LG Electronics announced the launch of Inverter V Air Conditioners with Mosquito Away technology. The new range of air conditioners come with the finest cooling and energy efficient features that won LG Electronics the National Energy Conservation Award 2014, by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The new models also come with Himalaya Cool and Monsoon Comfort technologies, developed especially for Indian weather conditions based on LG’s Indian Insights Program. Ensuring 1.7 times faster cooling, the Inverter V Mosquito Away Air Conditioner has the Variable Tonnage Technology which reduces energy consumption by up to 66% along with protection from mosquito-borne diseases.

Launching the new range of Air Conditioners, Mr. Saurabh Baisakhia, Business Head, Air Conditioners, LG India, says; “With this new range, we have now combined two of our best technologies (Inverter V and Mosquito Away) in one product that will transform air conditioner usage in India. We have created a product that makes cooling faster, the air cleaner and equipped to suit all weather conditions, keeping away mosquitoes. The Inverter V technology and exceptional energy efficiency features make it the best value for money product for Indian customers keeping in mind high electricity bills with increased power usages. Our Split ACs with Mosquito Away technology received great response from the consumers and hence we decided to extend this technology to the windows and Inverter ACs as well. As a leader in Consumer Electronics space, LG has yet again come up with technology and innovation that makes our ACs offer service beyond the basic cooling and heating capabilities.”

Unique Product Features

Mosquito Away Technology *

Upgrading the traditional AC to new technological heights, the Mosquito Away technology keeps mosquitoes away thereby giving superior comfort & better protection from mosquito-borne diseases. Designed with one-touch activation, the ultrasonic waves from the air conditioner are beyond human-range and only impact the sensing of mosquitoes. Moreover, it can also be used independent of the Air Conditioning process.

LG Inverter V Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology

Himalaya Cool Technology

The Himalaya cool technology provides instant cooling to users by delivering cool air at high speed directly to the user area. It effectively blocks the hot air in the ceiling area from entering the user area. The powerful fan speed and two times faster lower speed of the air conditioner disperse cool air faster for instant cooling & maximum user comfort. This technology ensures 28% faster cooling with 26% energy savings.

Monsoon comfort Technology

The Monsoon Comfort technology efficiently controls the room temperature, body temperature, air movement and humidity to provide comfortable cooling & energy savings up to 36.4% during high humidity and monsoon season. Easy to activate by using a single key on the remote control, the technology uses sub-divided temperature control matrix to automatically sense the ambient temperature and optimally adjusts the temperature for maximum comfort.

Hot & Cold

LG Hot & Cold ACs maintain the desired indoor temperature & provide maximum comfort in every season. When you switch on the Heat Mode, the unique 4 Way valve reverses the air conditioning process, resulting in circulation of hot air inside the room. There is no risk of low oxygen & suffocation as it does not use a heating element like conventional heaters.

Cooling with Purification

LG AC comes with Dual Protection and 3M Micro Protection Filter to keep the room environment free from both visible and invisible dust and other microscopic substances. The Dual Protection Filter acts as the first line of defense against bacteria and dust particles up to 3µm in size. Further, the 3M Micro Protection Filter captures dust particles and allergens up to 0.3µm in size to provide clean and hygienic air.

Inverter V technology

The new Inverter V equipped with Variable Tonnage technology automatically adjusts the cooling as per the user requirement by controlling the compressor speed.  Featuring skew fan design, it ensures world’s lowest noise level of 19db. The advanced LG Inverter V technology automatically increases the cooling Capacity to give faster cooling till the desired temperature is reached and thereafter reduces the tonnage while effectively saving up to 66% energy.

* “Tested in a controlled laboratory setting; results may vary in actual use. Long term effect not tested and mosquitoes may become resistant. This product is one of the ways to manage mosquitoes and not intended to replace other protective device against mosquitoes. Refer to www.lg.com/in for test conditions.”

