Airtel 3G ISDAirtel has provided International Video calling services to his customers long time back. 3G calls within countr is getting quite much popular but on the contrary there are still places where ISD calls using 3G needs improvement. However likewise the local cost, ISD costs on 3G are still pretty high and those also need to be slashed to a much extent so that people may start using it more often.

Airtel Video Calling service on 3G is available across 227 countries around the globe but it costs varies between Rs.1 4 to even Rs. 1000 per minute.

Below is the list of 3G ISD video calls rate:

Band 1USA114
Band 1FinlandFixed35814
Band 1Grenada147314
Band 1Turks Caicos164914
Band 1Dominica176714
Band 1St Vincent178414
Band 1FinlandMobile358114
Band 1FinlandMobile358214
Band 1FinlandMobile358314
Band 1FinlandMobile358414
Band 1FinlandMobile358514
Band 1FinlandMobile358614
Band 1FinlandMobile358714
Band 1FinlandMobile358814
Band 1Bangladesh88014
Band 1Niger22714
Band 1Rwanda25014
Band 1Congo24214
Band 1Canada140314
Band 1Canada178014
Band 1Canada125014
Band 1Canada160414
Band 1Canada177814
Band 1Canada190214
Band 1Canada120414
Band 1Canada150614
Band 1Canada170914
Band 1Canada122614
Band 1Canada128914
Band 1Canada151914
Band 1Canada161314
Band 1Canada164714
Band 1Canada170514
Band 1Canada180714
Band 1Canada190514
Band 1Canada141814
Band 1Canada143814
Band 1Canada145014
Band 1Canada151414
Band 1Canada181914
Band 1Canada160014
Band 1Canada130614
Band 1Canada141614
Band 1Canada186714
Band 2UkraineFixed38020
Band 2CroatiaFixed38520
Band 2DenmarkFixed4520
Band 2KazakhstanFixed720
Band 2Bahamas124220
Band 2Antigua Barbuda126820
Band 2Bermuda144120
Band 2Saipan167020
Band 2Guam167120
Band 2Puerto RicoFixed178720
Band 2Dominica RepFixed180920
Band 2Dominica RepFixed182920
Band 2Puerto RicoFixed193920
Band 2GeorgiaFixed99520
Band 2Anguilla126420
Band 2British128420
Band 2Monteserrat166420
Band 2TajikistanFixed99220
Band 2KyrgyzstanFixed99620
Band 2UzbekistanFixed99820
Band 2UkraineMobile380320
Band 2UkraineMobile380520
Band 2UkraineMobile380620
Band 2UkraineMobile380920
Band 2RussiaMobile7920
Band 2GeorgiaMobile995220
Band 2GeorgiaMobile995520
Band 2GeorgiaMobile995720
Band 2GeorgiaMobile995920
Band 2CroatiaMobile385920
Band 2DenmarkMobile45220
Band 2DenmarkMobile453020
Band 2DenmarkMobile453120
Band 2DenmarkMobile454020
Band 2DenmarkMobile454120
Band 2DenmarkMobile454220
Band 2DenmarkMobile455020
Band 2DenmarkMobile455120
Band 2DenmarkMobile455220
Band 2DenmarkMobile455320
Band 2DenmarkMobile456020
Band 2DenmarkMobile456120
Band 2TajikistanMobile992920
Band 2KyrgyzstanMobile996320
Band 2KyrgyzstanMobile996520
Band 2UzbekistanMobile998620
Band 2UzbekistanMobile998720
Band 2UzbekistanMobile998920
Band 2Malaysia6020
Band 2Singapore6520
Band 2Kuwait96520
Band 2Oman96820
Band 2UAE97120
Band 2Bahrain97320
Band 2Qatar97420
Band 2Pakistan9220
Band 2Sri Lanka9420
Band 2Bhutan97520
Band 2Nepal97720
Band 2Chad23520
Band 2Angola24420
Band 2Kenya25420
Band 2Tanzania25520
Band 2UgandaMobile25620
Band 2Burundi25720
Band 2Zambia26020
Band 2Malawi26520
Band 2Mauritiania22220
Band 2Mali22320
Band 2Cape Verde23820
Band 2Equitorial Guinea24020
Band 2Gabon24120
Band 2Sudan24920
Band 2Namibia26420
Band 2Saudi Arabia96620
Band 2Venezuela5820
Band 2Vietnam8420
Band 2Syria96320
Band 2Iraq96420
Band 2Iran9820
Band 2American Samoa168420
Band 2Honduras50420
Band 2Turkmenistan99320
Band 2Dominica Rep184920
Band 3GreeceFixed3037
Band 3BelgiumFixed3237
Band 3FranceFixed3337
Band 3IrelandFixed35337
Band 3CyprusFixed35737
Band 3RomaniaFixed4037
Band 3SwitzerlandFixed4137
Band 3AustriaFixed4337
Band 3U.K.Fixed4437
