Many people need to travel between places which include routes like New Delhi-Ghaziabad, Mumbai-Pune or just let’s say a little distant place. Ola and Google have just announced their inter-city travel partnership. This partnership will help people find Ola Intercity cabs by searching within Google Maps.

Users can now search for cabs within Google Maps and pick an option, and Google Maps will automatically redirect the user to confirm the booking with Ola. This probably the first-of-its-kind association in India and it enables bookings from 23 cities to over 215 one-way routes in the country. The number of routes will expand up to a total of 500 routes in the future.

The process for booking an Ola cab via Maps is pretty simple, just search for transit and tap the Ola ride option. It will launch the Ola app where the user can book the ride. And if the app isn’t on their phone the user is prompted to install it.

Currently, this feature will be available in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Hyderabad, Patna, and 15 other cities with hundreds of available routes between them, and will be extended to several more soon. As of now, Google Maps globally provides over 1 billion km worth of transit results every day and has scheduled for more than 3.8 million transit stations worldwide. Google Transit is available for 20,000 cities across 78 countries, with new transportation agencies and companies joining all the time.

So, next time you want to travel between two cities you may use this nice feature within Google Maps and can take an Ola Intercity cab easily, and it’s easier than ever with the power of Google’s smart location detection and Ola’s best fleet of cars and, trained, verified and top rated driver partners. In case you’re still now able to find the option check whether the Google Maps is updated to the latest version or not, if not, just update it and you’re ready to explore and book your next ride.

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