LG India, the leading manufacturer in air conditioners, recently launched a new series of air conditioners with new features like Himalaya cooling, Monsoon comfort and a unique technology named Mosquito Away Technology that keeps mosquito’s away effectively from user. This season LG has strive to bring new features to air conditioners to provide more valuable features which ultimately increase the overall value of money of the product.

Mosquito Away Technology

Now-a-days, mosquitoes are a big threat to family health and the conventional mosquito repellant are not much effective to keep mosquitoes away from users and even sometimes those prove harmful to users by leaving various side-effects. and here, LG has promised to give a highly effective way to keep yourself comfortable in summers by superior cooling of air conditioner as well as helping in keeping mosquitoes away by providing a better protection.

LG Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology
LG Air Conditioner with Mosquito Away Technology

This technology has been developed after extensive research in which they identified an optimal ultrasonic wave range which mosquitoes are unable to understand. This sound wave is emitted at a frequency which is non-detectable by human ear but it does drives mosquitoes away. And since, there are no chemical used in this process, hence it’s odor-free as well.

How Mosquito Away Technology Works

  • Switch on the power and activate Mosquito Away feature with the dedicated key on remote control. Mosquito Away feature can work when the power is ON, even if the air conditioner is not running.
Mosquito Away & Himalaya Cool Button on LG AC Remote
Mosquito Away & Himalaya Cool Button on LG AC Remote
  • Ultrasonic sound waves are emitted at a frequency that affects the mosquito. The Mosquito Away technology reduces the mosquito’s ability to detect the Carbon dioxide (CO2) and hence they also gets unable to detect human presence.
  • This process results in mosquitoes getting inactive and then they go away or say, just get repelled.

Benefits of Mosquito Away Feature

  • Totally safe for humans and bad for mosquitoes, and hence better protection again mosquito-borne diseases.
  • Totally free from chemicals and hence odor-free.
  • Ultrasonic sound waves are safe for humans.
  • Since, no liquid repellent is used in this technology, hence there is no expenditure on frequent refillings.

Mosquito Away technology is certified by world renowned product testing and certification labs such as llBAT, lntertek & TUV NORD.

Himalaya Cool Technology

LG Air Conditioner with Himalaya Cool Technology
LG Air Conditioner with Himalaya Cool Technology

Himalaya cool technology is developed keeping one point in mind to provide consumers cooling as soon as possible, as they switch ON the air conditioner. In a similar manner of mosquito away button on remote, there is a dedicated button of Himalaya cool too. The Himalaya cool technology provides instant cooling to user by focusing on cooling the living space through smart airflow & 2 times faster vertical air swing.

How Himalaya Cool Technology Works

This technology works by creating a virtual air shield and spread the cool air with faster vertical swings.

Air Shield Explained

LG Himalaya Cool Air Shield

The air conditioner delivers cool air to the living area by creating a virtual air shield and separate the ceiling area and living space. Hence, it blocks the hot air in the ceiling area from entering the living space, resulting in providing an effective cooling.

Faster Vertical Swing Explained

LG Himalaya Cool Faster Vertical Swing

Air conditioners with Himalaya cool feature houses powerful fan speed and with 2 times faster louver speed, it helps dispersing cool air in a faster mode for providing instant cooling and maximum comfort to the user. In short, the flow of cool air is directed at the living space at high speeds and cooling gets faster.

Benefits of Himalaya Cool Technology

Himalaya Cool Technology Benefits

  • Living space gets 28% faster cooling (if compared with other conventional non-inverter air conditioners)
  • You save money in electricity bills by saving up to 26% of electricity usage. Hence, more power savings.
  • My space cooling – which cools the living space quicker for maximum comfort.

Monsoon Comfort Technology

During monsoon season, if you’re not having an air conditioner with De-humidification Mode, running that will make the room uncomfortably cold and will also consume more energy. Here, LG air conditioners gets an edge by providing comfortable cooling and greater energy savings  using monsoon comfort technology. This technology helps in maintaining the right level of temperature and moisture level for providing ultimate comfort. There is a dedicated button too for this feature on remote control.

LG Air Conditioner with Monsoon Comfort Technology
LG Air Conditioner with Monsoon Comfort Technology

When you activate this feature via remote control, the 7 level temperature control system in air conditioner will automatically adjust the indoor temperature of the living area. And since it adjusts the temperature according to the surrounding temperature, there is no chance that the indoor temperature may get uncomfortably low. And similarly, this also helps in energy savings up to 36%.

