TalentEdge is an Ed-tech firm which jointly offers various executive and degree courses from premier institutes & corporates of India like IIT, IIM, XLRI, Parson School of Design, Jack Welch Management Institute and many more. TalentEdge helps working professionals to plan their future course of action and fast track their careers. They are the first company in India to bring “Live & Interactive” education anywhere in digital format for the students. As of writing this article, Talentedge has educated over 3 lakhs individuals and corporate learners. Talentedge is one of the few Ed-Tech organizations to be credited with an ISO:9001-2008.

Everything You Need to know About TalentEdge Technology Platform “SLIQ”

Those who enroll for any course by Talentedge is provided with a login of their course material. They call their platform ‘SLIQ’ and this platform is ever-evolving. With feedback collected from students and faculty both, their platform has sailed across a long journey with regular updates. Talentedge has managed to implement the feedbacks provided by the students and faculty both and now the platform is a highly polished version integrated with machine learning, which helped in providing detailed stats required by faculty and students both. For this review, I requested demo access of both student and faculty login from Talentedge and following is my experience by using both sides.

Features Students get on SLIQ platform by Talentedge

Upon login, a student is presented with a dashboard which shows the status of module completion, Live classes schedules, attendance rate (in live classes, which is required to be 70% mandatory for all), assignments, assessments, and discussions.

Student Dashboard
Student Dashboard

All the courses on SLIQ are divided into various modules as per the university instruction. A student has the freedom to learn it at your own pace, which is very beneficial for working people, but the student has to complete the course in their assigned time period. Such rules help, especially when you’re in distance learning, or the students don’t push themselves to complete the course on time. However, exceptions are always there for genuine reasons.

Sample Modules from a Course
Sample Modules from a Course

Each module contains relevant information related to the course, which can be a pdf, presentations, notes, recorded lectures, live classes, informational videos and much more. Assignments & Assessments are also a part of the modules which students need to complete for finishing a module. Students can check which assignments are due, submitted and more.

A student can get to see which other students are in the same batch of their course and can contact them via message or all of them can chat in a group chat which is available to all batchmates of a particular course.

Live Classes

Live classes are a part of the course, which is mandatory to attend by each student. Students will be knowing about their live classes schedule weeks/months before, so that they can plan their presence in advance for the classes. 70% attendance is the minimum threshold required by a student to maintain for completing the course, although this percentage could vary as per university guidelines. Also, these live classes are not scheduled near any big festivals, so as to facilitate proper time for both i.e. students and faculty.

Demo live class screenshot

Another part of live classes which I must mention in this article is about how interactive these are. The faculty has numerous ways to show a required information in a live class like they can write/draw digitally on the screen using digital pad, screen sharing, share notes, presentations, documents, any informational video/link from the web, creating polls and much more. Such options are not possible even in offline classes.

Also, faculty can allow any particular student at any point of time to share any relevant information. Talentedge has now also managed to include a compiler too for coding classes, hence the level of interaction with students of faculty increase many folds. This is why I said before, the SLIQ platform is ever-evolving and new features as required are added from time to time.

During every class, a student relation manager (SRM) and a person from technical support are always present to ensure the smooth flow of the live class. Like before 15 minutes of live class time, they help out each and every student who have any trouble joining the live class.

That’s not all, since you’re paying Talentedge, your SRM will ensure and push you from time to time to complete your modules, will help you in attending live classes and shall aid you in any help required. Talentedge has also developed iOS and Android app for the platform, so the student can study and attend live classes from anywhere in the world. Although, attending live classes is highly recommended from a PC only because a student will a need a bigger screen to understand the things being shared. Having the apps installed on your phone/tablet is highly beneficial as SLIQ also send you notifications to remind you for live classes, assignments and much more.

The last thing which I would like to mention is about Talentedge support bot. Talentedge with years of experience has created an AI bot, which answers most repetitive questions being asked by students during the course. If an answer to any question is not available with the bot, it can help you forward your query to your SRM which helps further in getting your query resolved from the faculty.

You cannot leave the class in between by replacing yourself with a proxy during a live class. SLIQ is continuously checking your presence every few seconds during the class and if it finds out that you’re not available, your SRM will be notified and then you should expect a call from SRM soon for further resolution.

What a Faculty knows about their Students?

Faculty Dashboard

Doing a course at Talentedge is not all about getting live classes from faculty and being done. Faculty also assess their students and keeps a check on their progress, like how much is their attendance, have they submitted the assignments, attendance records and much more.

Students Progress

A faculty with the help of SLIQ AI machine learning can check the mood of students during a live class. They can check if the students are giving proper attention to the class or not. At any point of time, a faculty can direct consult a student, can enable their microphone, so that all attendees could listen to the student. There is a chat box in every live class, using which the students can interact with the faculty.

Like students, Faculty can also access their login via smartphone apps on Android and iOS. A faculty is not restricted to come to any place for taking live classes, rather the platform allows them to deliver their class from anywhere in the world. A faculty can also join and interact with students in the chat group if required, although that is not mandatory for them.

Final Verdict

Talentedge provides an excellent platform i.e. SLIQ for the students and the Faculty, ensuring the smooth flow of the information at both ends and also ensures the smooth flow of courses with the time. Since SLIQ is hosted on AWS, hence there is little to none downtime of the platform, ensuring 24×7 access to information whenever required. Also, SLIQ doesn’t require you to be on a high-speed Internet. With a minimum speed of 512 kbps connection whether it may be of a broadband or mobile, you’re good to take or conduct classes from anywhere in the world. All you need is motivation to join the course and complete it, which Talentedge take care of very well.

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