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LG Split Air Conditioners (AC) is again one of the popular selling in air conditioner market and have a quiet good percentage of coverage if compared to Samsung or Voltas. LG has gained a good market share with coming time by improving things at time like product quality or customer service support. So we are here reviewing Split Version of LG air conditioners.

UPDATE: Check out latest review of LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner model here – https://www.reviewcenter.in/8837/lg-dual-inverter-air-conditioner-ac-review-features-specifications/

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review

With a strong dominance of split air conditioner over window air conditioner, people have become more inclined to buy split AC’s rather than window AC because of many reasons. Some may don’t have dedicated window for installing window AC or some may not want to make a big cut in their wall for installing it. However, in case of Split AC’s, it just requires a small hole in wall, which hides behind air conditioning unit and AC looks better on wall. This is pretty obvious that split ac’s are better in looks than window ac’s. However at same time, installation of them can be clumsy for case to case. So, before buying, one must check what are his/her actual needs and which would be better for them.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

LG in-house technology named “INVERTER V” is what behind the successful life of lg split ac’s. This technology is available in LG window ac’s as well. This technology comes handy when effective cooling is required as well as power efficient too. The major benefit of “INVERTER V” technology is when we start the air conditioner, the compressor will start at maximum speed to reach the desired temperature quickly. Once the room attains the desired temperature, LG INVERTER will adjust and constantly vary the compressor speed to maintain the desired room temperature with minimum power consumption. This is the major benefit of having a variable speed compressor rather than a constant speed compressor that it consumes less speed and hence lower power usage bills. And hence cooling is very powerful.

4 way Cooling LG Split AC
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The air outlet is designed for strong airflow which brings down the room temperature upto 7 deg within a minute. Its 4-way swing disperses cool air quickly and effectively in multiple directions to reach every corner of room. However you can adjust horizontal vane from step 1 to 6 with full auto swing or you can adjust vertical vane too from step 1 to 5, left and right with full auto swing to cool specific area of a room. The 4-way swing provides optimized flow regardless of your location in your room like any other AC. You can feel the airflow upto a distance of 30ft when adjusted properly.

LG Window Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

We buy big brands products because we expect them to give us great quality products. And if they don’t deliver good quality products, then there name came on stake. The competition is market is so high that if a brand don’t meet the required standards, they can loose market share so fast, that could give them a loss in millions. That’s why LG doesn’t compromise when it comes to quality of its split AC’s products. There products have quality which had improved with time a lot when it comes to compressor or outer looks or body. Hence, product build quality is good and the parts fitted inside also have a good life span because that’s also matter very much. Again if you heard some critics about it, then critics can be for any company, think yourself, if you got 100 customers, you’ll never find all 100 satisfied with your service or products.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

LG got a huge range to offer in split AC’s. They have tried to offer a varied range for everyone’s budget. And if we talk about looks, those are quite good. There are some models whose outer body is fully colored to match your interior looks for those who don’t like plain white looks. Those full colored AC’s looks very luxurious and can make your neighbor’s envy. However everyone has got its own opinions about its looks, if you check Mitsubishi or Hitachi looks, they also do have got some nice difference in looks but at same time they have got a huge price gap too. So, its like this, if you have got a thick pocket, go to looks with premium brands or you want to have a cost efficient thing with good looks, go for LG.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

LG Split AC Bee Star Rating Model Year 2012
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A state of art heat exchanger, an efficient air outlet, and INVERTER V technology are the major unique features behind high efficiency of LG’s split ac’s conditioners. This INVERTER V technology operates the air conditioner with variable speed of compressor which helps savings energy a lot. The Brushless DC motor is one of the major factor for reducing power consumption. This motor has strong torque and powerful Neodymium magnets inside the rotor, which helps BLDC motor to provide large air volumes and high static pressure. And 13 different step precise speed control makes the operation more smoother. For Electrical and Mechanical both, noise is lower and high speed operation is available as well.

Savings With LG Split AC
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If you going to buy split AC’s soon, check for BEE star ratings. The higher the star ratings, more power efficient AC would be. And recently LG made huge improvement in there compressor and many things, so while buying split AC, check in BEE star rating label that the model year is 2012 only. If you find an AC with older model date, i would suggest not buying it because the recent product updated features and parts are more power efficient. You will find power consumption range more efficient on 2012 models. LG was awarded First Prize in Manufacturer’s of BEE Star labeled appliances (Air Conditioner) Sector during National Energy Conversation Awards 2010. This award is currently instituted and given by Ministry of Power, Government of India.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Durability

When we talk about durability, we expect our AC’s to work at extreme temperatures and perform equal at all outer temperature range. If they don’t perform at peak temperatures during summers, the AC becomes a box of plastic for us. And LG split AC’s have performed well on all the reviews we aggregated about it. For having durability, it has a MF condenser instead of traditional fin and tube condenser. Heat capacity is 10-20% higher in MF condenser when compared fin and tube. Also this condenser is made up of Aluminium to prevent Galvanic Corrosion. When compared to fin and tube condenser, it consumer less power and delivers better performance.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

  • Ionizer

Ionizer sterilize not only the air going through the air conditioner but also all surrounding harmful substances and odor too. The ion clusters created by ionizer plasma pattern electrodes form radicals over the surface of harmful bacteria to eliminate odor and hydrogen particles of the bacteria.

  • Highly Silent

It inbuilt unique skew fan and low vibrating compressor produces less sound and helps you having a sound sleep. The unique thing about skew fan is its design has minimum surface pressure on the fan blade which when comes in contact with the air, the peak noise is reduced to a very lower level of 19dB.

  • Auto Cleaning

Inbuilt Auto Cleaning function prevents the forming of bacterial and mold on the heat exchanger and hence more cleaner air for a long time. The automatic cleaning function dries wet heat exchanger and ions from Ionizer which sterilizes the coil to prevent the breeding of molds and bacteria. It eliminates odor from air conditioners and saves from discomfort of having frequent cleaning of filter.

  • Plasma Cyclotron Filter
LG Plasma Cyclotron Filter
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Its plasma filtration system protects the user from odor and harmful substances floating in air. It also deactivates virus that pose risks to health and hence more cleaner air. The filter removes house mites, micro dust and put fur to those in order to save user from allergy/asthma symptoms.

  • E-Saver Mode

Using BATA algorithm (Body Adaptation Time Algorithm) is a new technology being offered by LG in it’s split range air conditioners. What it actually does that it helps consuming less power upon reaching a room temperature when our body stop sensing temperature change. It’s a quite useful feature and merge well with InverterV technology.

  • 3M Mirco Protection Filter

LG is the only company which offers protection from dust and harmful bacteria by it’s unique 3M Micro protection filter and fine mesh dual protection filter. These filters are capable of removing dust and bacteria up to size of 0.3 um for providing fresh and pure air to users. Again, this also helps in maintaining performance on cooling and reduced electricity bills for a longer period of time.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

From all the reviews we aggregated, we found LG After sales service satisfactory. Customer care support is good and supportive and understand problems well when explained properly. Just in case, if you found some glitches in customer care support, contact them directly on there Facebook page to get an early response. This is the major benefit of purchasing products of big brands, now-a-days you can get them easily using social networking websites.

