Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models

Samsung is now a leader when it comes to smartphone’s & HDTV manufacturers and has a good reputation too in air conditioners market in India. Samsung has a kind of monopoly now on many product ranges (not air conditioners currently) and have a good market share overall, and like LG, they also have a good reputation among consumers and have emerged as a trust-able brand too. Samsung currently offers a nice range of split air conditioners and this is a review related to every model of Samsung split air conditioner.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review

Samsung split air conditioners are famous for there ‘Eco-friendly’ air conditioners. Samsung has designed these AC’s keeping in mind more air & water conservation, using less power and to produce product parts which can be recycled globally. These air conditioners use R-410a, which is an environment-friendly refrigerant which helps in reducing air pollutants and restrain the use of materials with high global warming potential (GWP). Samsung has also worked hard in reducing power consumption by these AC’s and hence it helps not only in saving of money but it also helps in conserving the environment.

And talking of technology, this air conditioner has S-Plasma Ion technology which Samsung advertise it as Samsung Air Conditioner with Virus doctor. The main point behind this technology is S-Plasma ion technology creates hydrogen and oxygen ions which combines with harmful things present in air like OH radical, viruses and bacteria and converts them into harmless water vapour and protects from diseases like H1N1 to provide a healthier environment. This S-Plasma ion covers at-least an area of 19.16 m³ which is a very good point. These ions also eliminate harmful toxins in the air of public places.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

When it comes to cooling, every air conditioner is able to do effective cooling and Samsung Split AC’s are capable as well. But for doing instant or strong cooling, it has some features like:

  • Maximum (Turbo) Cooling

When we enter our home or office after sweltering so much of heat outside, we sometimes want immediate cool relief. And this feature turns ON the air conditioner on Turbo Cooling Mode, which means the compressor fan runs at its maximum speed for 30 minutes to cool down the area quickly. This Turbo mode cools the area 15% faster if compared to normal cooling.

Turbo Cooling of Samsung Split AC
Turbo Cooling of Samsung Split AC
  • Even Cooling

If you see in following distribution table, split ac’s Samsung distributes air evenly everywhere in room quickly and it results in more effective cooling.

Even Cooling of Samsung Split AC
Even Cooling of Samsung Split AC

These air conditioners also check the current humidity and temperature present in the air and adjust themselves for providing a pleasant environment. It actually measures the humidity and temperature in the room and calculates what temperature and humidity is needed to reach the comfort level and adjusts the setting automatically until the required comfort level is needed. This option works when you set the air conditioner on automatic mode and these automatic adjustments also help in reducing energy wastage. This feature is also available in Hitachi air conditioners as well.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

When it comes to build quality, Samsung doesn’t seem to be doing any compromise. Samsung is currently selling only Split ACs in air conditioners market. They have stopped manufacturing Window AC’s and Tower AC’s as well. Now they are focusing only on selling split air conditioners only. And hence when a company decides to eliminate low selling products and focus mainly on products on which they can get large volume sales, they will definitely not compromise in quality as well. And Samsung has now built a good trust among large numbers of consumers and hence losing a consumer trust is definitely a company will not like and want. So, if you see build quality of these air conditioners, they are of good quality with proper finishing and you’ll not find any glitch anywhere that you may let you down.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

Like LG, Samsung is also offering a huge range of Split ACs. They are offering almost an AC in with every tonnage capacity with respective BEE Star ratings. And when it comes to looks, If you see some high-end models like 5 stars rated air conditioner with 1.5 ton or more capacity, those air conditioners have got some really good looks and have a coloured body (mostly maroon in colour) but models lower than those have standard but nice looks. And still, these are better looking than of Voltas if we compare air conditioners in the same range. Voltas recently launched a series of split air conditioners have some good looks because of same coloured panels but in case of looks, Samsung is better.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review, Price, Features And Models

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Models

Following are the models available in Samsung split air conditioners range.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner Models Collection 1
Samsung Split Air Conditioner Models Collection 2
Samsung Split Air Conditioner Models Collection 3

 –  – 

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

Samsung has become very aggressive to compete with current competitors and to have an edge over other air conditioner manufacturer’s, they have made there AC’s pretty much power efficient. When we compared power consumption with LG and Hitachi, the values where somewhere nearby only. However, if you run the air conditioner in turbo mode, don’t expect less power consumption with any conditioner since, in this mode, the compressor runs on its maximum capacity and cools down space at a higher rate. You can take this point like this – if you run a vehicle most of the time over speeding it, you’ll not get good mileage with it, but however, if you run the same vehicle with average recommended speed, you’ll get your desired efficiency easily. The same case goes with air conditioners as well. And if your budget allows, buy an air conditioner with highest BEE star ratings. The more ratings the merrier and less would be the power consumption. And you’ll be amazed to know that Samsung offers inbuilt Voltage Stabilizer on the air conditioners that they used to sell in EUROPE. So, there won’t be any box you need to get fitted nearby it and may ruin the looks of your room. I wish that they may bring the same air conditioners to sell in India as well.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Samsung was awarded First Prize in Manufacturer’s of BEE Star labelled appliances (Air Conditioner) Sector during National Energy Conversation Awards 2011. This award is currently instituted and given by Ministry of Power, Government of India.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Durability

These air conditioners are equipped with a compressor which has an in-house technology built by Samsung itself called UTR Plus. This technology is trademarked by Samsung now. This compressor is capable of quickly bring down the temperature inside even if you have a severe hot temperature outside. It has a high torque motor inside which starts with increasing torque for low voltage consumption. Also, it’s worth mentioning that it doesn’t create much noise and internal mechanical parts are highly reliable and have a long life span.

