensive maintenance which I see as a big disadvantage. I reside on the fifth floor of a six floored apartment and the outdoor unit can only be installed on the terrace. But I have somehow been coaxed by family members to go for a split ac though I am not entirely convinced. What are your views on the same ?.

    Now I have come across some 3-4 models of split ac which I found good .

    1) Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Kaze Plus RAU312HUD (have heard a lot of negative things about Hitachi service though)

    2) Samsung 1 Ton Split Air Conditioner – 3 Star AR12HC3TFUR (the one with print on the panel)

    3) LG 1 Ton 3 Star (The new one with Himalaya cooling technology etc)

    4) Daikin 1Ton 3 Star

    Please, please help me select one out of these. What do you feel about the service quality of these brands in Kolkata.’

    And if you feel I should go for a window ac kindly suggest a model. It would of immense help if you can reply today itself as I might have to finalize the model by today.

    Sonal Jain

    1. I too have bad experience

      Hi All,

      After so many bad experience with other AC brand finally I decided to go for Hitachi. But this
      decision also went bad. An inexperience person did a installation, which I did not expect from Hitachi. His inexperience revealed when he switched on the AC when the outdoor unit fan was locked. If I wouldnt alerted him he would have burnt something.
      Second, auto clean is absolutely waste technology. In a year I had to spend 2k for wet service.
      Service is very slow. One positive point, it produces less sound both indoor and outdoor.



    1. Pathetic Service NO INSTALLATION !

      Hello All ! Got a HITACHI KAZE 1 ton AC few days back from croma and its sitting at home pretty with no installation .Got fooled by Croma saying that there seems to be some kind of priority for Croma for installation.No mails or calls are answered or replied to satisfaction.I think so far north worth paying a premium for HIT-ACHI. BEWARE ! THEY JUST DONT CARE . Its a good AC only if you don’t plan to install it.

      1. HITACHI KAZE 1 ton AC

        Its the Hitachi Service Center that provide the worst kind of service. Have too bought the ac but wasn’t installed for about a week then had to call a local guy for installation.Still haven’t heard from Hitachi even after calling like 15-20 times.
        Moreover, the AC is not going below 24 C even after the compressor is running for hours.

  8. Poor Service

    Based on “Hitachi” name, I purchased a 1.5 ton Split AC (Ace Cut-out model) from Unique Electronics, Lajpat Nagar (Delhi). First, there was problem in getting it installed (the reason cited by the installation personnel (M: 7838287320) was that as Hitachi is giving complimentary installation, there is a huge backlog as they don’t have enough manpower). The AC was finally installed after 7 days. Immediately, problem of leakage from AC was observed. Next day, the personnel connected the pipe (earlier he had forgotten to connect pipe in the AC). Though immediate leakage stopped, leakage was observed again after half an hour of running. Again the service personnel was contacted and he advised that since Hitachi ACs are not designed for any bends in water drain pipe and if there is any bend in the water drain pipe, water would come back to the unit. As we had to leave for a week’s vacation, I had no option but to follow his advice of disconnecting the extra pipe from the drain pipe and put a bucket in balcony to collect water from AC.

    I lodged a compalint vide e-mail for same.

    On coming back, it was noticed that AC is not giving proper cooling – complaint no. 130605000336 was lodged. Probably due to e-mail compaint, one service personnel viisted our home and he observed that gas is low and requires refilling. As he has not received our complaint, he was not carrying equipment to carry refilling. He further advised that Hitachi AC provides cooling only particular setting (at that only children were at home and as such, he set the unit at the desired setting) – the setting was observed as “Supercool mode” with temperature setting of 18 degrees.

    Though this is very ridiculous and if had been advised to me, I would have never purchase a Hitachi product. The worst part is that even at this setting, cooling is not there.

    The personnel also asked for the bill to see if the product is under warranty. After observing same, he promised to return back next day (i.e. 6th June). For drain pipe connection, he observed that this is the problem with most Hitachi AC and installation is not properly done (though same is doen by Hitachi personnel only).

    Next day, no one came – however I received a message in the evening saying that compaint has been closed in our system. On contacting the helpline, the compaint was re-opened but with a new no. 13060700388.

    I am daily contacting the helpline no., who advise that complaint is being escalated – but actual fact is that there is no resolution.

    This Hitachi Service experience is not one off, rather seems a phenomeneon spreadout in Delhi – when one of my friend went to purchase AC, dealer clearly told that if they purchase Hitachi AC, he should not be contacted for any installation request etc as average installation time taken by Hitachi is 15-20 days (i.e. half the summer season would pass). So my friend ended up buying LG – hope I would have also met such a delaer – then I would have been saved of the pain of spending the maximum (Hitachi AC are 5-10K expensive than competitors) and not getting any benefit from it.

    Certainly, not a recommended product.

    Luckily, I got e-mail address of their japanese MD and as they are image consious, managed to get refund of the faulty product.

    1. Hitachi

      I am planning to buy a Hitachi Follow Me ACE 1.5 Ton AC for my house. I have heard a lot of negative feedback on this forum for Hitachi, Voltas and others excepts LG and Samsung.

      From what I have known Hitachi is actually directly into this AC business from a long time and yes costlier as well from other competitors by 5k. Still confused………….

      1. LG feedback past 4 yr exp

        Every year I have to call the technician for filling of gas as every time there is leakage of gas in LG, so don’t go with LG AC that’s my review.

    2. email id

      Hi Vipul could you please email me the japanese email ids that you mentioned about?I need to pass some information to them about what these idiots here are doing here in the name of service.Please thank you

    3. Worst service

      Hi Vipul could you please email me the japanese email ids that you mentioned about?I need to pass some information to them about what these idiots here are doing here in the name of service.Please thank you

    4. Worst Hitachi SAC

      Hi Vipul,

      I’m facing exactly the same problem as you have faced. My Hitachi AC 3200 Zunoh model has been troubling me since I purchased it in Aug 2016. Constatntly called their mechanics over poor cooling and low fan speed, but problem is still there.
      I’m totally disgusted with this product and would never recommend Hitachi to anyone.
      Can you please share the e-mail id of company head so that I can get some justice.

      Thank you,

  9. Plz don't buy Hitachi AC

    Within one month breakdown twice. I purchased Sugoi 1.5 ton split AC 5 star. From Faredeal, Taratala, Kolkata Branch. So don’t buy this produce. It will give you tenson instead of cool

  10. Pray that you won't require service

    In case you plan to buy Hitachi. First keep praying that you would not require service from them specially in Noida. Second make sure you will have alternate arrangement to service your ACs.