Band 3SwedenFixed4637
Band 3NorwayFixed4737
Band 3PolandFixed4837
Band 3Trinidad Tobago186837
Band 3Barbados124637
Band 3Cayman Islands134537
Band 3St Lucia175837
Band 3St Kitts186937
Band 3Jamaica187637
Band 3AlbaniaFixed35537
Band 3MaltaFixed35637
Band 3LithuaniaFixed37037
Band 3MoldovaFixed37337
Band 3ArmeniaFixed37437
Band 3BelarusFixed37537
Band 3AndorraFixed37637
Band 3SerbiaFixed38137
Band 3MacedoniaFixed38937
Band 3CzechFixed42037
Band 3SlovakiaFixed42137
Band 3Netherland A59937
Band 3AzerbaijanFixed99437
Band 3AustraliaFixed6137
Band 3AustraliaMobile61437
Band 3GreeceMobile306937
Band 3FranceMobile33637
Band 3CyprusMobile357137
Band 3CyprusMobile357737
Band 3CyprusMobile357937
Band 3RomaniaMobile40737
Band 3RomaniaMobile407637
Band 3RomaniaMobile407837
Band 3AustriaMobile43637
Band 3U.K.Mobile44737
Band 3SwedenMobile461037
Band 3SwedenMobile4625237
Band 3SwedenMobile4637637
Band 3SwedenMobile464537
Band 3SwedenMobile4651837
Band 3SwedenMobile4651937
Band 3SwedenMobile466737
Band 3SwedenMobile46737
Band 3PolandMobile48537
Band 3PolandMobile48637
Band 3PolandMobile48737
Band 3PolandMobile48837
Band 3PolandMobile48937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile730037
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7312937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7313937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7314937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7315937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7317937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7321937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7322937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7323937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7324937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7325937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile7327937
Band 3KazakhstanMobile733137
Band 3KazakhstanMobile733337
Band 3KazakhstanMobile736337
Band 3KazakhstanMobile757037
Band 3KazakhstanMobile757137
Band 3KazakhstanMobile77037
Band 3KazakhstanMobile77137
Band 3KazakhstanMobile77237
Band 3KazakhstanMobile77737
Band 3BelgiumMobile32437
Band 3IrelandMobile353837
Band 3AlbaniaMobile355637
Band 3MaltaMobile356737
Band 3MaltaMobile356937
Band 3LithuaniaMobile370637
Band 3LithuaniaMobile370737
Band 3LithuaniaMobile370837
Band 3LithuaniaMobile370937
Band 3MoldovaMobile373637
Band 3MoldovaMobile373737
Band 3MoldovaMobile373937
Band 3ArmeniaMobile374437
Band 3ArmeniaMobile374737
Band 3ArmeniaMobile374937
Band 3BelarusMobile375237
Band 3AndorraMobile376337
Band 3AndorraMobile376437
Band 3AndorraMobile376537
Band 3AndorraMobile376637
Band 3SerbiaMobile381637
Band 3MacedoniaMobile389537
Band 3MacedoniaMobile389737
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile417437
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile417637
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile417737
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile417837
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile417937
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile418637
Band 3SwitzerlandMobile419837
Band 3CzechMobile420637
Band 3CzechMobile420737
Band 3CzechMobile420937
Band 3SlovakiaMobile421937
Band 3NorwayMobile47037
Band 3NorwayMobile47437
Band 3NorwayMobile47537
Band 3NorwayMobile47837
Band 3NorwayMobile47937
Band 3AzerbaijanMobile994437
Band 3AzerbaijanMobile994537
Band 3AzerbaijanMobile994737
Band 3Thailand6637
Band 3Hong Kong85237
Band 3Yemen96737
Band 3Maldives96037
Band 3Egypt2037
Band 3Algeria21337
Band 3Mauritius23037
Band 3Senegal22137
Band 3Guinea22437
Band 3Ivory CoastMobile22537
Band 3Burkina FasoFixed22637
