Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Review

Hitachi Home & Life Solutions India is a subsidiary of Hitachi Appliances Inc, Japan and is one of the leading air conditioners manufacturers in India & Worldwide. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujrat, the company has a major manufacturing plant in Kadi, Gujrat which is among the ten-Hitachi air conditioner facilities worldwide. They have been highly competitive in the Indian Market by selling a premium range of Air conditioners which are best in looks when compared to other’s manufacturers in this sector.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Review

Hitachi offers only a premium range of ACs in Indian Markets. That means they are the costliest air conditioners and its price range gives competition to O’General ACs. But premium cost doesn’t mean they expensive because of brand name, but its because they offer lots of features which makes them expensive but still cost gets justified when you buy brands like them or O’General because they have a very long run. It’s like a one-time investment and forget it. However, timely service and proper cleaning is a must to run a product for a long time efficiently.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

Sirocco Fan, Propeller Fan, Turbo Fan
Sirocco Fan, Propeller Fan, Turbo Fan

Hitachi AC’s are very effective when it comes to cooling. The cooling rate is good and the room gets cooled up quietly fast. These AC’s have a Twin Turbo Technology which increases the heat exchange when at high temperature and ensure an optimum cooling by not even overloading the machine capacity.

The advantage of Twin Turbo Technology is that it is designed to throw air in both directions and provide higher air-flow at lower RPM, however in conventional AC’s, Sirocco fans are used on the inside and outside propeller fans are used, and these fans by design can’t throw air in both directions and hence lower efficiency on those. And due to the presence of a large number of blades, the air cutting noise is high resulting in high noise levels and lower efficiency. That’s why the number of blades presents inside in Hitachi window AC’s are less, so this results in less cutting of air and hence more effective cooling. And hence due to use of Turbo fans inside and outside, the person gets an increase on overall air-flow leading to higher efficiency even at lower noise levels.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

Build quality of these AC’s are very impressive. And it should be as they are charging a premium cost for them. The front frame is made up of good quality plastic and doesn’t give any cheap plasticity feeling. The frame is one of its kind and is unique to this company design. Overall finishing of the product is very fine and one must check the product from each corner while buying it. Because when the company manufacture a product, it passes through every quality check, but the only thing which is not very traceable is transportation. So, one must check the product from every side and corner, that it must not have any single dent on it. If it has, never buys it.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Looks


Hitachi is the one which I think is a leader when it comes to looks. This company is famous for making the best looking ACs in its range. If your the one, for who looks really matter with quality as well, I would definitely recommend buying this. Hitachi window AC’s comes with different product ranges like Summer QC, Summer TM and Kaze. Summer QC and Summer TM are those range whose looks for Hitachi is famous for. Its design consists of air blowers at two sides with coil grill at the middle. The design looks super fabulous. Whereas KAZE range design is what has a basic design, have fewer features and are less expensive then Summer QC or Summer TM.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

This is one more big point, for which Hitachi is famous for, manufacturing highly power efficient air conditioners. This point matters when we run ACs in the long run. There is every type of customer outside in markets. One who uses air conditioners for a few hours or there is few who use it a whole day like at commercial places. When you run the air conditioner for few hours a day, you won’t be really able to judge if its really power efficient or not, but when u run it for a long time daily, this is where you need a real power efficient product and Hitachi can be chosen as one for it.

Also a very impressive and unique feature it has inbuilt Power Index on the control panel which indicates the relative power consumption at different AC settings and hence you can keep a check how much power it is consuming and you can lower your electricity bills by running it at most power efficient settings. And always remember, higher the BEE star rating, more power efficient the AC would be. Have a look at the following chart which would make things real clearer about the power consumption by these ACs.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner Power Consumption Chart
Hitachi Window Air Conditioner Power Consumption Chart

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Features

  • Twin Motor Technology

In Conventional AC’s, usually there is a single motor to run both indoor and outdoor fans, hence when we reduce the fan speed of inside, it eventually reduces the outside fan speed as well. This reduces the air conditioner ability to throw hot air outside and impacts the overall efficiency of the AC.

Whereas in this AC, there are two independent fan motors, one for inside fan and other for outside fan. Which means the inside fan speed is independent of outside fan and hence the ability to throw hot air outside remain unaffected. Thus how overall efficiency of the machine remains unaffected. This feature is available only in the Summer TM model.

  • Auto Climate Technology

Every type of customer has its unique kind of requirement and comfort level in different weathers. For Example, in Delhi, its the month of June or July at which temperature touches 44 deg C or more with a humidity level of 60%, whereas in Mumbai, at the same month, the temperature is around 35 deg C with a humidity level of 85%. Hence when we have any regular AC, we control these factors by changing temperature and regulating the fan speed. But then choosing the right temperature and fan speed at different temperature with changing weather and changing the level of humidity makes extremely cumbersome to choose the right settings every-time.