UTR Plus Compressor of Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC)

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

  • Bio Sleep

This feature ensures the most comfortable temperature for providing us with a sound sleep. This happens in three stages:

  1. Falling Asleep Stage – At this stage, air conditioner drops the temperature by a few degrees.
  2. Sound Sleep Stage – At this stage, it increases the temperature slightly up so that you may not feel chilled overnight.
  3. Wake Up Stage – At this stage, it increases the temperature up by a few degrees so that you may have a comfortable intermittent air and makes you feel refreshed when you woke up in the morning.
Bio Sleep in Samsung Split Air Conditioner
Bio Sleep in Samsung Split Air Conditioner
  • Full HD Filter

This high-density filter improves filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particles and transforming polluted air into clean energized air. It has a stable structure of the antibacterial coating, the filter that doesn’t get affected by water. This ensures that you may breathe a cleaner and fresher air for a longer period of time. Also, this filter is very easy to clean, just take it out and wash it with flowing water to keep it clean and fresh always.

  • Digital Temperature Display

If has an easy-to-read, oversized numbers beam out in bright, white luminescence for instant temperature recognition. It becomes easier for everyone to read those digits instantly.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

This is the point where Samsung still has some scope of improvement. I am not saying it’s bad. Not every company can have all employees who work efficiently for the company all the time. When we had a chance to interact with this case, Customer care was quite supportive and understood the problem as well. They even send the concerned person on time whenever required but in actual, this thing doesn’t happen really on time. The customer care person task is to forward the complaint to respective areas service managers and this is where the actual delay happens. When it comes to installation, guys always appear on time, but when someone wants them for rectifying any problem, they usually appear with a delay only in many cases (not all cases). I am sure Samsung needs some persons at higher authority who can improve after-sales service in many instances and areas. But this explanation doesn’t mean that you may not buy this product. This product is definitely a good product and you can buy it as per your preference.

Samsung Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

Model No.

Tonnage Capacity

BEE Star Rating

MRP (in Rs.)

  Max AS121UBF




  Max AS181SBF



  Max AS241UBJ



  Max AS122UGF




  Purista AS122BBF


  S Purista AS122BPE


  Max AS182UBJ




  Max AS182UBF


  Max AS182UGJ


  Max AS182UGF


  Purista AS182BBF


  S Purista AS182BPG


  S Purista AS182BPE


  Max AS242UGF




  Purista AS242BBJ


  Purista AS242BBF


  S Purista AS123BPE




  S Purista+ AS123BNE


  Max AS183UGF




  Purista AS183BBF


  Purista+ AS183BNF


  S Purista AS183BPE


  S Crystal+ AS183EKE


  S Crystal+ AS124EKE




  Purista AS184BBJ




  S Purista AS184BPE


  S Crystal+ AS184EKE


  Max AS125UGF




  Purista AS125BBF


  Crystal+ AS125EWF


  Max AS185UGF




  Purista AS185BBH


  Crystal+ AS185EWH


Final Verdict

This air conditioner has got good looks, a very competitive price if you see above table, some good and must feature and an OK after sales service and for this price range, this product is definitely a good buy.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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    1. Don't even think to buy a Samsung ac


  1. Thanks for the review .. people only post reviews when they find their Ac faulty .. I dont know why they are soo selfish .. any how as per my experience Samsung is best than Ogeneral ..
    I my house m’ having one samsung and one OGenral .. when compared both they both are 1.5 ton and Ogeneral is heavy cooling than which we require suppose samsung 26Degree is not equal to Ogeneral 26Degree .. and no air filitering to ogeneral .. when I entered samsung Ac room I really feel good fresh air .. smooth environment .. I really feel like heaven :P
    Ogeneral’s are ment for shoppings,office which runs for long time they are not ment for home usage .. dont go for ogeneral and dont waste your money .. enjoy with what you are having

    1. gòd help who hav samsung AC

      I think those people who said the Samsung ac is the best thay were the new users wait for two years and get the actual results in that time they were never said its a good one. Any one know samsung uses aluminium condensation instade of copper which was must damage after two years then you have to again paid a 1 fourth amount of a new ac to samsung where as almost all other companies use copper which lasts atleast 10 years so be care with samsung.

      1. Yes it’s true, there is a aluminum condenser instead of copper. And it will become damage after 2 yrs as compare with others. OK that is all about Samsung AC. Apart this, even they don’t have a good service representative. I have purchased a split ac and was waiting for two week to installation from service centre it was really very poor, for some kind of international companies. Than after I called local installer to install the AC I am from agra. And talking about agra service centre.

        I have a very poor experience with Samsung AC. Even service. Today you are calling for installation and they will called you after season. ” sir u have a ac for installation “. How they done it god knows. God will help Samsung company. They don’t have professionals. They have street boys.

  2. product information

    I have purchased a panasonic 1.5 ton split AC ( model KC18PKY)at kolkata. I have seen the product catalog where company says that compressor are build with copper tube,I know that not a single company use copper tube except Hitachi which helps to cooling faster & less current consumption. I was interested on Samsung but I make my decision change after see the product catalog.The company are using Japanese/Malaysia compressor. can you tell whether my decision is right or wrong.

