Fujitsu O’General is one of the most popular air conditioners manufacturers worldwide. This company in collaboration with ETA-Ascon, Dubai has come up with some superior products which are ruling this markets since a very long time. They are one of few manufacturers who are offering only premium range of air conditioners in AC market. So, this is a review about O’General Split air conditioners.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Review

O’General is the brand which is very popular among those who are aware about it. They are the premium range air conditioners manufacturers who are not just popular in India but in middle east countries as well where temperature normally remains above 45 deg C all the time. This product is most famous for its long life term and its robust quality which makes him performance even at any temperature it faces. This product is in general a Japanese product but currently it is imported from Thailand only. So, don’t forget to check in box packing where it is manufactured. O’General is offer 2 types of Split AC’s currently:

  • High Wall Split
This is the normal split air conditioner which we mount on side walls.
O'General Split Air Conditioner (AC) High Wall Split
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  • Ceiling Wall Split

This is a special split air conditioner which is made to mount on ceiling in your house or any place. This product is not very popular, hence not every manufacturer takes interest in manufacturing this kind of product. This product is required generally those people who have space constraints on side walls or some other specific need which is unpredictable for me.

O'General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Ceiling Wall Split
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O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling Effectiveness

O'General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Cooling
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If an air conditioner doesn’t cool the room, then what the point of having it one. But this product will not let you down at this point. O’general is popular for its superior cooling and you need not to worry for that. Its inbuilt double complex swing action of flaps throws air at high speed on both horizontal and vertical direction to give very effective cooling in every corner of room. Position of flap gets adjusted automatically to match the operating mode. And the most important part is a inbuilt micro-computer which adjusts the flow of air automatically to maintain proper room temperature and keep it monitoring too. Hence it results in a very effective cooling.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Build Quality

This build quality of this product is excellent. A good quality product is what we expect when we pay a premium amount of something. And this air conditioner has got nice finishing, every edge is properly finished and you’ll not feel that any part of it is looking cheap or anything. There is no compromise in inside parts as well. As per all reviews we got, the life span of this product is so high that it becomes pretty obvious that every internal part is made up of good quality like Sturdier fins, ABS plastic, Fire retardant components, special Japanese steel sheet metal parts with special polyurethane coating. The outer panel which is removable is washable as well. You can remove the panel easily to purge molds and dust completely and this makes your air conditioner always clean. Also the squeaking sound which is produced by stress made by some parts is eliminated by manufacturing and using soft resin in parts. The complete outer unit is manufactured one piece to give it a form of unification and to provide a good life span to other parts as well. Also it has inbuilt self-lubricated Fujitsu Fan motors sealed in aluminium cased fins which results in an increased long life of motor.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Looks

When it comes to look, O’General is what not very impressive. As an individual product, the looks are simple and fine and don’t looks bad. But when we compare the looks with Hitachi, LG or Samsung, this is where these companies have an edge over looks. I really wonder, O’General is a very big brand in air conditioners manufacturers and they always over-shadowed when it comes to beautify there products. May be they don’t feel India as their biggest customer base and in middle east countries, these simple looks get more sales. However the looks is what people don’t point out much, but when people pay something good for something, i feel some better looks are always a welcome.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Power Consumption

O’General air conditioner are famous for its power effectiveness. They are really power efficient and if you mind paying high cost of this product, then you need to consider this point too that you’ll recover this cost in electricity bills after its running of 1 year or two as per your usage. And then this air conditioner cooling is so powerful that you will never feel running this air conditioner all the time and hence you’ll run it most of the time for a limited time period using timer or anyway you feel comfortable and this will automatically saves you a lot from huge electricity bills. And further speaking, it has EER (energy efficiency ratio) of above 10 which automatically reduces power costs. And it has a high efficiency DC motor with Lambda Type heat ex-changer which overall results in high efficiency of air conditioner.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Technical Specification

Technical Specification of High Wall Split air conditioner:

Technical Specification
Technical SpecificationUnitsHI-WALL SPLIT
Moisture Removalltr/hr1.31.822.53
Air circulation (High)m3 /hr5405408409501050
Air Direction ControlAll Four Sides, fully automatic **
Input PowerV/ø/Hz220 – 240 / 1ø / 50
Running CurrentA4.36.28.411.113.7
Power ConsumptionKW0.961.271.842.402.96
Dimensions (mm)Height257      535257     535320     650320    650320    900
Width808      650808     6951120   8301120  8301120  900
Depth187      250187     250320     320320    320320    350
Noise Level (L/H)Db31 – 3531 – 3531 – 3832 – 3832 – 38
Connection Pipe Size (Gas / Liquidmm9.52 / 6.3512.7 / 6.3515.88 / 9.5215.88 / 9.5215.88 / 9.52

* Tropical Hyper Rotary Compressors ** Features available in 1.5T, 2.0T & 2.5T models.

Technical Specification of Ceiling Wall Split air conditioner:

Technical Specification
DescriptionUnitsCEILING WALL
Moisture Removalltr/hr22.54
Air circulation(High)m /hr7609001100
Air Direction ControlAll Four Sides, fully automatic
Input PowerV/ø/Hz220-240/1ø/50
Running CurrentA7.811.115.7
Power ConsumptionKW1.852.43.25
Dimensions (mm)Height270            643270            643270          1152
Width1150          8401150          8401150        940
Depth285            336285            336285          370
Noise Level(L/H)Db31-3833-3833-38
Connection Pipe Size (Gas/Liquid)mm15.88/9.5215.88/9.5215.88/9.52

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Features

  • Moisture Removal

This feature removes the moisture effectively and completely from the air and dehumidifies it.

  • Double Auto Swing

Flaps of this air conditioner is capable to perform a complex swing action which enables it to swing in both horizontal and vertical directions.

  • Automatic Flaps

In automatic mode, the flaps set themselves to match the operating mode automatically. However we can also adjust the flap position using remote control as well as per our convenience.

  • Auto Shut Flaps

The flap of this air conditioner auto shut himself when the machine is stopped and opens it automatically when the air conditioner is started.

  • Automatic Air Flow Adjustment

The inbuilt micro-computer inside it adjust the air flow effectively to follow the changes in room temperature and monitor it too.

  • Auto Restart

If by-chance you went out of power, and when the power comes back, this air conditioner starts himself back in same mode as before.

  • Sleep Timer

The inbuilt micro-computer gradually change the room temperature automatically by some degree during night to maintain a proper room temperature and to provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Negative Air Ions Deodorising Filter

This feature deodrise air by enveloping offensive odours in negative air ions. This feature of negative air ions completely helps in removing dirt and odours in the air and help maintaining a comfortable room environment.