Update: Now LG offers a 211 service which means once you register your complaint, LG service engineer will call you back in 2 hours (hence 2), set up an appointment for the next convenient day for you (hence the first 1), and show up in the promised 1-hour slot (hence the second 1). If the next convenient day for you is the next day, that’s great too.

LG Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

Model No.

Tonnage Capacity

BEE Star Rating

MRP (in Rs.)

L-Ultra LSA2UR2F




L-Ultra LSA3UR2F




L-Maxima LSA3MR2M




L-Aura LSA3AR2M12Rs.28990
L-Zyya LSA3ZR2M12Rs.28990
L-Nova LSA3NR3F113Rs.26990
L-Aura LSA3AR3M1 13Rs.30490
L-Maxima LSA3MR3M1 1 3Rs.30490
L-Zyya LSA3ZR3M1 1 3Rs.30990
L-Energia Wine Red 1 3Rs.33990
 L-Nova LSA3NR5F 1 5Rs.30990
 L-Aura LSA3AR5M 1 5Rs.34490
 L-Maxima LSA3MR5M 1 5Rs.34490
 L-Zyya LSA3ZR5M 1 5Rs.34990
 L-Energia Wine Red LSA3EW5Z 1 5Rs.38490
 L-Aura LSA12ARMH (Hot & Cold) 1 Not ApplicableRs.31990
 L-Ultra LSA5UR2F 1.5 2Rs.29990
 L-Maxima LSA5MR2M 1.5 2Rs.32990
 L-Aura LSA5AR2M 1.5 2Rs.32990
 L-Zyya LSA5ZR2M 1.5 2Rs.33490
 L-Nova LSA5NR3F 1.53Rs.31990
 L-Maxima LSA5MR3M 1.53Rs.35490
 L-Aura LSA5AR3M 1.53Rs.35490
 L-Zyya LSA5ZR3M 1.53Rs.35990
 L-Energia Wine Red LSA5EW3Z 1.53Rs.40290
 L-Nova LSA5NR5F1.55Rs.36490
 L-Maxima LSA5MR5M1.55Rs.39990
 L-Aura LSA5AR5M1.55Rs.39990
 L-Zyya LSA5ZR5M1.55Rs.40490
 L-Energia Wine Red LSA5EW5Z1.55Rs.45490
 L-Energia Silver LSA5ES5Z1.55Rs.45490
 L-Aura LSA18ARMH (Hot & Cold)1.5Not ApplicableRs.37490
 L-Ultra LSA6UR2F22Rs.37990
 L-Aura LSA6AR2M22Rs.41990
 L-Maxima LSA6MR2M22Rs.41990
 L-Zyya LSA6ZR2M22Rs.42490
 L-Nova LSA6NR3F23Rs.37990
 L-Zyya LSA6ZR3M23Rs.43490
 L-Maxima LSA6MR3M23Rs.43490
 L-Energia Wine Red LSA6EW3Z23Rs.46490
 L-Aura LSA24ARMH (Hot & Cold)2Not ApplicableRs.40990
 BS-Q126B8R4 (Cooling Only)15 (Not Applicable)Rs.39990
 BS-Q186C8R2 (Cooling Only)1.55 (N.A.)Rs.50490
 AS-W126B1U1 (Hot and Cold) 15 (N.A.) Rs.51990
 AS-W186C2U1 (Hot and Cold) 1.55 (N.A.)Rs.67990
 BS-Q246C7M1 (Cooling Only) 25 (N.A.)Rs.68990
 AS-W246C2U1 (Hot and Cold) 25 (N.A.)Rs.77990
BS-Q246C8R2 (Cooling Only)25 (N.A.)Ask us
BS-Q126B4A2 (Cooling Only)15 (N.A.)Ask us
BS-Q186C4A1 (Cooling Only)1.55 (N.A.)Ask us

Final Verdict

As per all the points i discussed above, i personally recommend this product, since when we get lots of features in a highly competitive cost, and then a product whose durability is high with great after sales service, it becomes no-brainier for buying this product straight.  If you have personal experience using this product, you can also add your review about this product below.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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    1. hi ankit,
      it was great to see an a-c review article from you.
      all this while i thought you were confined to piping only.
      i like all your articles and this one too is no exception.
      thanks and regards


      Hii Ankit,
      I have brought LG LSA5EW5M ac;i am quite happy with its working but people r saying yhat i should have bought Daikin,Hitachi,or Carrier ac’s. They r also saying that the aluminium condenser would leak after 3-4 years whereas companies using copper condensers will have long life and every easy to repair compared to aluminium condensers… So i want to know was i ri8 to purchase this model….

      1. This is quite a late reply. From my experience better to go for Copper coil condenser as it can be repaired easily. I bought LG BSA12IBE 1T inverter AC in 2015. After 2 years gas leaked through Aluminium condenser coil. LG technician has asked to replace it. Cost around Rs 8000/=. If within 2 years condenser coil has to be replaced is a very big flaw. I have used window AC and split AC having copper condenser. Worked more than 5 years and never have to replace the coil.
        This may be useful for those who are wishing to buy new AC.

        1. Very Undurable LG Ac, as they use MF Aluminium Coil in most of their AC products

          I brought lg air-conditioner and within 3 yrs aluminium MF coil showed its colors. LG engineer said he will replace only with a MF Aluminium Coil as suggested by brand and not with copper coil as it would misfit into the outdoor unit.Why can’t they use only copper coil at first step and stop cheating customers and fool them with bullshit technical advertisements. why this kind of quality from LG and a undurable product. I have completely lost faith in LG.

  1. buy d best

    hello ankit

    am goin for an ac rather the best avbl.but confused.so plz help me. i hav selected 3 nos.
    3.lg with inverter-v

    i wn 2 know wheather i-tec works as inverter-v.also am not sure about lg inverter-v ac models.


  2. Which is better MF Condensor or copper Condensor

    Im planning to buy Split AC. Most of people says Copper Condenser is good but MF condenser is available in LG and Samsung and that is the New technology.
    Please suggest.

      1. For 2-3 yrs. Then u have to change it with copper coil. I would advice if u r going with LG, while buying get a copper condenser unit by paying some 1500-2500 extra and stay happy for next 5-6 yrs. in any hot area. Do proper maintenance before and after every summer. or kind of 6 months.

    1. MF vrs Copper

      MF technology is just a gimmick. its afterall an aluminium condenser. Within 3 yrs you have to change it similar MF type or Copper type. Cost would be 8000/- INR. Those 2 brands are looters and gimmick kings.
      And most imp, exchange ur old AC by 5 yrs or else it will ask repairings and parts would not be available. It will be a junk.

