O'General Service Center List State Wise
O'General Service Center List State Wise

This is a full comparison of all the major models available of O’General window air conditioners presently in the market. This comparison will give you perfect information about which models have the features you’re looking for.

oGeneral window ac
oGeneral Window AC 1.5 Ton

Here’s a table of the specifications n all:

O’General Window Air Conditioner (AC) Technical Specifications Comparison

Cooling Capacity BTU/hr8,53012,00017,80017,80017,80017,80022700-2320022700-23200
Moisture RemovalItr/hr.
Air Circulation (High) m3/hr 365475880880880880950 – 990950 – 990
Power SupplyVolts/Ø/Hz220 – 240 / 1 / 50
Running CurrentAmps4.269.829.829.829.8213.513.5
Power ConsumptionWatts9501350218021802180218028002800
EER BTU/Watts9. – 8.08.1 – 8.0
W/W2.632.632. – 2.342.38 – 2.34
Dimensions H x W x Dmm349 x 457 x 581375 x 560 x 650455 x 670 x 705455 x 670 x 705455 x 670 x 705455 x 670 x 705455 x 670 x 705455 x 670 x 705
Net WeightKg3142596159617474
Operating Temperature°C (Range)21 – 4321 – 4321 – 5221 – 5221 – 5221 – 5221 – 5221 – 52
Refrigerant R22R22R22R22R22R22R22R22
Control RemoteRemoteThermostatRemoteThermostatRemoteThermostatRemote
Compressor Type Tropical (Rotary)Tropical (Rotary)Hyper Tropical (Rotary)Hyper Tropical (Rotary)Hyper Tropical (Rotary)Hyper Tropical (Rotary)Hyper Tropical (Reciprocating)Hyper Tropical (Reciprocating)

O’General Window Air Conditioner (AC) Features Comparison

Powerful Mode OOOOOOOO
Wireless Remote Controller OOOOO
Fresh Air Intake OOOOOOOO
Auto Restart (Optional) OOOOOOOO
Hyper Tropical Rotary Compressor OOOOOO
Long-Life ion deodorization filter OOOOOOOO
Quiet Operation OOOOOOOO

Price column will be added soon. And currently, EER (star ratings) on O’General Window air conditioners are not available. But very soon, O’General will be taking out new models of their window air conditioners which will be labelled with EER (star ratings) too.

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  1. kindly suggest

    hi ankit,
    I have two rooms of 10 * 10 . there is a wall in between…. will 1 ton ac work if i fit exhaust on the wall of other room.
    kindly suggest which one ac is better ?
    o general AMGB13AAT
    Lg 5 star LWA3BP5A
    Lg 5 star LWA3GT5A
    Hitachi 5 star RAW511KUD
    Bluestar 5 Star 5W12GA

    kindly give the price of all models n electricity consumed by each of them

  2. EER calculation

    I think the calculation of EER for O General is incorrect It is not the btu that has to be divided by power input in watts but the cooling capacity in watts that is to be divided by power input.
    I don’t think EER of 8 or 9 is possible. This is misleading the customers.


  3. Which is inverter split ac – 1.5 ton with most efficient and effective cooling and overall performance

  4. O general old model window AC When Compresar start voltage regulator power flagturate if compressor start it OK work but if Compresor not start voltage up and down till power supply not to off what’s the problem MEC not solve

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