  3. plz provide re view on this model
    Samsung Crystal Plus AR18FC5EFBH Split

  4. Samsung is one of the worst AC available in Indian market. Myself and my uncles and some other family members bought 16 Split AC. All of them developed Gas leakage from internal unit within 2 years. Dont ever buy it

    1. I had purchased 3 Units of Samsung Air-Conditioner Inverter Triangular Model.
      Within the first year of operation, all the 3 units had valve related problems.
      One of my AC, now out of warranty had leakage problem. All my 3 Air Conditioners are under AMC contract with the Samsung Authorised Service Center Sai Enterprise, Mira Road. I complained to them in first week of April but even as of today, nobody has come to resolve the issue, except one engineer visited in first week of April and informed me that the Air Conditioner has leakage problem due to Valve. Though I am willing to pay for the new Valve and also for refilling of the gas. Nobody is bothered to solve my problem. It is pure marketing tactics giving 1 0Years Warranty on Compressor and 5 Years on Condensor. But what about the other parts, which stops working even before completion of 2 years.

      1. I also purchased Samsung inverter ac triangle model for Rs 46000 from Samsung exclusive showroom in nov 15. They charmed people by giving 10 years warranty on compressor to buy this defective model. After 14 months, power card of my ac became faulty. I was charged Rs 8400 for repair. I think air conditioner is not Samsung’s strength and will advice people not to buy it.

  5. cannot decide to buy samsung or bluestar

    Hi :

    Please suggest which is the best

    samsung AC virus doctor 5 star/3 star
    Bluestar ac 5/star

    need help as i have buy the best for my home

  6. Leakage in condensor after 18 months

    I bought a Samsung Model AS182UGFX on 18-04-2012 and regret to inform that after using this sparingly for 18 months there occured a leak in the condensor which has no damage to the fins nor any rust formation. The technitions that visited my place on 26.10.2013, have said that I need to change the condensor on my cost an estimate given to me of Rs.6400/-, since it is out of warranty.
    I have asked them to send their senior engineer from the manufacturing company to justify why I should pay this amount, it clearly shows a manufacturing defect in the aluminiumn condensor in the unit. Iam awaiting further response on the matter. I agree with Dr. Maz

  7. Average product. Unprofessional and Incompetent Service Personnel

    I have been using a Samsung 1.5 TR Crystal+ Split AC since the last year and I must say I am not satisfied with this company since the installation of the product. The installation guys came from an agency called New Cool hired by Samsung in Kolkata and they did an unprofessional work at installing the AC. They attached 5 feet of extra tubing from the outdoor unit (which I take as their attempt at making some extra money off the installation) but they didn’t charge the extra coolant required for extra piping, hence the cooling was not up to the mark. I complained to Samsung and New Cool and they both had a disagreement among themselves to the point where a technician from New Cool told me “Sir please KICK out any Samsung engineers who visit your house and don’t let them touch your AC”

    Anyways, it finally took me emailing the CEO and other higher authorities of Samsung to get the issues resolved, but the initial hiccup was frustrating and Samsung should hire much more professional and able service techs to carry on their product installation. Cooling is okay but often times I find the compressor failing to start at the first go.

    Overall, I am not too satisfied with Samsung AC. The only good point I see in them is their in-built voltage stabilizer which kind of gives them an edge over their competitors

    Question – Do you know of any other brand that has an inbuilt voltage stabilizers in their Split ACs? If so, please let me know


    1. Update on my above post

      Just wanted to post an update to my post above. It has been not even a year that I purchased the Samsung AC and it has already stopped cooling. When I start the AC, the fan starts at full speed and after running for 3-4 mins, the speed of the fan suddenly drops, then after running at the lowest speed, the fan speed suddenly increases and all this while the compressor doesn’t start.

      I restarted the AC and after 3-5 mins of the fan running, I felt the compressor starting and a mild and slow hissing sound – which used to be sharper and much prompt initially (the sound of the gas parsing in the coils) – but still no cooling, then again running for couple of mins, the fan speed drops.

      Have called in the technicians who haven’t visited yet, but my guess is Gas leakage, which is a very very common complaint with Samsung AC owners. My AC is still within warranty, so not sure if I have to pay for the refill, but nevertheless, this put a really bad taste in my mouth for Samsung ACs

      So I’d wholeheartedly advise, request, insist the readers NOT to go for Samsung ACs no matter how much they boast of their improved technologies or features. If an AC can’t hold it’s coolant for more than a few months, it’s just a piece of junk

  8. Looking for an AC

    Dear Ankit,
    I am looking for an AC for my apartment bedroom.
    Requirement is 1 ton & Star rating should be 5. Budget max 35K (incl stabilizer)
    Dealer was suggesting Toshiba 1.1 ton & Mistubishi 1.1 ton. Can you pls suggest. What is your opinion on toshiba 1.1

    1. Looking for an AC

      Hi Ankit,
      Thanks for the suggestion & i ‘ll go for it. But another problem we face here is the installation. Japanse AC companies have very good sales & service dealers to do the installation perfectly. But LG is sold by electronic appliances shop. I have seen here that LG the exterior unit cables hanging without proper clamping & core cutting holes are not sealed properly. Suspecting that they put in some thrid party installation team for this. Any suggestions how to deal with this issue.

      1. Looking for an AC

        Price for LG BS-Q126B8R4 is heavy on my budget. Can you please suggest any other 5 star 1 ton AC.