How Monsoon Comfort Technology Works

LG Air Conditioner Monsoon Comfort Technology
LG Air Conditioner Monsoon Comfort Technology

By using inbuilt Subdivided Temperature Control matrix, the air conditioner will automatically sense the ambient temperature and optimally adjust the indoor temperature accordingly while reducing the power consumption. During Monsoons, as the temperature in the room varies between 29-32° Celsius, the Monsoon Comfort technology creates a comfortable indoor environment and eliminates the need for manual adjustment.

Benefits and Comparison of Monsoon Comfort Technology from LG with Conventional Air Conditioner Humidity Mode

Monsoon Comfort Technology in LG Air Conditioners

Humidity Mode in Conventional Air Conditioners

It detects the room temperature automatically and adjust indoor temperature accordingly.Upon activation, it automatically fixes the indoor temperature at 25 deg C, irrespective of the surrounding temperature.
It balances the indoor temperature and humidity level automatically for providing optimum cooling and comfort.Indoor temperature gets uncomfortably low.
Adjustment of temperature happens automatically without any human intervention.Here remains a need of constant manual adjustment of temperature for having an optimal cooling.
It saves up to 36% of energy by reducing load on compressor.Consumes more energy because of constant manual adjustment of temperature.
Monsoon comfort energy savingsHumidity Mode in Conventional AC

All 3 features stated above are available only in L-terminator series of LG Split air conditioners currently, which also include 4D-cooling feature too. Air conditioner in this series are available in 2, 3, 5 star for 1 ton to 1.5 ton and 2, 3 star in 2 ton model. And not to forget, these air conditioners are up to date for 2014 norms too.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher. Join me on Facebook and and Twitter. Also you can add me on Whatsapp at +91-8285555592.


  1. Shashank

    Brilliant job by LG. Any ideas where to find more on it or is it already available with dealers?

    • Its already available with dealers. And i have provided maximum detail about it, which you might not get anywhere. Did you checked out videos too? What’s your opinion about them?

      • Shashank

        Whoops. Just realized it’s not inverter powered AC so skipping it. Mosquitoes are known not to survive or remain inactive in temperatures below 21-22C, hence kinda makes less sense to buy the mosquito repellant AC. nonetheless, AC is fantastic as was the demo

        • I have never heard this so. But the demo we saw, i didn’t felt or checked if temperature was below 22C. I believe during demo they kept temperature nearly 24C, as i was inside the demo cabin for long, and would have felt cold if temp had been below 22C. And i raised this question there at techshow if they are coming up with Inverter AC’s with Mosquito Away technology and they said that it’s under development and will be launched soon.

  2. Tahir


    What is the operating temperature of this AC, i am from varanasi, in summer temperature goes upto 47-49, my room is on top floor with no other room attached.
    Someone told me to buy o genearal or panasonic ac which are made to work in 52 -55c temperature.
    Plz suggest me the correct model of 1.5 ton ac with 5star rating.

    Also tel me, What does it meant when it says ambient operating range is between 21c to 52c temperature?

    • There is no official information about operating range temperature of this AC but it should withstand such temperature with ease. Mine LG works fine in Delhi where we face extreme summers (up to 48-50 deg C) and it has worked fine for me. I guess LG think that it’s a usual thing and may be promote it as a feature like O’General or Panasonic do who offers way less features than what LG offers. And where have you read “ambient operating range is between 21c to 52c temperature“?

      • Tahir

        O general india has launched some new model this april, I have downloaded o general Ac catalogue from general india website, i selected an ac model no. Asga18ftta on page no. 14, this ac has ambient operating range between 21c-42c.
        Another panasonic ac has given this ramge between 16-42c.
        Plz also suggest which gas ac i should go for, r22 or r32 or r410a in terms of cooling.

        OR suggest me which brand n model i should buy? (After considering top floor n summer)

        • In inverter AC models, you’ll only find R410 as refrigerant. And is it a mistake or the operating range is written upto 42 deg? You can buy this LG terminator model or similar as per your budget.

          • Tahir

            Thanks for the suggestion.

            It is not mistake, it is given operating range 21c-42c, minimum 21c & maximum 52c shown with the diagram. In the same mannner panasonic has also given 16c-52c. I will be glad to know what it means. Thanks

          • It means that those has the capability to operate in temp range upto 52 deg. But what happens in actual everyone knows.