O'General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Negative air ions deodorising filter and apple catechin antibacterial filter
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  • Easy Maintenance

The outer panel are removable and can be easily cleaned for having a long life with filter and other parts and to have an effective cooling. See below given images for reference:

O'General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Easy Maintenance
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O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) After Sales Service

From all the reviews we aggregated, this company is providing an average after sales service. If you check the official website, many portions of the website is not working at all. Even store locator or service center locator is not even working. So, this is point which really pokes that when such a big company is not even aware about the bad condition of its official website, how they would be aware of other major things like providing a satisfactory after sales service. This is the point where O’General requires a major upgrade. So, its best to buy this product from an authorized dealer and you can always call them to send a person to you for servicing or when you had any kind of trouble with it.

O’General Split Air Conditioner (AC) Price List

Following is the price list of High Wall Split air conditioners:

Model  No.Price (In Rupees)Tonnage Capacity
O General ASG12A  28,990

1 Ton

O General ASHA12  46,990
O GeneralASG18  39,990

1.5 Ton

O General ASG18A  41,990
O GeneralAWG18  44,990
O General AWG18A  44,990
O General ASHA18  70,990
O General ASG 24  44,740

2 Ton

O General ASG24A  46,990
O GeneralAWG24  49,990
O General AWG24A  49,990
O General ASG24 R  58,990
O General ASHA24  80,990
O General ASG30  61,240

2.5 Ton

O General ASG30A  61,990
O General ASHA30  90,990
O General AWG36A  84,990

3 Ton

O General ARG 36A  101,500
O General ARG 45A  113,000

3.5 Ton

O General ARG 60 A  124,500

5 Ton

Following is the price list of Ceiling Wall Split air conditioners:

Model  No.Price (In Rupees)Tonnage Capacity
O General A U G 18R63,000

1.5 Ton

O General A U G 1864,000
O General A U G 25R74,000

2 Ton

O General A U G 2575,500
O General A U G 30R100,000

2.5 Ton

O General A U G 30102,000
O General A U G 36R120,000

3 Ton

O General A U G 36122,500
O General A U G 45130,000

3.5 Ton

O General A U G 54R139,000

4 Ton

O General A U G 54142,000

Please note these prices are not exact but are approximate prices. Please check your local authorized dealer for best and actual price. You’ll definitely find a good bargain when done so with them. My best idea is to call JUSTDIAL and ask them to provide a list of authorized dealers of O’General dealers nearby your area and you can ask them on phone for most competitive prices.

Final Verdict

This air conditioner has got the qualities which we require in a good product. But at the same time, it has got some premium price tags too. If you pocket allows this much too spend, definitely go buying this brand since it would also help you in some saving in electricity bills too.


  1. Rakesh

    i recently buyed a o general split ac and a window ac ….i dont have words for its cooling and performance . this is simply the major general of all Ac brands avaialable in the market
    just go for it . its just awesome with its highest cooling capacity of 197891 ..

    • That’s great you bought both 🙂 Do let us know how well you got after sales service for this air conditioner and in which state you live? It would be helpful for all readers in future. Thanks

      • Anurag

        O-General gives WORST after Sales Services!!!!

        • harman

          Its a peace of gobar mitsubishi is any day better then o general,we took both at the same time the mitsubishi is rough and tough with superb service but o general they cant even fullfil the commitment they give new ac 3rd free service is still pending and they say that your coil is blocked you need an wet service for 1500 which is not required at all,the staff also doesnt have brains,the guy who came for the 2nd free service he messed it up the sensor,I have been using o general acs scince years but not anymore do not buy O GENERAL in life its a peace of gobar thats it disgusted, they should take a bucket of gobar and jump into it

      • Amit

        Ankit it hardly matters in which state you live……am living in a metro and still O- General services are worst……… i have spent so much money on this crap machine which i had bought for 51000/- Rs.
        Its 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC and now i feel its a complete wastage of my money……..No Cooling Effects as such and moreover as what this company claims to save ur electricity bills is also fake.
        It consumes more electricity than a normal ac and i usually operate it on 24*C and it does`nt any cooling at such low temp range.

        So from my side its a BIG NO to O-General……..all consumers beware of this Brand its just for name sake buy any other brand like HITACHI or Voltas but not O – General !!!!!

        • Nikhil

          Seriously i have purchased the dame this year for 42000 for 2 ton and its the worst ac i have seen in my life.. My old ac was assembled that works far better than this shit machine. Also the service are really pathetic… Never ever go with O General

        • Venkat Reddy

          Worst AC and worsttt after sale service. plssss don't waste ur money purchasing this crap

          I agree with you bro. the worst service they have. After 10 days they visited the location after raising the complaint. A bunch of idiots handling this jobs after sale services. I reside at Hyderabad. The product I bought is Rs:54000/- split AC , lost its performance within one year. If anyone planning to buy pleaseeee don’t buy this crap, its just waste of money.

        • Harihans

          Never buy O'General.

          Agree Amit.
          I also bought 1.5 ton split AC last year Dec 2017.
          More than 8 months has been past but O’General Gujarat, India still could not able to resolve the noise problem of my AC.
          Massage from O’General team.
          “Service request GEN108041800010 was attended but could not be completed for Part pending”
          #Worse AC #Worse Service #Cheaters

      • Sonia Goel

        Deceived customer

        We bought a.c. of O General two years bk and now it’s performance is hell. .. we called up customer care number multiple times but it never responds.. our local authorised dealer also tries to make us fool.. we requested call bk on company’s website so many times but no call bk from there as well. An Airconditioner cost 55000 bucks is performing worst than our room fan… Kindly suggest what we should do..

        • Please get it repaired from a local repair guy. They might do it better than the company officials in case of General.

        • praveen

          I had the same problem and I found out that the indoor unit must be completely uninstalled and coils cleaned every 2 years. mine was all blocked once cleaned I have the performance back. the technicians are scratching their head when it comes to right charging of refrigerant though, all under trained.



      i am very sorry to say o geneal service is worst .my O general ac is problem with cooling science December.But service end not responding. My complaint numbers are anu3012201710 dated 30.12.2017 and vij128041800032 dated 28.04.2018 and vij111051800014 dated 11.05.2018.your service engineers not idetified the problem till date i.e 21.05.2018.

  2. Prucarex

    I have bought ASGA13ACT model 1 Ton A/C. The after sales service is pathetic. The machine is working well. No body from the company is able to tell me what is the ACL button (Hole) in the remote control. Secondly, even the manual does not explain what is the +1-2 degree &1-2- minus of Standard temperature setting in Auto mode.When can this option be used?

    • ACL button is pressed when we replace the battery. After replacing weak batteries, we need to press that button. ACL button usually clear the settings. It is also used when you set some wrong settings in air conditioner and pressing that takes the air conditioner back to default settings. 

      Talking of temp settings, when you set the air conditioner in AUTO mode, and you’re not satisfied by the current room temp ac is keeping in AUTO mode, you can adjust the temp by ±1-2 deg as per your comfort. 