Band 3Benin22937
Band 3Liberia23137
Band 3Cameroon23737
Band 3Dem Congo24337
Band 3Ethiopia25137
Band 3Mozambique25837
Band 3Zimbabwe26337
Band 3Lesotho26637
Band 3Botswana26737
Band 3Swaziland26837
Band 3Eritrea29137
Band 3Faeroe29837
Band 3Argentina5437
Band 3Brazil5537
Band 3Philippines6337
Band 3Taiwan88637
Band 3Aruba29737
Band 3Falkland Island50037
Band 3Belize50137
Band 3Guatemala50237
Band 3El Salvador50337
Band 3Costa Rica50637
Band 3Panama50737
Band 3St Pierre50837
Band 3Haiti50937
Band 3Peru5137
Band 3Mexico5237
Band 3Colombia5737
Band 3Bolivia59137
Band 3Guyana59237
Band 3Ecuador59337
Band 3Paraguay59537
Band 3Suriname59737
Band 3Uruguay59837
Band 3Brunei67337
Band 3French Polynesia68937
Band 3Micronesia69137
Band 3Cambodia85537
Band 3Laos85637
Band 3Afghanistan9337
Band 3Myanmar9537
Band 3Jordan96237
Band 3Mongolia97637
Band 3Kazakhstan7737
Band 4PortugalFixed35150
Band 4HungaryFixed3650
Band 4GermanyFixed4950
Band 4TurkeyFixed9050
Band 4TurkeyFixed9039250
Band 4LuxembourgFixed35250
Band 4New ZealandFixed6450
Band 4New ZealandMobile64250
Band 4HungaryMobile362050
Band 4HungaryMobile363050
Band 4HungaryMobile365050
Band 4HungaryMobile366050
Band 4HungaryMobile367050
Band 4GermanyMobile491550
Band 4GermanyMobile491650
Band 4GermanyMobile491750
Band 4GermanyMobile497050
Band 4TurkeyMobile90550
Band 4PortugalMobile351150
Band 4PortugalMobile351650
Band 4PortugalMobile351950
Band 4LuxembourgMobile352050
Band 4LuxembourgMobile352250
Band 4LuxembourgMobile352650
Band 4LuxembourgMobile352950
Band 4Nigeria23450
Band 4South Africa2750
Band 4Morocco21250
Band 4Libya21850
Band 4Ghana23350
Band 4Gambia22050
Band 4TogoMobile22850
Band 4Sierra Leone23250
Band 4African Rep23650
Band 4Japan8150
Band 4South Korea8250
Band 4China8650
Band 4Israel97250
Band 4ChileFixed5650
Band 4French Guiana59450
Band 4New Caledonia68750
Band 4Marshall Islands69250
Band 4Macau85350
Band 4Lebanon96150
Band 5SpainFixed3475
Band 5ItalyFixed3975
Band 5IcelandFixed35475
Band 5LatviaFixed37175
Band 5Greenland29975
Band 5Gibralter35075
Band 5BulgariaFixed35975
Band 5EstoniaFixed37275
Band 5MonacoFixed37775
Band 5San Marino37875
Band 5Montenegro38275
Band 5SloveniaFixed38675
Band 5BosniaFixed38775
Band 5LiechtensteinFixed42375
Band 5SamoaFixed68575
Band 5SpainMobile34675
Band 5ItalyMobile39375
Band 5IcelandMobile354375
Band 5IcelandMobile354475
Band 5IcelandMobile354675
Band 5IcelandMobile354875
Band 5IcelandMobile354975
Band 5LatviaMobile371275
Band 5LatviaMobile371575
Band 5LatviaMobile371675
Band 5LatviaMobile371775
Band 5LatviaMobile371875
Band 5LatviaMobile371975
Band 5BulgariaMobile359175
Band 5BulgariaMobile359475
Band 5BulgariaMobile359875
Band 5BulgariaMobile359975
Band 5EstoniaMobile372575
Band 5EstoniaMobile372775
Band 5EstoniaMobile372875
Band 5MonacoMobile377475
Band 5MonacoMobile377675
Band 5MonacoMobile377775
Band 5MonacoMobile377975
Band 5SloveniaMobile386275
Band 5SloveniaMobile386375
Band 5SloveniaMobile386475
Band 5SloveniaMobile386575
Band 5SloveniaMobile386675
Band 5SloveniaMobile386775
Band 5SloveniaMobile386875
Band 5SloveniaMobile386975
Band 5BosniaMobile387675
Band 5LiechtensteinMobile423575
Band 5LiechtensteinMobile423675
Band 5LiechtensteinMobile423775
Band 5SamoaMobile685775
Band 5Indonesia6275
Band 5Seychelles24875
Band 5Tunisia21675
Band 5Somalia25275
Band 5Djibouti25375
Band 5MadagascarMobile26175
Band 5Reunion Island26275
Band 5Comoros Mayotte26975
Band 5St Helene29075
Band 5Guadeloupe59075
Band 5Martinique59675
Band 5Papua N Guinea67575
Band 5Tonga67675
Band 5Fiji67975
Band 5Palau68075
Band 5North Korea85075
Band 5Palestine97075
Band 5Sao Tome23975
Band 5Guinea Bissau24575