      • Tahir

        Operating temperature may not be usual thing becoz i have also gone through specification of Carrier ACs, all the carrier ac has operating temperature of 46c only. And old models of o general ACs hav high operating temperature of 55c, i think they r made for middle east countries as somebody told it has good market there.

  3. Vidit

    Condensor Type

    Dear Ankit, Fantastic review … what is the type of condenser – Copper or aluminium and also what types of tubes they provide copper or aluminium. because I have seen utter failures of aluminium types.

    • I would like to see few examples before believing that aluminium condenser can fail. It’s just a myth and is not true. Did you ever saw your condenser in car leaking? It’s the same rough n technology which are being sold in residential air conditioners.

  4. KK

    Ac remote

    Any idea how the himalaya cool AC can be turned on without a remote?

    • If you have a phone, which has infra red port to support remote features.. like LG phones has remote control app, you can switch ON your AC using that.

      Another advice is (not recommended) to find a switch below front grill.. you can only use it to switch it ON. But again this is not recommended. I am not even sure if you’ll be able to find the switch or not.

  5. Sandeep Jain

    Review of lg terminator ac

    I am planning to buy this model lg mosquito terminator 1.5 ton 3 star ac…Any reviews ? .also is pfc or copper is better in ac ? how it is compared to copper voltas 1.5 ton 183 ya ac 3 star ? any expert comment on this & what should be preference ?

    • Go for LG terminator model with closed eyes. Forget this concern of copper AC’s n all.. these are just points made by dealers to confuse people. Trust brand first, then product.

  6. sbo


    Thank you for sharing.

  7. S Marwaha

    Dilemma in buying AC

    We are going for 1.5 ton split Ac but faced with a lot of dilemma. First about us. We are located at Secunderabad. Our house is on first floor and there is no flat above ours. Height of roof is 11 feet. Usage 4 months in an year where the daily usage will be 3 hrs in day 3 to 6 pm and 8 hrs at night in sleep mode. No of persons in the room will be three. We have the following queries. Which brand to trust? Shall we go for 3 star or higher star rating AC? Which model? I have to buy in next few hours as I am on a short leave to visit family. Neeedless to say it should be a pocket friendly decision. Thanks in advance

    • Saw your comment late. Sorry! I hope you must have bought it by now. If not, do let me know. I’ll reply you with your requirements.

      • Raju

        URGENT Please We are about to buy AC by this May end

        H, Ankit we are about to buy AC, Don’t know which is good company to buy. Heard abt Voltas, LG, Daikin, Carrier & Samsung. can u suggest me which is best one to buy ASAP

  8. Sreenivasulu

    LG Aura 1.5 ton hot and cold

    I am thinking of buying LG air conditioner. I would like to know the review and feedback of LG Aura hot and cold. Please suggest the pros and cons along with your final verdict

    • LG is a good brand to go for when it comes to air conditioners. Please let me know your requirements and concerned points which i may could clarify.

  9. Sambit Kumar Mishra

    Suggestion for A/C in Bangalore

    I am in Bangalore. Its not as hot as Delhi and other such hotter regions.
    Since my flat is in the top floor, it will be warmer in the afternoon.
    I would also like to have all weather capabilities i.e. in winter I should be able to maintain 25 degrees.
    Can anyone suggest the best option for me.


    • As per your requirements and if your budget allows, you can opt for LG Inverter V Hot and Cold AC. If not, opt for non-inverter AC. And yes, you can keep that temperature range in HOT and COLD conditions both. I said Inverter as first choice, since you live in top-floor, hence you’ll require to run AC for longer period like during nights or on holidays.

      • Asim

        Suggestion for A/C in Bangalore

        I don’t feel in Bangalore you need inverter ac. I also live in bangalore. Here you need Ac just for 3 to 4 months max not like north where you need at least for 6 to 7 months.
        Also bangalore climate is pretty cool as compare to north, here we don’t have summers like delhi where temprature touches 50 C.
        So don’t spend around 10 to 15K more over Inverter AC, just go with 3 Star rating.

    • Keshu Rao

      No need for heating...

      I don’t think Bangalore gets really cold in winters so don’t waste your money in hot n cold, buy Lg inverter ac with mosquito away.