      • Also 
        Prucarex can you tell us For how much price you bought the air conditioner and from where? And in which state you live in?

        • Shailendra Agarwal

          I have an o general ac too. I am reasonably satisfied with it. What I want to know is where can I get its manual for I want to learn some features of its remote.


      I would like to draw your attention to my ordeal with O general inverter AC from the beginning.O general AC’s are the costliest available in the market and out of those the inverter models top the costs. I am sending you a point wise description here . A screen clipping/photo of every step is provided :
      1. On 06-04-2018, I sent an email to eta (your office) and enquired about the inverter AC’s ,its dealers etc.
      2. After four days, on 10-04-2018 , I received a mail from your end. Then I searched for dealers in my area of east delhi.
      3. On 10-04-2016, I bought Two inverter AC’s from Vijay Sales, Swasthya Vihar ,East Delhi.Therafter, I rang the eta general phone to get them installed by their authorised installers.
      4. On 17-04-2016, It was installed with blunders by Royal Home Care, Dilshad colony authorised by General Ac’s and verified by O general phone call. They didn’t know how to install .The whole description of the faulty and blunder installation was reported to you on mail by me on 22-04-2016. I was told by vijay sales that a phone call will come for installation which actually came from Royal Home Care,Dilshad colony.Two installation men came on this sunday(17.4.16) and installed the ac’s. I had a doubt on the process followed in the installation as the technicians were seemingly novice(learners). THEY HAD PUT THE LIQUID (HOT) AND COLD COPPER TUBE IN THE SAME INSULATION FOAM PIPE. THEY DIDNT HAVE A FLARE TOOL AND FLARED THE COPPER TUBES BY A PLIER.THEY LEFT 2 FEET OF COPPER TUBE UNCOVERED.THEY DIDNT VACUUM THE COPPER PIPE.THEY DIDNT EVEN COVER THE ELECTRICAL BOX COVER. I AM SENDING PHOTOGRAPHS OF ALL THE ABOVE STATEMENTS MADE BY MEIF SUCH ARE THE STANDARDS OF INSTALLATION , I AM VERY SORRY THAT THEY ARE THE WORST AFTER PAYING RS 16,300.The whole photos are in 22-04-2016 mail.
      5. Then after my complaint and my visit to okhla, two persons were sent to correct the installation and did it again. These fellows told me that one AC is cooling lesser (the one I am complaining now too) So gas was filled and they left. This AC worked for 1 months and then again started troubling again.When I went to Royal home care, I came to know that the authorised General dealer was closed forever.
      6. Then I emailed on 27-06-2016 and told everything on mail. After too much pursuance and a visit to okhla office again, another dealer persons came and filled the gas in the faulty AC.
      7. The same AC has been troubling since then and now it has stopped functioning at all. It is a defective piece supplied by your so called esteemed world class organisation. It was beyond my budget to buy such a costly AC but I thought that it is such a big company , so I bought them. The other AC is working fine, but this AC is not since its installation. These AC’s are used for 4-5 months in a year so the life is almost nothing compared to its cost.
      SO NEVER BUY O GENERAL(FUJITSU) AC’s; see photos to view how defective ac’s are supplied and distributed to customers

  3. rajendra ahuja

    i have 1ton split ac of o genral but suddenly its not cooling as it was earlier i think i have  push some button of remote wrongly and press some button or humid , or else how can i get more cooling ?

    • After starting the air conditioner, try pressing the ACL (All Clear) button (inside hole). It should reset the air conditioner to default. If this doesn’t helps you, get it checked by service persons!! Between how old is your ac now?

      • Nagarajan t

        Poor after sale services and rude service center personnel

        Very poor after sale services, I have complained vide No. DEL11704220180 on 22-April-2017 and today is 30 April, no service has been provided till date. We are working people and get only Saturday and Sunday. Service center Sharma enterprises, Dwarka mod delhi is irresponsible and are very rude.

  4. RT

    I bought OGeneral Split AC 1.5 TON  – Model NO: ASGA18AET – Price: Rs. 43,700/- (Including Stabilizer and 14.5% Tax)

    Other than this they charged me Rs.1000 for Installation,  Copper tube  Rs.650  per meter (Consumed 1.5 meters). I spent almost Rs.46,000/- (felt really sorry for spending this much)
    Bought it on 3rd week of March 2012 from Girias Store, Tambaram, Chennai This is what my experience is:Room size is 12 x 10 feet. Its on the terrace of the two storey house. When i ran the AC at 18″Celsius around 8 o clock at night.  I didn’t feel reasonable cooling even after two hours. I had to turn ON my ceiling fan along with the AC to feel the cool air atleast. Where as  at around 4 o clock in the morning the room becomes very chill. Is this the case for all AC users?Regarding power Consumption, my room has only Single Phase Power supply. When i ran the AC at 18″ Celsius whole night from 8PM previous day to 8PM next day (the other appliances which were ON are a Ceiling fan and a CFL lamp) it consumed 14 Units in my power meter. This is very high.CAn someone please check if you face the same…  

    • As per your comment, this electricity usage is very normal if your running an AC for 12 hours with other appliances too. You don’t need to worry for that.

      • amjath

        fujitsu general

        hello sir,,
        I bought fujitsu multi split ac in Singapore 3 yrs back its a 3 indoor and 1 outdoor .I live in Bangalore now .I installed 2 ac indoor in 1 room .last week suddenly power cut happen at night ac gone off.the next day I saw power breake in main goes morning I took it up again ac got on .in the night I try to put the ac but both the indoor timer switch blinking but ac s not working outdoor totally dead.i done all timer off on cancel still not working.i called eta general mechanic he said indoor pcb gone .2nd day another eng came he is telling outdoor pcb gone.iam confused pls help me wat to do.

        • I don’t know what to say. Please get that checked from an external technicial too which must not be from Fujitsu itself. Third opinion would be better for you.

  5. Anon

    I recently bought a O General 1.5 Ton Window AC. Have to say that the unit is very noisy and the worst part is that it does not have an auto-restart function. Whenever there is a power failure I have to manually restart the unit. Awesome job of changing the functioning of the AC to suite Indian conditions.

    Everyone kept telling me that O General is the best AC but I am now convinced otherwise.

  6. Saravana

    I bought 1.5 ton o’general split ac. I want to know the ideal distance b/w indoor and outdoor units. Can I go till 5-6 meters?

    • Yes Saravana you can keep it upto any distance you want. The only thing which would matter is the copper tubing price. It is costly though!! If you can pay, go ahead and get it installed. 

      • Joe

        Distance Does Matter

        Ankit, distance does matter. The ideal distance between indoor to outdoor should be within 40 feet (approx. 12.3m); otherwise cooling will be affected & compressor tends to re-start often which in-turn will increase energy consumption and the life cycle of the compressor.