That’s why, Hitachi window AC has a super-advanced intelligent feature that has temperature and humidity data of over 100 cities fed into it. The AC recognizes which city you’re in, the time and the individual metabolic needs e.g. hot, very hot & humid (to be chosen by you). Based on these factors, this AC continuously change the setting accordingly to maintain a comfortable environment, which functioning most efficiently at the touch of a button. This feature is available in every model.

  • Digilock

If your AC is being misused in your absence by children or by anyone, then just turn on the Digilock, it will lock your AC and prevents the misuse in your absence without affecting your comfort settings. This feature is available in Summer TM & Summer QC models.

  • Alarm Function

If you’re too cosy to leave your bed on time, then this AC has got an inbuilt alarm to wake you up and it automatically turns himself off on time which you set. This feature is available in Summer TM & Summer QC models.

  • Supercool Function

When turned ON, this function sets the AC to work at its maximum, so as to maximize cooling in short span time. This function is available in Auto & Cool mode. This feature is available in Summer TM & Summer QC models.

  • Koukin Filter

This unique anti-bacterial filter prevents the growth of bacteria inside the air conditioner and ensures optimal performance of the air conditioner every time. This feature is available in every model.

  • On/Off Timer with Advanced Start-Up

This AC gives the option that you require a particular temperature at a particular time daily. For example, if you 24 deg C at 09:00 PM when you come back daily from office, this AC is smart enough to scan the room as per your need. It will scan the room at 08:00 PM and will calculate the time required to reach the desired temperature and switch on itself accordingly. When it attains that required temperature, it turns off back without wasting any electricity and you the desired comfort when you come back home. This feature is available in every model.

On-Off Timer with Advanced Start-Up in Hitachi Window Air Conditioner
  • Extra Heat Exchanger (XHE)

Mostly window AC’s are air-cooled whereas this AC has an extra Heat Exchanger attached to the coil which is cooled by the condensed water. Water cooling is definitely better than air cooling and hence it automatically increases the air conditioner ability to throw hot air outside enabling it to perform efficiently even at very high ambient temperatures. This feature is available in Summer TM & Summer QC models.

  • Kaimin

Have you ever woken up feeling chilly in the middle of night? This is because when we run the AC whole night, it even attains lower temperature than what we need and set. To tackle this problem, it has a unique feature named Kaimin, which is quite intelligent to provide you a sound sleep by raising 1 deg C temperature per hour for up to 4 hours. This helps in retaining a required temperature in the room and this also helps in saving of power too. This feature is available in every model.

  • Filter Clean Indicator

This indicator reminds you when to clean the filter through LED on the indoor units. This feature is available in every model.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

The reviews we collected for this AC after-sales service are not very impressive. If you live in metro cities, you can buy this with closed eyes as big companies have got big competition in big cities to survive and after sales service is one of the major factors while buying an air conditioner in consumer mind these days. Hence, in metro cities or famous cities, you can buy it without any problem, but for other places, after sales service are not very promising, however i am not saying that it is that bad that you may not purchase it. Hitachi just needs to improve this thing and need to step into social networking as well to create more brand awareness and to win trust of consumers.

Hitachi Window Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

HITACHI Window Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

Model No.Model DescriptionTonnage CapacityBEE Star RatingMRP (in Rs.)

Please note that all prices given are approximate. Please check your local dealer to get most competitive prices. You’ll definitely get a difference of Rs. 1000 to 2000 (may be more or less). My idea to get best price is to call JUST DIAL and tell them that you need to purchase a window AC. Then you’ll automatically start getting calls from dealers nearby you and you can choose from the one who is offering you a competitive price. If possible, buy it from a authorized dealer only.

Final Verdict

Hitachi up to my knowledge is the only company who offers a whole list of features in their air conditioners. They have got some unique features which no other company is offering currently in India. So, just in case, if all the features i explained above have impressed you, go ahead and buy this product. But do get some local reviews if possible about how is the after-sales service in your state or in your area of this company. And when it comes to product life, it is definitely a good buy.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. Can you let us know how to turn off the filter clean indicator.. the manual instructions doesn’t seem to be working !.. neither the call center is supporting in this. Hitachi has a ridiculous after sales service. I am not sure how you give them such a positive verdict !.

      1. Dear Hari, Please take your complaint forward to your nearby Hitachi service center. Thanks

  2. I feel that a lot of people are getting the Filter clean indicator within a short span of time. My Ac was installed around April mid and its already giving clean filter indication in Jun mid. .. in just 2 months!!!