LG Inverter V Air Conditioner’s Price and Capacity:

  • Inverter V ACs with Mosquito Away is available in 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 ton models in the price range of Rs. 45,990 to Rs. 66,990.
  • Inverter V ACs series in 1.0 to 2.0 ton and Floor standing 2.0 ton models is available in the price range of Rs. 42,990 to Rs. 75,990 and Rs. 1, 35,990 respectively.
  • Inverter V ACs Hot n Cold series is available in 1.0 to 2.0 ton models in the price range of Rs. 51,990 to Rs. 77,990
  • Split ACs are available in Cooling only models, Cooling Only with mosquito away Technology and Hot n Cold with mosquito away Technology in the capacities of 1.0 to 2.0 ton in the price range of Rs.29,490 to Rs. 51,990
  • Window ACs are available in Cooling only, Cooling only with mosquito away Technology and Hot n Cold series in the capacities of 0.75 to 2.0 ton in the price range of Rs. 18,290  to Rs. 34,990
  • LG Floor Standing AC is available in capacities of 2.0 to 2.5 ton in the price range of Rs. 65,990 to Rs. 84,990
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  1. Confused in two models

    I went to purchase LG 1.5 ton inverter AC for my 120 sft first floor with no direct sunlight. After reading your reviews I decide to go with LG. But I am confused in 2 models i.e., LG BS-Q186C8R6 and LG BSA18IMA but the reviews stating that the later one EER is 3.41 where as former one has 3.67 but it is old model. Later one is new model but with less EER. Please help me which one to purchase and your opinion. Thanks in advance.

      • Query for BSA18IMA

        Sir as you telling and shows that LG BS Q186C8R6 is comes with coper condenser and coil, so why now LG is not giving coper condenser or coil for its new version/model BSA18IMA.

        Also want to know till how much temperature LG’S inverter compressior can run. Like Mitshubishi can run till 51°.

        • Where do you live Bhavik?

          Also, LG stopped selling Copper condenser because they’re selling a newer, sturdy and more energy efficient technology which is called Multi-flow condenser.

          I cannot give you an exact answer of up to how much temperature an AC can work? Mine AC of LG has never tripped for me, no matter whatever temperature it was on outside in Delhi. If you think you live at a place where temp can cross 50 deg in a day, you better buy a 3 star rated AC.

  2. lg

    Dear sir pls suggest me which model is best in lg acs 1 lgBSA181MA AND 2 LG BS Q-186C8R6. first one is latest features mosquito away,himalaya cool,moonsoon comfort.
    second one is more features. i am confused sir which model is better. pls tell me one model.

  3. thank u sir and finally i have two questions sir one is you said go for latest model lg bsa181ma but sir some features is not there eg: plasmasterionizer,dual filter protection filter, plasmaster skincare,fuzzy logic and choas mode. this features are there in lg bs186c8r6 model. my second question is O GENERAL INVERTER AC model no:ASGA18JCC VS LG V INVERTER AC 1.5 TON. in these models which brand is best sir ?

    • I would say to buy the latest model as having a mosquito away feature is much more useful than plasmaster ionizer and it does have other filters to purify the air. And when you have asked me, i’ll always choose LG over O’General anytime.

  4. Sir,
    Based on your review i thought of going with LG BSA18IMA . But when i approached show room , the marketing guy told me that Hitachi is the best and LG is having aluminum coil which is not good and having complaints also.Then when i asked my friends everybody is telling Hitachi or OG is good.I Am pretty confused.
    Can you Plz help me on choosing the brand.

    For LG BSA18IMA model where i can able to get the full specification?
    What is the coil type in the above model aluminium or copper?

    • I am recommending LG since last 2 years and never faced any such issue. Previously i heard many complaints for Hitachi, so i stopped recommending them. O’General is OK but their after sales service is not that great. That’s how LG becomes the first choice for me. And for all specifications, you can download product catalog from LG website or visit any local shop nearby who sell LG AC’s too.

  5. crackling noise in indoor unit

    i brought new lg inverter a.c 1.5 ton last week after couple of days..there was a frequent crackling sound in my door unit…..i asked service person to check when they came at the time its doesnt make any noise.after they went once again its making crackling noise…

    t noise is because of voltage fluctuations or any other problem in indoor unit..plz reply

    • I have no idea for it. Run it for few more days and if the sound continues to happen, call service person again. Since your AC is in warranty, there is nothing you need to be worried for. Use it freely and i do hope that you have installed a good quality voltage stabilizer since that is a must for inverter AC’s.

  6. buy latest LG AC

    I want to buy latest A.C. of L.G. which should be with maximum features and my room size is 12 feet x 12 feet x 10 feet.

    My room terrace have direct sun heat On it.

    I prefer to have AC which is with inverter and helps in saving electric bill.

    What could be the model you suggest me for this. And what should be the final price.

    Also I see in some case there is 8 to 10000 difference if buy online. From dealers the price is coming high always

    • For you LG BSA12IMA would be an ideal choice. This is 1 TON Inverter AC. For pricing, i cannot comment, since it varies everywhere from offline to online. If you get a good deal online, go for it, but do keep in mind, get your AC installed only by authorized service persons from LG only.

