Honda continued to keep its presence in the 250cc segment by CBR 250 since 1986 till 1996 then the CBR 250 was forgotten by the company but not by the enthusiasts, the absence of Honda and deficiency of Japanese bikes in this segment, in turn, maintained the supremacy of the Kawasaki Ninja 250.


The models produced during the period of 1986 to 1996 were high revving screamers with in-line four-cylinder configuration giving out the max output of 33 kW of raw power. The sounds on these machines might have been echoing in the minds of the R&D guys in HONDA. That’s why Honda percieved a re-entry in the quarter-litre segment but with a completely different approach, The tagline selected was “Sports Quarter for One World“. This time Honda had two very prime objectives to achieve.

1. It should be optimized for every class of riders (Read in terms of Size, Power and Handling)

2. It should merge the two segments of riding (Read in terms of Acceleration and nimbleness)

Honda did a great job and rolled out the CBR250R in 2011 for the riders in the world, which was fresh from the oven product with a complete newly designed body and heart, the bike came with C – ABS which was a unique feature to any 250 cc bike globally.

Especially in India, this product came in VFM tag because the closest contender Baby Ninja was way too pricey than the CBR. Initial deliveries began and the good and bad started rolling in,  Many said this is a doomed product and will not sell because of the power and the quality issues but time moved on and the product continually generated sales in decent numbers and Honda eventually addressed all the issues based on research and consumer feedback.

On one eventful day of March 2012, I got my hands on a sparkling new Honda CBR250R ABS variant. Even though the buying experience consists of two months of rigorous search and comparison between the CBR250R vs R15 V 2.0 and Duke 200 even though all these are as different as chalk and cheese but the MONEY factor was hovering around a similar price band. I initially intended to go for an HRC colour scheme which was to be launched but the availability and bookings with the dealers were way off the charts and waiting around two months or so, Hence I settled for an Asteroid Black metallic colour option.

Experience till date has been very pleasant and I anticipate the future journeys to be much more comfortable and confident as I get the feel of the machine and learn all the attributes, qualities and demerits of the bike.

Honda CBR250R Variants Available

CBR250R 2012 is available in two variants;

  1. CBR 250 R: Standard  Honda CBR 250R with Bybre brakes and without combined ABS.       
  2. CBR 250RAB: Honda CBR250R WIth Combined ABS and Nissin brakes.

Honda CBR250R Looks

The appearance of the bike is superb and the front end looks similar to the VFR league and the side stand is a direct lift from the Fireblades, The bike is BIG but it feels a little smaller and can be zipped around, given the rider is of a hefty built. Looks will be described more in upcoming Ownership review of it.

Honda CBR250R Engine

The moment you crank the engine you start feeling the sweet sound of a four-stroke engine humming, Initially, the RPM indicates 2000 which gradually settles down to 1500 due to in-built choke mechanism in the FI system for ensuring the correct temperature of operation for the engine. The transmission is butter smooth and precise, one can simply count the gears and really feel the shifting as you cruise along. Clutch is ultra soft and it takes some time to get accustomed to. The exhaust note is pleasant but can be improved if one wants a louder engine note, Many accessory shops are now importing and retailing accessories for CBR and are in the affordable range.

Honda CBR250R Technical Specifications:

Sales nameCBR250R
Model typeHonda MC41
Overall length × Overall width × Overall height (m)2.035 × 0.720 × 1.125
Wheelbase (m)1.370
Ground clearance (m)0.145
Seat height (m)0.780
Curb weight (kg)161 (STD) 165 (ABS)
Riding capacity (No. of people)2
Minimum turning radius (m)2.5
Engine typeCS250RE, liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC single cylinder
Displacement (cm³)249
Bore × Stroke (mm)76.0 × 55.0
Compression ratio10.7
Fuel supply systemProgrammed fuel injection system (PGM-FI)
Starter typeSelf-starter
Ignition typeFull-transistor battery ignition
Lubricating typeWet sump
Fuel tank capacity (L)13
Clutch typeWet multiplate with coil springs
Transmission typeConstant mesh 6-speed return
Transmission gear ratio1-speed3.333
Reduction gear ratio (primary, secondary)2.808 / 2.714
Caster angle/Trail (mm)25º00´/ 95
Tire sizeFront110/70-17M/C
Brake typeFrontHydraulic disk
RearHydraulic disk
Suspension typeFrontTelescopic
RearSwing arm (Pro-link suspension system)
Frame typeDiamond

Honda CBR250R Color Options

Both variants of CBR 250 R are available in Three colour schemes;

  1. Candy Ruby Red X Accurate Silver Metallic
  2. Pearl Heron Blue (Tri-Color)
  3. Asteroid Black Metallic X Accurate Silver Metallic


Honda CBR250R Brakes

On the standard variant, both wheels receive Disc brakes from BYBRE are pretty decent and serve the purpose well, most importantly it gives the rider complete control for the braking of the bike.