    Is this some kind of fault in the units!? Mine is SummerTM 1.5 ton 518ESD unit.

    1. Filter clean indicator gets ON every 100 days in Hitachi AC’s. So, all you need to do, is to open the AC, clean the filter, put it back and press the filter clean indicator again present in remote. Then this indicator will remain off for next 100 days!! This is not a problem, people are just not clear about its functioning.

      1. The filter indication is in orange colour in a batch of Hitachi summer TM ac’s. It should be red. All these displays need to be changed. They are doing it slowly. Most probably, in about 15 years time, they will clear this years backlog.

      2. thanx a ton, worked like a charm…i was getting pissed off

        One more thing, compressor sometimes switches off with a heavy sigh…sometimes very smoothly
        Also, compressor gives sound like trrrrrrrrr when working….mostly on outside that comes inside also…looks more than normal…dunno it’s a little closed space outside so may be sound coming back

        Cooling is so good that it can’t be better

  3. filter clean indicator is not going after cleaning the filter and pressing the filter key in remode.
    what to do?

      1. I am facing the same problem as Gaurav. The manual supplied with the AC is of older models. The clean filter indicator just doesn’t go. The customer care has no solution.

  4. my complaint no is 12070400178 which was registered on 04-07-2012.
    Since then I trying to get my ac repaired but of no avail . I
    contacted everyday to so-called customer call center, twice/ thrice
    but nothing is done till 11-07-2012.People attending calls don’t have
    any information except to say for tomorrow.Was it my fault to purchase
    a Hitachi ac ? Worst after sales service experience in my life.

    shekhar tandon

    1. Query Resolution

      Dear shekhar tandon, we have forwarded your request to our Support team. Someone will get in touch with you at the earliest and help resolve your issue.

      Team Hitachi

  5. i want to know what is the electricity consumption of hitachi 1.5 ton 3 star kaze air conditioner in one hour please tell me accurate answer

    1. Dear Gian, it is impossible for me to tell a very accurate answer, but as per standard calculations, this air conditioner will consume nearly 1.75 Units of electricity per hour. Hope that helps.

  6. Hi I live in Delhi NCR and i choose to disagree that one should buy the AC blindly. What good is a AC if its parts are faulty and you can’t get spare parts. Buy a AC where you can get a spare parts. My AC has gone faulty with PCB and Motor and its has been a month without any spares and lots of calls to local vendors and hitachi. Regret my mistake big time.

    1. Dear, please read comment of RG Hegde in this page. He also faced similar kind of problem but was resolved later on. Check his comments and how he got resolved. Thanks

  7. My Hitachi AC RAW318KSD has a very annoying noise when the compressor gets started. It’s like someone is shaking the AC very badly.
    I have called HITACHI service center, the person came to check and said that the noise comes with HITACHI.
    Is it what a Big Brand “HITACHI” is offering it’s customers.

    1. Lokesh, please check if your air conditioner is installed properly. Also if there is proper insulation around air conditioner which may absorb the vibration. Get your installation checked by local vendor person.

  8. selecting series of hitachi window ac

    Can anyone suggest which series (summer QC / summer TM / Kaze)
    is better.


    ve just ordered a SUMMER TM 1.1, 5STAR AC after reading your review. However, i had missed the comments part wherein HITACHI owners have given great reviews about the UNPARALLEL & FABULOUS AFTER SALES SERVICES. i seriously hope i have’nt made a wrong decession.


  10. I m planning to buy Hitachi Window AC 1.5 Ton 2 / 3 star kaze plus . I little worried about the after sales service when i go through the comment given by various customers. Plz recommend me , is it value for money OR you recommend any other Brand / company AC in place of Hitachi .

    1. Even i bought kaze plus 1.5t 3 star… Cooling is osum… But vry noisy…. Same with urs? I reg a complain .. Will let u knw if prob solved

  11. help

    ankit can u tell me which is best i want to buy tommorow
    i had read complaints of all ac brands i am confused now
    can u tell me which ac company and brand is best including all ( serivce as well colling )

    i live in delhi want to buy 1.5 tone window ac

  12. Not at all good AC avoid buying Hitachi . O-general is 100 times better then Hitachi if u don’t be live and see a demo of both AC and also see the compressor u will find the diff..
    Plz plz pl don’t waste ur money just see the demo and then decide urself .

  13. Filter cleaning frequency & reset

    The air filter has to be cleaned every 100 hrs of operation, not 100 days. A red light appears on the unit as a reminder. Cleaning is quite straightforward. Plastic mesh filter can be dusted and washed simply. Once replaced, the indicator has to be reset by holding the bottom right button on the remote. That turns the light off for another 100 hrs of operation.