  10. partha

    Tell me about LG himalaya cool 2 star

  11. Velrajan J

    More Dilemma

    We are going for 1.5 ton split Ac but faced with a lot of dilemma. First about us. We are located at Tuticorin. Our house is on first floor and there is no flat above ours. Height of roof is 11 feet. Usage 4 months in an year where the daily usage will be 3 hrs in day 3 to 6 pm and 8 hrs at night in sleep mode. No of persons in the room will be Four. We have the following queries. Which brand to trust? Shall we go for 3 star or higher star rating AC? Which model? . Thanks in advance

    • Since you require AC for longer run in almost a closed environment, i would recommend buying inverter air conditioners. LG is the best brand for air conditioners followed by Diakin. If you don’t want to go for Inverter AC’s, then it’s totally your personal decision, if you want to go for 3 star or 5. Search for inverter AC review on this blog. Read it and come back with your decision.

  12. rajiv

    lg or samaung

    Pleas eguide me which ac to buy LG himalya cool or samsung multijest .all in 1.5 mm for my room in mumbai

    • Please go for LG one.. which has both, himalaya cool and mosquitos away feature.

  13. Ramnesh Babu

    Suggestion to buy AC

    Hi Ankit,

    I’m staying in Hyderabad in apartment 5th floor (top) and room dimensions are 11*12*14 and decided to go for 1.5 Tons. Can you please suggest which brand in 5 star is better between 35k-40k with best/good after sales . Also if i want to buy inverter type which brand is better between 45-50k daikin/sharp/LG ..etc?

    the imp thing is it should have good after sales, less power consumption and good price tag in both 5 star and inverter type.

    Thanks in advance


    • For how much hours daily you intend to run the AC? Accordingly i would tell you whether you should opt for star rated AC or inverter AC. Also i would like to know if your room is sun facing or not?

  14. AD

    Which brand and model of AC to buy..Pls suggest

    My room is West facing in Chennai. The room gets heated during the day specially after 2PM. It is more hot in the night after 11pm than the day time. It is located in the third floor. The usage would be for 3 hours in the day time – afternoon till 5pm and after 8PM in the night i need for 7 hours. So around for 10 hours per day. There is fluctuation of voltage here.

    Which brand and model should i go for the split ac. would 1.5 or 2 tonne be better? The room is double beded mid sized room.

    How much unit can i expect per day for 10hours of running the ac

    Another thing, will LG AC kill the mosquitoes or repel it just. Since when the ac runs the doors and windows would be shut, so where would it repel to? Is this mosquitoes repellent feature effective?


    • What’s your room size? And yes Mosquito away either way kill or repel the mosquito’s and are no harm to human being in any way.

  15. Prateek Sharma

    Choosing a window AC

    Hi Ankit, I live in Gurgaon, my room size is 12X20x8 feet. The room is West facing & is occupied by 2 adults. The room also has glass door of size 7×3 feet & a window of size 5×3 feet. No computers in the room. Only one tubelight. We do use curtains to block the heat.

    What tonnage should I go for?

    I am looking for a Window AC, 5 Star rating, would be nice is you can suggest one with the inverter technology as I would like to invest in a good one. Mosquito away tech’ could be an added advantage. Pls suggest one with & one without the mosquito away tech. Thanks!

    • Hi Prateek, you requires at least 2 TON AC for your room. LG BSA24IMA is best and only choice for you which is also an Inverter AC.

  16. Anand

    hi mrunal, does it have any ill effects???

  17. Sameer Abbas

    LG Himalaya cool

    Hi Sir
    Am planning to buy a split AC 1 ton
    This will be my first time l live n Mumbai
    Pls help me choose btwn voltas or LG Himalaya
    Both comes with copper condensor?

    • B/w Voltas and LG, is LG definitely. And i have said it always, copper or aluminium condensor is not a point for worry for consumers. LG one comes with aluminium alloy condenser but it’s of very high end quality that company is giving 5 years warranty on it which NO other company is giving. Voltas i am not sure if it comes with Aluminium or Copper condensor but after sales feedback is not pleasing. Hence i am afraid in recommending Voltas to my readers.

      • Sasikumar

        Reg. LG AC and on their service.

        As per my experience, font go for LG AC. Now a days reputed retailers are doing the installations with their service engineers. But if it is so LG is not giving service thereafter. If it is faulty, company is not responsible or they will not give any service even in the first month itself. Unlike other products, ACs cannot check before purchase. So if they deliver faulty ACs no replacement can expect.
        So don’t go for LG.
        If any doubt, contact me. I will share the message I got from LG service center.