      Secondly, Better go for Diakin or Voltas or Carrier or Bluestar.

  3. Area coverage

    I have a conference room of 350 Sq. Ft. with 20-30 people sitting. How much tonnage should I install.

  4. one of the vendor here at my side told me to go for copper coils over aluminum coil, since copper coils are more strong compared to aluminum, also it has better conductivity over aluminum. Also he told me that blue star is one of the few (among Daikin, Mitsubishi) to provide coils with copper material until asked for aluminum ones(something to do about maintaining quality ). While other companies like samsung, LG, videocon tend to use aluminum because of its cheapness. Also these companies tend to coat their aluminum coils with copper paint just to give a vision as of copper.

    He told me that heavier the ac, the more better it is. Also he showed me inside the outdoor chamber, i.e. the coils and compressor. Compressor as well as coils were of copper , the coils were also coated blue in color which he told us is a patented technology to prevent them from corrosion/rust.

    All in all he told us to go for: (all 3 star)
    1) Bluestar (V series) 1.5 ton @ 32990 (including everything +800 for installation)
    2) Mitsubishi 1.5 ton @36990 (Highly recommended over bluestar if the budget allows) (extra charges for ducting and installation +3to4k)
    3) Daikin 1.5 ton @ 32990 (extra charges for ducting and installation +3to4k)

    So could u please correct if anything is wrong over here. and recommend if there is any other better option available. I need to use the split ac in my drawing room area.

    PS: PLEASE REPLY BEFORE 31st MARCH’13 just to avoid raised prices due to new budget.


    1. 1.5 Ton Split AC with Multi Functional Condenser

      Can you please list of 1.5 ton split ACs of LG & Voltas having MF Condenser? Urgent need.

  5. Availability in Kolkata

    What is the availability of BS-Q186C7M1 or 8R2 or 4A1 in Calcutta ? Which retailer is stocking them ? What are the cash down prices and what is the cost of installation as these sets most probably do not have company installation kits with them.

  6. which AC

    Want to buy a split AC which brand, WHAT tonnage, how many stars sufficient, BEE star rating?, mine is transferable job so room size varies everywhere (presently 12X10) next may be 10X10 OR 12X12. Want to order online. Should consume least power , least noise, best after sales service etc. PLEASE HELP…………..

  7. Is it good enough for the room size ? ?

    Hello sir, i am buying an a/c for the first time and have chosen to go with the LG L-Nova LSA5NR5F air conditioner for my room which has a size of 12×18 foot. My question is that is this a/c sufficient for my room size. I wont be using the a/c for more than 5 hours a day, shall this be a good buy for me. if not kindly suggest me a good one. Awaiting your response . .

  8. I want to know what is the difference in 2star & 5star split ac
    what is the difference in electricity bill?

    also INVERTER V SERIES AIR CONDITIONERS 1ton ac what is the electrical bill


    I heard of LG AC got gas leakage problem quite a often. Is MF technology from LG really changed the scenario or the problem still there with these aluminum condenser and coil.

    Finally should i buy hitachi AC,(all copper coil inside and outside including condenser)or go for new LG AC(Multi flow aluminum coil.

    Please advise…

    1. MF Aluminium Coil is just having a coating which will not stand long in Our Indian Hard weather conditions. In 2-3 yrs you would see Gas leaking issues and untimely replace the MF condenser unit coating 8000/-.
      And if you keep ur Unit clean, then at max 3 Years you can enjoy.

  10. Is it not that the ‘aluminium alloy’ condenser harder to fix for gas leakage issues as opposed to copper consersor, which being malleable in nature easy to work on? Thanks.

  11. uy LG split ac for my drwng rm

    I have to buy LG split ac for my drwng rm (150 sq ft) in second floor tower with west facing. can u suggest me 1.5 ton ac of LG compny?

  12. Hot and Cold Ac

    Hi there, I have to buy a LG Split AC. I want to know if LG Hot and Cold Model number- LSA18ARMH would be good choice? Also is it as good as other ACs in terms of cooling in summer? And does it really work as a heater in winters? please suggest.

  13. LSA3UR2f - split AC is copper condensor or Aluminium

    LSA3UR2f – split AC is copper condensor or Aluminium ??

    1. Aluminium condensers failures...

      I am using LG (split AC’s) since 2008. The old ones working fine with no problem at all but it all started with my new one which I bought in 2011 with new tech aluminium condenser coil, every yr by then i had leakage issues spent over 5000 on gas filling yr by yr nw it detected a major leak in the aluminium condenser so have to replace it by a copper one as suggested by the tech. According to tech it cant b repaired due to low durability and pressure power of the metal ie, aluminium. So my advice is to go with copper fitted ones if you want durability and obvious satisfaction.

  14. LG split Ac 1.5 ton

    After reading your comments, I have decided to go with LG split Ac.
    But I dont have any idea which model I should buy.

    Pleae helpt to me buy good one.
    Budget is 30k to 35k
    room size – 10*12


  15. Suggest 1 ton Split AC model for 10*10 foot

    Hi Ankit,
    Hope you are doing well.

    I am looking for a 1 ton split AC for my 100 sq ft room. My usage will be mostly 4-5 hrs in a day for 4 months in a year. I am also looking for an AC which will auto turn off at night time after reaching a particular temp and then again restart when the temperature rises.

    My budget is till 30k.

    Milind PARKAR

  16. Recommendation for buying a Split AC..?


    I want to buy a split AC. My room size is about 110 sq. ft. and above this room, there is another room, i.e., on its upper floor. Can you please recommend any AC to me?

    And, I am looking for a 5-star energy rating on AC. Location is in Maharashtra (not Mumbai).

    This is new year 2014, and, since the posts here appear to be from the last year, recommendations may be different. Can you recommend one or different models?


    1. Thanks for the reply! Some more queries...


      Thank you very much for replying with recommendation!! :)

      I have some queries. They are given below…

      1. First, what is the meaning of ‘Hot and Cold’ in AC features. We were thinking that all ACs cool air in summer, and, in winter, they can act as a heater for the room. Is this correct? Or, only ACs with ‘Hot and Cold’ features do so..??

      2. In this AC that you told, there are no stars, but, does it save electricity like the 5-star ACs?

      3. Also, we want an AC that can cool even when the outside temperature is, like, 50 deg. C or + maybe.

      You can also suggest AC models from other companies also if you think that they will be suitable for my requirements…

      Also, there are two rooms at my home, above one room, there is another room (i.e., on its upper floor), and, above another room, there is no floor, but, terrace is there. We may need to shift the ACs from room1 to room2 maybe year by year as we wish. So, the second room has terrace above it, sun-rays may fall on it… so overall, should I get a 1.5 T or 1.2T AC?
      I went in a shop here for enquiring about ACs. After, I told him about my room and shifting and all, he said that I can buy a 1.25 T AC.
      But, I also learnt on the net that, the AC tonnage should be according to the room only, that if its bigger AC than required, it can cause much humidity in the room. So, if we take a 1.2T or 1.5T AC, can it be good for us..?

