Washing clothes is a house- hold chore that puts off one to the most and is on the bottom of the to – do list for the week. We reckon on the shortcuts and wonder if washing clothes could get as interesting as playing football or video games. Our needs have been constantly changing. Not only do we want technology to make things instantaneous, but also interesting. A few smart washing machines have answered your prayers and can get you hooked to washing clothes, the way you are when you play Counter Strike.

We introduce you to a few incredible washing machines that may knock your socks off:

Coin Slot Game Washer :  Play A Washing Game

Coin Slot Game Washer Putting Clothes in Coin Slot Game Washer Playing with Coin Slot Game Washer

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A coin slot telephone is what we have all heard of, but a coin Slot Game Washer is not something that everybody knows. This game washer will get your clothes cleaned as you play, with  the brightness of your clothes manifesting your gaming skills. While many wives are often disheartened with nobody especially their husband not noticing their efforts behind washing clothes, the coin slot game washer puts to rest these worries as you are appreciated with points for the way you wash ( rather play). Do not be surprised if your teenager kid is eager to help you with the laundry.

Wash Cycle : Washing cum Gyming

Wash Cycle - Washing cum Gyming Washing clothes by doing cycling - Remya Jose - Kerela

Many a times we curse technology for making us lazy and plump. The case is not the same with Wash Cycle, which has a pedaling system attached to a cabin. It has a water-filled cabin where one has to put the clothes. When you pedal the cycle, it rotates and cleans your clothes. Now, your wash Cycle serves as your gym machine too, zapping the need to visit a gym. The best part is that it does not consume electricity and is worth being a hit in rural areas. This machine was developed by Remya Jose from Kerela and her machine was featured in Discovery channel as well. You can watch the below given video for more details.

The Swirl Washing Machine: Kick for cleaner clothes

The Swirl Washing Machine Being used in Rural Areas How children play with the Swirl Washing Machine

How the Swirl Washing Machine Works Product Concept of The Swirl Washing Machine

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Germany based design affairs have been the brain behind the Swirl Washing Machine, which washes clothes based on your involvement. Shaped like a spherical ball, it has a lid, which connects to the steel tube handle. One needs to fill the cloth in the basket, rotate the ball, and apply force. You can play with it the way you play football, as the clothes are cleaned depending on the thrust you provide with your foot. With Swirl Washing Machine, Washing is your kid’s favorite pastime.

With Smart washing machines like these making an entry, washing clothes is no more a wearisome task. Washing was never so much fun, isn’t it?

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