  7. Ashok Dharmani

    i want to know that what capacity of ac should be used for a high walled area about 23 by 20 feet area.

    • 1.5 Ton AC would be ideal for you Ashok by assuming you live with 3 or 4 person maximum in your room. I will publish soon a post with having Air conditoner tonnage calculator.

    • As per standard calculation, 1.5 Ton should be enough for your area. However there are many more factors for calculating those too like City and window location etc. Search on Google for Air conditioner Tonnage Calculator and you’ll find many of those which may help you better. Thanks

  8. Chetan

    I have one ton o general ac. when I put the air flow as per my desire. There is facility in rotate the flap when we get the air just under the ac. it will remain only 30 minutes and automatically it goes for first poistion. So how can I keep same direction for long. 

    • Dear Chetan, i have no idea for this. I have a window AC at home.

    • ssgeethan

      Yes Chetan … You are right … Its the feature of the A/C. Its been designed to do so. Need not worry. Basically you have 6 swing adjustments. When you are in Cool Mode, you can use only any of the 1st 3 swing adjustments. When you set it in any of the other swing options it rolls back to original one after 30 mins.

      • gp

        DONT BUY OG

        yes ….. 1 ton making much more problem like this.for this, we need to install indoor unit with in 7 ft. power consumption was very high compare with other models. i never suggest such one to my friends and relatived. do not buy OG

  9. sadiq

    I have a 1.5 ton Ogeneral Ac. As of now am suffering from low voltage and my AC keeps on shutting down. and recently my Stabiliser got purged and am now planning to get an triple booster stabiliser. Currently am using a 5KVA but few are suggesting that we can use 4KVA stabilizer itself.
    Please help me with that.

    • Yes, for 1.5 Ton, 4 KVA is enough. I am replying only after asking with experienced persons.

      • AMJATH



        • For 340 to 345 sq ft area, you might need to install two 1.5 ton air conditioner or one 2 ton and one 1.5 ton just for the cost saving part. for price you’ll need to check local market only.

    • ssgeethan

      Sadiq, Ankit is right … 4 KVA is good enough for a 1.5T A/C. If you have power fluctuation problems please go for a wide range stabilizer. V-Gaurd has 2 models VWR 400 (4KVA) & VWR 500 (5KVA).

  10. SURESH



    • Suresh, you should go for atleast 1.5 Ton AC for your shop. And choose the AC as per your budget. O’General don’t provide many models, so it’s easier to choose any in 1.5 Ton and enjoy using it.

  11. atishay

    1.5 ton Spilit

    I am looking for 1.5 ton split AC, can you please recommend me the best model on o general.
    Also If I compare Hitachi then which would be the best?

    Mu budget is 45K max.

    • It depends of your specific requirements. You cannot compare Hitachi with O’General when it comes to features. Hitachi’s AC are full of features and of LG as well.

      Email me your contact nos. at and might be I can help you in much more detail.

      With Regards,
      Ankit Chugh

  12. Kshitij Sharma

    Which brand could possibly compete with O general

    Am looking for a split AC for my drawing/dining area of 20*15 feet. I am quite sure that I will take a 1.5 ton 5 star split Wall mounted AC. I am not buying the idea of having 2 ACs or a 2 ton AC as some sales folks have suggested to me. I finally intend to move the AC I buy to my own flat (awaiting posession) next year. 1.5 Ton would surely suffice drawing/dining area in my own flat. The geography is Delhi/ NCR. I am looking for a long term solution. Want the AC to last long and hence am Ok to shell a few bucks more. I guess I have also made up my mind to buy a Japanese brand. (So O General, Hitachi, Panasonic, Daikin are a few that I am exploring.)

    I have been doing some searching and am quite impressed by the features of O-general ASGA18ACT model.

    The question I have and need your help answer is:- Is there a product in the same category that could possibly come closer to the quality that O General model is promising or will deliver?

  13. Kshitij Sharma,

    Please send me your contact nos. at

    We can discuss over other methods for finding out the correct brand for you with your specifications.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ankit Chugh

    • Capt (IN) Harinder Singh


      Dear Ankit,

      I need to speak to you asap pls.
      Regarding purchase of two
      – 2 tons,
      – hot and cold ,
      – 5 star energy efficient,
      – High wall Split Invertor ACs
      for my abode .

      Pls contact on 9xxxxxxxx8
      Capt (IN) Harinder Singh

  14. Aparajita Tenneti

    I live in hyderabad and I’m planning to buy a 1.5 ton split AC for my bedroom. I will be using AC for a couple of hours in afternoon and 3-4 hours at night in the month of April,May and June.

    After doing lot of surfing on the net and visiting different shops, I’m confused as to which brand to purchase. Shop keepers either promote one or two brands or say good about all brands as he has to sell. On the net reviews are confusing. Confusion is between foreign vs indian brand,
    copper vs aluminium condensor,

    Please guide me as to which AC to buy considering below factors.
    good quality
    effective cooling
    low maintenance
    less noise
    low power consumtion
    good after sales service

    • Aparajita, As per your requirements, first you should go for buying Split AC as they used to be total silent, low maintenance and offers great cooling. Plus as per my experience, after sales service of LG is best and product is also of great quality. Hence i would suggest you to consider buying an Inverter V series AC of LG. And forget the confusion you had since Inverter V series has totally copper built condensor and is manufactured in Korea, not even in Thailand and if you ask me, its the best product available in market till now.

  15. Daniel

    General ASG24 ABC

    i have been using general ASG24ABC Air Conditioner for the past 6 months without any problems, but now all of a sudden when i switch the a/c with remote the auto flaps dont close nor the flaps work with the remote. Any solutions?

    • Please get it checked with a technician. You AC seems to be having an issue with Flap motor.

  16. kaka

    price list

    what is the price of o-general ASGA18ACT Model

    • I am sorry but i am not aware of prices these days of O’General. They are very unresponsive for me.

  17. N.Madhusudanarao

    Inadequate specifications

    Outer temperature ranges for proper functioning of air conditioners which are useful in tropical and non tropical areas are not found clearly.Please guide me to get the information correctly and quickly.

    • Customer Care support shall help you better as per your query. Thanks!!

  18. yusuf

    i am yusuf from chennai, i had a very bad exp in ogeneral 1.5 ton A/C.
    two years before i bought ogneral 1.5 ton split a/c cost 47,000, jsut 3 to 4 month it was fine and then , ac not cooling , checked with engineer compraser gas was gone they told, we filled up and again same problem, spent almost 18k for repair no use till now

    i really fruasted about my A/c now, if any direct ogneral engineer availabe in chennai means pls udpate me , now a/c just hanging on the wall

    • ssgeethan

      Yusuf, I am also from Chennai … I can check with my technician. Email me at if your issue is not fixed & if you still need help. I will provide you his phone number.