    1. difference between rav518esd and rav518htd.

      Plz explain the difference in features, cooling angle, noise, EER, Units consumed.

  14. Difference bertween Kaze and Kaze plus

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning to buy hitachi ac 1.5 tom 3 star. Do you knwo whats difference between Kaze and Kaze plus.

    I know Kaze series for 2012 season now in 2013 they are sellng Kaze plus.

    Any other difference you know about this?

    Urgent reply.


  15. Sir,
    I have recently buied Hitachi 1.5 3 star Kaze plus , plz tell me how to set timer. I am unable to set the timer.

  16. want to purchase new ac for as per given specification

    i want to know about wich one is more economical and safe for my home my requiemnt is for 10*10 room for u suggest i want puchase in two days.

  17. Hi,
    I am planning to buy an AC within 25k.
    Confused between Hitachi 2star Kaze plus and LG 3 star.

    My requirement are –
    Decent functions
    After sales service.

    I am quite confused , please suggest.

  18. QC 1.5 ton electrical units consumption

    Hello Ankit

    Nice info on ur page however I missed it be4 buying QC/1.5ton/5 star model :)
    Had a query. The first night I switched on the AC, it consumed around 28 units, I checked in my electricity meter. AC ran for 6 hours in Auto mode(power saving mode)displaying CA on the monitor.

    Now I m using the AC in Cool mode and for around 4 to 4.5 hours and the units consumed are somewhere around 15 plus

    Is that fair or you have some different experience?
    Request ur expert comments.

    How much units does this model consume per hour?
    Does reducing the temp say to 16 C consume more units?
    Best mode and operating techniques for least consumption of units?

  19. Lowest online price for hitachi kaze plus 3 star

    can u provide me some good website selling Hitachi Kaze Plus 1.5 Ton Window AC – RAW318KTD online with good discount.
    Tell me some cheap selling websites asap.



  21. Modes of Hitachi Summer QC

    I want to know the different modes of Hitachi Summer QC 1.5 ton. It’s very easy to read them on the blog but can any one explain as what sign indicates what? Like for example, the 5 modes displayed on the panel are (1) AA, (2) d_, (3) c_, ()4 Fan, (5) P5.. Out of these Fan is understood but what does the rest mean? There are 5 buttons on the display pad: 1. To Start On/Off, 2. Modes (which changes the above mentioned modes), 3. (Fan Speed), Temperature Up, 5. Temperature Down. Nothing where it says how to set times like it is with Voltas Verdant. It is one of the best AC available in the market.

    1. the AA mode is auto mode. you cant adjust any thing machine will take care all about and temp. set will be 25 C.

      2nd mode is C_. you can set the desired temp and machine will take care about all other things to obtain the desired temp.

      the d_ mode is dry mode and may be useful in humid condition.

      F mode , you are well known.

      P5 is powerful mode and compressor will run about 30 minute continuously to cool the area more efficiently.

      All the modes are almost predefined to help the user in one click so that he can enjoy and not finger the machine.

  22. sir
    i have purchased summer qc 1.1 ton window ac last saturday but i not satisfied with its cooling . what can be the reason for it. size of my room id 120 sq feet and its on ground floor where sun lighr doesnt reach.kindly tell me what to do .;

  23. in hitachi window AC what is function P for?

    in hitachi window AC what is function P for?

  24. E9 fault in Hitachi window AC

    I have purchsed Hitachi window AC just one and half year before and now erroe E9 is coming ,technician came and he is telling that Fan DC motor is fauly and i have to pay Rs 5500/- i have gone for five star rating AC and nwo after Rs.5500 i have to pay for AC repair ,what is benifit of this five star all saved money now gone on repairing,
    why DC motor while no one uses DC motor while they are using DC motor which is technically backword approach.

  25. Need to know Fan motor number

    i have a hitachi ac 1.5 ton ac model no.RAV418ERD and machine how can i know its compressor and fan motor no.please help.

    1. motor no

      i have a hitachi ac 1.5 ton ac model no.RAV418ERD and machine 110C46532. It came out with a fault e9.The enginer said main motor was faulty.He took away the motor and next day he came in with a motor which was bearing the sl no not as given on pcb.On inquiring he said it was the same motor which he carried away.Was he true ? or motor should bear the same as indicated on pcb. Please advise.