  7. Which Inverter AC to buy?

    Hi, I intend to buy O General Inverter Wall Mounted Split Air Conditioners Model; ASGA24JCC – 2.0 Ton, but I am little confused as to which brand I shall go for, I have a budget but shall I go for this or any other, as you are suggesting LG over O General. Please help.

  8. AC

    my new hotel apaar residency near parijat niwash bamhanganwa reewa road satna(m.p.)
    sir also am 20 ac purchesing last years month of april 2014. so my 2 sumsung ac at not running.
    i am all time complain a sumsung ac service center. not respons my complain and tolking a your 1 ac porblum a condensing coil damage . service sentar at not exechanging and tolking a u r pay a charge of 5500.rs and purches a new condensing coil. so what responsibale a co. i dont no………

  9. sir i am very new to this field and wishing to buy an a.c at the range of 33000-40000..for which brand and model i should opt for..whether i would go for hitachi or l.g???please help sirr

  10. LG BSA18IMA model Inverter AC.

    Dear Mr. Ankit Chugh,
    Please advice me regarding a few of the following.
    1. Many private A.C. service technicians say that the PCB board of both IDU and EDU gives frequent trouble for the LG inverter AC. There will be constant problems, so dont buy it.
    2. What will be the cost of the spares for this model esp. PCB and other spares that are costly. Please advice me regarding this as I am planning to buy this model soon.
    3. Any other info I need to know before buying like the compressor etc.
    Thanks and regards.



  12. very good AC

    Very Good AC but with minor disadvantages
    * there is no tempreture meter inthe indoor unit we need to check it in the remote every time
    * remote control does not have LED lights so we need to torch it every time when we need to increase or decrease the temperature in the night time

  13. My Experience of Buying AC

    Hi readers ,
    I am going to share my first ac buying experience after having R&D for abt a month then i decided to go with LG inverterV 1 Ton AC for my room size (10×12 feet). I brought the AC from a local Home appliance shop since they offered me better price than direct LG showroom.
    I was delivered with a indoor unit ( BSN12IMA ) , outdoor unit ( BSU12IMA ). I was first shocked after seeing the model no’s of the units which i received because i have booked BSA12MA model and i was delivered with a different model BSN12IMA ( indoor unit ) & BSU12IMA (outdoor Unit )
    So i checked with the sales manager , he explained clearly that the BSA is the name of the total unit which contains both indoor and outdoor.

    For installation We need to call 1800 1809 999 and book a request for installation by providing our registered mobile no while booking.
    For Installation 2 people came with all necessary kits for installation.

    Approximately 1 hr and 45 minutes took for installation and demo.

    Finally review about LG inverterV
    Low noise
    Mosquito away technology , not yet tested fully since 2 days only after installation.
    Looking nice , worth for money.

    • Please share details

      Hi, can you please share further details? like how is it cooling (1Ton AC for 10*12 Room) my room is 12*14 and I was thinking to get same 1Ton inverter AC instead of 1.5ton as the price difference is almost 10K? also if you can please share total pricing?

  14. Sleep or Timer mod

    I want my L G 1Ton split A C go to shut down in 1 or 2 hours, after I sleep.what should I do.It is a V mosquito repellent on

    • It shutdown or the compressor goes OFF for a while after attaining required temperature. If that so happens, then it’s completely fine. Nothing to worry of in that.

  15. sir, I have a 10/12 room and my terrace faces direct sunray. i went to the showroom and they suggsted me to buy L.G Inverter A.C BSA18IBE, 1.5 ton. Should i go for it?

      • Thank you for your reply.
        They told price will be around 45000 after discount. Please suggest me a good model or good inverter ac.

  16. Dear Mr. Ankit Chugh
    You recommend LG BSA18IMA model Inverter AC but where I am staying only LG LSA5AU5A model is available. Please give your opinion and advise. Price: 38500 with fitting 43500.
    Thank you.

    • Is this the only model? Does your local dealer have any LG 5 star model with mosquito away feature too? Also, you can check online as well. And why such difference of costs with fittings? DO you have a breakdown of the cost of fittings? It looks unusual to me.

  17. Looking for a 1 ton split ac with mosquito repellant , inverter tech and hot/cold


    I want to buy 2 split ac’s of 1 ton for my bedrooms of area 140 sqft each, I am looking for inverter ac with mosquito repellant as well as hot and cold, any brand has all these features in one model , if yes please let me know, your quick response is very much appreciated, I am a fan of lg products I have high end tv/washing machine/fridge from lg hence would be happy if lg has any model with all the features I mentioned.