    After 20 days of understanding the system / procedure , four hours was spent to follow up on the service. After which I realized it is a futile exercise.

    The customer care either their server is down or the phone lines are busy. The service centre phone are not working properly or they hang up after lifting the phone. you require a phone with an auto dial to keep trying and praying someone will hear…

    Emails to customer care does not get you any reply. They do not have a grievance redressall system mentioned at their site. You do not whom to get in touch to escalate issues..


    +91120314XXXX 11:01
    +91120314XXXX 11:02
    +91120314XXXX 11:03
    +91120314XXXX 11:04
    +91120314XXXX 11:06
    +91120314XXXX 11:07
    +911203532XXXX 11:13
    +911203532XXXX 11:18
    +91120314XXXX 11:19
    +91120314XXXX (12 calls) 11:59
    +911203532XXXX 12:02
    +91120314XXXX 12:03
    +91120314XXXX 12:37
    +91120314XXXX (15 calls) 12:46
    +91120314XXXX (incoming call) 13:22
    +91859523XXXX 13:23
    +91931203XXXX 13:24
    +91931110XXXX 13:28
    +91120314XXXX(7 calls) 13:52
    +91120314XXXX 13:54
    +91120314XXXX (2 calls) 13:56
    +91931110XXXX (7 calls) 14:38
    +91931189XXXX 14:40
    +91931189XXXX ( 2 calls) 15:31
    +91931189XXXX ( sms sent) 15:32

  11. after sale service

    Hi..actualy I read all the reviews of lg,voltas n hitachi..after sale in every review..the service is poor of every company…bt among these hitachi has better comphesor n build I am really confused…for which I should go..plz reply..

  12. Which Split AC model will be best?

    I am looking for an 5 star rated AC for a room size of 120 sq. ft. on ground floor with no direct sunlight. The outdoor unit will be placed on roof top of first floor. pleas suggest best option, budget 40000.

    What is your view on 5 star I Ton AC for above case? Which model is best?

      1. Sir, kindly do suggest star rated best options. please let me know more than one option ; you can rank them.

      2. Thanks for your reply sir,
        Sir kindly let me know best non inverter AC 5 star, 1 Ton split AC.

  13. Ankit ji what is your opinion about DAIKIN FTF35PRV16+RF35PRV16 compared to LG LSA3TM5D . Do you recommend this considering my earlier post sir?

  14. Good buy

    Today me installed rau 312KSD at home. Installation went very smooth. Wonderfull cooling effect.
    Go for it if you are in metro,

  15. Hitachi - MRAU518KSD

    i am very much impressed with the specifications of hitachi MRAU518KSD i.e. one outdoor unit with two indoor units. is this practically good concept ? ….. is it worth buying ?. also because it has 5 star rating with 8 years warranty… etc … etc…

  16. Need to Clear Picture

    Hi ,
    Ankit can I know why you don’t recommend to buy Hitachi A.C.It would better if you give a clear picture so I that I can decide to buy Hitachi or other product with 100% confidence

  17. I want to buy 1.5 ton Inverter technology a/c please advice

    I would like to buy 1.5 ton Inverter technology ac which brand is better in terms of cost savings on electricity. Have two brands in mind Hitachi( RAU018EQE)or Daikin(R-32) and of course after sales service also seeing so many negative feedback on Hitachi I am bit confused please advise urgently

  18. 2T*4 Units

    Hai Sir

    I am Planning to install four 2T Inverter Split AC for my Office space covering 1000 sq ft .I have got four options with me
    1.Daikin FTKP 60
    2.Carrier Superia Plusk

    I am from CALICUT , KERALA going to use 8 hrs a day (minimum) and hence an inverter AC is a must.
    Everywhere i found negative feed back about Hitachi.So apart from Hitachi Could you please suggest a model which consume less energy (COP more then 3.6-Cooling),

  19. Difference between KAZE NEO & KAZE PLUS SERIES

    Hi Ankit,

    I am about to buy 4 pc of 1.5 ton Hitachi split AC ; They have two series KAZE NEO (Model no – RAU318HVD) & KAZE PLUS (Model no – RAU318HUD) ; Absolutely no difference in features but 2000/- cost difference. Both are shown as part of 2015 model. I am unable to find the difference , can you please help?

    Below post for your readers

    I spent considerable time to understand difference in features / price and eventually zeroed in Hitachi ; Absolutely no difference in Blue star, Videocon & Panasonic – Final deal I got is 32k for 1 piece without exchange. Only reason I have decided to go with Hitachi is saving of close to 4k per machine due to free (stand, installation & pipe fitting free ) ; Since I was buying in bulk it lead to big saving

    Kohinoor & Vijay sales are both offering the best deal however Vijay sales is selling Kampa series which is more compact but covers lesser room space while cooling.

    Daikin was good and costing the same but the machine color was looking faded due to them not offering pure white color.


    I really had a bad experience with HITACHI AC Kaze series. We are having two ac and both are just 2 years old. But work like 10 years old AC ..LOL. Even customer care service is poor. After sale, Service centre services are worst. For me n my rest of family..HITACHI is a BIG “NO”. They dont appoint good technicians too. One of technician broke my AC Wings and never came back to repair despite of 100 calls. LG, SAMSUNG are far better in terms of after sale services. AND After sales services matter a lot when we are investing in such kind of devices.

  21. urgent info please

    I am decided to buy Hitachi ac from flipkart.
    Model is rau 318evd —kaze neo fms
    Or rau 318hvdob — sugoi model (flipkart exclusive)
    U didn’t posted those two models in your list of Hitachi ACS.
    Are these two models are worthable to buy or not please tell me urgently as I do not have time and have to buy urgently

  22. poor cutomer service

    Dear Sir
    Last year I purchase a split Ac of hitachi with stabliser through local dealer. from the day two it creates problem of compressor tripping and I called no. of times to your team and dealer also. three-four times your technician visited to my home for service and time passes away now again this this year my AC is not working and problem of tripping of AC MCB occurs.
    your customer service team told me the warrenty expires and now they try to send senior technician to resolve my issue. local dealer not helping me.
    My question is why your team not send senior person at my home in warrenty period and not interested to resolve the issue ?. I think I had taken poor decision to buy your AC, I never recommend hitachi to any one and If my Issue not resolved I will go to the consumer forum also……….\
    pl reply


