Google introduced ‘Similar Search’ in Image Search and today Google has rolled out the ‘Style Ideas‘, which is available on the mobile web and in Google app for Android. “Style ideas” lets you see high-quality images that show how you will look while wearing or carrying the item you just searched for.

This feature also comes with recommendations, so when you’re searching for a cool pair of sunglasses you will be able to see how different styles you make you look. The Google Style Search is a must have tools for those who are shopping for apparel.

Let’s assume you’re searching for a pair of denim, Google Style Search will show you how it can be worn along with some ideas and also it will show you how different products will make you look different.

As an added bonus, users will also see an expanded carousel for “similar items” while searching for apparel products. That means whether you are searching for shorts and sneakers or checking out sunglasses and handbags, users now will be able to find product offerings that may suit their tastes.  With these new features, Image Search may be your best new accessory or at least a useful tool to find apparel that suits your style and your wallet

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