  19. Paras

    i am looking for split a.c for purchase . pl suggest me model variants with features and prices….

  20. sweety


    I m located at ahmedabad n O’G direct authorized dealer available here.
    I m ok with 1.5 ton O’G. but can i go for inverter model of 1.5 ton O’G instead of 3 or 5 star ? as i sincerely look at power consumption benefit for last long.
    however, don’t want to compromise other qaulity of 3 & 5 star.

    pls guide me we want to purchase it in day time only. As my mother is taking chemo treatment for her breast cancer.

  21. ssgeethan

    O Gen Splits Feedback & Awareness

    I am from Chennai, TN. I have 2 OGen split’s. One 1.5Ton (Indoor – ASG18ABC-W, Outdoor – AOGR18AAT) for a 160 sq.ft room & one 1Ton (Indoor -ASG12ASLCW, Outdoor – AOG12ASLC) for a 100sq.ft room.

    Few inputs for your benefit from my personal experience …

    There are 2 types of compressors. Piston & Rotary. Piston is less prone to issues when compared to Rotary. Piston units are bulkier & consume little more power when compared to Rotary units, because Piston is old technology. There is an opinion that Rotary units are more efficient & consumes less power. But Performance & Cooling wise I did not see a much bigger difference.

    Issues with electronic equipments are purely fate. If you are lucky enough it will work on & on for years. If you are not, even the numero uno product from the market will be a pain in your butt.

    Coming back …

    I bought them from grey market, for the very obvious reason “they are cheap”. But I bought it from a very reliable & knowledgeable technician who knows in & out of O Gen models. My 1.5T & 1T are imported ones. Only in 1.5T you can find the “made in —country” tag. You will not see it in 1T. My 1.5T is from Thailand. I have also enquired in a lot of places, the “made in —country” can be found only in models >1T. Imported ones do not have star ratings. Also you can find imported ones from China.

    My 1.5T is a piston unit & 1T is a rotary unit. Both the units were installed in Oct ’12. 1.5T is working perfectly fine. No issues till date. However I had one issue with my 1T. I got it fixed & its fine now.

    My usage of 1T is regular. I scarcely use 1.5T. However the power consumption per month has increased by 2 folds, defeating the argument that rotary units consume very less power. I switched off all electric/electronic items @ home except the fridge. I ran both the A/Cs for 1 hr, with the basic settings, no swing, temp @25 & fan control as medium. 1.5T consumed 1.8units/hr while the 1T consumed 1.4units/hr. If you do a comparison with other brands you will get a very good idea.

    O Gen has an assembling unit (not manufacturing unit) at Pondicherry in Tamilnadu. So all the authorized dealers in India will mostly give you only Indian units. You need to ask the dealer if they sell imported ones as well. I had enquired a lot. Very few dealers deal with imported ones. In the Indian assembled units you will never find the “made in —country” tag. The Indian ones where costlier by few thousands than the imported ones from the grey market.

    Also please note that any issues with your A/C, your voltage stabilizer might also be a culprit. I have installed 2 V-Gaurd VND 400 (4KVA double booster) which has an analog meter to check the output voltage. I always check the output voltage before turning on the units. These days you have wide range stabilizers with digital meters. Go for them, even though they are a little costlier.

    Though our fridges & tv units are attached to a voltage stabilizer, they do fail. So is the A/C unit. Also check the incoming/outgoing power from the points & also for voltage fluctuations before going for any brand A/Cs, which I did. This will help you decide the right stabilizer. If you have high power fluctuations please do not buy A/Cs like O Gen, Daikin etc.

    A/C Installation Charges – 1500/- per unit
    Outdoor Unit’s Stand – 650/- per set
    Copper Tube/Pipe – 200 per feet for 1.5T & 160 per feet for 1T
    4KVA Double Booster Stabilizer (V-Gaurd VND 400) – 2850/- per unit

    All these were rates 6 months before. As far as installation & service is concerned you should be having a knowledgeable technician w.r.t any imported A/Cs
    To sum it all … I am a happy customer till date. Also feel free to correct me if I am wrong anywhere … 🙂

    • Ssgeethan, Thank you sooo much for your valuable comment. This shall be helpful for all the readers. Thanks again.

    • Kavya

      In o general , which spilt AC is good for purchasing

      Hi sir,
      I have been looking for o general split AC for residential use . Now the present model is ASGA18ACT , tomorrow the other model will b released. I heard that for the above model , R 22 gas is used for compressor. But for new model(tomorrow ) R 14 gas has been used.
      could u pls let me know, which one I can buy. We stay in nandyal, andhrawala pradesh.

      Pls let me know whether imported model will b good / the Indian assembling unit .

      If u know the details for authorized dealer(imported AC MODEL) ,pls let me know.

      Pls let me know the difference.

      • Updated and Corrected: R410 (not R14) is being used in Hot and Cold AC’s and R22 in Cooling only. You can buy any model with R22 refrigerant. Also, i don’t know if there is a difference in compressor coming with the imported or the Indian Assembled Unit? If you can find that out… decision can be easily taken. And sorry to say, i don’t know any authorized dealer there. But you can easily find one by calling on customer care of O’General. Thanks!

    • Indirajayan

      O Gen Splits Feedback & Awareness

      SSGeethan,I really appreciate your valuable inputs.Thanks!

    • Sairam

      Price of O General, model AOG12ASLC 1 ton

      it would be helpful fr me in buying it

    • Udhaya Kumar

      Please let me know your phone number as i would like to speak to you

  22. Santhosh Jeyaprakasham

    Low Cooling Effect in OG 1.5 Ton Ac

    Hi this is santhosh from chennai and am using OG for the past five years.

    i dont have any probs with the ac and its cooling effect but recently the ac is not cooling as expected.

    i have asked service guy to refill the gas and also serviced but still the issue persist.

    Can any one tell me the resolution to bring my ac back to ice cooling effect.

    My room size is just 12*10

    Please suggest me to get my cooling effect back


    • Get it checked or repaired from some other technician. Thanks!!

      • Swati Arorae

        Hate slow action

        Really got irritated by there service.. Mean I got compressor problem. It so hot out there. But till now after 1week more than it still no response. Means really hate it

  23. abhishek

    weight in AC

    can anybody tell me weight of 1.5T o general Split ac outdoor unit with reciprocating compressor and with rotary compressor//

    • ssgeethan

      My 1.5Ton is a piston/reciprocating type … Indoor unit is 16kgs while the Outdoor unit is 57kgs

    • I am not aware of the weight currently. This shall also depend on the model you purchased and cannot be answered in generalised manner.

  24. zahid

    timer problem

    hi all,

    i had purchased 1 ton O general ac before one month now i had facing a problem with the timer when i start the ac after 2mins it going to timer mode and ac goes down i had try many things reset timer but after restart the ac it will going to same position i am very stuck about this problem please tell me the best solution.

