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Though not as ubiquitous as science fiction writers imagined them to be, smart homes have already become a reality and will have our future cities only smarter. The natural progression of technology will likely see more functions in our homes that will be taken care of by smart appliances, but it takes more than increased automation to make a home truly smart. Homes of the future will centralize control of lighting, heating, security and appliances. Some experts are predicting that all average homes will be organized and automated by 2020.

What exactly would the Future Home look like?

The key to this futuristic style of life is the “super internet”, and the networking of appliances in the home and even on the street. We term it is a convergence-Single gadget with multiple tasks or making tasks done at the click of a button. Manufacturers have been able to coin technology to enable virtually everything linked over wireless systems. While we have no way of knowing for sure, we can take a guess by looking at some of the today’s products which take their cues from current and past trends. The LG SIGNATURE line of home appliances is a good example of what the future will hold.

LG Signauture Series Products
LG Signature Series Products

As the world’s leading front-loading washing machine brand, LG has the credentials to back up its predictions. Just one look at the futuristic design of the LG SIGNATURE Twin Wash in its native environment and it’s obvious that LG thinks tomorrow’s appliances don’t have to be hidden in the basement or a closet!

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LG Signature Twin Wash

The built in SmartThinQ technology adds a whole new level of wifi convenience and an array of intriguing, smart connectivity options. Custom cycles can be uploaded to the washer. Cycle statuses can be monitored via LG Smartphone app and alerts can be sent when the cycle is complete.

LG Knock-on Signature Refrigerator
LG Knock-on Signature Refrigerator

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The refrigerator also seems as if it could set the tone in the future kitchen, with the ability to blend in anywhere. For instance Knock-On feature of LG’s Knock on Door In Door refrigerator, allows you to knock simply on the door to reveal what’s inside. Put more simply: knock on the door and the interior lights up to reveal whatever foodstuffs you might have forgotten about. Auto Door feature, allows the fridge to detect when your foot is nearby to open the door gently. So next time when your hands are full of groceries, just put your foot forward!

LG Signature Series TV
LG Signature Series TV

Tech knows no bounds. Who could have imagined a TV would help you tackle the problem of mosquito menace and give you a good night sleep. Mosquito Away TV of LG does exactly the same. We have taken entertainment to a whole new level. Following the trend in tech design, LG has crafted its SIGNATURE lineup to be, absent of non-essential features. In LG’s eyes, future appliances will not only look great; they’ll be easier to use.

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Tomorrow’s appliances will have features such as doors that automatically open when you approach, easy-to-understood control panels in accessible areas, and panels that become translucent to the touch. The future appliance will be more efficient and quieter. In fact, all of these features are present in LG SIGNATURE today. Much like these appliances, the future home, and the future city will not only look good, but it will change our lives in ways we are yet to imagine.

Future Homes – Soon to be the New ‘Smart Homes’

Summary: Homes of the future will centralize control of lighting, heating, security and appliances. Some experts are predicting that all average homes will be organized and automated by 2020.

RatingRated 4 stars
4 / 5 (1 )
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