  18. Avi Das


    Hi Ankit,

    My requirement is to buy 1.5T 5 star rating with Inner Grooved Copper coil (for outdoor unit).Could you please suggest one Current LG model which matches my criterion. My Budget is 37-38 thousand and I am looking for a good product which will have less power consumption.
    Looking for you Valuable suggestion.

    • I don’t think any model from LG is now coming with copper coil condensor. And believe me, this should not be a point of concern for a consumer. LG is selling ODU with condensers made of Aluminum alloy which is the same material that is being used in condenser of many luxurious cars. These condensers are designed to face extreme conditions and does not get leaked which is they myth all around created by other companies. LG is giving 5 years warranty on his condenser and 3 years on gas leakage which no other company is giving. They give such warranty because they are confident about their product and they know it won’t face any field failure. For the model part, you can choose LG LSA5NP5A which should fit your budget requirement. If you can go a bit higher with your budget, i would recommend you to have LG LSA5AT5D which comes with mosquito away feature which i feel is a must to have.

  19. shrey

    Suggestion regarding LG model

    I have to purchase a 1 Ton 3 star split AC of LG for a single room. I am however confused whether or not to go for mosquito technology since that includes extra cost. My budget is in the range of 28 to 30K. Please suggest if i should go with a model that has himalyan and monsoon or a model which has all the three( himalyan, monsoon and mosquito).

    • That’s upon you if you want Mosquito away feature or not. But yes, if you opt for it, it really works. First have a look in your pocket, then need and then finally decide which feature you want, which not.

  20. Sharvani

    Any Ac can be mosquito repellent

    I’ve recently bought a Godrej AC, which obviously does not have this mosquito repellent facility. But I’ve noticed that whenever I sleep without the AC on, there are mosquitoes whereas when I do on the AC, the mosquitoes don’t seem to appear.

    • If you’ll keep the temp at quiet a lower number like b/w 18-21, you’ll not find any mosquito nearby, but just in case if you’re running AC on temp of 25-27 like me, who likes to keep moderate temp rather than cold, then mosquito away is a must have feature for me.

  21. abhi

    best ac brand?

    hello ankit ,
    i want to purchase AC and i am confused between LG , Voltas and O general .
    Can you please recommend me one 1.5 tonn Best AC brand with the model number ?

    • Please let me know your budget and also, if you require Hot & Cold AC or just Cold AC?

    • montu srivastva

      Comment: i know about mosquito way ac in harmfull on envoirment. becuase when the any product running condition then mosqueto way mode on . then vibration in ac sound full any no mosquito going to have near ac .

  22. mark


    Hi! Ankit, i went to buy Samsung BlackPanel 1.tn Ar12fc5efbh but was out stock so,need your help, man which is better one LG – BSA12IMA or LG – LSA5AT5D. Or you can suggest any other but i have 47000k only..
    it should be
    1- 1.5 ton.
    hot n cold. (i don’t mind )
    5 star or Inverter

    • Choosing whether you should buy Inverter or Non-inverter depends on your usage. For how many hours daily you intend to run the AC and for how many months? Then only i would be able to tell you.

      • mark

        5-6 hours. inverter

        • Go for LG BSA12IMA if you don’t mind not having hot & cold AC or can choose for AS-W186C2U1 which is Inverter with Hot & Cold feature, but does not have mosquito away feature.

  23. Aanandraj

    LG AC

    Hello, I have ordered for LG terminator 1 ton (Mosquito away) AC. Just want to know if the selection is good. Initially, I ordered Daikin and received it. But, due to some glitches in the product, I have returned it back. Now, I have got LG as replacement.

    • Both Diakin & LG are good companies to go for. So stay assured and cool you’re getting a good product.

  24. neha

    which ac is better.

    We r planning to buy ac ie 1.5 ton 3 star…..should v opt for lg or Volta’s…….becoz the shopkepper is strongly recommending volras . while v want to go with the brand ie lg. How is l aura terminater……I need to know it urgently……..aur which one is best in this range…..HV also heard of lg not having cu….while using Al ……will it make any difference.

  25. Dipak Kumar Saha

    Comparision for 3 star and 5 star

    HI Ankit,

    Can you please let me know what would be electric consumption difference for LG 5 star and 3 star for below cases?

    Case 1:- If usage for 8 hours a day for LSA5NPA5A(difference in monthly consumption).