  23. Poor service from hitachi

    Made the mistake of buying hitachi kaze 1.5 ton split ac 3 years ago. Within 6 months the dc motor of indoor unit went dead. I asked showroom to replace the product but they passed on responsibility to hitachi. I sent them numerous mails to their customer care head office no response. Service centre was adamant they will repair it only. My query was how can brand new ac motor go dead in 3 months of usage with proper stabilizer and all. Even the hitachi service centre staff was so incompetent in my city. Firstly ac was not getting on by remote but had to be directly started from switch. They said its remote problem and took away the new remote. They came back twice with the wrong remote of different model. Later they figured out problem is not due to the remote but due to cfl bulb in room. I asked dem to return my new remote but they had no trace of it ….WOW Hitachi $$$ well then the dc motor went off and that got repaired. All this happened in 2012. Now in 2015 again dc motor of IDU and PCB went dead. This tym its not in warranty. They are asking me to pay 7500 bucks to repair a brand new 3 yr old split ac while the company makes tall claims of buy n forget it.
    Basically never go for hitachi unless in gujarat where they actually do have trained service engineers. In my city (allahabad) they just hire dumb asses to the job and harass customers.

  24. which is the best inverter ac

    I am planning to buy best inverter ac . But I am confused between some brands . plz suggest me .
    a) Hitachi
    b) LG
    c) Blue star
    d) OG
    f) Daikin
    My budget is 45000 – 50000

  25. Hitachi 1.2 Split 5 Star AC (RAU514AVD) model : Zunoh 200F

    I am planning to buy Hitachi 1.2 Split 5 Star AC (RAU514AVD) model : Zunoh 200F. Please advise when was this launched and is it worth buying this model @35K? Also what are the other options available in the price range of 30K to 35K as I have 110 sq ft room with 12 ft height and roof facing direct sun light which get extremely hot after sunset. I am based in Kolkata city.



  27. AC Split or Inverter ??

    I live in hyderabad and My hall is nearly equal to 2 master bedrooms.

    I have decided to go for 2 ton. I am planning to go for Split AC .Also thinking of INVERTER AC . Fine to spend around 50 – 60 K for my parent staying there.

    Need some advice if Split AC with 5 star is better or Going with Inverter AC Cooling is better? (its too hot in hyderabad).

    Please advice ASAP.

    Thank you,
    Vinay Kumar

  28. RAS318HWDD model not fount on site

    Dear Ankit sir,

    I have bought, NEO KAGE MODEL AC, but on the box was written RAS318HWDD..

    I could not find the model online..

    Is there any wrong??

  29. I purchased a hitachi a/c on 10may 2015, 1.5 ton.. The ac not cooling properly.. Machine has been changed 3 times.. Is there ny option to change the model.. If plzz suggest me the best model

  30. Pleas suggest

    I want to buy, ac 1 ton for my 100sft room, on top floor.was bit confused between brands and inverter or normal 3/5 star pleae suggest.
    I am thi king of following.
    1. Daikin

  31. Never buy Hitachi….Poor services….Company people had internal problems and customer suffer a Lot…very bad experience…

  32. Hitachi Acs

    I have installed 3 Hitachi ACs. Two 1.5 ton and one 2 ton (Sugoi, Kaze neo and I-clean). I purchased sugoi from flipkart, and got it at a discounted price. The other two, I got them from Bajaj electronics. Installation in Hyderabad is hassle free, and technicians are trained well. I ordered one more 2 ton AC as an add-on to my hall. However, i should say: i recently invited my relatives to dinner and have switched on the 2 ton AC in the hall. I put it in 17, super cool mode and it never gave up in cooling. A total of 15 people were in the room. All the hot dishes are put on the table, and also a fridge is present in the same room. The room is cool, and it didn’t went down. In hyderabad, I don’t see a problem. I also doubted that the sugoi model is not cooling properly, and asked for a technician to check. The next day, two engineers came and checked it with their cooling sensor(something which senses the cooling) and it is good. He clearly said, that Hitachis, OGs and Daikins are best, however, Hitachi has better cooling.

    The positive thing is: It never gives us bad breath or never caused any breathing issues. We have two voltas acs in our native and both will give chilling effect. This kind of cooling causes nose block, and thats not the case with Hitachi. However, for indian conditions Voltas may also be good.My parents have two voltas acs, one is 10 year old and still good. My relatives bought LG acs. Both faced problems in summer, when the temperature reached 51 degrees. This was in Rajahmundry. Both the compressors died, and indoor unit gives all crap sounds. LG is ok if u r using it for small space, fully plastered. But one of my friend bought a LG recently with Himalaya tech, and it is ok. But yet to check it in mid summer. Honestly, for inverter LG ACs or any other inverter acs, if the circuit board fails, it costs around 10k. I heard that this problem happened many times. But if looks are important, defnitely LG or samsung.

    One dental hospital in Hyderabad has Daikin ACs fitted in every surgical room. All 1.5 tons and 2 tons. They cool very much same like Hitachi, and every room is smaller in size. Recently my friend bought a Daikin for his parents in Chennai. It uses R-32 gas it seems. Am yet to know on how it performs. Should be good. He has one panasonic ac(he faced some issues with samsung and have to go for panasonic) in his room in hyderabad, and heard good inputs for its cooling, even after 5 years. In a office known to me, they use 3 panasonics, and even after 5 years, they cool the same way.

    BTW: A neighbor who resides in the next apartment has a LG ac, and the compressor is fitted 50 ft away from our building(on their wall, which will face my flat). That compressor sounds crazy like a bull dozer. There are other compressors fitted to the same wall – Daikin, hitachi, panasonic; but nothing makes sound like this. May be the recent ones shud be good. Panasonic acs also shud be good, as i know few people using them and their performance is consistent even after 5 years.

    I think every brand is good, but with experience every brand will gain quality and consistency just like our resume/cv. OGs use to do great few years ago and suddenly it went down. May be unjustified prices. Why so much if being manufactured in India? But they really cool well. Hitachi shud be at par with it in cooling btus.

    In ACs Hitachi, daikin and OGs shud be good(Am not talking about ownership or service as am unsure on region wise service issues). In my opinion Sharp and toshiba are under-rated as they don’t advertise much like few korean brands do.

    If a brand is doing well in personal experience, please go for it, as anyways we don’t own any of these brands. In my experience, i liked Hitachis, and in Hyderabad there is no service problem. But may be it’s soon to conclude on durability as I need to spend more years to comment. However, the feedback i got from my friends regarding Hitachi is good, and everyone stated that the compressor are built to last and no cooling problems. One more thing: All three acs are 3 star rated. I used these extensively last month and got a bill of 980 rupees. I didn’t use them at the same time, but used either of them continuously.