  9. Compressor explosion

    the compressor of my ac unit exploded during charging of the refrigerant completely destroying the unit, any idea about the possible causes.

  10. Stay away from Sam-dung

    During my family’s last 30 years of consumerism history, we haven’t seen a product as pathetic as Samsung. I mean being pathetic may be a privilege but, dude, Samsung just abused it!
    Just name the category of products offered by Samsung and you will have a list ready of my family howling in lieu of shoddy quality used by Samsung.

    Our Samsung fridge bought in 2006 for 14K was repaired by the time 2009 hit the calendar for almost 5K in form of gas refill and other godforsaken chores.

    LCD TV bought in 2009 world cup was rendered useless a mere 2 years later, due to faulty LCD back-panel for which dungy boys quoted a hefty 16K.

    Samsung air conditioner – now the real deal. The 1 ton model we bought in 2006, it cooled the room fully only when it was…January outside already! Come May, and even a pig sitting next to you won’t sweat as much you will do while sitting less than a meter away from Samsung AC.

    Absolutely fantastic cooling and even brilliant service. Every-time, service engineers had a different story to tell, once they changed the compressor, lo and behold, it started throwing hot air inside and cold air outside!!! Hats off to their engineering, glad I realized that service engineer too have kids and family to feed otherwise he was a dead beat that day.

    I sued the dealer, well not literally, sending a fake legal notice did the thing ;), did a war dance in front of company CEO (since I was working in Samsung only!) and wrote billion mails across the world, until they finally found a fix to it…they got the pinky part – the timer – changed and voila….it broke down again within two months…after cooling a bit more than my 23 year old desert cooler in blistering Delhi heat.

    I decided this was it, I rapped up Samsung HQs again along with dealers and they somehow reluctantly agreed on a credit note applicable only for Samsung products. I too, seeing the 12K credit voucher agreed upon and bought a fridge…rest connect the story from here at the start and see for yourself.

    Worst part?

    Samsung thinks it’s wise not to hand out AMCs to individual customers, yeah, if you have bought shitload of Samsung, they will provide you AMC but not if you are just another run of the mill fortune cookie seeker.

    So fellas, no matter how good or bad your Samsung has served you, avoid it for heaven’s sake. LG comparatively, hailing from same nation, offers marvellous products and that too with extended warranties. My 42″ LCD panel was changed under AMC which otherwise would’ve costed me my kidneys! And I am sure if that 42 incher was a samsung, I would’ve sold my wife on mortgage and still wouldn’t have been able to match their quotes.



    1. Had all this been true Samsung would be bankrupt by now. BTW – I’m a LG fan but I use many samsung products and fortunately I’ve never had to visit / call their service centers in last 10 years.

  11. Frequent Gas Leakage problems with SAMSUNG AC

    I had purchased 1.5 Ton Samsung Split AC model AS185UGF in March 2012 from the dealer: Labh Electronics (Gorwa, Baroda). We had a cooling problem right after the installation. So, the service folks came and took the outdoor part (compressor unit) to their service station. They told that there was a gas leakage problem and that the issue had been fixed. But it was only later that we realized that this was just a temporary fix. The same problem propped up again and this time, since it was past warranty period of 1 year, they are charging us INR 7500 for the fix. I called their customer care service; the representative told that the complaint (#8440942146) has been escalated and that I’d receive a call from the respective authority within 30 mins. But I never received any call!

    I am shocked how a reputable firm such as Samsung can allow such unethical practices in its business! They should have replaced the entire compressor part if it was faulty in the first place, instead of temporarily fixing it. And secondly, an average customer cannot afford to pay 7500 every year to get the same problem (i.e. gas leakage) fixed. We can see that this is a systematic problem that a lot of customers are facing (due to a poor design choice: preferring cheap aluminum condenser over other alternatives). In such a scenario, if Samsung cares about its customers, it should provide replacements for the defective units and call off such products from the market so that consumers are spared of the inconvenience and frustration of buying sub-standard products. If replacements are not feasible then they should atleast offer free service whenever the problem is related to gas leakage!

    1. Mihir – the samsung engineers who visited my place recently themselves agreed that gas leakage is a problem with Samsung ACs because the coil is made of aluminium which is corrosive in nature, especially if it is exposed to water/ rain. He also said that this problem somehow reduced in models that were launched in and after 2013 because those coils are aluminium coils with a copper coating so as to reduce corrosion. He strongly suggested that I put a shed on top of my ODU to protect it from water as much as possible.

      Even when a guy called from the Samsung HQ in Gurgaon, he also admitted that gas leakage is a problem with their ACs and that they are looking into ways to solve this issue. He mentioned that he is very much aware that such recurrent problem is bad for their brand image. So a lot of talk and BS was spewn over the call.

      At the end of the day, it’s the consumers who are bearing the cost for Samsung’s lousy technology. That’s why I plead, insist, request readers to avoid Samsung ACs at every cost

  12. lloyd ac,lg ac and hitachi ac

    We have bought lloyd 1.5 ton ac 2 years back and we haven’t used it for a month,due to it we were in a position to refill the gas fully and by the way it only covers a particular area and not the whole room and is my lloyd ac useless?
    Am I cheated by the sales team? Do I need to use my ac regularly?Some fan sound is coming from my lg ac too and what might be the problem
    We have planned to buy a 2 ton ac for our hall and which one is better hitachi or any other product but the thing is the price should be below Rs.40,000.