The C-ABS variant though pricey but has created quite a stir among the tourers and is considered VFM even the price has been declared as exorbitant by many. C-ABS is considered to be an unessential aspect in this bike by many but the feature is very helpful under stressful and impromptu braking conditions. Though the price difference is substantial but it is worth opting for. The C-ABS system uses NISSIN Brakes and is at par to the standard variant.

Honda CBR250R Options Available

This motorcycle comes with a standard warranty of two years which is extendable to five years on payment. 

HMSI also provides Roadside assistance on a very menial amount. It is a very useful option and is handy.

The insurance plan also provides an option for 0% depreciation plan which includes even the plastic parts of the bike under the insurance cover.

Honda CBR250R Mileage

The most important and prominent question every automobile faces in this Country ” KITNA DETI HAI”. Well if you are well within the specified speed limits directed by authorities (i.e. less than 70 kmph) then you can get around 40 kmpl, in case you are speed freak and try to extend the bike to the limits than the mileage will be restricted to 30 – 32 kmpl. Many have claimed to get 40+ kmpl mileage when cruising on Highways at 100-110 kmph.

Honda CBR250R Price

DelhiCBR 250R STD148112* 162549
CBR 250R ABS173829* 190618
CBR 250R STD TRICOLOR149131* 163660
CBR 250R ABS TRICOLOR174848* 191730
MumbaiCBR 250R STD156427* 170108
CBR 250R ABS183365* 199243
CBR 250R STD TRICOLOR157482* 171249
CBR 250R ABS TRICOLOR184433* 200397
ChennaiCBR 250R STD152880* 167802
CBR 250R ABS179054* 196371
CBR 250R STD TRICOLOR153917* 168934
CBR 250R ABS TRICOLOR157285* 197503
KolkataCBR 250R STD152451* 159783
CBR 250R ABS178644* 186276
CBR 250R STD TRICOLOR153489* 160832
CBR 250R ABS TRICOLOR179681* 187325

*On road price does not include optional items like – Accessories, Extended warranty, AMC…

Tricolour variants are costlier by a menial amount and worth for if you wanna have that true racing color schemes.

Disclaimer: The author is not associated with HMSI in any manner and the opinions thus expressed are sole of the author based on his experience and rides.

A Mechanical engineer by profession and an automotive enthusiast by hobby, I am Not an optimist but I try to see the positives out of any situation or object. Join me on <a href=""...

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  1. Rubbish! i am a owner of honda cbr 250r frm last 10 months nd it gives me a mileage of 22-25kmpl in city and around 30kmpl in highway.
    People are faking who are claiming of a mileage of 40kmpl in a speed of 110kmph in highways.

    1. Subhranjan, Congrats on owning a wonderful machine, Regarding your comment i would like to clarify that Mileage is completely dependent on the Riding style of the rider and the traffic conditions in the city and so on and so forth, Even I’m in delhi and i use it as a daily drive to my office (My total commute is 60kms/day) and even in the worst traffic conditions i get around 27-28 kmpl, On my recent trip to Ludhiana i got a mileage of 35-36kmpl even though NH1 is a very busy stretch and full of diversions and other things which keep you slowing down. but in the End you are the best judge of your bike and your riding style and conditions, so keep revvin, ride hard and be Safe!. I dnt stand guarantee for the claims made by other people but can surely stand by what i have experienced.

    2. Ok… so u go all the way for a 250cc performance machine leaving aside cheap 100/125cc bikes, expecting some mileage out of it for daily commute. U cud hv slashed 100k straight frm ur budget nd wud hv got what u wanted.

    3. ya i agree with u… i am also getting the same milage,

      but my question is what is the ideal speed for cbr250 abs to get good milage.

  2. Hi abishek, i have booked my cbr250r yesterday. Can you suggest its worth for a daily commute, my total distance is around 70kms/day. I am in chennai, morning as well as evening you know i have to stay in each signal atleast for 2minutes. road conditions are not that much good. OfCourse i have booked my bike, but just having some confusions in my mind.