    They have delivered the 2 ton 2 star hitachi ac yesterday, and today is installation. Lets see how it works. With my experience till date, hitachi acs are very efficient both in cooling and energy savings

    @ankit : Yes, i agree with you that we should avoid placing the compressors under direct sunlight. This point is very important. One more two ton ac will be delivered tomorrow, and i got a great deal at bajaj. This 2 ton ac is 2 star rated and does’t have i-clean feature. Except sugoi, all other 3 acs were bought in Bajaj electronics, jubilee hills. Very competitive.

  33. AC to purchase Hitachi or other?

    Hi Ankit,

    Till yesterday I thought of purchasing Hitachi follow me, but after seeing these reviews I felt that worth to take an advise before purchasing it. Am planning to purchase an AC for my parents who lives in a remote area with high humidity. Temp might be touching 50 degrees in mid summer.

    Could you please suggest best AC which suits my requirements ( should cool even @ 50+, high humidity, good service )

  34. Bed Service of hitachi customer care.

    Hitachi Bkawas A/c…
    3 quality A/C
    Hitachi Customer Care Services Zero Star…
    Sala 1 week tak to koi aata hi nahi….
    4 Ghante tak A/c On Rakho to No Coling.
    Paise barbad Hitachi me to

  35. Feedback required on Hitachi, Daikin & Blue star


    Im planning to purchase 1.5 Tn 3 star Split AC and I live in chennai. Initially i was impressed with Hitachi specs but after reading reviews in this thread and other forums. Im rethinking about my decision

    My next choice will be for Daikin & Blue star.

    But I heard that Daikin uses R32 refrigerant and there were few posts which talks about its ill effects


    please advice

    Best Regards,


  36. Please suggest which split ac to purchase

    Hi ankit can u suggest me which ac to buy,the area wher I’m leaving is 180sq feet, 5th flr ,no sun light. I want something less power usage, last long, good service, 5 star, which has copper tubing,ac usage 8-9 hrs and how many tons ac should i go for,
    bugdet 40000 k

  37. Extremely poor service from hitachi!

    We bought 3 hitachi 1 ton split ACs a few months back (Kottayam, Kerala). 2 weeks back one of the ACs started having water leak. We contacted the customer care and there was no reply for sometime. Few days later a guy called and told that service personnel would arrive the following day but no one arrived the following day. When we contacted the guy he told that he couldn’t arrange anyone. This is simply ridiculous. We never expected such irresponsible behaviour from a company like Hitachi. Not only this but we have never received the routine service we are supposed to receive.

  38. Bad Quality Hitachi AC

    I had purchased split Inverter AC 1.5 Ton on 10-05-2015, which was installed on 14-05-2015 (after lot of chasing from call centre to service centre).
    This AC stated giving sound since installation, which gradually increased with cooling going down day-by-day. I complained at call centre 35324848 on 26-05-2015 (Night) vide complain no 15052607406. Hitachi Technician came on 27-05-2015 and told that AC Blower is damaged and it seems damaged indoor piece has been given to you, hence I should contact with dealer for indoor unit replacement.
    Then I contacted the Dealer (Siddharth Digital word-Hitachi Studio, Laxmi Nagar Delhi), In turn dealer directed some senior Hitachi person, who talked me from Hitachi mobile no – 9711620821 and informed me that he will replace the blower & other defective parts only and there is no replacement policy in Hitachi even after defective unit is delivered and is only repair can be done, so he will get it repaired. I told OK you get it repaired. After lot of persuasion it was rectified after 10 days.
    Again, on 19-06-15 (within 15 days) AC stopped working through remote and complain was lodged on 19-06-2015, again after Lot of chasing to Hitachi Higher Management through lot of E_mail & interference by Dealer electronic system was repaired and remote changed. Here it is worth mentioning that remote was not faulty and indoor electronic sensor was faulty, which is a Major concern.
    After my Lot of enquiry the Mechanic told me that I have got DEFECTIVE piece but nothing can be done as if “it is my bad luck and for this HITACHI can not be blamed and my BAD LUCK IS AN ACT OF GOD. “
    After this is it worked till September-2015. After that AC was not used due to winter season.
    Again in 02-APRIL-2016, when I started AC, it is not cooling. I complained (Service Req – 16040213374), but till date 2 times Mechanic came but they are not able to rectify it and gone back. I asked the mobile number of their Seniors which they refused. Even they are telling that “I am LUCKY that this problem come WITHIN GUARANTEE period. It seems that otherwise I would have to sell it in SCRAP”.
    After this the complain is closed without repair (with no information).
    Now what to do, Please do something & it get it repaired by some senior Engineer so that even after repair this defective piece does not give further trouble after Guarantee is over?
    Also, I think that by choosing Hitachi to purchase I had done mistake as I have been given defective indoor unit by Hitachi dealer (due to my bad fate for which Hitachi or any other can’t be blamed as it written by God only in my Fate) and even its repair is taking so much time and has become nightmare in this 40 degree Delhi summer and I am forced to contact many stages in Hitachi hierarchy.
    Please also inform upto what time it will be repaired.


    Dear Ankit,
    Kindly Rate Hitachi KASHIKOI 5400i, 1.5 ton………..OR can you recommend other AC in same range.
    Thank you.

    1. Dear,
      Which AC you in general recommend for domestic use in an apartment which is east facing on 4th floor of a nine storied building.
      Keep in consideration- cost , energy efficiency, installation cost, auto start, pathogen clearance, maintenance, warranty period

  40. Going to buy AC But confusion which one to buy

    Dear Sir,
    Going to buy AC But confusion which one to buy. My budget is 35K . We are in 1st floor and above our floor terrace is there. So kindly tell which AC is best to buy.

  41. r

    hello looking to buy an 1.5 t ac for my 12x10x10 ft room but confuse which ac i have to buy, mostly inverter ac can u suggest me for it, should have copper coil.


    Worst deal of my life. I bought Hitachi Split A.C last year and in just one year its gas is gone. Engineer from Hitachi came and re-filled the gas along with some leakage but in next 15 days again there is no cooling. It is running just like a normal fan. I requested in their customer care about this but of no use. Also since the warranty of the A.C was about to expire I requested them to extend the warranty but got no such help from the company. My advise is NEVER EVER BUY HITACHI A.C. My 5 year old LG is cooling much better then one year old Hitachi Split.

