Recently we were invited to attend Mahindra Comviva Bloggers meet and we are made aware about the company that they are one of the leading company in providing mobility solutions. It is a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and a part of the USD 16.5 billion Mahindra Group. With an extensive portfolio spanning mobile finance, content, infotainment, messaging and mobile data solutions, Mahindra Comviva enables service providers to enhance customer experience, rationalize costs and accelerate revenue growth.


So, here’s an information note on them:

Mobile Financial Solutions

Smartphones, tablets, phablets etc. have empowered users with portability and connectivity 24*7; it has revolutionized the way people ever thought about mobile phones beyond calls and messages. With upcoming faster technologies like 3G/4G users expect more from their services. According to Mahindra Comviva, the global leader in providing mobility solutions, the growth of mobility solutions is driven by factors such as increasing affordability, rising convergence of content and entertainment and growing need for mobile entertainment & social networking.

The growing mobile money trend is fuelling the upsurge of mobile financial solutions comprising of electronic prepaid recharge, mobile wallet, mobile banking and mobile payments.

Mahindra Comviva is among the top 3 mobile financial technology providers across the globe processing over $22 billion in payment flows, handling millions of transactions every day and serving 750+ million consumers globally

Mahindra Comviva’s award-winning mobiquity® platform is a widely deployed solution that is scalable, flexible and feature-rich. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with third party systems fosters an open eco-system. With over 50 deployments, Mahindra Comviva has garnered extensive experience of deploying large scale mobile payment projects with numerous integrations to banking systems and other ecosystem partners.

mobiquity® Wallet leverages enabling technologies such as NFC, QR code and BLE for enhancing user experience by offering context aware payments. It bundles location based promotions, automated coupon redemption and loyalty card selection during checkout enabling single click payments. It can support integration into a merchant’s existing mobile application or web portal through checkout or allow in-app shopping by simply integrating into the merchant’s ERP.

PreTUPSTM electronic recharge solution enables consumers to, either directly top-up their prepaid account through various channels including the web, client app, kiosks, ATMs, STK and USSD, or recharge across the counter through merchants. Today, almost 9% of world population’s prepaid subscription is recharged using our PreTUPSTM.

payPLUS is a chip enabled comprehensive integrated payment solution that will enable merchants, including small & medium businesses and service professionals, to convert their mobile phone into a Point-of-Sale (POS) device and accept debit and credit card payments to support evolving customer preferences. Furthermore, it will also allow merchants to deliver promotional campaigns with offers and discounts, to customers, based on their location / proximity from the merchant store

Srinivas Nidugondi, Senior VP & Head of Mobile Financial Solutions, Mahindra Comviva said “Consumer needs are constantly evolving, giving rise to the urgent need of a highly robust, secure, scalable and feature rich mobile financial solutions platform that embraces mobile phone as a digital container for holding money and payment instruments – enabling service providers across financial and telecom industry to cater to the diverse financial needs of various consumer segments.”

Customer Value Management Solutions

With competition intensifying across markets, operators are increasingly focusing on offering innovative services and promotions to retain customers on their network.

Mahindra Comviva offers a range of solutions to support operators in achieving customer retention and improved customer service goals, extending subscribers’ life on the network by offering services that bring greater convenience and deliver timely and relevant promotions.

Revenue Plus is an analytics driven, multi-channel contextual marketing platform targeted at operators. It is expected to help them boost their top line growth through customer engagement and retention. Revenue Plus automates the decision making process and increases operational efficiency by reducing the time taken to launch a marketing campaign by 90%.

Dynamic Pricing processes network utilization data and models price and consumer demand to offer tariffs that encourage usage in specific cells at specific times. By using Dynamic Pricing solution, operators can grow their revenues by upto 2.4% on their net calls and overall revenue growth of upto 7% inclusive of new subscriber acquisition. Mahindra Comviva’s Dynamic Pricing solution is implemented across 12 OpCos in a leading operator group in Africa.

mCare app facilitates the shift from a pure transactional-relationship to one focused on engaging customers by offering better service, and driving increased interactions with the brand. mCare app enables MNOs to improve engagement across multiple points in the customers’  journey from service discovery, purchase to post-sales support.

End of Call Notifications (iEOCN) is a digital marketing solution which helps marketers improve revenues by delivering contextual offers to consumers using interactive end of call notifications. The channel assures wide reach and higher response rate as messages appended at the end of post call notifications are delivered to all consumers.

Amit Sanyal, Assistant VP & Head of Consumer Value Solutions at Mahindra Comviva said, “Our Customer Value Management offerings will support operators in achieving customer retention and improved customer service goals, promoting spend on network, extending subscribers’ life on the network by offering services that bring greater convenience and deliver timely and relevant promotions.”

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