    1. Hi Shanki,
      Even I commute daily on mine and my distance is around sixty kilometers a day so far i have not had any difficulty in commuting (thanks to Delhi roads), but in your case you’ll be the best judge(i am unaware about the traffic conditions in Chennai but i can assume it can get cramped sometimes), as far as signals are concerned you can switch the engine kill till you wait at the signal and keep it on off position as in cases the fan runs with the engine off the battery will be drained quickly, but trust me with this machine your normal commute will never be the same as before and it’ll bring a smile on your face everytime you ride it, BTW congrats on booking the bike may you have a smooth buying experience and a wonderful ownership period too.

      PS. You might be forced to take longer routes for commuting because the addiction increases day by day

      1. cbr question

        Hallo sir! I would like to have the repsol it avelebel in India..and with non abs??

  3. Hi Abhishek,

    Firstly,let me appreciate the fact that you have been unbiased and accomodative with you review. You take the stick and carrot in your stride.
    A quality that can never go unnoticed when it comes to reviews.

    Second..I currently own a CBR250R,and the experience,without a shadow of a doubt has been very pleasant. I don’t consider myself to be a great rider,but given the ineptitude,i believe this is a forgiving bike. Which reinforces the point that the bike is simply awesome. I have had a chance to ride Ninja250R as well,though a “very” different bike ,found CBR250R to be a better bike. Opinions matter and it’s purely my personal opinion.

    Keep up with your reviews,your style and approach is highly appreciated..


  4. HONDA ditching Indian with its CBR250R

    I owned a CBR250R last year. not even covered 3600km.
    it has got many problems which were not addressed by the HONDA.

    1. Rocker arm (pin) got broken. a grave manufacturing defect.
    2. paint on the bore is falling like white wash on the walls.
    3. faulty recalled break system is not yet replaced.
    4. HONDA not at all responding for ur complaints. you wont get any evidence of their calls / our mails.
    4. for every complaint they are taking hell of time.
    5 my becoming old in the dealer’s work shop itself

  5. I am planning to book CBR250R this week, but i am total confused still which one book between these R15 KTM 200 & CBR250R. Presently i have Apache RTR 180cc.

    Need some suggestion can i go for CBR250R or wait for other couple of month for the lunch of Pulsar or any other models.

    Thanks in advance

  6. I never had any confusions with regard to what bike I wanted to buy – I wanted a very comfortable and relaxed bike which could cruise at 100kph all day – and the only 2 bikes meeting my requirements were the ZMR and the CBR. Went for the CBR keeping in mind that it was a globally-selling model and had lots of advanced features.

    Now, like every bike in the world, this bike has got it’s own issues too. Learning to live with the issues and learning to love the goodies on the bike is a part of the ownership experience. By now, I have accepted all its weaknesses and I love it for whatever it is – it’s STILL one of the best bikes in India priced under 2 lacs (OK, I paid 2.05 lacs!).

  7. Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the suggestion, i have booked CBR250r will be getting in other 20 days.

    Anil Kumar

      1. Hi Abhishek,

        I have got the hands on the machine…its just super. And about the price i paid 2.10 Lacs on road.

        Anil Kumar

  8. Hi abhishek ,

    I have booked red CBR(non abs) 12 days ago. I was after this bike since 1.5 years and have finally booked it :). Just wanted to know if any special care needs to be taken while riding this beautiful machine for the initial 500-600 kms which shall enhance the performance of the bike ??

  9. Hi,,,,,
    Am a new rider,,,
    Am really confused ,, whether should I wait for duke 390 /pulsar 375?
    Or to book a ceeber r8 nw??
    Suggest me any,,,,,, the only condition for me is,,,,, it should be very friendly for new riders like me! ;)

  10. Giving sound from suspension


    I own a cbr250 of 2012 june model. Now my ride is giving me a different sound from the suspension. when i do a water wash it will go for some time but it will come again after a few minutes of riding. plz help bro

  11. M a daily commuter from home to my college and vice versa.. Max to max
    It makes a trip of 30-35kms a day.. So is it worth buying a baby cbr? And being a student just wanna know the maintenance cost of the bike.. Per yearly.. Abhishek thanks in advance
    Hope u guide me well.

  12. Sir i m living in kuwait….. But my hometown in kanpur ….
    Now i am planing to buy any sport bike with great look and features
    I m confused in pulsar and honda cbr250r
    So would any body plz suggest me that which one is good to buy and
    And from where to buy in new delhi or any other showroom is available in kanpur(u.p)
    Thanks in advance……..

    1. Thanks for ur response abhishek
      When i will booked ceeber i will let yu know all da details

  13. I have booked cbr250, I showroom they are saying it gives 25in highway nd 20 in city,can I knw the perfect mileage whi it gives….?

    1. Hi Swaroop,

      My apologies for such a delayed response, The mileage as i have mentioned time and again is solely dependent on your driving style, I have been getting a constant of 26-27 kmpl in city and 35-37 on highways.