  13. Poor quality and complete waste of money - avoid Samsung AC , Poor quality, waste of money avoid Samsung AC

    This is the possible worst quality electronics product I ever used. If you want to avoid harassments and monetary loss then don’t buy Samsung AC.
    I purchased a 1.5 Ton SAMSUNG split AC(Model# AS185BGCN) from a reputed dealer of Kolkata on end Jan, 2012 spending Rs. 32, 000/- and after 1 Yr.(just end of warranty period) started various problems.
    On May, 2013 first the cooling problem started. The technical guy from Samsung visited and asked for gas refill to overcome the cooling problem. I pay around Rs. 1600 for that. It went good for rest of the season.
    Then again on the beginning of this summer, this year it started with another issue. This time I saw ice getting generated in the air flow bled and the AC is generating loud unusual noise. I reported that problem. Again the same engineer visited and asks to replace the PCB(electronic board adjacent to the temperature sensor) at the cost of Rs, 1899.
    Now, after 3 months(Aug, 2014) again the cooling problem started. No/very low cooling is happening only.
    I again raised a complaint with the Samsung Service Center on 14-AUG -2014(Complain# 4179459354, Ref# 8436230577). The same engineer came on 16th Aug and told me that gas pressure is very low and there may be a leakage in Condenser so they have to take the outdoor unit in their workshop and need to replace the condenser. And for this work I have to pay around Rs. 9000.
    I am fed up with this. By replacing its faulty parts I already spent Rs. 4000 after the purchase and now they are asking for another Rs. 9000.
    From a reputed brand name like Samsung I did not expected such a poor quality. It is really a bad experience for me.
    I had a discussion with one of their senior executive and I put the the below points before him –
    Why do I need the gas refill after 1 Yr of purchase and then again in the next year.
    Why the parts(PCB, Condenser) are of so poor quality that needs to be replaced after 2 Yrs of purchase?
    What is the assurance that, other parts are in good condition?
    But was not able to give me any satisfactory answer, his only point was – as this product is now out of warranty so I have to pay all the costs. So, effective he was trying to say, as you purchased this product so you have to spend Rs. 5000(avg) every year for repairing after 1 Yr.:)
    Not sure, If there any law in India that can protect consumer’s interests in such scenario, where the consumer suffers by purchasing a poor quality product just after the end of warranty period(1 Yr.)

  14. Poor after sales services

    Just to let everyone know about poor after sales services of Samsung AC by UNIQUE services in Bangalore who are handling after sales services while the AC is in warrantly. The installation of the AC was shabby by Samsung dealer, which led to gas leakage. On calling the Samsung Customer Support their service rep came and he finds out that all the gas had leaked because of poor installation. Since filling the gas will be cost to them as my AC is under 1 year warranty, more than 5 days have passed and my AC has been left opened and yet no sign of filling the gas. It seems that the gas is coming from South Korea. Tired of calling customer service number 3 times a day. Pathetic support.

  15. stay away from samsung

    i bought a samsung ac in my home 1.5 tonn split ac developed compressor problems with in 18 months

    service quality and customer service is extremely poor

  16. inverter ac 1.5 ton

    i want to buy 1.5 ton inverter split ac. Which one is the best as per cooling performance, power consumption and durability.
    i looked model of 0’general, Hitachi and blue star. which one will b best. price no concern, only quality matters

    1. LG representative

      Ankit – You more sound like a LG sales guy rather than a end consumer.. In all your comments you are promoting LG brand..Are you been paid for this?

      1. You Sound like being paid by LG

        What I can see is that through all the comments you have been recommending just LG nothing else. I definetly second Rajat comment above that in some way or other you are being benifitted by LG.

    2. Don’t buy Samsung. Voltas, panasonic, hitachi, o General are good. Samsung TV aaṛe ok but not ac.

  17. Samsung Digital Inverter AC Vs LG Normal AC


    I am planning to buy a 1.5 Ton AC. My room size is 12×15 square feet. In my place the temperature in summer goes to 50.
    Having confusion in buying Samung Digital Inverter AC or LG LSA5NP5A AC or LG LSA5WT5D AC. My Budget is <= 50k.
    Please suggest.


  18. Planning to buy 1.5 Ton Split

    Can you please suggest a 1.5 Ton split AC. I am little confused between Voltas and Samsung. Need info regarding Samsung A18CJUSUQNNA model.

  19. Planning to buy 1 Ton Inv Split AC.

    I am planning on buying a Samsung 1 Ton Inv AC. of Model AR12JV5HATQ. Can u plz provide some feedback on this model, or on Model AR12JV5HBWK.

    I already have Daikin and O’General running in 2 of my rooms, and Panasonic running in my office.

    if you have any suggestions regarding other brands like Sharp, IFB, Whirlpool, or LG plz let me know.

    Looking forward to your help.

  20. worst A/C Ever

    hello, I have purchased the Samsung air condition triangle series 1.5 ton and had the worst experience of my life, it was purchased from Hyper star Karachi, and the warranty was deal by MRM traders. As the A/C has first leaked out Gas within a month for which we called some one from outside to fill it because company was asking to charge 2 times more for filling it. After 4 months U Bands leaked out it was than repaired by MRM traders after a month than as they came in to fit the A/C it was not done properly and there was a short circuit in my room in the middle of night than again the split stopped cooling and we called the MRM for complain as it was still in Warranty the technician came and said because of short circuit the PCP of split has fused, it will come from Dubai , as we have waited for 2 months now still they have not came and fit the destroyed part every time I call they say it will be done in 1 – 2 working days but still no body comes in. It now looks like we have done the mistake while purchasing SamSung Product.

