To say that 2016 was hot is an understatement. The average temperature recorded across the planet was so far above normal that it set a record for setting records. India lying in the tropical climatic zone has been experiencing unusual and unprecedented spells of hot weather. This has led to a steady rise in the demand for Residential Air Conditioners across India. This trend is only expected to occur far more frequently and cover larger areas henceforth.

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Everything You Need to Know About LG Dual Inverter Technology

As innovation and creativity walk hand in hand with change, LG took a step further to upgrade from the Inverter technology to Dual Inverter which will consume much lesser energy than conventional ACs. For instance, a 1.50 Ton Dual Inverter AC will save 834 units with respect to a 5 Star Split AC in a year which amounts to approximately Rs. 6000.

LG calls their Dual Inverter technology as DualCool Technology. So both are same!

The fine new range of Air Conditioners from the house of LG have the revolutionary DualCool Technology. This technology, with the unique Dual Inverter compressor is eon ahead of its conventional counterparts and makes it possible for our Air Conditioners to cool faster, last longer and run quieter.

Best Dual Cool Inverter Copper Split AC

How does LG DualCool Technology Work?

LG Air Conditioners with the DualCool Technology have Varied Speed Dual Rotary motor with wider rotational frequency. This ensures faster cooling and more efficiency as well as drastic reduction in noise levels. It constantly adjusts the compressor’s speed to maintain desired levels of temperature and assured savings – both power and bills.

Moreover, the LG stabilizer free technology will not only help the consumer to save money spent on stabilizer but also enhance the aesthetics of the room. Staying ahead of the competition, LG will also offer a 10-year warranty on the compressor. Moreover, in India, the peak of summer can witness temperatures crossing the barrier of 48 degree Celsius in some parts. Typically, ACs cool up to 46 degree Celsius but the latest technology will keep one cool even at 52 degree Celsius.

Benefits of LG DualCool Technology

  • Quick Cooling

The speed and performance of the compressor is faster and more powerful, allowing the air conditioner to cool faster than conventional ones.

  • Maximum User Comfort

The speed of Dual Inverter Compressor is constantly adjusted and varied to maintain the desired temperature with minimal fluctuation.

  • Reduced Operating Costs

DualCool Technology minimizes energy loss and keeps the efficiency levels high to provide the most economical air conditioning.

  • Low Noise

This makes the air conditioner operate at low sound levels backed by LG’s skew fan and Dual Inverter Compressor; that subtract noise.

4 Step Energy Saving Feature

Cooling a home can be expensive, particularly during the hot summer months. LG Air Conditioners avoid these costs and save energy by taking advantage of its Active Energy Control. This efficiently limits power consumption from 40% to 80% of normal usage and saves up to 57% energy.

LG Smart Inverter & Dual Inverter Specification Table

Smart Inverter
Smart Inverter
Dual Inverter
Dual Inverter
Smart Inverter
Dual Inverter
Dual Inverter
Dual Inverter
Star Rating54444443
Capacity (Cooling W)3,5763,51752756,3803,5175,2756,3805,187
Energy Efficiency – ISEER – SEER4.744.24.3424.
Air Circulation – In/Out – CFM424/989424/989636/1483706/1483424/989636/1483706/1483568/1207
Noise Level – Indoor – dB1818292918292931
Compressor – Type/GasRotary -R410ARotary -R410ADual Rotary -R410ADual Rotary -R410ARotary -R410ADual Rotary-R410ADual Rotary-R410ADual Rotary-R410A
Power Supply – Phase/Voltage Frequency – ø/V/Hz1/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/501/220-240/50
Power Input – Cooling – Watts1,0101,0601,5401,9801,0601,5401,9801,760
Running Current – Cooling – Amps55.878.95.878.98.1
Dimension – Indoor – (W*H*D) mm837*302*189837*302*189998*330*210998*330*210837*302*189998*330*210998*330*2101090 * 300 * 218
Dimension – Outdoor – (W*H*D) mm720*500*270720*500*270870*660*360870*660*360720*500*270870*660*360870*660*360810*568*270
Net Weight – Indoor – Kg98.511.611.68.511.611.612
Net Weight – Outdoor – Kg23.523.539.239.223.539.239.230
Mosquito Awayxxxxx
Himalaya coolxxxxxxx
Monsoon Comfort
Plasmaster Ionizerxxxxxxx
Active Energy Control
Energy Saving Modexxxx
Multi Protection Fiterxxxxxxx
Micro Dust Protection Filter (Single)x
Anti-bacterial Fiter
Auto Clean
Jet CoolV
Auto Air Swing (4 Way/2 Way)4 Way2 Way2 Way2 Way2 Way2 Way2 Way2 Way
On Timer
Off Timer
Sleep Mode
Display Light (On/Off)
Display TypeDigtalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigitalDigital
Indirect Airx
Self Diagnostic

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  1. Need Suggestion to choose AC model

    Hello Sir, I need your suggestion which LG AC model (s) to select in Hyderabad, India?

    Following is my requirement,
    1.Bed room size is 10*9*8 with false ceiling
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (7-8 hours)
    People: 2
    West facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 more floors on top of mine.

    2. Bed room size is 12*10*8 with false ceiling
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (5-6 hours)
    People: 2
    West facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 floors in top of mine.

    3. Leaving room Size: 20*14*8.5(false ceiling)
    hours of usage: 2-3 months (7-8 hours)
    People: 3/4
    North facing glass window.
    Floor: 2nd floor with 3 floors in top of mine.

  2. What best AC to cool large living room plus kitchen in Chennai

    Hello Sir, I need your suggestion for the best AC model for 1st floor chennai flat with open terrace above.
    The living room size 24′ x 13′ (312 sq ft) floor with 10′ concrete ceiling. This being living cum dining room has one large window and 4 door ways and open (no door) into kitchen which also needs to be cooled. The kitchen size is 14′ x 6′ floor 10′ ceiling. I would really appreciate your advise on how best to cool both these rooms in the most energy efficient way. I hope that 1 AC can do the job.

  3. inverter pcb problem solving

    normally inverter ac are good.
    but problems comes it makes us fuss.
    i had pcb problem in daikin ac
    i changed it for rs: 10000/ ( both indoor & outdoor).
    is this LG dual inverer pcb board cost could u able to tell?
    both indoor and outdoor?
    so that i can go for this new one.

  4. Required technical clarification

    Respected Authority,

    I have LG dual inverter 1.5 ton 3star ac(Model – JS-Q18AUXA2).

    I am facing the problem for compressor cuts off when the temperature set limit is achieved.can you please tell me the what reason for the same?

  5. About stabilizer free operation

    Mr Ankit recently i have purchased LG dual core inverter ac model no- KS-Q18SNZD. My inhouse voltage have 247V. Please tell me I need stabilizer or not for PCB safety.

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