      Hope it helps

      Best Regards,


  14. Good bike

    Hi bro .. i have booked for a new cbr250 STD and non abs yesterday they told me that the bike will be arrived before 25 days. I really like this bike. And i am new to bike riding too. But now my friends are saying that the bike is having many problems about the braking, mainly the front brakes. Cus i dont want to be disappointed while i get this bike. And if so should i buy this bike or go for another one. Pls recommend and your post is really helpful thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Salaf,

      Thank you for your appreciation, Now a days India also gets the same engineering as the international models so inadequacy of any engineering parameter is not an issue, A bike is completely subjective to a person’s views, expectations and riding style. A bike may or maynot suit to even twins leave aside all in your friends in your circle, The brakes on the standard are adequate as they can be but if you can stretch your budget ABS variant is not bad at all. Secondly rather than going for my advice or your friends advice please test drive both the variants back to back so that you know YOUR impressions. further ABS does not help the bike stopping quicker than the standard it only aides in avoiding the wheels being locked up in cases of panic/ hard braking so please dont expect the brakes to have more BITE than the standard ones.

      Please ride both yourself and then decide, and let us know your feedback.

      BTW congratulations on booking the bike may you have a smooth buying experience.

      Best Regards,


  15. Hello
    Sir m in a trouble..
    Actually I have broken my petrol tank key into w ignition switch.. Nd the bike is totally locked..
    The new ignition switch is costing me 11k…
    Please suggest me something man..
    Thanks in advance

    1. Ishant,

      Please try to get help from the nearest HMSI workshop, As the Key has broken there are fair chances that the broken piece can be extracted and the spare key be used. If not try to take the help of good key making guys in your city anyways you have to change the lock so you can give the local chabhi walah a shot.

      And God forbid if both of these dont work out then you have to get the whole key set changed and YES HMSI has definately priced it really steep. for future make a note that the keyholes are lubricated properly specially during monsoons.

      Please update on the issue.

      Best Regards,


  16. hey,
    a week before, I had booked a try colour cbr250r abs, but I had my eyes on red /silver scheme , and many of my friends are suggesting me to jump over to duke200.

    now, is there any provision to get the colour of cbr250r changed?. Because I liked red/silver the most, and dealer says that, that was old colour scheme, and it has stopped now

    1. Yes, the HMSI has stopped old colors for the CBR and the bike is now available in four new colors. They are full black, black-red, tricolor and the last, THE REPSOL EDITION!!

  17. Hey abhishek..
    I have booked my cbr 250 r yesturday..
    people say u cant ride the bike above 80+
    till the first service and if u’ll do it the average will sit back to 20..
    I really want to know accelerating above 100+ before 1st service will effect my milage aur not.. and what is the top speed of this beast
    honda sales man is saying it will touch 170.

    1. Hello Naman,

      My apologies for replying so late have been a little bit tied up in other things lately, Yes you should be careful in running the bike no matter how much the engines are pre run in shops, The components dont undergo the same load and stress as in real life usage pattern. Though this doesnt mean that you have to stick to a speed limit. Just try;

      1. Not to over rev the engine (While standing and Running).
      2. Dont rip the throttle open if the Emgine temp is not in the optimum position.
      3. Dont stay in the same rev band for a prolonged period.

      Aprt from that these are modern engines they’ll take care of whatever you throw at them.

      Top speed as I have mentioned earlier is a figure dependent on Tyre Pressure, Chain Slack & Lubrication, Air drag, Gear shift pattern, Road conditions, However the top speed should not be a restraint on your riding as the bike has enough grunt to cater to the regular city and highway riding. In my opinion anything above 100-110 in our country is an invitation to trouble.

      So just keep enjoying the ride, Ride safe and Wear a Helmet always.

      Happy riding!!

  18. Hi abhishek
    Just wanted to grab a few info on the engine rattle noise..
    Its kind of ticking sound coming engine head… Nd its really irritating to ride it Like this…. Can u Plz tell me what the problem is..???? Nd how to rectify it… Thanks

    1. Hi Ishant,

      The ticking noise can be due to worn out shims, It does not depend how many kilometers you have clocked till now, Shims wear out due to the type of riding pattern you have If you have a habit of sudden acceleration. The shims will wear out sooner.

      Please get the noise checked at your HMSI Authorised Service center they’ll look into and rectify the issue.

      So just ride safe and Wear a Helmet always.

      Happy riding!!