      Thanks you! :)

      1. Thank you very much!! :)

        First of all, thank you very very much for helping me by answering the queries! :) And, thank you for the advice about the shifting of the AC.

        Yes, the dealer suggested me a 1.25T model of ‘Panasonic’ only. And, as you said about the dealers clearing that stock, I quite thought so too after I checked the Panasonic website and not finding any 1.25T model there…! Thank you very much for your advice and suggestions!! :)

        I am not in a metro.
        Yes, both rooms are of equal sizes or maybe almost as I remember the measuring of the rooms I took last time.

        So, in the room which has another room over it, the 1T AC can cool in 50 deg. C. also…?
        I checked the LG AC model you told on LG’s website. In the 1T category there, there are two ACs with the ‘InverterV’ technology. The one is that you recommended and there is another one with ‘Hot and Cold’ feature, but the latter’s price is high as compared to the other model. I wanted to ask that does the AC Not having the ‘Hot and Cold’ feature gives at least some comfort in the winter? I guess that ACs can maintain 20-23 deg. C. temperature also, so, that can give some comfort in winter also I think…

        Thanks! :)
        And, since you helped me with this, answered my queries, I will give some tips/suggestions for this website, from the ‘CONTACT US’ page here… .

  17. Thank you! :)

    Hi! Thank you for your advice and recommendation… and for also sharing a trick, which can be use for me…!! :)

    And, thank you for clearing my doubts about the AC features and answering the questions…!! :) :)

    I have sent the email. :)

    1. Thanks... contd...

      Actually, I want to say- ‘Thanks A Lot’- as many of my queries were answered, and, mainly, I also got a recommendation of an AC model! :D :)

    1. Thanks for the confirmation. I am planning to buy 3 star LG/Samsung split ac. But in the LG website, only NOVA model is showing MF condenser in specifications and all other are showing GOLD condenser. Is there a difference in these 2? In Samsung all the models have MF condenser.

      1. In 3 star models, NOVA has MF condenser and other models show GOLD. Here is the link for AURA 3 star


        LG has more cost of 2K compared to Samsung. Samsung Multi Jet technology seems to be better. Your review for samsung mentions about better BDLC motor. Is there any difference between warranty time frame between LG and Samsung? I would go for one which has longer warranty term.

  18. Trane AC? or Voltas or LG? I am baffled! Help!

    Recently Trane executives called me up offering me a great deal of discount (atleast that’s what they made it sound like!). They were offering me their top end inverted ac range for 50-55K. Just wanted to know whether you have any clue about them?

    Also, voltas 5 star ACs have an offer going on them, how are they any idea? Power consumption seems measly for 1520w for an output of 5300w. However I am more or less clueless about Voltas!

    Finally, my favourite brand, LG has raked up some serious competition, by introducing LG inverter V range. I knwo it’s good

    Here’s my dilemma.

    I need two ACs, one split and another window or both window.

    The first room is around 18 feet long and 10 feet wide, located on ground floor.
    Second room is about 12 by 12, situated on second floor.

    I live in Delhi and seeing the blistering summer oncoming, I am dead scared and want to prepare before they strike the life out of me.

    My budget is around whatever EMI may make it look good! around 60-70K!

    What do you suggest?

    Also sharp’s inverter range of AC has been generating rave reviews, any idea about that as well? I am more inclined towards LG because of their extended warranty in case of any bust-out. they are there to help you, unlike Sam-dung.

    1. Thanks

      Thanks for reply. LG offers upto 7 years of extended warranty via AMC making it one of THE most secure purchases in otherwise screwed up Indian markets.

      Another thing, a dealer told me inverter ACs are efficient and bill saving only when they are run continously. For my usage of 4 hrs per day, he suggested to go for the generic 5 star product and is only suited to showrooms or usage area where 24 hours conditioning is required.

      Here I go, in a dilemma again. Any food for thought about How true that dealer is?

  19. Copper condenser v/s Aluminium condenser

    It is very very clear that aluminium condensers have problem of leakage world over. GE was the first company to use it in 1981 and now stopped using it. I also have 2 acs. One is carrier (with copper coil) and the other one is Samsung (with aluminium condenser). Carrier is working absolutely fine for last 6 years with no problem and Samsung started giving problem in just 1.5 years of purchase. All the companies in India should be banned from using aluminium condenser. And if they are using it, they should give 5 years warranty as they are giving for compressor.

  20. confused between 1.5 and 2 ton inverter V ac LG

    I room size is 300 sq ft sould i go for 1.5 or 2 ton inverter ac

  21. which model ac i buy?

    My budget price 17000 to 23000. which model and which company split ac is more comfortable to me with all features

  22. Hi! Queries about 'Blue Star''s ACs...

    Hi, again!! :)

    I was checking the LG Inverter V ACs some time before now, and found that the prices have gone up and some new models added too. Thought that I should have bought them earlier… :)

    Then, I saw ‘Blue Star’ AC’s advertisement on TV and then checked out the website for Split ACs. Then, I went to Blue Star’s Inverter AC range. While reading, I got a couple of questions in mind… They are given below.

    1. Their Inverter ACs do not have the auto-clean feature as far as I checked out… In the AC features, they say that, there is a ‘Cleanable Panel’ on the ACs, but do not say auto-clean. So, will I have to clean its AC more frequently if I buy it…?

    2. In the brochure of all the Blue Star ACs that can be downloaded from this page:
    http://bluestarindia.com/products/room-acs/default.asp (click on ‘Brochure’)

    when I came to the Inverter ACs section in that file, it is written that, their Inverter ACs use the ‘R410A’ refrigerant, which they say is the latest refrigerant which is environment-friendly that has almost nil ozone depleting substances… . So, it came in my mind that what about the refrigerant used in other companies’ ACs..?? Can you tell whether it is environment-friendly or not, or, the ‘R410A’ is good than other refrigerants used…?

    Also, I was wondering that whether the Blue Star ACs have copper tubes (they say they have Bluefin tubes..)…

    And, apart from this, what can you tell about these Inverter or other Blue Star ACs, like a review… good or not so good..?

    Thanks. And, thanks for this website where you give advice and suggestions to people about which AC to buy and other things…! :)

    1. Hi.. thanks.. :) ..and finally bought an AC (other brand).. :)

      Hi! I want to thank you really for telling such a thing/condition about the Blue Star ACs.. after reading your reply, I just didn’t think again of buying a Blue Star AC.. But, I was not knowing till now.. after seeing the advertise on TV, I had thought of it as an option.. but, now I know about Blue Star..
      Thanks for telling and advising! :)

      Yesterday, finally, we bought an AC, a model of LG. Model no.: LSA5TM3M , considering our demand (1.5Ton), budget and the features that are in it, from special LG shop.. :) So, do you want to say about this model..?