  43. The Louvre is not fixing!

    I’ve bought Hitachi ACE 1 TR 4 Star Split AC last week. But it has a problem. The louvres are not fixing at any desired spot, its keeps on moving. Even though I’m stopping the movement through remote, its not stopping. How many times do I need to press the button to stop the louvre at any certain point? Can anyone help?

  44. Worst services

    I’ve bought 2 Split AC from this company. It didn’t work for even 1 day both of them have problem. First of all hitachi’s staff they dont even know anything about installation n services you need to work on this. Secondly, your products are ridiculous. You just have a name but actually the truth is your companies products are devastating. Now when i talk to the executive on the service center they just ignore the problems we are facing. Instead of replacing the stuff they dont give a damn. I am highly disappointed by the company .
    Senior executive:- Manoj
    Manager:- Avdesh
    Senior Manager:- chand
    We got no calls from them yet Instead they just don’t bother to answer our calls .

  45. Suggestion

    i wants to buy Hitachi RAU318IWD Zunoh 3300f model, 1.5 ton , 3 star.
    please suugest me that i buy or not.

  46. Performance Review

    What is your opinion of the model RAS 312HWDD (1Ton) 3 Star Split AC of Hitachi ?

  47. worst customer service

    I bought 2 hitachi ac, i have requested for a service last month and couple of follow ups with call center. till date i did not get any response.

  48. Poor service

    Hitachi has the worst after sales service. even the emails you sent to the management are not delivered.
    Their engineers donot turn up for service and simply close the service request

    Please never buy their A/Cs


    I have used multiple brands earlier including Godrej, Whirlpool, Carrier,LG , but Hitachi performs worst among customer service. The motto is Once you buy it, take the sh*t to your home and find someone who can repair. They will not budge.

    Here is Hitachi disgraceful performance of providing customer service

    Initial Complaint #16041806824
    Logged : 16-April
    Attended : 22-April-2016
    Initial diagnosis suggested : Service
    Request for relook and come again: 25-April-2016 as I believed the issue is not with Service
    No visit till 29-April-2016.
    Follow up done with Customer Service after request was closed
    Asked for status – Nothing available with customer service ( spoke to Ms Priyal)
    What a fantastic way of closing request without knowing the action taken or without checking with customer

    Second Complaint: 16042900030, due to no response
    Logged : 30-April-2016
    Again followed up with customer service and spoke to Ms Suman for checking status (past 48 hours, when there is no response).
    To my surprise, she opened a new complaint # 16050305123 ( Third request for same problem), I was asked to follow up with service center ( what more can be bad than to notify customer, you go and handle the sh*t yourself)
    Visit completed by Service Technician and he could now see the problem.Advised to replace capacitor which was done, The unit could not operate again more than 2 hours
    Again called the service center very same day, they advised to arrange a senior technician
    No one showed up, followed up again myself with service center.
    Called service center on the same number ( was informed that they will revert)
    Waited for 2 hours , Called again customer service ( spoke to Mr Umang), Again as expected, asked to follow up yourself.
    Now watch What a wonderful way of tracking the problem ( no one has any clue of the real problem start date)
    A new complaint request was opened # 16050408491
    In between connect to management – reached out to manager, no change in behavior
    Reached out to next lever, no response till now

    Last level left only – Reaching out to Board of director

  50. Pls dont go for Hitachi split AC, worst product. Its working only two years, after two years should go for new ac. Poor and worst servicing, no one couldnt respond from the company.

  51. Excellant Performance of Hitachi split AC 1.5 ton Zunoh 300f

    There are so many negative comments about Hitachi. Perhaps the people who have had fantastic experience of using Hitachi split AC do not bother to post comments in your site. I am one of them. I live in Kolkata and I bought two Hitachi Zunoh 300f ( RAU518IVD) 1.5 ton split AC for my two bedrooms in 2015 and they are working fantastically till now. Even in scorching summer days when outside temperature soar to 42 degree centigrade inside temperature cools down to 22 degree centigrade within about one hour. I practically measured this with a temperature meter that I have. Performance of an AC can be judged only and only when outside temperature is more than 40 degree centigrade and only under this extreme condition it is to see how much AC can cool it down and how much time it did take to do so. Hitachi succeeded in doing so and there is hardly any confusion to declare that Hitachi is one of the best split AC manufacturer in the world. Hitachi split AC has superior technology in that it cools intelligently well which is a thing not understandable by many users. Many say Hitachi does not cool well as it has hardly any chilling effect. Actually most of the users think that if the AC can chill it is a good AC. Hitachi controls the temperature and humidity both in such a manner that one will feel no chilling effect but will gradually feel after some time that perhaps winter season has come to the room by mistake or one may be in Darjeeling as if seeing Kanchenjunga hill through the window. This I must say is a fantastic experience which I have felt many times inside the room even when outside temperature is soaring. Due to this Hitachi AC has no negative impact upon health even run for prolonged time since chilling factor is not there which is not desirable also. Even being slept throughout the night under Hitachi AC keeping temperature set at 28 degree centigrade when I get up from the bed in the morning I feel afresh and there is no body ache or feeling heavy or something like that which I have to take care of. This is very much fantastic – is not it? From the point of view of power consumption, noise level etc. Hitachi has a leading edge. I have also not to bother about cleaning of filters because Hitachi take care of it as well since above models have Myclean features which is unique of Hitachi. Hitachi AC has superb built up quality and is long lasting. One thing I have to point out that during outdoor unit installation it is to be ensured that no direct sunlight falls upon outdoor unit otherwise it would affect heat exchanging performance of outdoor unit and cooling performance of AC as well- for this I have fixed plastic shed upon outdoor unit. Hitachi split AC has compressor which is a masterpiece and totally imported and built in Japan by Hitachi itself in their manufacturing unit because they do not use compressor of other manufacturers and that is why their compressors are guaranteed for any manufacturing defect for five years. Hitachi having its origin in Japan the country which offer world class technology never compromise with quality ever.
    I feel a bit sorry in that even after so many superb features Ankit Chugh does not recommend Hitachi AC to anybody. I feel pain because review in this site are read by many and they take decision accordingly before buying AC. There are only negative feedbacks about Hitachi AC and newcomers naturally would be disappointed and diverted to other manufacturers and will not experience the fantastic features of Hitachi AC. There may be defect generated in one or two Hitachi AC which can be addressed and resolved as it happens in other AC also but there is no way to declare that it is a bad AC. Nowadays after sale service of Hitachi AC has improved very much – in my case Hitachi personnel had come to my house and got everything checked all right and there is absolutely no problem till now.
    I will request Ankit Chugh that please, please and please do not be so cruel upon Hitachi AC rather extend your love to this world class AC and recommend others to go for it.