    Case 2:- If usage for 12 hours a day LSA5NPA5A(difference in monthly consumption).

    Also please let me know would it make any difference in copper and aluminium coil condenser?

    Do LG provides warranty for condenser and Compressor for 5 years, please confirm?

    Thanking you


  26. karthik

    Hi, b/w O general, lG, daikan, bluestar which is better….depending on product, service, warranty..


    Thanks in advance…

  27. Mustafa

    Hi! Ankit, i went to buy LG 1.5 ton ac 3 star recently before 4 days with mosquito & monsoon features. I’m staying in Ahmedabad in apartment 2nd floor (top) and room sq. fts are 200 something. but still i am not satisfied with ac. because i dont have cooling after 2 hours ac on. I also run ceiling fan with ac than i feeling some fresh air. I don’t understand that is my decision wrong for LG AC ? i go at dealer for replacing me other model against this. but he says that it is good & LG technician will come at home for ac problems. Pl. give me such opinion or answer

  28. Yogesh K

    LG 1 Ton AC

    Nice review i want to purchase 1 ton AC my daily usage is 10 hrs per day and 6 months in year. I should by 3 star or 5 star ac. What will be electricity cost diffrence in 3star and 4 star ac

    Which LG Model should i take?

  29. Samuel George

    3 Star or 5 Star, LG or Blue Star

    I am planning to get a 1.5 ton split air conditioner. I would like to get a 5 star rated AC for I may use it for nearly 6 hours or so during the warm months and even longer during the hot months. However I am on the second floor in a five-floor apartment, and the shop assistant at an AC retail shop advised me to settle for a 3 star AC, as this will cut down on costs. He also advised me to go for the LG mosquito away model. Even as I am torn between the 3 star and the 5 star rated versions of the same model, I am also considering the thought of a Blue Star AC. I also want to know how Blue Star fares against LG? Could you please let me know?

  30. parmindersingh

    last 6 months I purchased mosquito away a/c from reliance digital ellantamall in chandigarh lg model .lsa5pt3d1.anlg 11 1.5 tonn they had taken 33999 and instlled after 1 month I knew capacity is 0.70kg but they make us fool lg means life good not bad reliance digital not heared us last 5 months lg customer care not give good response what I do may be go to lodge complaint 420 and case in consumer court this is my bad experience with lg and reliance digital

  31. Yogesh Kantaria

    Selection of Right AC 1 ton or 5 Ton


    I want to buy LG LSA3WT5D L-Energia Split AC (1 Ton, 5 Star Rating, Wine Red). My room Size is 14×9 (126 Sq feet) on 2nd floor, window size 8 feet. Mumbai. My usage is 8 hrs day and 8 months in year.

    Can i buy this ac also this is comes with Copper or aluminium coil ????

    Please reply my decision of buying of AC depend on your advice

    • This AC ODU is equipped with multi-flow condensor, which is made of aluminium alloy. Not even a single company makes condensers of just Aluminium. They all are made of Aluminium alloy and this is the same material which is used in car condenser. So a consumer need not to worry for the condenser build material. Yes, you can buy this AC without any worries.

  32. Pranav

    Does the LG AC Moquito Away technology really works or is joke?

    Want to know whether does LG AC Mosquito away technology really works even if AC Cooling is off or is just marketing gimmick to attract sales?
    Any one who have bought this type of AC and used for 1-2 months can share their experience

  33. Agnishwar Mitra

    Hi Ankit …. I am looking at buying the LG BSA12IMA 1 tn model tomorrow. Please advise if this still is a good option for Rs. 38500 (with free standard installation) OR is there anything better …

    I live in Kolkata – ground floor – 14 X 10 X 12 ft – daily usage will be around 10-15 hrs (hence Inverter is a must) …

    • Yes, that is a good choice to have. And since you’re buying an Inverter AC, hence do not get that installed by persons provided by the local dealer at any cost. It has to be installed by company officials only. Do not ignore my point here. Do buy a stabilizer too with it. 3 KVA stabilizer is fine for 1 TON AC.

  34. Santosh

    Can we purchase the repellant separately anywhere.

    Hi I already have AC in at my home and i am interested to see the mosquito away tech, by any chance we can buy this equipment separately?why dont any manufacturer selling this similar product stand alone which most of household all over india would be interested to buy. there are so many devices similar in market but none are them seems good even GM manufactured repellant.