  19. booked a honda repsol cbr 250r

    Hi, I just booked a Repsol edition cbr 250r ,
    I am waiting to get my hands on it,

    1. Hi Sanjay,

      Congrats for booking the bike please tell us more about the price you paid on road and the experience of buying at the dealership for the betterment of others as well.


      Ride safe and Wear a Helmet always.

      Happy riding!!

  20. need guidence

    hai abhishek,
    i am venu from vizag, andhra pradesh. goign to buy cbr 250 r in two days.but i want to clarify some things as spare parts are problematic? isn’t it ? but the dealer is saying now it is not like that it was improved a lot. no more waiting for long periods for spare parts he said how much is true in your case?

    venu gopal.

    1. Venu,

      Congrats on your decision to buy the CEEBER.

      I don’t know that till date there are so many rumours around abt the parts availablity and reliability.

      In my case I need not to wait for any spare part. But plz note that I didn’t bust my radiator or broke a swing arm. The parts which are required for normal maintenence are available with all dealers. So go ahead and start enjoying your ride.

      Please do comment on the variant and the on road price for the knowledge of all.


      Best regards,

  21. Need Suggestion

    Hi Abhishek,

    Thanks for the lovely review & replying in the comments regularly.

    I am another aspirant who is contemplating between CBR250R & Duke 200. Everybody around suggesting Duke 200 as they say Honda service is not good, they dont have trained mechanics for CBR & also there is no special treatment for premium bike owners. you will have to linup in service with activas and unicorns.

    I like CBR250R more than Duke but things like these are pulling me back.

    Also, there is news floating around the web that CBR250R will be soon replaced by upcoming CBR300R around Feb2014. I am afraid then procuring the parts will become even more difficult.

    Also, when I went to test ride CBR250R at one of the biggest dealerships in Pune, the guy gave me a test ride of bike which was eating dust in one corner. He said there is not much demand of this bike so nobody cares here. sales are down.

    I know its been a very long comment but request you to please write your 2 cents as a owner of CBR. I intend to replace it with my TBTS & I use 90% for 100-200 KMS touring on highway only.


  22. 250 std or 250 abs

    Hi sir just wanna know d real difference between 250 std n 250 abs model
    Oll major n minor diff.
    Plz .
    Thnx in advance

  23. Wobbling and pulling problem while driving

    Hi abishek ji..Am owning cbr 250 r std for past 2 yrs (2012-14)upto 14000 it goes well n i maintaind in perfect way.after 14 k kms i gav to general services on honda station..aftr gav to service its bcum dump lik a lazy machine n its performance is vry poor..while crusing from 1st gear to top gear its wobbling n pulling more n produce much more engine noise..nw totaly engine smoothness gone.. its not lik an old condition… something they did a major mistake on service centre..i knw wel abt my bike..wen ever i starts its move smooth n pick up fastly n cruising good..but nw everything gone… for doubts i gav to another service station dey adjust folk n chain ..after that also its moving lik dumb … on that service station said.. its a sim problem on head.. so nly its pickup power s gone.. before service its goes vry smooth n fast, wat s de actual problem on ma bike.plz reply asap..thank you ji

  24. Ticking noise and rear disc plate

    Hi Abishek,

    I would like to know more about the ticking noise I am getting from my CBR250 (STD variant) engine head, I have gone to the HMSI and they told me that its the chain tensor noise, but I am not sure if it is, also my rear disc plate got malfunctioned might be coz of running my bike with bad shoe pad; does it cover in warranty? Apart from this there is this smoke coming out when I was riding the bike in rain, as soon as I stopped on a red light, I saw smoke coming out, is that because the engine gets heated up? or there is something else I need to worry about? I bought this machine in year 2013 December month. Is it something related to my riding style and if we talk about mileage its about 25km/litre. Please suggest, its been more than 2 weeks that the bike is in the service center and they have told me that they are waiting for the part that needs to be replaced for that ticking sound.

  25. which bike is best

    I am not able to decide whether i should take cbr250r or ktm duke 390 as per both the price are same

    1. GO FOR CBR250R abs

      Go for CBR250r ABS. if you want a long lasting machine.

  26. best bike to choose

    Hi Abhishek I’m opting to buk a CBR please suggest me whether I shud go with 150 r or 250r ? Or any alternatives which is gud in looks as well as the performance. Please let me know…

  27. plannig ro buy cbr 250r

    Hi Sir , i am planning to buy cbr 250r. I usually ride my bike 80-100kmph.. and even i won’t rev hard, can i get 40kmpl millage..??

    1. GO FOR IT

      Yes keep the speed around 80 to 110 kmph you will get about 40 kmpl
      Efficiency depends on how you ride brother
      Or else Go for PulsarRS200 or The MOJO300

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