    2. cheating by dealer

      I bought 1.5 ton Iclean model Hitachi ac in may. 20 days back red light started blinking, the service engineer visited and informed that dust collector is not there in the unit. When I contacted chennai hitachi office and dealer (air sakthi) both of them demand money from me to pay for the dust collector which was not in the unit and is the fault of hitachi.
      I need dust collector to be fixed free of cost as unit was fixed by dealer and was opened for service by hitachi technician
      my contact number 9884224020

  26. I fully endorse that problem with Hitachi is just selling bad product RAT518ESD. My other some more than 10 year old Hitachi products have not let me down. after 14 months i have an E9 error and once i also complained in warranty that the fan is noisy and bad, they did nothing. Now i will spend a fortune to get the motor replaced and again in fear that it will go bad in 14 months. They are just dumping untested products it seems. the net is full of complaints on twin motor


    Never buy hitachi product..I bought 5 star ac ,within 1 year it started having problem .no-one from service centre turned up for 15 days.then after 15 days i got to know that the DC motor of ac is not working .Many customers in my local area had same problem with there ac within 1 year.Parts are not available by Hitachi so my ac has become a showpiece.They dont pick your phone as if we are begging them.Do you Guys Also wants to buy such fraud product with no use within 1 year..BELIEVE ME.DONT GET TRAPPED BY HITACHI PRODUCT
    My complaint no. was 13080102455.(better go for other ac of any brand ,it will be cheap and u will get good service)

    Dr Ajay Golyan

    1. Query Resolution

      Dear Ajay, we are sorry for your inconvenience. Will forward your request to the support team right away. We hope your complaint is addressed at the earliest. Good Day!

      Team Hitachi

  28. Hitachi is the Worst AC

    These are the worst people you can buy ACs from. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE after sales service. HORRIBLE product. You will repent terribly if you buy their product. At the time of purchase they will make huge statements and prmoises but its all bull shit.

    We have been having an issue for the last 2 months. There is no one to address irrespective of how many mails you write to or service complaints you log. Their Facebook page is full of criticism of their products and services but they remove those posts and block the people.

    They are not even man enough to accept their faults, drawbacks and inefficiences.

    Last warning to all fellow consumers, you buy their product and it will be the worst mistake of your life. Try and see!!! You will cry for the rest of your life.

  29. bought hitachi 1.5 ton Rav518Htd window ac…from day 1 not worked …got replaced after 3 days…the new ac hav good cooling till a week …then it automatically stop and ….the service person told me that motor is getting heated and capacitor gone…so need to be repair…cant understand why problems comin within a short span of time with such a big brand….or does i need a stabliser for this…or should i go for replacement again….totally confused…pls help

  30. Planning to buy 1.5 ton hitachi summer TM RAT 518HUD

    Hey guys

    Planning to buy new AC for my room Hitachi Summer TM 1.5 ton RAT518HUD

    The reviews above with issues with AC and after sales service are scary

    Was just about to book stopped for now after reading this entire page

    Any other AC which is silent and without problems with cool features like this

    Pl let me know ASAP

  31. Hitachi 5 star or o' general 3 star

    I m confused between this two AC. specification sheet shows hitachi is better but the reviews shows o’general is best i think i should forget about power consumption. with 5 star ac the problem is the components they use dc motor and other components which are not good in the long run that is why o’general is not making any 5 star window ac.

  32. World's Worst AC- Hitachi

    I also purchased this product Hitachi Summer TM, I’ve a scary experience. It never works. Always have E9 error and LC error. Fan is soo noisy. So frustrated from this A.C.

  33. hitachi , LG or Daikin

    Hi ,

    I have shortlisted 3 Ac(s) Hitachi- kaze plus window 1.5 ton 3 star , LG 1.5 ton 3 star window or daikin 3 star split . Though i was preferring Hitach but after reading the reviews i am confused with the quality and post sales service . Please recommend .

  34. Service after sale

    I dont know service of any other company but i am sure hitachi provide worst service .they dont have no. Of authorize service center so after sale if any problme occour then customer should face problme .so 1on 10 to hitachi service.dont buy because it is costly and second thing they have no service quality.
    Thank you.

  35. Hitach RAT518HUD

    I had purchased Hitachi RAT518HUD 1.5 Ton Window AC. Installation done, but from today when i switch on the AC, it is not getting on. only option are changing automatically one after another.
    Please help in such a hot season.

    Best Regards

  36. hitachi window1.1 ton a.c RAW511KUD

    i bought a hitachi window a.c model no.RAW511KUD in april2014 and just after one month i am facing problems with it of excessive noise and no cooling i lodged the complaints twice with the company with my registration no.14060802329 and14061201640 on 8 june and 12june respectively, servicemen came and said that there is a problem with the compressor and all the gas got leaked,also that there was a copper wire attached to it which caused excessive noise,and that the unit is taking less amperes i.e 3.2 than the required 5ampere. just a one month ago a.c and how come its gas got leaked , i asked the company to get my unit changed as they were not able to assure me that if this unit got repaired it would work properly ,but till now i got no response from them. they even closed down my request without my consent as i had refused to sign that my query has been this sizzling summer of delhi i am not even able to use my a.c such a bizzare.