    • For the demo of technology, you can check this video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPTCJMZyed8. LG doesn’t sell that equipment separately. I have no idea how they managed to make one so effective, but selling with AC’s boost their overall sales of AC’s. That make sense?

  35. Robert

    Dear Mr. Ankit Chugh,

    Can the Mosquito away feature be switched off when the AC is working?

    • Yes, there is a dedicated key on remote of AC for that. You can anytime turn Mosquito away feature ON or OFF.

  36. Robert

    Wall bracket support

    Dear Mr. Ankit Chugh,

    Can the outer unit of Split AC be mounted on a bracket, with the bracket on
    the Depth side( 270 mm) instead of the width side ( 810 mm ).

    Reason being, there is only 600 mm width on the wall, where the bracket can be fixed.

    • I am not sure about it. Technical team in customer care of LG can tell better. However, even I doubt if that is possible.

  37. PC RAO

    Is it best deal?

    I am going to buy LSA5PT 3D model, as per sales guy, this is the model available with only Reliance Digital, may be true as I could not find n any online stores. The price 34,390 with stabilizer and installation free. Is it good deal? What capacity of stabilizer I have to demand? Based on above comments I understand, I have to ask LG engineer to install the AC.

    • I am not sure about the pricing part. Sorry for that. I understand it’s a 1.5TON AC, hence you require a 4KVA stabilizer.

  38. Neeraj

    Suggestion to buy Hot n Cold AC

    Hello! I am from Jodhpur (Rajasthan).

    I want to buy Hot and Cold AC ( 1.5 ton – 5 star rating). Please suggest me one which I can buy with model number, if possible.


  39. kishore

    Need AC with in my budget

    I am planning to buy AC with 1.5 ton 3 star rating, Please suggest me a best brand in LG or Volta’s with good service support. My budget is 34000

    • LG would be the best choice for you. Where do you live? Will you purchase it online? Add me on whatsapp at +918285555592 and I’ll share more details about the exact model for you.

  40. ANUJ

    Hot and cold feature

    Does LG BSA12IMA model have hot and cold feature

    • NO, LG has discontinued Hot & Cold AC’s for this year. So LG BSA12IMA or any 2016 model doesn’t have Hot & Cold feature.

  41. Sachin

    Mitsubishi, LG or Panasonic.

    Hi Ankit,
    I am planning to buy 1.5 ton AC for my bedroom. It is having direct sunlight after 1 PM. I have shortlisted, Mitsubishi, LG and Panasonic. Which one you suggest ? I know you are recommending LG mostly. I need effective cooling.

    • You have the question. You have the answer. Do I need to say anything else?

      • Gyan

        Hi Ankit,
        but LG is with aluminium Coil.
        is it good for long life. as warranty form coil from all company is only one year.

        • LG is giving 5 years warranty on compressor if it leaks or whatsoever the problem if you may face. That is the confidence company have on the product, while other companies are giving 1 year warranty on it. Choice is yours, I can only recommend you

  42. Ashish

    LG around 30,000/-

    Good review and info Ankit.
    Want to buy LG 1.5 Ton A/c around 30,000/- range, which model did you suggest for me?
    Thanks in advance.

    • I am not sure if you can find 1.5 TON AC of LG in 30K budget. You should check nearby shops if you can last year model with discounts.

  43. Anantha Krishnan

    AC Swing Not Proper working

    I bought a LG 1.5 TON AC in 3 star working Himalaya Cool mode after 4 hours Switch OFF the AC not properly OFF,When AC Display is C0 error and don’t closed the AC Air swing door.
    What is mean by C0 Error

    • I am not sure about it, as I never had faced that error. Customer care can assist you better, and since yours is in warranty, service person will fix the issue for free.