      There is a thing that I am quite much fearful about. It is the ‘Mosquito Away’ technology that is in it. One may say that it is a good thing.. but, as LG website gives a ‘Disclaimer’ about this ‘Mosquito Away’ technology that it is not yet tested for its long term effect.. I don’t know whether the ultra-sonic waves it uses for this technology is safe for us humans or not…

      1. Thanks!! :)
        The MRP of it was 41990/-. First they told us the price with discount as 40,990/-, but then, after asking for more discount, they reduced the price and we got the AC for 38,800/-. So, how good is the discount according to you? as I am not aware of how is discount is generally given on ACs.. .

        About the Mosquito Away technology.. you say that it is not harmful to us and for legal terms, the company writes such statements.. but, (in Hindi:) par, us technology me kuch to hoga jiske wajaha se unhone waisa likha hai. Unhone ye technology AC me dal to di hai, par ‘shayad’ use public pe ‘long term’ k liye test nahi kiya hai.. shayad jab vo AC log lenge to wahi company ka logon pe long term test trial hoga ;) ;) yani agar koi complaint nahi ati hai us tech k bare mein to thik hai… shayad vo safe bhi ho sakte hai..LG walon ne test bhi to kiye hai kuch uspe…

  23. Blue Star or LG- Multiflow vs Copper condenser


    Reading your previous posts it seems there is lot of confusion about MF condenser vs copper condenser. I am facing a similar issue for buying an AC. The sales executive confused me by saying the same thing that aluminium one is not good and its better to go for copper one and that LG has aluminium condenser and Blue Star has copper one. I am considering following options ( 1 Ton and 2 star) :

    1. Blue star – 2HW12NB
    2. LG- LSA3AP2M
    3. LG- LSA3NP2F

    Plz suggest which one is better and also suggest about after sale services. For the condenser, sorry for asking the same thing again but I would like to know whether the aluminium one and MF are same or different. Also I would like to know if all LG Ac’s have MF condenser as I am not sure whether the 3rd one has MF condenser or not.

    Thanks in advance.

  24. Model no. LSA5NP3F

    What do you have to say about this model? Does this model also have aluminium alloy tubing inside? When was this model launched? U said we should not buy any model that was launched before 2012. How about this AC? Please tell me all the pros and cons about this AC? My requirement is of a 1.5 ton AC and I am getting a discount on this model. Please revert urgently.

  25. which is best?

    I want to buy 1.5 ton ac fr my room. Which company I should go fr. ( oGeneral or hitachi)
    Plz reply faster.

  26. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent tech is a gimmick

    Ankit Chugh: “But they are very helpful and keep away domestic pests such as mosquitoes etc. The Ultrasonic waves pound on the ears and brain of the pests like a hammer and keep them away and humans just remain unaffected.”

    This ultrasonic technology is a big gimmick. You see it in mosquito repellents and now its made its way to Air Conditioners, thanks to LG. Please research more on this. In the meantime, I strongly suggest fellow buyers to discount this mosquito repellent technology, it’s useless!

    I have some web articles (from 2013) for you to refer:



  27. Planning to buy Split AC


    I am living in Delhi with Family and the weather is really annoying here in summers. I want to buy a split AC for my bedroom (approx 10 X 12) and my budget is something between 25000 to 33000. And only basic requirements needed in AC, but after sale service and compressor life should be good. Also power consumption should be least and it should have atleast 3 Star raating.

    Please suggest me best option in this range with mentioned requirement.
    Thanks in advance

  28. "Most Pathetic after sales service"

    I want to give my feedback. Never purchase any LG product. My AC stopped working in just 2 years. Expense of 6,000/- is estimated for repairing and i have sent for repair and have not received it back from last 6 days. the exact problem was know to them before 10 days. Just one part is to be replaced Still there is no proper response from call center and the AC is not repaired. In all LG is the most pathetic company in after sales service and I believe it wont survive for long if such kind of pathetic service is delivered.

  29. lg review

    I have been using two lg split ac model name -nova 1 ton 3 star since april 2014.Best thing i have found in lg is fastest cooling and high energy effeciency.

  30. regarding ssamsung ar18hv5dawk inverter ac

    Pls suggest about samsung inverter ac ar18hv5dawk . It has multijet condenser with 3 yrs warrenty 10 yrs on compressor. It is of 1310 watt only with 6.2 amp current.. It has trianguler design for more air.
    Should i purchage this ac. One thing more i want i want to know that what would be the inrush current in this ac.

  31. Looking for 1ton Split AC

    After researching and reading your blogs i drill down to LG. Can you please let me know how good would be below two models in terms of Cooling, Power consumption, Energy efficiency, Compressor life and After sale service.
    1) LG LSA3NP3F Split AC – L Nova plus
    2) LG LSA3AP3M Split AC – L Aura plus

  32. Please help decide on Split AC... URGENT Please...

    Hi Ankit,

    I am happy to have found this site… Your comments have been very useful… I am looking forward to hear from you on helping me decide…

    I have a room of 14’/14″. I live in Bangalore. My apartment is on the second floor of the three floor apartment building. The room is on the north-east side of the apartment. Have two windows and has wardrobes in it.

    I was planning to go for LG AS-W126B1U1 model (1 T). Is it a good choice and is 1T capacity enough for the room? I do plan to use it almost on a daily basis for about 5-6 hours.

    When i went to inquire in one of the showrooms, I was told Samsung AR12J5HBWKN or Samsung AR12JV5HATQ are better choices than the model that i had chosen. Neither could i find the specifications for these models online nor the showroom people have the brochure for these models. They said it was because these are 2015 models and the brochure is not released/published yet. They were kinda putting pressure on me to buy one of these. Now I am confused. Please help me decide.

    Are the Samsung models better than the LG model that I had shortlisted? Are there any better LG models which might be a better fit?

    Please help me URGENTLY…


  33. AR12JV5HATQ is good !

    Hi Divya,

    I have installed two AR12JV5HATQ split a/cs for my two bedrooms last week and they have very good cooling capabilities.My room size is 16*14 and cooling is very good..The trick that i did use is that i placed the a/c right above my bed and its cooling seems very effective in this position. And BTW its true that i also could not see an exact display piece since this is a 2015 model. I was shown a 1.5 tonne a/c (don’t remember the model name) which looked very similar to this one with the floral design. I have been using samsung split a/c’s for the last six years in my office without any issues..

  34. Planning to BUY LG LSA5SP3D

    Hello ankit I am planning to Buy LG LSA5SP3D. But i seen that there is no any model in your list. please suggest me for this model and tell me which models are latest in 2015. and suggest me any other model if it is best then this model my bedroom size is 10*10.

  35. IFB is better or LG


    Please let me know about IFB companies AC. Are they good service providers in Pune?
    Dealer is trying to convince me to buy IFB AC. Shall I go for it?