    • ssgeethan

      Zahid … Please let me know the colors that are displayed on the indoor unit’s panel …

  25. Ashish Bansal

    I want to buy an Ogeneral 2.0 ton Inverter Air conditioners. I want to know what will be the electricity consumption per hour.
    can anybody help

  26. mubeen

    My room size iz 13×17,I hv 1.5 ton split type ac.My experiance is that, 1.5 ton is not suitable for this size.

  27. mubeen

    Want to know about gas pressure.

    I have O’General 1.5 ton split. few days ago due to minner leakage, I had re charged gas, Now I want to now about meximum gas prussure. technotion said we can maximum charge on 60 pressure.

    • I am sorry but i am not much aware of this much core details. And probably service center technician won’t do wrong thing and will do as per product requirement only. Isn’t it?

  28. khalil

    turn off

    After some time my ogeneral turn off and its indoor unit panel show EE:EE

    • I am not 100% sure but your INDOOR PCB BAORD is Faulty. Please get it checked by company service employees.

  29. Ankit

    OGeneral AC Timer Issues

    I have a 1.5 ton O General window AC and while switching it on, the timer keeps on blinking and the AC does not start.I have tried everything with the remote but nothing so far has been helpful. Its hard to reach the customer care so let me know if we have a solution for this.

  30. Sagar

    Exact Ton

    My room is 100 sq.ft that includes a wardrop & a double bed. Shoulkd I go for 0.75 ton or 1 ton split ac?

    • It depends on which floor you live? If you live in ground floor, 0.75 ton should be enough, but i won’t suggest that buying so. Buy 1 ton AC atleast for 100 sq ft if you live in a place with high humidity and temperature.

  31. Dr cheema

    inverter ac 2 ton planning to buy 9

    inverter ac 2 ton planning to buy 9
    dear i am planning to buy 9 inverter acs for my new house , almost placed order but confused by some other dealers they tell that ogeneral inverter ac is failure and diakin is good but even they tell that 5 star ogeneral is better , but i am impressed with new inverter technology, the 5 star outdoor of 2 ton is huge and inverter acs outdoor of 2 ton is small why, and which i opt kindly help me

    • Respected Sir,

      I don’t want to confuse you, but would straightly recommend you to read this article – and would like to say to forget O’General or Diakin because of the obvious reasons mentioned in the article. You’re doing a absolutely right choice and don’t trust dealers so easily as they will always talk for their profit first. I can understand that outdoor unit size is a concern for you, since you’re buying 9 of them, but the thing which i am recommending to you is really worth a look. If any question arises in your mind, please ask 🙂

      Thank you for your comment.

  32. Gurmeet Singh

    o general AC

    I have purchased ASGA18ACT model of O General its indoor unit have model no ASGA18ACT but outer unit model no is different why it is so i am looking for transformer for this unit please guide me on capacity and make of traansformer

    • Gurmeet,

      Since yours is a 1.5 TON AC, i would recommend you to buy voltage stabilizer of 4 KVA model of any reputed company like V-Guard, Bluebird or Luminous. Go for the one which may provide 5 year warranty.

  33. Satheesh

    Planning to buy 1Ton O.General AC

    Dear All,
    I am planning to buy an 1Ton OG airconditioner from a duty paid shop which is not an Indian make.
    Could you please guide me with your opinions?
    As this will be my 1st AC, I’m really confused.
    And I have an offer with Samsung AC as well.
    I Don’t know how to proceed..:(

    Please help me in providing valuable suggestions

  34. ankur

    which ac to buy

    i live in delhi. am planning to buy a split ac for my lobby which is 24* 10 feet. which brand will be best. price is no constraint. if i go for o general should i buy it from the grey market or the indian ones

  35. Naresh

    Is it compulsory to have invertor with O General AC

    I wish to plan OG 1.5 Ton from grey mkt. Is it compulsory to have invertor of 4 kva with this unit

    • Yes, 4 KVA model is a must for 1.5 Ton AC. If you’ve 3 phase connection, then it’s good, but still a stabilizer is a must.

  36. Naresh

    further to add that I m in Mumbai and using 3 face coonection from tata Power

  37. Prabhu

    Shall I buy Og Inverter


    I am on very confused stage. Each shop owners suggest me each product. I think they may have more margin profit for suggested product. One person suggested mitsubishi is the number one and another shop owner say sharp is best in AC industries and one person suggesting Ogeneral. I got confused lot.

    I decided to buy a Inverter Ac, the main reason is power consumption. Actually I am going to gift the AC to my parents. So the initial cost is not an issue but in future they should not pay more for electricity bills. So kindly suggest me a best Inverter Ac with best power consumption.

    Requirement is 1.5 ton Inverter split Ac

    After my surfing in net I got few best suggestions

    1) O General 1.5 Ton Inverter Split AC – ASGA18JGC

    2) LG Virus Inverter

    Kindly let me know which one I should buy? Please respond asap.

    Thank you-

    • Go for 2nd option without any glitch. Since you want to save your parents money, it’s best to give them most energy efficient air conditioner and also which has best after sales service, since you won’t prefer that they may remain disturbed with o’general whose after sales service are OK but not at all better than LG.

      • Bharat

        Auto Setting in window O General AC

        Dear Ankit,

        I am using O General Window 1.5 T AC and their is one option where i can put my AC in Auto mode, however in Auto mode again it shows 4 type of Temperatures +2 , +1 , -1 , -2, please guide me what this temperature shows, and when we put AC in Auto Mode then at that time what is the temperature at which AC operates, i this Mode saves Power. Thanks in advance for your help.

        • I have O’General window AC at home, and i know what you’re talking about. When you set this air conditioner on auto mode, it sets the temperature at 22 deg and when you do +2 , +1 , -1 , -2, temperature shall be set accordingly between range of 20 to 24. This range is given for customers who may be like to have lower temp or higher temperature. Auto mode acts when it attains your set temperature, compressor shall stop for saving power, and whenever there is a deviation in temperature, it’ll again start running.

    • B.K.Brar

      correct choice

      I think you are right, I too have made a choice in favour of ASGA 24 JGC 2 ton Split Inverter AC. It’s outer unit is smaller and has Gold finn too. Although I still want to know about its filter if it is 2.5 micron particulate matter filter if so that would be great, as Delhi air is bad.

  38. Kesava Rao Kota

    I have O General 2.0 ton Split A/C bought and installed in September, 2012. The remote control shows the current temperature levels, whereas from the Unit I cannot see temperature levels or light or digits.

    Also, kindly explain what is ACL which is written on Remote Control

    • I am not aware of the features which O’General split offers. Hence cannot help in temperature level lights query.