Band 5Vanautu67875
Band 5Cook Islands68275
Band 5Norfolk Island672375
Band 6NetherlandsFixed31200
Band 6Romania Special4033851200
Band 6Romania Special4033951200
Band 6Romania Special409200
Band 6Austria Special43711200
Band 6Austria Special43730200
Band 6Austria Special43740200
Band 6Austria Special43810200
Band 6Austria Special43820200
Band 6Germany Special4911200
Band 6Germany Special4912200
Band 6Germany Special4913200
Band 6Germany Special4918200
Band 6Germany Special4919200
Band 6Germany Special4988200
Band 6Australia Special6113200
Band 6Australia Special6114200
Band 6NetherlandsMobile316200
Band 6France Special33638200
Band 6France Special33640200
Band 6Spain Special34700200
Band 6Spain Special34904200
Band 6Austria Special437200
Band 6Austria Special438200
Band 6Russia Special7954200
Band 6Ivory Coast Special2252170200
Band 6Burkina Faso Special2265050200
Band 6Burkina Faso Special2265057200
Band 6Togo Special228426200
Band 6Togo Special228427200
Band 6Togo Special228526200
Band 6Togo Special228527200
Band 6Togo Special228626200
Band 6Togo Special228627200
Band 6Togo Special228726200
Band 6Togo Special228727200
Band 6Ascension Island247200
Band 6Uganda Special256902200
Band 6Madagascar Special261200200
Band 6Madagascar Special26122200
Band 6Wallis Futuna681200
Band 6Niue Island683200
Band 6Kiribati686200
Band 6Chile Special5611200
Band 6Chile Special5615200
Band 6Chile Special5632200
Band 6East Timor670200
Band 6Diego Garcia246200
Band 6Solomon Islands677200
Band 6Tokleau690200
Band 6Cuba53200
Band 6Nauru674200
Band 6Tuvalu688200
Band 7Ireland Special3537001000
Band 7Netherlands Special316601000
Band 7Netherlands Special31671000
Band 7Netherlands Special31841000
Band 7Netherlands Special31871000
Band 7Netherlands Special319001000
Band 7Netherlands Special319061000
Band 7Netherlands Special319091000
Band 7Ireland Special3538181000
Band 7Nicaragua5051000
Band 7Antarctica67211000
Band 7Inmarsat B8701000
Band 7marsat Atlantic East Regi8711000
Band 7marsat Indian Ocean Regi8721000
Band 7marsat Indian Ocean Regi8731000
Band 7marsat Atlantic West Regi8741000
Band 7Inmarsat Others871000
Band 7Emsat8811000
Band 7Globestar8821000
Band 7Inmarsat8831000
Band 7Inmarsat B8701000
Band 7marsat Atlantic East Regi8711000
Band 7marsat Indian Ocean Regi8721000
Band 7marsat Indian Ocean Regi8731000
Band 7marsat Atlantic West Regi8741000

Above given prices are applicable on National Roaming too. Incoming ISD Video calls when your on National Roaming will be charged at 5p/sec.

Some important points not to be ignored here:

  • You’ll be able to do ISD calls only to those countries for which ISD calling facility is activated on your mobile no.
  • The other end (the called party) must also have a 3G enabled phone (with front camera) and should be available on a 3G network with supports video calls too.
  • For receiving 3G calls, you must be activated to Airtel 3G network too.
  • If you’re a postpaid customer, you’ll need to get the ISD calling facility activated on your no. For this you’ll need to call customer care center. For those who are having prepaid connections, ISD calling feature is activated by default.
  • To activate 3G services on airtel network, you need to send a SMS “3G” (without quotes) to 121 or by purchasing a 3G pack from your nearby airtel dealer.
  • You can also do ISD video call while your on National Roaming. Prices will be same as of your home circle ISD Video calls rates as given in chart above.
  • Currently ISD video calling service by Airtel is available only in selected cities where they have launched the 3G services.
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