  36. Confuse With LG LSA5SP3D and Other Model

    I Want to Buy LG 1.5 ton 3 star ac…Model Number LSA5SP3D1. Please suggest me Is it good product? Or any other option?


    Hello Sir,

    I want to buy a split AC for my bad room having window and balcony at west facing. In may area extreme temp. is 46*C at summer. Pl . guide me for select good brand and model with following my requirement and over the query:

    1. Room Area = 120 Sq. Ft.
    2. Should i buy “All Weather AC / HOT & Cold ”
    3. it’s really go for copper condenser, as some of the dealer / technician are suggest ?
    4. AC having auto coil clean mode.
    5. my budget 30 to 35 K only.

    Hope you will reply soon.

    1. Need urgent comments


      Thanks for replay.

      According to your suggestions I went to some dealers / Malls and found variable prices quoted by them, but strange, higher quoted dealer claims that lower one is going to installed your AC with their own employee and LG is not responsible for this, if any problem becomes on future. While i purchase from him my AC installed by LG person and i should be claim for warranty. It’s really ?

      Pl. clear that point in priority.


  38. buy LG LSA5NP5A 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC

    Hi, Planning to buy LG LSA5NP5A 1.5 Ton 5 Star Split AC, but couldnt find this model in your list. Please let me know about the product and suggest any good alternatives if any.


  39. Planning to buy LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star LSA5PW3M/3A Split Air

    Hi Ankit,

    I have a room of around 150sq ft. So, planning to put a 1.5 Ton AC there.
    And i summer, the temperature will easily cross 43-44

    Have sort listed LG 1.5 Ton 3 Star LSA5PW3M/3A for this
    On some local inquiry, found that LG is using aluminium instead of copper. And these aluminium things
    are resulting in issues later.
    Is that true ?

    Should i go with that model or would you refer something else ?

  40. lsa5tm5d

    I have chosen 1.5 ton 5 star lsa5tm5d model of split ac of lg. Please suggest that this moddel is good or voltas or hitachi would be better.

    1. options

      Thanks for your cooperation and help. Would you suggest any other model of lg 5 star 1.5 ton split ac.

      1. I went to dealer and he told that lsa5wt5d is better than lsa5tm5d and I purchased lsa5wt5d. Was it same except cour or better. Please advise

  41. Need your guidance to purchase LG models- Urgent

    Hi Ankit

    We have decided to go for 5 star and 1.5 ton AC… When we went to the show room they gave us 2 options

    1. LSA5VP5D – This was our option basically, but since the dealer gave us the second option we have kept the purchase on hold.

    2. LSA5EW5M – This is 4 way swing. The dealer said this is 4 way swing and the production for this model is stopped. Also he has only 2 pieces of this model he was letting us know this. Can you please guide us on which one to buy?

    The room size is 10X12. But we may shift from this place to another soon that is why we have opted for 1.5 ton AC.

  42. LG 1 TON split AC

    Hi Ankit
    Can you suggest some good and economical model of 1 TON LG split AC.
    The sales executive suggests the model LG 3NP3F. Is this model good?
    How to know that the model is new one? I checked the model LG 3NP3F in LG website but i did not find it.
    Thanks in advance for your time and consideration.

  43. Repellent Claim

    Ashish, Ankit is correct about the harmless nature of this technology. Ultrasound repellers are available since a long time in the west, only in India no one introduced them until lately. The disclaimer is not because of the potential for harm, it is about the efficiency of the machine to emit these waves over a long period of time(years- till the life of the ac), as is evident with many added features in electronics. LG do not want you to write to them/sue them after a few years saying that these machines are not effectively fighting mosquitoes…. Just a way to protect reputation….

  44. Other than mosquito away feature, any other difference is there between LG LSA3NP3A and LSA3AT3D? What is your opinion about model LSA3NP3A?

  45. Need Help on purchase.

    Please help me review this AC model from LG :- LSA3MP3S ( I live in Hyd,Temp can go upto 45 C, 1 tonnes , 3 star , Avg Consumption majorly on Weekends, weekly night time , live on 4th floor)
    I am getting it for 27K and another 3k for stabilizer and installation.
    so require your suggestions since my budget s only 30K

    Great Work Ankit!! Thanks for your help in advance.

  46. R22 vs R32

    so i had decided to buy LG LSA5NP5A after doing extensive research and also a great help came from reading your article so thanks for that Ankit.. however i just came to know that R22 gas will be completely phased out/banned form this year and will only be available till 2020 for servicing old ACs. now i am in the dilemma as only Daikin manufactures ACs with R32 gas. since R22 is banned i am guessing all the other manufacturers will have to follow suit. So with all the current developments what would you recommend, LG LSA5NP5A or Daikin FTC50? your reply would be greatly appreciated

    1. Thanks for your reply, i finally bought the LG LSA5AT3D1 … the anti mosquito feature works better than i expected.

  47. Lg or Samsung

    Need help in deciding which brand/model to buy. We have seen few like Samsung AR18JC3JAMV 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC,LG LSA5PW3M 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC, LG LSA3VF3D 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC, whirlpool magic cool series, few panasonic models as well. Few local retailers in shops suggest to go for samsung or lg or whirlpool. Samsung mainly because of it’s 5 yrs warranty for both condensor and compressor and multi jet plus technology.Confused which to buy. We will be using it only for few hours per day(no heavy usage). We want to buy a good one which has life. Please post your suggestions!!

  48. purchase help

    Sir, In LG Aura series which is the best suited model for a place like at which temperature not go beyond 35 C in summer. My dealer told that there are ACs with full copper components in Aura series. Please guide me.

  49. Which AC to buy

    I was using LG AC for the last 9 years.But I have a open nala in my area.Due to this my AC gas leakes atleast once in a season.Now I am planning to buy a new AC.I want the suggestion that which AC would be suitable for my area.I am planning to buy a window AC.

  50. LG model choose confusing ?


    I am planning to buy a LG split AC and my bedroom size is 10X10 living in chennai. I always use to buy only LG products because of my very trusted brand in India. But now i am in little-bit confusing about to choose which Model is best ?

    Kindly suggest me the best model which fits in my stumpy Budget (RS: 27000-35000)

    My recommendation as follows,

    AC should be 1.0 Ton
    3-5 Stars power (Most prefer is 5 Star)
    Himalayan Jet flow cooling, Etc…..

    I am waiting for your valuable feedback!!!!!

    1. extended warrenty

      i was looking for LG LSA18VTDH hot and cold 1.5 ton split ac at LG ONLINE BRAND STORE
      and while searching the extended-warranty details



      i found that i can get LG LSA18VTDH in Rs. 39,990/- + extended warranty for 4-years in Rs. 7200/-
      i also checked the extended warranty-details, which included compressor , evaporator etc..


      is that means that LG will replace the coli, condensor, evaporator etc if they fail & also will refill gas if it fails during the extended-warranty of 4-years for free ???????
      (i know that customer will have to bear the transportation-charges)

  51. Hi

    I am planing to purchase LG LSA5TM3M is it an old model or new model

    my budget is under 30K


  52. How Mosquito Away beneficial

    When you operate AC you keep your room closed. So by switching on Mosquito Away how it will become beneficial as you have not kept way to keep mosquito away. Or do you suggest to keep room open until all mosquitoes are out?