  52. Brand new Hitachi A.C Inverter having a Electronic board fault

    I bought a new Hitachi Ac Split and Inverter type. A brand new one was fixed today wasn’t working. After 7hours of testing the engineer informed us that there is a problem in electronic board and will be replaced only the board. The customer service asked us to make a complaint with hitachi management system which is the weblink. A brand new A.C is having a problem imagine the production and the testing they make to claim the stars and rating. Inefficient and worst customer service. Do not buy hitachi please as this is the second experience in the electronic board which is always a failure for Hitachi.

  53. I have to exchange ac because the service centre don't pick the phone

    Sir I buy new window ac of hitachi 5 star it’s noise like old coolers and I give complaint to the service centre and they don’t come and even they don’t pick the phone

  54. Hitachi AC breakdown in 3 months

    Never never go for Hitachi.Worst AC never buy. Even service is also worst.

  55. Worst Post sales service & service team attitude

    worst service post sales.
    bought two ac’s, but functioning very low within one year of purchase. cant image that service requests are raised many times as reminders as team does not either respond nor visit for addressing the issues.
    auto clean motor failed/ non functional within one year and there has been neither R&D nor quality check before delivering the product.

    Even if it is a Japanese company, I would never recommend anyone to spend such good amount on Hitachi ac products. Not worth the quality expected from such an establishment.

  56. Never buy hitachi AC. WORST customer services.

    Never buy hitachi window AC. In my life i saw worst customer service buy hitachi. They charge 500 rs only to come your home. Nothing check. Do the repair at local places and charge too much. Not to buy customer care send those who are not trend by hitachi.they are local people who have their own shop and ask money to repair hitachi ac problem with local parts else replace whole part at higher charge

  57. Mitsubishi Electric & Panasonic ac's.

    Read your pages and wanted to know about good service as well as performance & life of 2 ton 3 to 5 star (or inverter) Mitsubishi Electric & Panasonic split ac’s in Mumbai. Post sales service any good? Or comments like for Hitachi?

  58. DO NOT BUY

    do not buy hitachi AC its not promising at all, its been only 2 months and my ac needs to be refilled with gas , this is ridiculous, i tell them to change my AC and give me a new one there is a fault in my unit , they says sorry sir we dont know if we have your model available in our inventory we have to ask our senior then we will replace your machine, and its been two weeks nobody answer my call even when i dial customer care they says sorry sir its not my department you have to call your nearest service centre and ask for the replacement and i call it again nobody answering . i live in delhi the service center no. is 9711620954 and my registered contact no is 9953295450. i buy the latest kaze plus 2016 model its a window ac and i want to share my personal experience with you guys and i want to say instead of choosing hitachi please choose another company . thats all i want to say and i am not going to recommend hitachi to my friends and family and to anybody. poor company cheap services not satisfied

  59. Do not Buy Hitachi

    Don’t Buy Hitachi I Clean Model. i bought Hitachi i clean Split Air conditioner. 20 days ago.Now its unit is not working. and service of Hitachi is not good.i want to say instead of choosing hitachi please choose another company. my registered no 9478930005

  60. Dear Ankit! Please let me know who are actually as I wish to know to advise which split ac is better. I gone through your all advises. I also trying to buy split ac 1.5 ton for my room of 175 sqft. Your are advising in priority is LG product then Daikin, Carrier and Blue star. On what basis you are advising the consumer? I am willing to know in deep. If you dont mind please advise me which product, which model is suitable for me as my house is exposed to direct sunlight. Please advise. thank you

  61. Please respond as soon as possible.

    Hi Ankit,

    This is Uday, I stays in Hyderabad and I am planing to buy the Hitachi so far, after reading above comments trail I am just rethinking about Hitachi. If I want to go for DAIKIN, can you suggest the best model in 1.5T split A/C.
    As I run the A/C hardly 3 to 4 months only in nights, I am not going for inverter model. Can you suggest best models in DAIKIN 1.5 T which can handle the 50 Degrees Temp. as well. And also I a just want to know how the DAIKIN service in Hyderabad ?

    Thanks in Advance :)

    1. PATHETIC Hitachi

      Never Buy Hitachi. The product and services are pathetic. The service is so poor that you will get frustrated. I have suffered big time with Hitachi products and would strongly urge you not to go for Hitachi products.

  62. Hitachi Split AC

    Hitachi Split AC cooling is very bad and its services by the authorized service centers is also very poor. I have 1.5 Ton Split AC in 150 sqr. Fit Computer Room But it is not cooling the room nor at normal temprature. So, I am totally unsatisfied with Hitachi Split AC and Suggest you not to buy this one otherwise will face a lots of problems.

  63. Hi Ankit,
    I was about to get O general 3 star 1.5T, but I found Hitachi Ridaa 3200f 1.5T 3 star model at a lot less price in the store. I think Hitachi is a good brand. Unfortunately, there is no comparative user review on the internet. Should I go for the Hitachi Ridaa instead of O general??
    Please suggest.

  64. Complaint regarding split ac




    I Have purchased RAU514AWD 1.2t 5*ZUNI5200TF split Ac last year on 17.8.16 from Amar Traders Patiala ( Punjab). After 15 days we started facing problems wid the didn’t give proper cooling.Lodging the complaint about it,executive did come and checked but surprisingly didn’t find any fault and went saying that we can’t do anything can get it checked from some other AC experts.after lodging complaints again and again they came saw and didn’t do anything and at the end we are suffering after paying a huge we think it was better to buy an average cooler than to purchase it.we even refilled the gas but of no use.we want our Ac to b replaced but the executive use to say it’s not our department.the company is not customer friendly at all.we are actually feeling betrayed by purchasing this split Ac so it’s my advice to all not to purchase any product of this company.

  65. Hitachi Worst AC

    HITACHI AC (Chennai)
    Puchased on : 16.04.2017
    Installed on: 25.04.2017(after 10 days after purchase)
    Below is the problem after installation
    1. Water Leakage ( Same day)
    2. Compressore Failure ( 2nd Day)
    3. PLC problem ( 3rd Day)
    Today is 28.04.2017. Still not solve the problem. Now we are waiting for the service men.

  66. I had a very bad experience with Hitachi products.I have purchased a split A/c and a refrigerator .I faced too much problems in 4-5 years without any reason.All the times fault occurs in their PCB’s.The repair is very costly and time taking.I advise not to buy the Hitachi products.