  37. How to use KAIMIN in 1.5 Ton Window AC - RAV518HTD

    Any One Can explain How to use KAIMIN in 1.5 Ton Window AC – RAV518HTD

  38. Hitachi 1.5 window AC motor

    I purchased Hitachi Window 1.5 ton AC in 2012. Last week it showed E-9 problem. Since I had bad experience with the service of Hitachi service station, I asked local electrician (AC specialist) to check . He repaired the PCB and the AC started working but next day same problem came again. Now after one week of searching a DC Motor ,he replaced the Motor yesterday and the AC is working now. He has told the cost of motor as 7200/-. I could have believed,had he showed me the bill/motor cover but he says that it is original and cost is actual.
    Kindly let me know if I should believe him and pay.

  39. Buying new AC


    Could some one guide me through to buy best AC for DELHI summers. My budget is between 25 K – 30 K.

    Requirements :-
    Daily usage :10 hours Room size : 12 X 12 =144 sq ft 3rd Floor and terrace open

    Preferring Window AC to have minimum electricity bill. Which Brand you prefer Voltas, LG or Hitachi keeping error free life and after sales service in mind ?

    Also share the specific model as I need to buy by EOW.

    Manjit Singh

  40. I want to buy window ac , earlier I was planned with hitachi 1.5 tn 3 star but now i am confused .pls suggest me some brand with their models.

  41. Help Needed -Buying 5 star Window AC


    MY budget is not a problem it can be anywhere between 25 to 40K

    1) Has to be 5 star
    2) Only looking for 1.5 tonne
    3) Has to be in 2015 series

    Where i am getting confused is whether I should go for Hitatchi or LG.Staying in Chennai i came to know that LG has stopped manufacturing 5 star and the latest is 3 star

    Now I found something on Hitachi but never tried this brand before ever so can u tell me the exact model,its features ,price etc so that i can finalize. Also if Hitachi brand is equally competitive to LG or I should go for LG only



    I am looking for a window AC. My requirements:-
    1) 1.5 ton
    2) window
    3) Fast and good cooling due to top-floor, 3 sides exposure to sun
    4) 8-10 hrs running
    My budget is of Rs. 20,000- 35,000.
    however confused in 3 and 5 star ratings. Vendors are suggesting 3 star ACs. According to them after few years of AC running 5star starts consuming same power as of 3 star ACs.
    Will, you please suggest any brand and its particular model?

  43. Hitachi customer service is bad

    I booked for service of my Hitachi window AC on 13th May. Inspite of repeated emails and reminders no one from Hitachi is responding for attending to the request. My experrience about Hitachi is that it is unnecessarily expensive and is useless when you need to get it serviced.

  44. Worst Customer Service

    This have been the worst customer service experience I ever have to go through and hitachi was the last brand name I expected this from. I purchased an hitachi window a/c from vijay sales New Delhi(Janakpuri) in the month of april,2015. In the month of august on 26th to be presious which was wednesday the a/c gave me the problem for the first time, It just stopped working. I did what I was suppose to, I registered a complaint with the company. The next day the technician came to check the problem and told me that the a/c panel is not working. So now he tells me to send the copy of an invoice on a particular e-mail address after which the new part will be issued by the company and the technician will come and set things right. All this was suppose to happen the very next day as I did mailed the invoice. Now first of all the technician who was suppose to change that particular part of the a/c didn’t visited until 31st of august i.e monday and when he did I am not sure he knew what was he doing. Even though I got the new stablizer that particular day according to the technician it was faulty, later after checking properly the connection that he did with the stabilizer was not right. After rectifing that connection he started blaming the power plug but even that also turned out to be ok. Finally he had to admit that the new panel that he brought which was suppose to replace the broken one was also not working ( arey sir yeh toh naya panel hi kharab hai). He could have easily gone and get the new panel at the same time and replaced it but even after we requested to do that rather than understanding the inconvenience we have been going through he decided not to worry about that and make the changes next day, which brings us to today i.e. 1st sept. Well even today he decided not to show up although i have been following up the support guy since moring, this makes it the 7th day. This whole thing have been nothing but the great inconvenience. I am really disappointed with the company. I mean I am ok with the fact that the a/c faced the problem, but what I am not ok with is the after sale service. I purchased the hitachi a/c for it’s brand value, supposing such a big brand what would ever go wrong and if somthing happens the company will help but I suppose I was wrong. Well one thing I am sure about is I am not buying any hitachi product ever again let alone advising it to someone. I’ll appriciate if I can get a response on this on the e-mail I have given above.