  53. pls help

    Hi thr,

    I am from Delhi want to purchase A/C but confused between brands and tonnage .My Room size is 11*13*8.5 and it is on top floor .Pls suggest me which brand should i go for and how much ton, 1 ton or 1.5 ton. (electricity consumption should also be considered in decision making ).

    1. reply pls help

      My Budget is around 35k and yes the ODU will face direct sun light .Room is not sun facing.


    I brought LG AC in 2013 paying Rs 35000. I could hardly use it this summer(May 2015).
    3 months back the cooling stopped and the service engineer said there is gas leakage in the outer unit. Charged me Rs2300.
    In two months ,again cooling stopped. This time he says that there is coil problem in the inner unit and it needs to be replaceds. He say it will cost around Rs4000

    Also,they are highly unprofessional. They will close the Service tickets without informing you and you end of following up with them as they are all outsourced.
    The call center will pass the buck to the Service agency and Vice versa.

    Totally frustrated!!!!!!!!!!

  55. LG AC -Don't Buy

    I brought LG AC in 2013 paying Rs 35000. I could hardly use it this summer(May 2015).
    3 months back the cooling stopped and the service engineer said there is gas leakage in the outer unit. Charged me Rs2300.
    In two months ,again cooling stopped. This time he says that there is coil problem in the inner unit and it needs to be replaceds. He say it will cost around Rs4000

    Also,they are highly unprofessional. They will close the Service tickets without informing you and you end of following up with them as they are all outsourced.
    The call center will pass the buck to the Service agency and Vice versa.

    Totally frustrated!!!!!!!!!!



    i took a/c from kerala chalakudy shop model no-AC LG LSA 5NR3F,after 7 mouth its working smoothly, after that its automatically cut off and i compliant to customer service, they will come after six days and inform to me its not a problem now its working nicely ,but now also i am facing same problem, i complaint last five days but no response from your side,,,,,,,i think its a fraud company …………i am waiting for your reply…………?

  57. LG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC

    Hello, I’m planning to buy a 1.5 Ton Inverter AC. In my locality, the price difference of a LG 1.5 Ton Inverter AC to a LG 1.5 Ton Non-Inverter AC is almost Rs. 13K. The Inverter models they have is USUQ186C4ACL and BSQ186CAX2. For Non-Inverter Models they give 2 years warranty on compressor and for Inverter models, the warranty on compressor is 5 years. I have two queries –
    1. Is the 13K more on Inverter model worth the money?
    2. Since in an Inverter model AC the compressor is always running (high to low), doesn’t it lessen the life span of the compressor compared to Non-Inverter models where the compressor is either on or off?

  58. LG BSA181MA OR BSA181BE ???

    i have finally decided to go for lg inverter ac. but there is one confusion, apart from the mosquito away feature whether there are any notable differences in BSA181MA and BSA181BE 1.5ton inverter ac? which one should i buy as the place where i stay does not have mosquito problem. while checking the external dimensions and weight- both are identical. so which model should i buy

  59. Stabilizer

    I bought BSA12IMA 1.0 ton and want to know what Stabilizer should i use….. will V-Guard VG 400 Voltage Stabilizer be good or i 500v.

  60. Non receipt of copper pipe







  61. Help on LG AC Model

    Hi Ankit,
    I want buy LG Split AC very soon(with in a week),please let me know which model suits based on below details.
    Budget: 30,000-35000
    Room Size:10*12*10(height)[room not made any ceiling to control temperature]
    Face:North(main door) and South(Window 4 feet)
    Thanking you
    Siva Kumar

  62. LG or HITACHI

    Hi Ankit,
    Iam planning to buy an AC and I have been comparing so many AC’s . Finally seeing all the reveiws , I have decided to go either of the below two AC’s
    1. LG Energia 1.5Ton – 3 star/5star
    2. Hitachi KAZE Neo FMS 1.5T, 3 star.

    Our of these two models Iam unable to decide which one should I opt..keeping in mind the features,durability,after sales service..etc they offer.
    Please suggest.


    1. LG or HITACHI

      Hi Ankit,
      Thank you for the suggestion. Before I saw your reply…based on your previous suggestions to everybody else..I have purchased LG Energia 1.5ton 3 star with Himalaya cool & Mosquito away feature….awesome AC…


  63. Daikin Inverter or LG Inverter AC's


    I read your Articles and loved your post review comments. With that in mind, please help me in choosing the better AC from Daikin of LG Inverter series as per latest Technology available in Market. I am very confused on what to choose from.

    I heard a lot of R-32 as a coolant for Diakin as the next big thing, with many features being silent and less power consumer, and also read through you article on LG about its after sales service and performance. I live in Gurgaon, so as i have think of everything before buying an AC.

    Would really appreciate if you would let me which company and model to prefer too.

  64. LG BSA18IBE Inverter V Split AC Reviews

    I bought LG BSA18IBE Inverter V Split AC on the recommendation of one of my close friend. Though at starting I was not very much sure regarding my decision but then later on after being a user of it I realized that it is actually an ideal combination of performance and energy efficiency. It being powered by Microprocessor automatically adjusts the room temperature to match the body’s metabolism rate during sleeping hours.

  65. LG, Mitsubishi or Panasonic

    Hi Ankit,
    I need to buy 1.5 ton ac for 13 x 14 room which having direct sunlight after 1 PM. I have shorlisted LG, Mitsubishi and Panasonic, which one you will recommend ?

    1. LG service is full of cheater

      Panasonic is far better than LG as compare to product and services both.

      LG is cheater

  66. what about videocon AC

    I want to buy videocon AC it comes with PFC condenser cost 23000/- for 5 Star 1.5 ton.
    Pls suggest should i go with this Model. Vsd55-wv1-mda

  67. Inverter Ac or Non Inverter AC?

    Dear Ankit,
    I would like to know which LG AC needs to buy?
    we may not use the ac more than 10 hours a day…. in this case can i go for Non Invert AC?
    What exactly makes the difference with Inverter AC?

    Thank You,

  68. lg query

    I am thinking about lg aura terminator 1.5 t with 5 star rating with 42k price including installation and stabiliser.plz comment


    I have planned to buy an 1.5Ton, 3-Star rated, Copper coil condensor AC for my 120sqft top-storey room in Salem Tamilnadu which faces 106 degree Fahrenheit in summer. My budget is 30-35K. My AC should function atleast 5 years without any gas leaking, circuit board, outdoor unit corrosion issues, etc (If at all I am lucky) … Confused with brands LG/SAMSUNG to buy. I am not worried about new models but the only thing is that it should fit within my budget.