  67. USELESS, POOR and WORST after sales services of Hitachi

    USELESS, POOR and WORST after sales services of Hitachi
    I had lodged a complaint no.17050504160 for service/ gas leakage on 5.05.2017. When I had called Mr. Suhal (Mobile no. 9999166725)/ Service Station Engineer, I came to know that the AC would be returned on 15.05.2017. It flows that you have taken a period of 10 days in this peak days of summer. This is disgusting and height of POOR and WORST after sales services of Hitachi.
    I would NOT recommend any one to go for HITACHI AC.
    Shekhar Kumar, 9650291110

  68. Hello Sir,
    I intend to buy an AC 1 ton 3 star in kolkata. Pls advice which AC would be the best.

  69. Never go for HITACHI

    1. Worst quality
    2. Poor Service
    3. Poor managment

    Go for any option, but never for HITACHI. We are actually feeling betrayed by purchasing HITACHI AC.

  70. Worst of money to buy hitachi ac

    i had bought a inverter ac in may 2016 till then its getting lot of problems again and again, i have registered complaint 15 day ago but i never get the solution for the same, i call them daily but the caller people give thousand of excuse for the, but no any solution i can get from there. there no any responsible people to solve out the satisfied solution, people are there immature person. its a totally bad experience for me, worst of money also please never go for hitachi ac

  71. plz suggest good AC in terms of performance and afrer sale service

    hi Ankit, I’m planning to buy Lloyd LS21A3PB, please suggest whther lloyd is a reliable brand,give your opinion to have an AC of more than 1.5 ton under 35k

  72. Guidance for buying Split AC

    Dear Mr. Ankit

    I reside in Kolkata and my room size is 14 X 10 sqft in ground floor , open in North size. I wish to buy is 1.5 Ton Split AC within couple of days.
    I have already buy a Samsung AC for another room for which experience is not good atall, they are using Al condenser which got damaged just after one year .
    Anyway that is another story, now please suggest me if there is any most best product with good service support , to use it in residential complex and avoid complicity want to avoid inverter AC.

    Waiting for your valued guidance.

    Best Regards,
    Dipanjan Basu

  73. Bloody cheaters

    never buy hitachi this one is the worst ac that i had expirenced.Rude behaviour with customer. I sugest u to never buy this one even local brands like voltas,whirlpool are more better than of it.
    Total wastage of money.
    I warn you never buy this


    POOR and WORST after sales services of Hitachi
    Service Station had returned my window 1.5 Ton AC on 13.05.2017 only after retaining 10 days after re-filing gas & so many reminders/telephonic calls to Mr. Suhal (Mobile no. 9999166725)/ Service Station Engineer vide complaint no. 17050504160.
    No again in just within a month gas is reported to be leaked vide Breakdown Ref. 17060702043 dated 7.06.2017.

    Moreover no one is attending the call despite of rigorous followup.
    I think purchage of HITACH AC was a bad decision and I would NOT recommend any one to go for HITACHI AC.

  75. Need help

    Hi Ankit
    Please suggest me which ac is best in inverter technology and after sale service

    Hitachi kashikoi 5400i
    O gerenal ASGA18JCC
    And Mitsubishi srk 18 yl


  76. Very Bad AFter Sales Service

    Beware Customers Please!! Service of Hitachi, a air conditions company, is not providing after sale service. The bill no. 0217/16-17 from M/s Electronic Centre, Sector 35, Chandigarh. The dealer said it is not our duty, as it is duty of Hitachi. It is unacceptable behavior. We have registered the complaint so many times. But nobody turns to give the service till date. Hitachi will provide three after sale services free of cost as told by dealer at time of sales.

  77. Very Very Poor After Sales Service

    Never but Hitachi AC. Very Very poor after sale service. It has been just one and half-month we bought this and it has stopped working. We have lodged complaint 5 days before, but nothing been done till date and customer care is asking for more 6 days.

  78. Bad service

    I bought new ac 1 month 1 ton Split Ac bill no 195/23-06-2017, Exact 1 month later my ac not working. I called for Customer service they send person after 2 days and he said need to replace parts which is not available with them. Its already 4 days and there reply is same parts not available. Worst experience with Hitachi.

  79. solve my issue

    I am using LG 1.5Ton inverter ac and my room size is 9×10, my room contains closed loft, and only a bed, and I am using triple booster in my single phase power supply.
    But still I am not getting better chillness.
    If I set 18°c I feel the ac but when I set 22°c or more the ac will be running but I’ll not feel that ac is running, sometimes sweating itself happens. What will be the issue behind this.

  80. Suggestion for installing new AC

    Mr Ankit Chugh,
    I am planning to install AC in my east facing Hall., it is about 480 sq ft in area, pl suggest which make & tonnage AC should be intalled, pl keep the initial cost and running cost in mind


    Very Very Poor Service of Hitachi Air Conditioner
    I have lodged complaint with Hitachi service center on 13/08/2017
    which is still to be rectified, Hitachi is hiring road side Vendors for service who are playing with customers (AC users) extracting very high amount of service, replacing Original part with duplicate/second hand part or repaired localy hired agents/agency pocketing good money asking advance after that playing with customer.
    Please think twice befor purchasing Hitachi Air Conditioner 1- Hitachi Product Very high in cost 2- There is no proper service 3- Locally sub contracted agency extracting very high charges.

    Sector-3, R. K. Puram, New Delhi-22

  82. Don't buy HITACHI AC

    Please don’t buy HITACHI AC
    This is the worst AC ,don’t buy it by the name of hitachi.aftr 14months water dripping from it.

  83. Hitachi - worst service Paytm money continuously once u to product - high cheaters

    Very poor hitachi AC service Bangalore and the fake Ives and customer care team..

    Hitachi is a very very very poor service .. called the customer care for reinstallation which is of cost INR 1500 but instead sending a authorized dealer they have send some local guy and asked us to pay INR 8000 .. than brand maintenance provided by the product should be good and I rate hitachi in that very very pooor brand .

  84. check ur mail (customercare@jci-hitachi. com) and revert… no any rsponse from hitcahi company. very bad service and not responsible any person in company, pls do not purchase hitachi product.

  85. Hitachi AC - the worst product. post sale service

    One customer knows better about a product than an expert. May be some experts rate a product highly for money. …..I don’t know!
    My experience says Hitachi ACs are worst product and there is post sale service. Customer care never responds.
    I purchased 1 ton for Rs.41000. Problem started during installation. ….I contacted everyone at every level but did not get a solution. ……

  86. Don’t Buy any Hitachi Product my request

    From the day of installation till today 2018…. It never worked. Worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst and worst service …. and worst Manas nagar Agra service centre. Pathetic manager Manish Sharma.