  45. Worried on Hitachi

    Hi, I have just booked Summer TM model, simply because two of my friends have Summer models, and its the only 5 Star Rated AC I could find from an MNC. Question 1: Am I correct? I believe no one focusses on window AC anymore, and Hitachi has these last good models remaining.

    I am otherwise a Fan of O General, but I have Reliance Energy at my place, and they just want to take my enitre salary in electricity bill. I am not kidding! so I had to had to go for anything Window but 5 Star.

    Question 2: what would be roughly the difference in a 5 star rated AC and say O General? out of curiosity. percentage wise or so?

    Moving On, reading through the comments about Service of Hitachi – it seems that they are Consistent about Providing BAD service.

    Ankit, I stay at Mumbai, its very unlikly I will go to vijay sales and change my AC brand. but don’t you think that over so many years this kind of comments are coming for Hitachi, they should have done something about the Service.

    Not that say LG service is that great. I have a TV and at first they were poor and super slow at responding. but eventually it gets solved. someone in the chain listens and resolves. you yell at them – some work happens.

    In Hitachi, it though seems like its a Black Hole? no response is it? I really dont want to get frustrated that ways. I really like the Tech AC and its features.

    So if Hitachi’s Indian Team, their top brass guys are reading this or if you could forward the same to them. Let them show up on your blog, like they have done once earlier and prove a clean image!!!

    Who’s Listening?
    Thanks for a great thread on Hitachi AC, this helps a lot on Indian Web where mostly people are not genuine with blogs, serches and web pages. Thanks.


    I want to buy 1.5 ton window ac . I have selected O General and Hitachi. O general window ac comes with 2 star rating whereas Hitachi window ac comes with 5 Star Rating . I want to know are O General window ac are energy efficient with respect to the electricity consumption. Which one should i go for. I want good machine

  47. Time period of window Hitachi AC

    I want to know the life period of Hitachi AC as per company norms. If it’s stop working before the given period of time so who will be responsible for that. let me know the details at my e-mail.


  48. regarding purchase

    Currently living in lucknow and i want to buy a new as my current ac unable to fullfill the requirements
    I want a ac that provide effective cooling good looks and does not get deffective with in a year of buying
    It should be durable
    Have good quality parts
    And most important is the after sale service.
    Price and electricity consumption does not matter at all..
    Room area = 220square feet and direct sun rays comes there without ac one cannot even enter inside the room
    Plz tell which brand i should go for
    Whether hitachi , bluestar, o general
    Very confuse
    Which one is best for my requirement
    Plzz help and rply on my email…

  49. Hitachi RAV518HTD 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC does it have all options you mentioned above.

    Hitachi RAV518HTD 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC does this model has all the features mentioned above, please let mw know, beucase i have bought this model but not able to find all features are there in it.;

  50. OFF Function on Digital Patel of AC

    I have bought RAV518HTD 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC .

    Digital Panel on AC shows “OF” and not “OFF”. is that normal or some error in my digital panel. if It’s normal, I Feel this is stupid mistake and my 5 years daugther said “Does Hitachi not knowing the spelling of “OFF””?

  51. Hitachi RAT518HUD 1.5 ton window AC Compressor noise when switches off

    Dear Ankit, I have bought Hitachi RAT518HUD 1.5 ton window AC last month. Its cooling is very effective. I have noticed that when compressor switches of it gives heavy noise. Is it a normal factor or otherwise. Please let me know.

  52. TR Summer - RAV518HTD Hitachi 1.5 AC - Fan motor defective

    I hv purchased TR Summer – RAV518HTD Hitachi 1.5 AC in 2013. Yesterday its fan become non-working. only compressor is running, so there is no cooling. No fault is showing on display panel. From others comments on same defects I hv come to know that it is E-9 fault. But display panel of my AC is not showing any error. I hv called Hitachi service engineer who checked AC and told me that fan motor is defective and would be replaced. He demanded Rs 5300/- for replacement of motor. I am confused whether motor is defective or not. Will you please guide me. If motor is actually defective please tell me model no./Part no. of motor. If it is available in open market?

  53. Hitachi summer QC Air conditionar DC motor is not working..

    Hello sir, I have bought Hitachi summer QC AC three years before. Now it showing E9 error and service person told DC motor has gone and it will charge 7,500 to you. Also he suggested to put AC motor of 2500 plus some board modification cost another 3,000. Could you suggest me which is the better option.