    Please reply me ASAP with the brand and Model number suggesting me atleast models.

    From your previous comments, I understood that LG is worth to buy than any other brands. I even agree you in this. But the only thing which is keeping me in oscillation whether to choose LG/Samsung is the warranty of condensor unit offered by lg & samsung.

    When I enquired in both LG & SAMSUNG showrooms, they both said that they use copper coil condensor in the Outdoor unit, but LG gives only one year warranty for the condensor whereas the Samsung dealer told me that they give 5 years warranty(for the new 2016 model. I m not sure about the model number) for copper coil condensor. My doubt is that who among LG & SAMSUNG really use copper coil or they just use copper coated coil or the aluminium-copper alloy in condensor unit and do marketing as copper coil?

    Price informed to me by the sales person along with installation for 1.5Ton, 3Star, Copper coil condensor AC as on 24.5.16 is:
    LG showroom : 35K,
    Samsung showroom : 34K

    Waiting for your comment to buy my first AC :) ……..

    I couldn’t understand why you haven’t replied for negative comments about LG by Kiran kumar on May 22,2015 and Sinto Thomas on MAy 25,2015.

    Thanks in Advance,


      Hi Ankit,
      I got the below reply from LG enquiry via mail.
      LSA5AU3A – Copper – 1yr
      LSA5NP3A1 – MF – 5yrs
      LSA5PW3A – MF – 5yrs
      LSA5NP5A – MF – 5yrs
      LSA3AT5D – MF – 5yrs

      So, for the model LSA5AU3A with Copper coil condenser, LG gives 1 year warranty. But for the other models with Multi-Flow (MF) condenser, LG gives 5yrs warranty.
      1. I guess MF condensers are made out of Aluminium-Copper Alloy right?
      2. Also its clearly understood from their warranty details that MF type condensers are more durable than Copper coil. If not, why they should give only one year for copper and 5yrs for MF??
      3. So, buying MF condenser model is the best option???
      Pls answer my 3 queries in this post…

  70. Pathetic service of LG

    Highly unprofessional company to buy products from. I have 3 AC, a refrigerator and a washing machine from LG which I unfortunately purchased around same time. The service response has been very pathetic. They don’t respond to calls and have a very lackadaisical attitude towards their Customers and their concerns. This is opposite of what is claimed above in article about 24hr response; it’s more than 17 days from logging a complaint and numerous follow up!!!! Avoid LG products if you can

  71. confused between DAIKIN FTF35QRV2016 and LG LSA3AT5D

    confused between DAIKIN FTF35QRV2016 and LG LSA3AT5D, please help primary requirement 1) good cooling 2) durability 3) no much repairing post warranty period (:

  72. LG AC service is poor very poor

    LG is always bad
    I bought a AC one year back and after that called them for service but after 10 days no call and no response.
    I did it through some freelancer.

    Sergice is bad and without service zero …

  73. pls suggest which lg split ac for my room 14ftx 14ftx10ft room top floor at assam budget 30-35k….getting one split 1.5 ton lg lsa5np3a for 32k ..
    installation 1500 +stabilizer 4000 extra….should i go for this one…..

  74. I have lg LSA3NP3A in 11*12 ft.room at ground floor in punjab
    There is no window in room.only 2 doors
    But ac is running all d time
    Is there any problem
    Ac is instaled 15 days ago

  75. Poor quality material

    I bought a LG split three years ago. It is made out of poor quality material. The damper brook after two years and the drain pan cracked after three years. I am very disappointed.

  76. I want to buy a 1.5 ton, 3 star LG Split A/c with copper Condenser, Which model will suits ? How I found out which model has Copper and Aluminum Condenser?

  77. Hi Ankit,
    Between LG BSA12BEYD and Samsung Samsung AR12HV5NBWK, which one would you recommend for my 130 sqft office?


  78. Sir,

    I want to know in LG which is the best branded copper coiled Split Ac [1 Ton] for house use.
    small room. List me the best moving model Ac’s in the market.
    with minimum budget.

    With Regards,

  79. on't buy lg air conditioner and worst installation

    please please don’t buy lg air conditioner. i bought two year back. 5 time getting repaired and they charged extra 10000 rupees above. worst installation…… i will show all bills….

  80. confused on which is the best model?

    Hello ankit sir my name is vishal.
    Am planning to buy an air conditioner and with lots of online research I opted for an LG dual inverter (BSA18MAYD)1.5 ton 4 star ac with features like mosquito away,himalaya cool,jetcool,chaos logic.
    The things I want your valuable suggestions on are
    1-does mosquito away feature really works.
    2-these ac has an aluminium condenser so is it inferior to copper one’s in long run.(thou the company offers 10 yrs warranty on compressor)
    3-it doesn’t have virus,catechin,bacteria filters but has plasmaster ioniser, does that performs all above functions of clearing harmful microorganism.
    4-it only has 2-way swing (up n down) rather than 4, Will that affect an proper air distribution.
    5- does this ac have self diagnosis or self cleaning feature.
    The only thing that is setting me back from buying these unit is that I have an previous LG spilt non inverter ac and the problem with it is that the indoor unit leaks a lot n the technician isn’t able to resolve the problem.(I even came across few similar water leaking reviews about LG ac’s)is that the case with LG ac’s?
    Please suggest me over these sir.

  81. Hi,
    I am staying near Nala, I want to buy split ac for my top floor, room size is 9*15. My budget is 30k to 45K. I don’t want to face gas leaking issue as normally happens for location near nala. I am considering invertor series.

  82. Recommend AC in Bangalore

    Dear Ankit, Great reviews on AC. I am layman but could able to understand so much about technology. Thanks.
    My room is 166 Sq feet. Looking for economical AC but good quality. I stay in Bangalore. Temperature goes around 40 degree in peak summer. Pls suggest.

  83. LG invertor Ac problem

    Hello, I’m from Pune maharastra, i buy LG invertor AC after 1 month cooling issue observed after several calls LG service engineer visited site and saying gas was leaked and needs to do refilling, but today after 15 days nobody visited site to attend this issues, i’ll not recommend to buy LG product to anyone, just go without LG product, service is too vast.

  84. Daikin is Leader

    LG is pioneer in advertising to fool peoples for its new innovation, I bought Daikin after so many research of benefits R32 refrigerant i am mechanical engineer also with specialization in Refrigeration Technology, I have research papers of R32 having many benefits still it is mildly flammable gas but not an issue, Daikin has sold millions of ACs with R32 not a single issue of Fire accident.

  85. Poor service

    Just to change a damaged cable of Rs 226,LG authorized service center “R K Electronics, 2/339, Shankaramangalam PO pattambi” invoiced 550rs as service charge, which is really unacceptable.



  87. Nice Product. LG is the Best Brand. Cooling is very effective. I’m using it in a comparatively large room and still pretty good. So silent, Electricity Bill’s impact is also not much, but as per usage. The plasma filtration system is also good. Best service.

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