Since last few days, i have been observing deals being offered by many e-commerce websites like Mydala, Snapdeal, Crazeal or say Tim-Tara. Indeed many a times, these websites do offers some great deal to grab. But slowly slowly these websites have converted themselves to pure e-commerce websites by offering consumers to purchase products directly from them just like Flipkart, Homeshop18 or Yebhi. But here i am writing, that how an e-commerce website is earning huge profit even when you’re just joining them or subscribing to their future deals.

Won iphone4

How I Won an iPhone using your Money

The thing i am telling about here are the lucky-draw deals being offered by Mydala here. First i want to clarify that I DIDN’T WON ANYTHING ON MYDALA YET or BY DEALS ON OTHER WEBSITES. Nor even i am interested to participate in these kinda deals. This article i am writing to bring in front of consumers some stats and facts which will make you think thrice before participating in these lucky-draw deals and spending your precious money on it.

In this world, everyone works for profit. No one is going to come to you and say, i want to have loss and want to gift you something, except they are friends, relatives or someone close to you. Sameway, these lucky-draw deals gives these websites a huge profit and then they gift the lucky one with the prize. But why they offer such deals and why people participate, you’ll realize soon.

As per human psychology, people think that betting small amount will not harm them in any way even if they lost it. And obviously, they don’t loose much of anything. But these small amount from a big bunch of people gives them a good profit and in the end you’re left with some points, which you can redeem in your future deals. Let me start with explaining you current deals present on mydala which will get over very soon, but are enough for showing you good examples.

Deal 1: Pay Rs. 10 and get a chance to win Rs. 500 worth of pre-paid mobile recharge. You either win or we refund 100% of your money to shop at mydala!

Mobile Recharge  Prepaid Mobiles  Mobile Operators  Airtel  Vodafone  Idea  Reliance  Tata
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I am not very good at maths, but let me do some simple calculations. If you see above screenshots, a user has to pay jsut Rs. 10 to get himself to the lucky draw. Obviously this attracts the masses, that they come and try their luck. The time at which i took the screenshot, 904 persons had bought the deal already and it will still remain live for next 311 hours means approx 13 days.

That means:

Nos of persons who bought the deal: 904

Amount paid by per person: Rs. 10

Total amount collected by Mydala yet: Rs. 10 x 904 = Rs. 9040

No. of Persons they are going to pay mobile recharge of Rs. 500: 4

Hence, amount to be paid by Mydala to winnners (randomly selected) = Rs. 500 x 4 = Rs. 2000

Net profit = Rs. 9040 – Rs. 2000 = Rs. 7040

Also chances of your winning the lucky-draw: 4 out of 904 = (4/904)x100 = 0.44% 

Indeed, others will returned 100 points which they can redeem in purchasing other deals only at mydala. 

If you think that you’re smart and you can use these points to try your luck again in other deals, then you cannot. For buying these deals, you’ll need to shell out your cash again.

Let’s jump to next deal.

Deal 2: Petrol prices touching sky…Who cares?? Pay just Rs 10 and get a chance to win Petrol worth Rs 2100 for your vehicle. You either win or get 100% money back to shop at mydala.

Petrol  Automobiles  Petrol Prices
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Nos of persons who bought the deal: 766

Amount paid by per person: Rs. 10

Total amount collected by Mydala yet: Rs. 10 x 766 = Rs. 7660

No. of Persons who will win the lucky draw: 1

Hence, amount to be paid by Mydala to winnners (randomly selected) = Rs. 2100 x 1 = Rs. 2100

Net profit: Rs. 7660 – Rs. 2100 = Rs. 5560

Chances of your winning the lucky-draw: 1 out of 766 = (1/766)x100 = 0.13% 

Deal 3: Simply Irresistible! Pay Rs 99 & get a chance to win an Apple iPhone 4 worth Rs 35000. You either win or we refund 100% of your money.

It’s an old and expired deal.

win an Apple iPhone 4 worth Rs 35000
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 Nos of persons who bought the deal: 798

Amount paid by per person: Rs. 99

Total amount collected by Mydala yet: Rs. 99 x 798 = Rs. 79002

No. of Persons who will win the lucky draw: 1

Hence, amount to be paid by Mydala to winnners (randomly selected) = Rs. 35000 x 1 = Rs. 35000

Net profit: Rs. 79002 – Rs. 35000 = Rs. 44002

Chances of your winning the lucky-draw: 1 out of 798 = (1/798)x100 = 0.12% 

In same way, i can write about many more deals. But i guess now you’re well trained to calculate other deal stats.

A lucky draw is supposed to be of equal opportunist, but that doesn’t seems to be happening here. I don’t see any issue in buying these deals and trying my luck in it. Even i am not against them they earn profit from it. They must get profited from these deals because this is how they earn. But i feel that if they get a good gap between prize and profit, they can increase the count of winners too, to justify the lucky-draw over-whelming response. Like if you see Deal 1, they can easily increase the prize count from 4 to 8. This also increases the percentage for one to win the deal, and even this will make the participants happy too that mydala increases the prize count after getting a great response on the deal. 

Please note that I HAVEN’T WON ANY iPHONE USING YOUR PRECIOUS MONEY, the reason i gave this article such title so that you may come and read this whole eye-opening article. I just wish that mydala may bring some changes in organizing these lucky-draws and make it more competitive and clear. 

If you’re reading this article and you know any other site too who offers deals like this, do let us know about it in comments. Also i would like to know what is your opinion about all these deals. If you want me to write more articles regarding these topics, do subscribe do Review Center India email feed.

Disclaimer: I am not against mydala in any manner, nor i am affiliated to any other eCommerce website. I just wrote whatever i observed.

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  1. This is an eye opener for the general public. As for me, I have no patience to try my luck this way 🙂

    • Indeed agreed, but i guess public is not interested reading all this.

  2. very well researched article. Thank goodness I was never tempted to try out these schemes. No doubt I’ll stay at a good distance from these websites now.

    • Thanks Kriti for reading the article in full and analyzing it in a right manner.

  3. Abhishek K Nath

    Nicely written article, but one thing is for sure that the main perception of writing this article was not to make people refrain from trying out there luck but to educate them how these websites function, this type of profit making is a well known process in the casinos even. So the author doesn’t intend to shoo off people from buying the deals (You’l miss even0.44% of winning). Its all about your luck what plays a part, thats how gambling is done and these websites are basically the legitimate ways of gambling nowadays

  4. Ajay


    very well say. I also calculate past, and find mydala fooling us.

    • Ajay, That’s so true and that’s what I tried to explain here in detail. Hope you liked it and thanks for the comment.

  5. Chintan

    Very good eye opener.

  6. Kapoor

    Response from

    Have you noticed, now they have stopped showing number of people who bought this deal?

  7. Megha

    Eye opener

    Many a times I have been interested in trying my luck at such deals and offers. Glad, I never did.

    • Good to know that.. you always did the right step in saving your money 🙂

  8. Neha Singh

    Thanks for sharing the post..