  44. Laxman Poojari

    Advice for Split Ac

    I stay at Vasai Rd.(W) Ground floor, my Bed room is backside -mostly is in cool compare to others hence I have decided buy Split Ac in my Living room (13X9.6= 125) before this month end. I have shortlisted Ist LG mosquito with Himalayan cool then Voltas & If both are not available I will go for Daikin etc.
    My question is 1. whether I go for 1 ton or 1.2 Ac or 1.5 ton Ac
    2. All my friends ask me go for copper condenser Ac & buy 1.5 ton for better cooling
    3. To minimize power consumption should I go for Invertor A/c. OR 5Star, 3Star & 2 Star etc
    4. My Budget will be 35K to 39K & I use it daily 4-5 hours only
    Thanking you sir,

    • 1. 1 or 1.2 TON is enough for you. 1.5 TON is too big for your room size, and buying an over capacity AC creates smell in room.
      2. Trust the brand, nor the copper condenser thing. LG multi-flow condenser is an advanced technology and is better than conventional ones.
      3. For 5 hours usage, you need not to invest on Inverter AC. 3 or 5 star AC’s fine. Rather go for 5, because you never know, when your daily usage will increase. If you’re sure of daily usage hours, 3 star is also fine.
      4. Model you choose is good. Your priority must be like.. LG > Daikin > oGeneral > Panasonic > Bluestar. Do not consider Voltas or Hitachi because i haven’t got a satisfactory afters sales service of both brands.

  45. devesh chauragade

    i went to lg showroom in nagpur but it is telling that inverter ac with mosquito repellent technology is not available .LG BSA12IBE has this facility , but the are saying that it is not available in nagpur . i want inverter ac with mosquito repellent technology .should i wait or search somewhere else ??

    • Buy it online from Flipkart or Amazon. Ping me on WhatsApp at +91-828 55555 92, and I’ll give you trustable links.

  46. Naveen


    Hi Ankit, Today i went LG showroom and purchased 1 Ton Inverter AC with mosquito away. It costed me 45,500 with V Gaurd Stabiliser and standard installation free in Bangalore. The model is BSA12MAYD and LG people told me this latest one launched in April 2016. Do you have any idea ? Is this really new model

  47. Navin

    Help to decide hitachi or daikin

    Hello Ankit
    Thanks for the post
    I am in a dilemma right now ..will be buying a 1.5 ton 3 star ac.
    I have to chose between hitachi neo 3200f and daikin ftc 50.
    I understand that daikin model is without any special filter.also is r32 gas dangerous..
    With this in mind I’m inclined towards hitachi.
    I also was considering midea ac brand ..need your advise

    • Pick between Daikin or Carrier. Carrier and Midea are same brand, but personally, I would prefer Carrier as its an old name in ACs. Do no consider Hitachi at all.

  48. Prasanth

    LSA5AT5D LG Split AC is copper or aluminium alloy coil. Moreover in remote i could see 2 swing buttons but only one swing is working.

  49. Kaushik

    Hello Ankit,
    I live in bhayandar (Thane) and wanted to buy 1 ton Split AC 3-5 star, for small size 8×10, budget 30k approx.
    is it ok to go for Daikin Brand for Service and Quality Prospect?

    kindly suggest me good AC with brand and model no.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Yes Daikin is a good company to be recommended. But for the after sales service part, you should check your neighborhood first and get the feedback of after sales service.

  50. tabish

    lg split ac detail

    Sir , i recently purchased a LG ac model – lsa5su3a , but i have a bit of concern regarding it because its cooling capacity is only 4650 watt and power input in 1450 , i just want to know from you that is it really a 1.5 ton ac because many lg ac has cooling capacity of more than 5100 . Is there any cooling difference between these two.
    How much time it will take to cool a room size of approx 220sqft
    The salesman sold to me by saying its 1.5 ton ac , if it is not 1.5 ton ac that means they are cheating

    Please answer

  51. M.Satheesh Kumar


    Hi All ,Can any one, Please provide the best price for Air conditioner LG JSQ18PTDX .Thanks

  52. Chandra

    I bought the above model after suggested by sales person in 2014, I faced many problems in cooling and tried many ways to rectify.almost 3 times LG service people attended nobody rectified until now.I noticed these LG service personel not enough experience to solve my problems.I spent almost rs.12000/-.Finally i concluded that it is worst model for ever in which LG produced in market.Everybody know all top brands some where they introduced new products so as sustain in market, never attract to those models, they keep on playing games on customers with new models some of them already failed, but remember Old is Gold.

  53. Chakri

    Inverter ac vs 5star ac difference

    Hi I’m living in Guntur (Andhra Pradesh) here the climate is always like summer from Feb-Nov. I live 3rd floor which was on topfloor, and I want to buy new a/c with features like cooling, and power saving and my budget 50k.. and what is the difference between between the inverter ac vs 5star ac plz suggest me gud one My usage is daily 12-15hours

  54. Vasudha Gupta

    The mosquito control is useless – doesn’t work at all. Very disappointed.