  21. REVIEW


  22. Samsung ACs Worst tract

    HI ALL,

    I am using Samsung slip ac. Getting repairs all the times and different issue like gas, condenser etc…
    I don’t prefer this type of ACs in the Market.


  23. Want to purchase an AC just read it.

    Dear Friends,
    Without any doubt in my mind with only 2 years of experience with Samsung, I will definitely recommend any one not to go with this company, never with AC products and for rest just have pray to god not to be punished with your pocket. I had made my mind to purchase one Samsung Split triangle invertor Ac in 2014 October and had purchased with the assurance of the technician and the whole seller.

    But the real game started just after one year of purchase when the AC did not take up the load and on contacting the Service center they send a technician and he told that the condenser is leaking and there is no gas in the AC. He charged Rs.3500/- for the total cost of the maintenance to bring the Ac in to functional stage.

    Again the after one year this February when I switched on the AC the AC Load remain low and there was low cooling. I made another complain and the technician of the service center told me that the condenser is leaked and there is no gas in the AC. They took the AC and now charging Rs.7000/- for total repairing of the condenser and gas filling. This is the real harassing story I am facing with my SAMSUNG split AC unit.

    Now I am feeling that I have wasted my 45000/- rupees for this so called reputed brand. I have also asked for any warranty on the condenser, but to my astonish they told that there is no warranty on the condenser unit. What rubbish all this is. It is simply cheating the consumers on the name of reputation and eye washing.

    I am more concern about the gas that is used in that AC which is environment hazardous. Now I am thinking, I must not have purchased that AC. It is my honest appeal to all friends here and those who are luring here to have some knowledge on AC with an aim to purchase AC with some feed back, PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE SAMSUNG AC (EVEN ANY PRODUCT) IF GIVEN FOR 1 RUPEES COST. IT WILL WASH YOUR POCKET VERY SOON.

  24. Samsung A/c-Low Quality Aluminium coil.. which damages in few years..

    I bought a Samsung mobile in 2007… was impressed then bought so many products from Samsung like Washing Machine.. Virus Doctor Airconditioner… Which was a wrong decision… Because they use Aluminium Coil in the Outer unit and it got Damaged and today send for Replacing with a Copper coil..WHAT TO DO?Suffer While buying Avoid Samsung Air conditioners… Other products like mobile Washing machine… other electronics may be O.k But not Air conditioners.


      K P MILTON

  25. Urgent

    Hi, i need to know what is the size of copper piping for this model AR18JVRF? Really need the answer as soon as possible.

  26. need info

    I an enquiring about ar18jc3jbmvnna samsung 1.5 ton 3 start split ac. Please let me know

  27. I have purchased samsung 5 star ac spilit 15.5.2012 but from purchase date this product not working properly and no cooling also gas likage problem service engg now told us cooling coil is leaked and no guarenty if we refill gas inr will be 2500 plus 570 if again leak than u shuld pay same
    So i suggest no one buy samsung ac it spoil money time and mind.

  28. bad service.

    Hai, am Silpa. Recently we purchased sumsung split ac(invater model). When I switch in the AC very bad smell is coming. Soo many times I caled 2 local Samsung service center but they doest pick my cal. After I caled to customer care and I told the problem. He(customer care person)didn’t react.
    The service is very bad. Worest service.

  29. AC Service center

    it is worst service center even i never see this type of service center in my life.recently i bought Samsung ac they have installed properly but room is not cooling for that i am following up since a week but still i didn’t get any response from technician or customer care center

  30. Suggestion Required to buy a 1.5 Tonnage AC with good Service

    Dear Ankit,
    I have gone through all the comments whatever is posted in your website. I am Actively looking for a new AC model. I believe most of the products does their job and my most important requirement after my purchase of AC is, ‘Service’. If at all our AC’s are having problems down the line, I must get a better Service for the product I purchased.

    Please suggest me a good brand with better services in the market. Looking for 1.5 Ton model and my budget range is between 30-35K.

    Thanks for your time.


  31. Samsung Virus Doctor interfering with AC cooling

    Last June I bought a split Samsung AC with Virus Doctor. The Virus Doctor randomly turns off the AC and the Virus Doctor blue light comes on and nothing happens from what I can tell. I have let it sit for hours and while the main blue light and virus doctor light are lit nothing appears to be going on. There is nothing online or the manual that explains this behavior. I called Samsung yesterday and that was a waste of 3 hours. It took forever to get to the right department and then they told me they don’t talk to customers only installers. They wouldn’t even tell me how it works for legal reason. Sheesh. I clean the filter all the time. So all I have been doing is let it sit and then turn it off and back on. It runs for about 20-30 mins and I have to keep doing this. I called the installer and he will come out again. He is not familiar with the virus doctor technology, how it is supposed to work. I can only find sales videos and webpages on the internet. NOTHING, NOTHING about understanding its’ behavior practically. If I could disable the virus doctor I would do it.
    If anyone can help I would appreciate it. I think I many just have to replace it with a standard split AC. Very disappointed in this product. I will avoid buying Samsung in the future. How can I support a company that does not support me.

