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How Are You Making the Right Choice to Secure your Parent’s Health and Happiness?

In India, our parents are considered next to God itself for the sheer selflessness and love they show, whether it is in our toddler days where we make them stay up all night, or our teenage when we expect them to understand us like our best friends. They support us throughout all these phases of our lives. For them, we never grow up but their love and care never grows out.


Since our childhood, they have taken the responsibility of taking care of us both financially and emotionally. There’s no doubt that it is because of them that we have made a life of our own. Whether it’s the care and nurture throughout our life or the education we got at school, we should always be thankful to our parents to help us become the person we are today.

Besides taking care of us, they also help secure our health, education and future with the right investments at the right time, so at the time of our need, we don’t have to sacrifice our dreams or life goals due to lack of finances.

Role of Parents in a Kid’s Life

While we were growing up, our parents took care of everything. We didn’t even realize their importance as we never knew about the sacrifices or hardships, they went through to fulfill our demands and needs. They provided both emotional and financial support that was essential for us to grow stronger, smarter and sharper.

However, most of the times, our parents forget to save for themselves in the later years, while securing our future all the way long. With the growing demands and price hikes, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the day-to-day expenses, securing for their child’s education or marriage as well as saving for their retirement.

Religare Health Insurance

Even when we became adults and reached a level in life where we could take care of ourselves, we almost ignored or forgot what parents did for us. Considering it as a life cycle, we often forego their demands or needs in older age when they are troubled with health issues and can’t work anymore. Either because of the lack of attention or time, we often underestimate their problems and often get busy with our lives.

So, I have a question for all of us. Isn’t it our responsibility to secure the post-retirement life of our parents both financially and medically?

Yes, it is because #ItsMyTurn and it’s yours as well.

So, what can you do?

It is often seen that the grown up adults get busy with their lives and don’t find enough time to help their parents while they get closer to retirement age. Although most of the parents already plan for their retirement through investments at a younger age, these funds are often withdrawn early to aid their kids for further education, marriage or business investments.

I still remember that day, when my friend’s dad withdrew his funds prematurely from his retirement plan as my friend wished to pursue an MBA in the United States. He didn’t even budge for a second when he saw my friend (i.e. his son) disappointed as they were short of funds for higher education in the United States. Such are Indian parents, who always put their kids needs before their own.

Unconditional love with family

I, myself, was helped by mom, financially to buy my own first home as I was short of funds. While helping me, she spends all her savings she accumulated for her retirement life.

Such unconditional love and care from my parents encourage me to help them with their post-retirement life without depending on anybody as I believe #itsmyturn now.

While surfing through different plans and going through a set of various investment programs, I came across the #ItsMyTurn campaign initiated by the Religare Health Insurance and realized that the best gift or return I could give to my parents is by taking care of their health in their old age.

Make Parents Happier Today

It’s no rocket science that parents will grow older, one day and old age welcomes a lot of different diseases and health concerns. During such times, the best thing would be providing the best healthcare for them and immediate treatment facilities nearby.

Over to you!

We will all get old sometime in the future and we would expect the similar care of our children that our parents seek today. Making time or being their 24/7 is never possible in this hectic life, so the best, a child can do is to secure the health of their parents through buying the best health insurance program such as the one offered by the Religare Health Insurance company.

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