  54. Filter Clean Indicator Goes ON every 10 days

    My Hitachi Window AC Filter Clean Indicator goes ON every 10 days even if I clean the filters every week. I have to use the button on remote to ignore the LED and then within two days i used to clean the filters. Now this is going for a month and I think there is some issue. Even the Remote is getting reset of its own. Changed batteries but still same issue. Anyone else facing this issues ?

  55. Hitachi RAW518KUDZ1 1.5 ton window AC Compressor noise when switches ON and what is time Frame period for servicing aftre a new AC.

    My Window AC Model No is RAW518KUDZ1 , 1.5 Ton, 5 Star Window AC.
    I buy it in March 2016 and installed from local vender. The AC compressor sound very much. is this a problem.
    Also please confirm how many services are with new AC and what is the duration for asking for Servicing of AC.

  56. sir please suggest me to choose between hitachi and o general 1.5 ton window ac .

    price is no issue but quality and after sales service is important

  57. Sir, I Am from Kolkata and planning to buy a A.C first time. It will be Used For Around 3-4 HOurs a Day and 3-4 hours in a night.
    Can you please suggest Split/Windows AC(which is best and consume less power in budget of 30-40K) ??

  58. Need suggestion to buy a window ac

    Planning to buy a 1.5 ton Window AC. Please suggest the best brand and models. I am based in Thane, near Mumbai. My room is 170-200 sqfts east facing. Is Voltas 185 LY luxury Y series good

  59. Suggest ac 1 ton 5 star

    Can you please tell me that what window ac 1 ton I bought in price between rupees 18000- 25000 5Star and which company ac is good for me (LG, daikin, Hitachi, and O gernal)

  60. Stop Buying Hitachi Products

    I bought a Hitachi 2 ton window a.c in mid 2016, Firstly- no one came to install the AC, then after follow up, the executive came and installed. and just after one month i faced problems with it of no cooling I lodged the complaints twice with the company with my registration, servicemen came and said that there is a problem with the compressor and the gas got leaked, just a one month ago a.c and how come its gas got leaked , i asked the company to get my unit changed as they were not able to assure me that if this unit got repaired it would work properly. they refused to changed the unit. Now again in this summer 2017. I am facing problems with it of excessive noise and no cooling same problems with it of excessive noise and no cooling I lodged the complaints with the company. servicemen came and said that there is a problem with the unit, and and compressor need to be replaced. Its more than 10 days, we are following with the customer care and till date we have not received any message or input from company service center end. In this sizzling summer of Delhi i am not even able to use my A.C. So i will request everyone to, Pls stop buying Hitachi Ac’s, as they are willing to sell product, but not able to give services and making customer. As they are least bothered after sale of product.

  61. AC Spare

    I have purchased an window ac Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC – White (RAV518HUD). The Switch Panel Cover is broken. I need new one . Plz suggest how i can (online) get this Switch Panel Cover.

  62. Hitachi window AC not working

    Hi Ankit
    My Hitachi AC is showing E9 error.
    Can you send someone to fix it?

  63. The product was very good in first season, when it was opened again in next season , the cooling was low. Repeatedly, lodged complaints within the warranty period, but of no avail, the technicians visited were untrained, without technical knowledge, not touching the machine gave their ex parte decision, even knowingly that that was no cut off no water dripping no proper cooling. Not satisfied with complaint escalation system. The product and after sell service is so pathetic that I am lamenting for buying this costly brand based on advertisements, so please think twice, thrice and times as you like before buying

    The product was very good in first season, when it was opened again in next season , the cooling was low. Repeatedly, lodged complaints within the warranty period, but of no avail, the technicians visited were untrained, without technical knowledge, not touching the machine gave their ex parte decision, even knowingly that that was no cut off no water dripping no proper cooling. Not satisfied with complaint escalation system. The product and after sell service is so pathetic that I am lamenting for buying this costly brand based on advertisements, so please think twice, thrice and times as you like before buying

  64. E9 error with fan motor and compressor working.

    The Hitachi Service Centre at Gandhinagar, have non contactable phone numbers and the location on Google map of one of the centre turned out to be a cow shed in a village, the centre wasn’t there. This shows the lascidal attitude of this Brand Hitachi. I had E 9 error on my RAV model and had got the Motor changed for Rs 12500 in 2017, the error appeared again in 2018 and this year the AC fan and composer are both working but it switches off after 20 mins of running and E 9 error appears. The fliter has been cleaned thoroughly but the light does not go off. Looking desperately for a Hitachi Service Centre in Gandhinagar , Gujrat.

  65. Hey, I am planning to buy Hitachi rav518hud 1.5t review, can you tell me Annual Energy Consumption for this unit? Also, is Voltas better or Hitachi better?

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