  32. No response

    Samsung is worst brand in ac…… at least der is no response from service center….am complaining from 5days

  33. Samsung air conditioners are bullshit. Their condensers are made out of aluminum and whoever buys will encounter severe inconveniences after the purchases I am facing severe challenges with these machines after one year of purchase so please do not buy instead go for Hitachi and Mitsubishi which are more reliable and meant for Indian climates. If you have any questions call me on 94403 01039 I can explain.

    Samsung air conditioners are bullshit. Their condensers are made out of aluminum and whoever buys will encounter severe inconveniences after the purchases I am facing severe challenges with these machines after one year of purchase so please do not buy instead go for Hitachi and Mitsubishi which are more reliable and meant for Indian climates. If you have any questions call me on 94403 01039 I can explain.
    Finance and Business Operations Manager
    Global The World

  34. Request your expert advise Ankit

    Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for your endeavor and spreading the knowledge in here.
    I am from Mumbai and live on the second level and there is one more level above my space.
    I intend to buy 3 split a/c’s of which one would be a 2 Ton which would be used sparingly, a 1 Ton – would be used for 8 hours/ day and a 0.75 ton to be used for 6 hours/day.
    Request your suggestions so as to plan.Budget is not a constraint.
    Thanks and Regards :)

  35. Don’t go for any SAMSUNG product. I am the sufferer for AC & TV. Within 1.5 year both were damaged.

  36. Hi,

    I was happy that I got a place to post my views regarding Samsung ACs. Worst or pathetic would be fewer words to describe it. I bought a new Samsung 1.5 ton 3 Star split Ac in the month of April 2016. The dealer sent some local technician who claimed to be an expert in AC installation for installing the same. He was not able to fit the AC in the bedroom for which I bought the AC. So, I had to get it fitted in the living room and convert the same room as my bedroom. He also charged me around 2100 Rs for installation.

    Didn’t use the AC entire April as was out of station. Started using the AC in the month of may and by the end of May it stopped cooling. It developed exactly same issues as described by Probuddha above. I called the customer care who sent technician from the Service Center next day. He asked for invoice copy and upon checking said there is gas leakage due to improper installation. Next day another engineer visited for gas filling. He checking for leakage points but didn’t find any so he filled the gas and went away.

    After one month of usage i.e. in June 2016 same issue happened. I could sense there is no gas this time as it was second time for me. Again same sequence of events repeated. Engineers visited twice and checked for leakage as they said its again leakage due to improper fitting and filled in gas.

    After one month of usage i.e. in July 2016 again the gas leaked. This time I got infuriated due to their lame attitude and said to the company that I want a replacement or refund as the company again sent the same engineer to fill the gas. There was a long fight and the Service Center took cancelled cheque and all from me and sent them for a refund. After 10 days he called me and informed that the company rejected the refund/replacement request and have asked us to repair your AC which I didn’t accept.

    I could no where find a Samsung company official number or email to escalate the matter. Finally I wrote into the CEO Mailbox (which is available as a web form on the samsung website). Initially I got a response from them and a nice lady called me back to check upon the issue. She tried convincing me for a repair which I refused and she forwarded the case to her senior.

    The senior lady again tried convincing me for a repair which I again refused. She said okay, I will be sending an engineer not from the Service Centre but directly from the company to check your issue. Upon his feedback I would be taking a decision to replace/refund to which I agreed.

    Few days later, again an Engineer from the same Service Centre visited my place and tried to fix the AC. I refused to get it repaired and asked him to leave. While leaving he mentioned that there seems to be problem with the condenser and its definitely not fitting problem but hardware problem.

    After that I tried contacting samsung in all ways but the tollfree people said that my ticket has been closed mentioning “customer doesn’t want a repair”. I was left to suffer. I escalated the matter again on CEO mailbox and also highlighted the same on Facebook page. After around a month on 7th Sep 2016 all of a sudden I got a call from nowhere and the lady said she is calling from samsung and wanted to know the amount I paid for the AC. I asked why, she said we will request refund for you. I gave her the amount and asked her how long will it take and how will I be informed. She said it will take some time but I will call you today or tomorrow and update you about the same.

    Since then around 3 weeks have already passed but I haven’t received a single update about the progress on the refund. I tried contacting their tollfree number 4 times but all the say is that your refund is under process I have requested a callback and the concerned person will call you within 24 hours. Nothing has happened so far.

    I am going to wait for another 15-20 days for a news from them before I go to consumer forum.

    My earnest request kind suggestion to all. Please do not by SAMSUNG ACs.


  37. Poor response from service center , lackoff competencey.

    Very poor response whitin warranty period too = I have purchased split a/c after “8” month no cooling effects. So raised request for check up. From samsung service center in Bhosari , pune send the two person which are not having technical qualification , not having samsung card with them , dont know about a/c problem. Simply told me there is compresser trip problem. So i have raised complaint again. And decided vist plan on saturday but after waiting all day no body from bhosari service center or from samsung visited to check the A/c or not calling. The service center not having competant technical person which is having atlist ITI qualification. Very bad talking and response after calling. Samsaung dont know what is going on through serivce center? What type , qualified person are there ? They dont having real technical engineer from samsung. Felling very bad that such a big brand “samsung” having such a poor performing service center and staff. Till the time i am facing this issue. Sorry to say but not happy at all by purchas A/C from samsung and service center at bhosari pune maharastra . Sumsung leader ship think on this or at list monitor service center , how customer hamper due to such service center , non technical staff and lackoff samsung eng.