      And ACL button means “All Clear” which is used only when something wrong happens with AC settings. Pressing that buttons clear all the settings from indoor unit and defaults it to factory settings. However you’ll hardly get any chance to use that button. That button is mostly used by service persons.

  39. john

    need cheap grey market O general 1.5 ton split in chennai

    pls update me whether 2 go with grey market piece.

    and whether O general is having star rating ?

    difference between Indian manufacturing & Thailand product??

    which 1 should I prefer???

    best affordable price???

    • Buying a product like air conditioner from grey market is what I would never recommend. You don’t get any warranty and if by chance any issue arise, it would be like impossible to get official support. And yes O’general air conditioners now come with star ratings. And if you trust the company, it doesn’t matter whether the made is from India or Thailand.

  40. subhash chandra gupta

    Ever Worst

    Services ETA General (P) Ltd – O’General regarding ACs are unpraiseworthy which may be improved very easily if ETA General (P) Ltd gives a some strict attention to it to their supervising officers. The following problems were faced & are still being faced by me:
    (1) ETA General (P) Ltd does not provide copper pipe for installation of split AC which is the most important part. The quality of copper pipes and its insulation being used by the dealers is quite uncertain and depends on the mercy & amalgamation of dealer & installer mechanic
    (2) The O’General authorized dealer (M/s New Gaurav Electronics, Marris Road, Aligarh, U.P.) at the time of sale told us that the AC if we get installed the AC by them on the cost of Rs.1000 installation charges + Rs.300 per foot of copper pipes length, cable to be provided by us(customer), they will guarantee for cost free refilling of gas if so happens during the 1st year of installation. But after installation I asked the dealer to write this guarantee, he refused to give it writing.
    (3) During the 1st year of purchase of AC, all AC authorized dealers generally provide at site quarterly routine maintenance & check up free of cost in the interest of product before any serious problem arises which was assured to me at the time of purchase transaction for which the dealer refused.
    (4) The installation mechanic sent by the above dealer installed the 24ACT split AC at my premises very haphazardly and left many works incompleted.
    (5) To implement guarantee, as a normal procedure, it the duty of the authorized selling dealer to submit all details after sale & installation automatically to customercare unit of the ETA General Pvt., Ltd since sale & installation has been done by them. For getting Guarantee card I have been sending several letters to ETA General (P) Ltd., Chennai and various authorities.
    (6) There is no one to check / supervision quality of installation, its proper cooling, routine maintenance. After sale customer is left alone on the mercy of God.
    (7) ETA General (P) Ltd, distributor of O’General ACs in India, does not pay any attention to the customers correspondence, howsoever it may be in the interest of their products, and may be attended by their sleeping staff very easily if ETA General (P) Ltd gives a little attention.
    (8) I have got installed 2T split AC in Sept 2013, its cooling is very chilling, i.e. 7,200 watts whereas cooling of O’General 2T 24ACT is only 6,500 watts.
    In view of above I am absolutely not in favour to advise for purchase of O’General ACs. I have been tired making correspondence. I think you should change your praise of O’General. I have been writing it to you since many persons prefert to purchase ACs after reading your comments.

    • Thanks for your detailed feedback. I am sure many people shall be benefited from it. I’ll add your detail in article soon and update it accordingly.

    • Harry, United States

      Very good review, i was not aware that indian & multi-national companies don’t pack in pipes with the airconditioner. Seems like a corner cut if you ask me. I saw some amcor brand install video on youtube. Seems like a well built product comes with pipes, such a shame that no indian company can provide that kind of product quality thinking about consumer and only consumer.

      • There are reasons for not providing that in-box. Doing so ensures that company is using their high-quality materials during installation and dealer gets no chance to replace original with low-quality materials. Plus there are customers who may start claiming that they didn’t find the material inside box. So, by not providing materials with box saves them from the hassle of so many things.

  41. mogesh

    Blue star Ac

    I am planning to buy bluestar 1.5 ton 3 star rated split ac model number hw18vc.could you please suggest me this product is worth or room size is 15*10 Sq feets.

    • I do not recommend Bluestar. I recommend LG or Diakin with preference to LG. You can check respective model in that.

  42. Pramod Solanki

    O-General 1.5 Ton AC with 1Star

    Few days back I bought O-General 1.5 Ton AC with 1 star. Any one can let me know how much electricity it will consume per hour or how is the future performance. I bought it Rs. 42500/- and 650/- per meter copper wire and Rs. 1000/- for fitting.

  43. Kartik

    Zamil a/c

    Anyone have any update about Zamil a/c? These are heavy duty ac from middle east. Tried searching for reviews however in vain. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Zamil has just entered in India. They are pretty new here and i wish them good luck for their ventures here. I met them once at an event where their marketing manager was not much keen for having a talk with me. Even i gave them my contact information, and they never bothered to call me back.

      • Santosh

        Counterfeit Ogeneral Ac

        ****** PLZ ADVISE ASAP ******

        I bought a 1ton O-general window AC from a local dealer in Thane area, and it was delivered the next day. However the AC didnt come with any manual / warranty card etc. The box stated made in Japan, but the AC itself didnt.

        On calling the dealer, I was told that sometimes the manual and warranty book are sent separately and they will be delivered to be in 7-10 days. This whole thing didnt quite sink in very well, and I doubt I may have been delivered a fake O-gen AC.

        Any thoughts? Are there ways to determine the difference between original / fake o-gen window AC???

  44. Adit

    Worst A/c's Available

    I purchased 2 inverter split units 1 of 1.5 ton and another of 2 ton before 1.5 months just 2 days after installation 2 ton a/c’s PCB got destroyed.
    We complaint about the same to our dealer he came and changed the PCB, again after 1 month same incident the same thing repeated, he again changed the PCB. Today they changed 1 more PCB , same happened with the 1.5 ton unit too.
    The after sales services are pathetic from companies side today the PCB got changed after a week, I would suggest u to buy anything else nut not o general.
    Window ac of o General is good and effective else everything else is worst..

  45. sivaraman


    i want Run my A/C without remote control ,passible plse tell me the procedures

    • Without remote, it’s almost impossible to operate an AC. You’ll definitely need one. Buy it from the company or you might can find that from local vendors too.

  46. Anurag

    Planning to buy ogeneral inverter
    ASGA18JCC ASGA18JCC – 1.5 Ton- 1.5 Ton

    Not getting LG BS-Q186C8R6

    New models are having less cooling capacity

  47. vijay

    Need suggetion over inverter of 3 stat

    Hi, I am looking for a 1 ton split unit of o general. The dealer is suggesting me to go for inverter AC, however the technicial is suggesting to go for regular start AC, there there is lot of power fluctuation in our area, and he is worried about the Inverter PCB failure, which will cause in service issue. Moreover technicial is claiming that PCB failure will take more time, a month or two to get repaired from company.
    kindly suggest

    • Even though voltage stabilizer looks after stabilizing voltage for the air conditioner, but even then, if you think voltage fluctuations are way too much, then it’s better to go for non-inverter AC.