  87. I m having all Ac s Daikin,LG,general,
    And had no complaint about any Ac
    But since I purchased Hitachi I hv been facing difficulties in this Ac.
    One or the other part is alwaz damaged in last two years so much expenditure done on it and still cooling coil is damaged and despite of getting insurance they r demanding 7000 now.
    I wont suggest anyone to buy this Ac ever.
    The company should n banned for fraudulent

  88. Compressor not work

    Hitachi Ac is fully poor and dull service and also using poor spare parts this company is cheat to customer so don’t purchase it , go for lg and other companies

  89. Sravan

    I am considering the following Hitachi models. is any of them worth buying?

    1.Hitachi Kashikoi 3300X,1.5 Ton,3 star, inverter type,copper, expandable model.

    2.Hitachi ,1.5 ton,4 star,2018 inverter,RSH/ESH/CSH-417HBEA,Copper.

    3.Hiatchi Merai 3100X,copper, expandable, inverter model.

    Are any of these worth buying?

  90. Poor service by HITACHI

    POOR SERVICE dont buy Hitachi they simply dont respond to your complaints I have 4 Hitachi ac but their new range is bad design very fragile and it is backed by pathetic service so dont spend your money on this brand buy Daikin o General or Toshiba panasonic instead

  91. performace and service provice by hitachi is very worst

    performace and service provice by hitachi is very worst

  92. very bad company service

    don’t buy any hitachi product
    hitachi service very bad
    they make you fool


    I have renewed AMC contract in the month of April-2018 for my Air conditioner. This Air conditioner gone down in the month of June-2018. I lodge a complaint on 10/06/2018 (Complaint No : 1806000959). I was surprised to know that call was call was closed without attending, after that I again lodge a complaint on 13/06/2018 (Complaint No 18061302607).

    Now the call has been attended on 15/06/2018, service engineer has reported that condenser need to be replaced on paid basis. For which I have immediately confirmed that I am ready to pay towards replacement cost of condenser (despite my AC is covered in comprehensive AMC). It was told that condenser will be replaced latest by 20/06/2018 but nothing has happened till date. I have received call from all of the senior officials from HITACHI but my AC is not repaired till date

    In the view of above, it is clear that these MNC companies like Hitachi is also like another east India company, they are just sucking hard earned money of Indians and not interested to provide the services. I must say that it is always better to purchase AC which are “Make in India”


    Dear Hitachi Team,
    Despite of commitment by Mr. Vishal christian & his team, my Air Conditioner is not repaired till date. After several
    follow-ups call was attended by a technician (Mr. Shahdab from Chilld Refrigeration) on 05/07/2018. He came with
    a condenser coil (on paid basis) which was not compatible with my Air Conditioner. After that I am still waiting for
    repair of my Air Conditioner.
    During visit, It was told that your Air Conditioner is very old and its parts are not available or very hard to be available.
    I am not able to understand that AMC contract was signed in the month of April-2018 and at the time of signing AMC
    contract Air Conditioner was thoroughly checked. It was never told that this Air Conditioner has become obsolete.
    While at time of providing services it is being told that Air Conditioner has become obsolete.
    As you may see in the screen shot as under that first complaint was made on 10/06/2018 and in 31 days Hitachi
    team is not able to provide service and I am still waiting for repair of my Air Conditioner.
    In the view of above, I may say that services provide by the Hitachi service team are absolutely rubbish. Hitachi
    service team is not able to provide spare parts. In the absence of part, Hitachi team use to close the call
    autocratically to avoid showing log pendency of a call. I request to Hitachi team to please refund my AMC amount
    so that I may get repair my Air Conditioner from open market.

  95. Plz don't buy hitachi ac .totally waste of money

    Recently I bought hitachi window ac 1.5 ton after 3 month ther is colling …ac running like a cooler …there will be no responce from customer care ..PLZ PLZ PLZ DON’T BUY HITACHI AC quality and service is 0% out of 100.
    Totally waste of money .


    PLEASE DONT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND SERVICES. They will screw your mind with their arrogance, lack of skills and most importantly they are corrupted and manipulative. Yes I am talking about Hitachi Service centers. They just dont have a pulse of brand reputation and customer satisfaction. The product itself hasnt been performing good and its service makes it even worse with lot of maintenance. I have spent lot of money in these services and regret it at the end of the day. Dont be surprised if you are manipulated and asked for bribery. Overall I dont recommend you to buy this product as its quality is poorer than its peers and servicing absolutely pathetic.


    I bought 2 ton Hitachi 5 star ac and i did register for installation with your toll free number twice, and I got horrible experience from your installation team in Kolkata both the time.

    First request no.18091305836, They made me wait the whole day and nobody came to visit the flat and the 2nd day a rude guy came to install the AC who went away saying the wall needs to be broken and a santras will be required, I agreed to pay the extra charge to break the wall. However they did not send anybody and instead closed the case saying customer want to install it later, which I never said.

    Second request number 18092006122, A person by the name Debu called today morning saying that they will visit at 12 pm today. I waited till 4 pm and nobody turned up, I called several time and he said yes somebody will come for sure. Next at 4 pm he said they will not be able to come today and if I am in hurry I can get the AC installed from somewhere else.

    Both the time it was a horrible experience with your installation team in Kolkata and now I simply sit and regret why I bought Hitachi.




    I would like to bring into the notice of buyers that I am completely dissatisfied with the Aircon purchased last year due to its unreliable cooling problem since the day of its purchase. The machine is nothing more than just an ordinary fan with high noise. The model is Hitachi Summer QC RAV518HUD AC 1.5TR 5 STAR.

    The first complaint was made just in days of its purchase and around 50 complaints have been made since, through my mobile no. 7006506394. .
    I have already lost a lot of strength and time chasing and attending the service calls and representatives. Complaints were open for more than a month, and some were closed without sharing the CDN number with the service representatives, Surprised!!. One complaint was even closed in the month of November – Winter time.
    Every service representative tests the machine in their own way. Some said machine works like this way, some said machine has low air flow, some said ‘kaze plus’ model is best, some said problems are occurring since production started in India(earlier was in Hongkong), some changed the location of AC and other say unexpected things. I have never expected such terrible responsiveness from a company called Johnson/Hitachi.

    I would say JCI Hitachi has failed in their obligations by selling a useless, unreliable product to us. Since the product is still in warranty, I would request the Hitachi to replace the unit/ refund my money.

    Akshay Koul

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