    1. Next updates 8th Feb 2017 , Still iam facing compressar tripping & non cooling issue. I have called n number of time to customer care but poor response from samsung. Non was visited to check A/c in wrrenty period. The service center of samsung in bhosari , pune is very bad servicr provider. Non skill technician ( no qualified ) . Very poor quality perforamance and bad response from samsung after purchasing A/C.

  38. Ankit where r u ? Is any answer of my review & comments ?
    Give Answer of my problem …… dont make misguied to new customer.

  39. Froud and cheated brand samsung and fack customer support.

    I have raised compliant in Dec 16 of my 1•5 ton split A/c till date after 2•5 month compressor tripping problem is there. No any cooling. After number of follow up customer support just telling lies that we will arrange product eng but no engineer is visited till 14th Feb 17, Every time customer person telling lies. The customer care number is 1800-266-8282 located gudgaon not planned any visit. Each time service center non qualified person fill the gas and said now problem will solved but after 2-3 Hours problem of compressor tripping continued. This simply worst brand of A/C from samsung, request to all dont buy any A/C from samsung. And hight is no any support from samsung after purchasing the A/c. I have loss my 40,000 Rs . And going to complient in cusomerforum for complaint aginst samsung.

  40. Samsang AC are hopeless !!

    It’s actually waste of money. I had an Onida 1.5 3star AC b4 my marriages and I dicised to shift to a inverter AC and went for Samsung inverter AC 1.5 and this was like the worst decision i had made in my life.. The cooling is like 10% to which I had and the service and the maintenance cost which m getting is double which I had..

  41. I purchased an Samsung AC for 23,000 in 2009 and spent Rs 20,000 for repairs till now. Hyderabad service center is not taking any responsibility for their repairs. Still today they are asking money for their mistakes

  42. nevr buy samsung ac.

    nevr buy samsung ac nvr
    i had purchased samsung ac before 2 month ago. this is not working till them. and company service cntr is vry bad vry worst. they will not help. the ac is samsung invrtr technology in 5 star cost 47000. but this time this only box for me.

  43. Replacement of new compressor in 10 yrs.old split AC

    My Samsung 1.5 ton Split AC is about 10 years old. Presently compressor became out of order as observed by the Samsung Service Engineer on 16.6.2017. Please give suggestion on the following points:-
    1. Leave idea to replace the compressor.
    2. Replace the compressor by new samsung compressor which cost Rs.12000/-
    3.Replace the compressor by other Brand compressor which cost Rs.8500/-(is it proper to replace by other brand)

  44. I bought samsung 1.5 ton split ac on june 7.Installers come on june 10.They installed my ac like inexperience( anadis) installed it.Many times I complained to customer service centre but no satisfactory reply has come.Very bad customer service they provide.They said that we will sent an engineer to your home but not a single person has come to review the installation problem.I am very disappointed to their service.




    I purchased an Samsung AC for 23,000 in 2009 and spent Rs 20,000 for repairs till now. Hyderabad service center is not taking any responsibility for their repairs. Still today they are asking money for their mistakes

  47. It's a rubbish product.

    Don’t go for any SAMSUNG product. Specially the air conditioner.
    It’s a rubbish product.
    I had purchased a Samsung Split AC in July 2013 and it costed me Rs. 35,700/-
    It’s actually waste of money. I regret my decision to fall for their assurance on quality.
    I am facing non cooling and Gas Leakage issues every Year, and last year its Compressor stopped working and this year it’s condenser damaged has conked off.
    The Condenser cost is around Rs. 10,000/- to 12,000/- and the labor cost.
    I strongly recommend not to buy Samsung air conditioner.

  48. Samsung AC'S worst mistake of my life.

    I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND OR BUY Samsung split ac or window ac they sell extremely low products, From day one im facing problem with the split Ac, it was a worst mistake of my life. Please i request you all if u value for money never ever by Samsung AC’S, its better to throw that money in a flush rather than buy a Samsung Ac.

  49. I WILL NEVER EVER RECOMMEND OR BUY Samsung split ac they sell extremely low products, From day one im facing problem with the split Ac, and service in company many time problem not solved it was a worst mistake of my life. Please i request you all if u value for money never ever by Samsung AC’S, its better to throw that money in a flush rather than buy a Samsung Ac.

  50. Never go for Sansung AC

    I have purchased Samsung split ac 5 and half year back…they gave 5 years warranty on my ac suddenly stopped cooling..when we call-service engineer ..he told our compressor has gone…which needs to replace by new compressor…that will cost 13000 rs with 3 months warranty only……..which is a pathetic experience …please if u hv choice then go for some other companies…don’t buy Samsung ac.

  51. I purchased samsung AC on 26th May 2020 and after two month of purchase it started giving trouble. I complained about it to samsung and till date my total outdoor unit is tested thrice but issue is not resolved.

    I raised another complaint on 27th May 2021 again and they confirmed to send the technician the very next day but failed to send. Finally they sent the technician on 31st May 2021 and confirmed there is a gas leakage. I explained to the technician & his manager about the issues and complaints that I have been doing in the past 1 year but they said as the warranty period is completed you need to pay for the visit charges and also for the gas refill.

    When I purchased a new product, why should I go through all this trouble, and also why should I pay for it when the issue is created by the company. I heard many negative comments about Samsung AC’s but blindly purchased it because it’s a brand but I failed.

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