    • Unfortunately, LG has not launched any model this year with Hot pump (hot & cold feature). Hence, after LG, you must consider having Daikin. You might not find mosquito repellent feature in any other company, but at least, those will be trouble-free ACs with great quality. If you may visit some multi-branded store, and could find Last year models of LG with inverter and mosquito repellent, you might have luck then.

  18. How about VOLTAS?

    Hi Again Ankit, Well am quite surprised you haven’t at all looked into Whirlpool ACs why? are they that bad? or just that you haven’t looked into it yet?

    Can you give your expert opinion about these 2 ACs?


    3D COOL XTREME HD 5S (1.5 T)

    they seems to be finest ACs for Indian market with such high EER and SEER, also low noise levels not sure why they are not picking up or its just that we are not so aware of it, so eagerly waiting for your opinion on these and Voltas link I have posted on discussion page of your Voltas AC Review.

    Most important part is you check FAQ about 3D Cool Extreme 5S AC is there any fact about it? or are they just bluffing?

    • Whirlpool is not a bad company to have. If you’re asking me Whirlpool over Voltas, take it as yes anytime. Also, cooling capacity is already mentioned on all AC’s, so it doesn’t matter much whether the air is being sucked from side and above or just from above. If the product you’re choosing has more rated cooling capacity and higher EER, you can opt for it. But do consider in mind after sales service point too. That is very important.

  19. Not about Brands but About AC

    Hi, No am not asking Whirlpool over Voltas, am asking how do you rate those 2 particular ACs, as what Whirlpool claims whether its true or not, additionally they have mentioned SEER which is very confusing my little research says BEE has adapted ISEER (Indian seasonal energy efficiency ratio) so Whirlpool’s SEER cant be of Indian standards and they should clarify of which country’s SEER they are quoting. but regardless please their faq of Air conditioner very interesting stuff they have mentioned about Inverter and their 3D COOL XTREME HD 5S ACs, and please let us know what do you think.

    • I am not sure, as whirlpool has not clearly stated about SEER. Right now, you can consider EER value only, till BEE makes mandatory for Inverter AC’s to have star ratings. I cannot comment anything about SEER or ISEER until the company may provide some information about it officially. Also for the 3D cooling part, i don’t see that as an exceptional feature. Samsung also have same features in one of their AC top-end and the product failed in market.

  20. Filters clarification for LG Inverter A/C

    Hi Ankit,
    Does LG-Inverter-BSA18IMA have Triple Filter,3M Filter and Air Filter ? As i didnt see triple filter information in the Product Catalog .but seen on the Owners Manual.


  21. Hi Ankit
    I have an LG inverter BSA 181MA model aircon . My warranty end this month and am confused whether to go for an AMC as the service mechanic warned about the high cost of spares incase of breakdown.

  22. not purchase due to stock is not available


  23. Which is the best one of LG


    Could you plz help to buy a split AC, i have chooses to models LG JSQ18 BTXD and JSQ18 NPXA.
    Which is the best. please suggest and does it required Stabilizer also?

  24. I was comparing many ACs from renowned brands like Voltas, LG and Samsung. then my eye was stuck in one of the LG model i.e. BSA18BEYD. Could you help me to know whether I shall go for it or not? and given a choice, Volta and LG, which one should prefer?

  25. LG vs Hitachi vs Daikin 1 ton inverter ac

    Hi Ankit,
    First of such a nice and useful article for layman person for buying ac.
    I need to buy 1 ton split inverter ac for my greater noida west flat on 13th floor out of 25 floors.
    Selected 3 machines after much research and price comparison on paytm app also:

    1.Hitachi Neo 3200i 1.0 TR – RAU312EWEAD – (44k mrp) – (36.9k paytm)- (31.8k after cashback)
    2. Daikin FTKH35SRV16 1.0 Ton Inverter -(39k mrp) (35.8 paytm) – (28.2k after cashback)
    3.LG Q12BTXD 1 ton inverter – 38k price 5k discuount paymtm (33k after cashback)

    Also any similar range option for both hot & cold model?

    Note: Will any brand from above 3,deny for brand warranty after buying from paytm,specially LG and daikin?

    Which one will be good option for long run both cooling,maintenance and electricity units.
    I am thinking to buy in Feb due to i can get off season discount or will you advice to buy in April and wait till then.


  26. Please suggest 1.5 ton ac

    Hello Ankit ji

    Please suggest which model is better
    Lg q18 nuxa2
    Lg q18 cpxd2

    Or please suggest better option if any in such range upto 42k