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Live Life the LG Way: Brand Unveils Global Visual Identity


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Written By: author image Ankit Chugh
author image Ankit Chugh

LG Electronics (LG) has unveiled a new brand direction and visual identity. The new brand direction aims to shed more light on the value of Life’s Good with a more dynamic and youthful look across all physical and digital customer touch points. The new brand identity includes a revamped visual identity, a new typeface for the Life’s Good brand slogan, and the use of more energetic colors.

The new visual identity reinterprets the existing warmth and sense of togetherness of the brand. The company aims to boost interaction with more customers through a new visual identity that adds vitality and interactive elements while putting a new spin on the existing brand image. In the digital space, the company’s symbol will come to life, engaging customers with a new level of expressiveness. The brand symbol, composed of the letters ‘L’ and ‘G,’ can perform eight unique motions, including nodding, spinning and winking. With its new capabilities, the brand symbol can greet customers with a friendly smile or move along with background music on digital platforms in a variety of witty ways.

LG Active Red

In addition to its signature LG Red color, the company will be using the more energetic LG Active Red across all customer contact points. Also various gradient elements in LG Active Red, white and black were also introduced, offering a variety as they can be applied according to the unique character of each product or service.

The company also designed a new typeface for its Life’s Good brand slogan, which will be used more widely as a brand asset in product packaging. Cleverly integrated into the typeface are shapes inspired by various LG products.

LG’s new brand strategy not only strengthens the company’s unique identity but signals its willingness and capacity to evolve with generations, along with its unmatched commitment to innovating customer experiences all around the globe. The company plans to utilize its one-of-a-kind brand asset at all customer contact points globally throughout the year.

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