As pollution is rising high and the air quality is getting worse in many cities, Camfil, a global leader in air purification industry, has launched the Camfil CamCleaner 300 (CC300) which is an innovative, energy efficient and cost-effective air cleaner.

The Camfil CamCleaner 300 can clear air in an area of up to 1000 Sq. ft., controlling 0-10V Potentiometer and has adjustable speed levels. The CamCleaner 300 (CC300) is quiet, efficient, stylish and perfect for indoor use like clinics, homes, offices, schools, hospitals, gyms and department stores.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. PKSV Sagar, Managing Director, Camfil India, said, “On an average, most people spent up to 90% of their time in the indoor environment be it home or workplaces, but concerns around Indoor air quality are largely overlooked.  Today with the launch of CC300 in India, we are taking a step further to address the need for clean air in the indoor environment. CC300 is a proven high-performance air cleaner in APAC markets and Europe, and we are committed to bringing the same quality and standards to India.”

The Camfil CamCleaner 300 (CC300) is even well suited for open ceiling environment. The air cleaner has an air flow capacity of 0-400 m3/h, controlled by 6 stage controller-card, which controls and reduces the impact of ambient air formaldehyde and VOC concentrations. The air clean has a height of only 300mm, and hence it is ideal for being installed in the ceiling. The electronically controlled motor inside the cleaner makes sure that it makes less noise while operating and also provided greater power efficiency.

The smooth interior of the air cleaner helps the filters slide smoothly, without any resistance and the hard-wearing protective coating ensures the long life of its filters. The unit also has inlet and outlet with standard Spiro connection with 250 mm, which makes operations and maintenance tasks easier. It is a perfect choice in the Indian market, where concerns over air pollution are growing day by day.

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