  48. Varun oberoi

    Slow air flow

    I have a general 2ton spilt Ac
    I am satisfied with the cooling but the air flow of my Ac is very slow
    I have checked my Ac twice from the good technician
    Everytime he just wash the Ac
    But I feel remain the same
    Slow air flow
    Somebody told me that ur Ac capacitor gets week
    Pls do help n suggest me
    Thank u

  49. Md. Abu Hanif

    General brand split and window AC, needed .

    Dear sir/madam, we are mohuddin Engineering. mohiuddin engineering is a local contractor farm , now we need 1.5 ton 20 sets , 2 ton 30 sets and 3 ton 10 sets split type air coolers.

    so, pls send your catalog and price list for this requirement .

    thanking you
    your faithfully
    For, Mohiuddin Engineering

    Engr. Abu Hanif
    Ph: 01715032243
    Ph: 01715032243.

  50. venu

    MItsubishi vs O general

    Hi Ankit I want to know which one is best either o general 1.5 ton split or mitsubishi same.

    • Between these two companies, definitely O’General is better.

  51. venkat

    Worst AC.not at all cooling Just 5 days old.Called customer care thrice but no response from their side.They said within 24 -48hrs service person will come.But till now not even a call came from their side.
    Don’t buy this AC’s.

  52. Jatin Aggarwal

    O general or lg??


    I want to buy an inverter ac

    Confuse between the two : LG BSA18IMA or O GENERAL ASGA18JCC

    Please help!!

  53. muthukumar

    need a sugge

    i living in very dusty area ,before i used voltas ,its got some kind of coil issues, now i planned to buy OG , may that can affect ac unit.

  54. anuj kumar

    O General

    We have a 5 chain of restaurants in a city, before the last year we were having all brands of Split Ac’s in all our branches like onida(2tn), lg(2tn), daikin (4tn), carrier (2tn), hitachi(2.5 tn), voltas(4.5 tn).
    We replaced all the Ac’s with O General with 1.5 tn to 2 tn range, you will not belive that cooling of one Ac of OG is far much better effective than comparison to other brands.
    Since we installed them we didcnt spend even a single ruppree on them.

  55. ANIKET

    Hey please tell me the correct amount of o general ASGA24FTTA 2 TON split ac I bought it yesterday for 60,000 rs whether the price is okay or I have been cheated by the retailer coz some people are saying that it does not cause that much….

  56. Aswin

    PCB for 1.5 ton AC

    My OG air conditioner’s PCB has to be replaced. How much would it cost approximately?

  57. Husain Darugar

    auto restart problem

    i have o general ac akga09aatb 0.75 ton it does have the auto restart function but dont know why for some reason it doesnt restart automatically when the power is back do need to do some setting to get this enabled please help

  58. Ankit Agarwal

    Best AC to buy


    I am planning to buy 6 new ACs for my house. 5 1.5 TONs and 1 2 TON machine.

    Cuurently confused between Mitsubishi Electric, O General, Hitachi, Daikin and Blue Star. Please suggest me the best option.


    • Keeping equally LG & Diakin and then O’General. This should be your priority list for buying AC’s.

  59. Salmaan

    I am planning to import 10 Nos. of O General Air conditioner 1.5T from Singapore to Chennai from your authorized dealer for trading. Any NOC letter required from O General for Customs clearance ?

    Any price difference between R22 and R32 / R34 ?

    Any import licence is required ?

    • Hello, i tried to get an answer for your query. But was not successful. oGeneral officials are hardly interested in even replying to queries. Check out this screenshot for proof that i did tried it for you. Screenshot link –

      If you have found out the answer somewhere else, do let me know too.

  60. Dhiraj singh

    Queries about lg inverter v ac

    I have seen ur article which is written regarding lg inverterv series .my queries is how is cooling of lg inverter v ( cold & hot ) .2) is any problems arise lg inverter v ac which are you using.

    • Now it’s been 2 years, and there’s absolutely not even a single problem i faced in it ‘touchwood’. Have used both Cold and Hot mode in full swing in extreme weathers and it is still effective as new. Also i do get it serviced every year from LG service persons only. That is important.

  61. Neemu

    Opinion for Best A.c for hot Place

    Guys I want yours opinion which brand inverter a.c is best for where temperature is at 50 ‘C.. ???

  62. vinit dewani

    which is good 1.0 tr inverter ac in the market

    I want to buy an inverter ac for my room size 10*12 ft (top floor). i stay in nashik(Maharashtra). the use is going to be limited to 4 months of summer at night. i have shortlisted Daikin FTKP35QRV16(Rs.39000) and Ogeneral ASGG12JCLA(Rs.42000) (both are 1.0 tr). i plan to go for Daikin but my dealer recommends Ogeneral(reason being its completely imported product and better quality). which one is better of them or do you recommend any other? many of the dealers don’t recommend LG (reason poor customer satisfaction) i don’t know why so?

    • Dealers recommend only those brands who gives them good profit margins. See, oGeneral might be providing greater profit margins than Daikin and LG. And since LG has its showrooms in most big markets, hence you can understand why dealers are not recommending you LG. If can prioritize LG/Daikin and then oGeneral.

  63. Karthik Shankaran

    Help me choose the right AC

    Hi i am Karthik from Chennai, planning to buy an Air conditoner for my Hall which is close to 300 Sqft which is in L Shape, my electrician is asking me to put 2 Ton, i m struck with going for the right one either O-general 2 Ton 2 Star or Daikin 2 Ton 3 Star. i wanted to know which is better
    Ogeneral Model Name : O General ASGA24FMTA 2 Ton Split AC 2 Star
    Daikin Model Name : Daikin FTKD60 AC Inverter AC 2.0 Ton

    awaiting for your reply or call , +919940074724

    • You can opt for any, however, go for the one which gives you longer warranty period. Plus point would be if they give warranty on compressor and gas leakage for 3 or 5 years. Also, you first wrote Daikin 2 Ton 3 Star, then below you wrote that Daikin model is Inverter AC, which does no match, as Inverter AC do not come with any star rating. If Daikin model is an Inverter AC, go for it. Even if its a 3 star, it’s better plus I feel more confident recommending them.

  64. Sanjay

    Bad Service , no spares O Gen

    I bought two Ogen split Inverter Ac which is the most expensive one among other brands and the best Ogen can offer

    Regret to say it has gone down five time in 5 months and the parts take more than a week as the company says the do not maintain parts in every city , in my case it is Delhi

    Do not waste your hard earned on this brand

  65. Karthi

    Totally waste AC which is not worth the money spent on it… Poor poor service… Better be wise…

  66. Yashodha

    Will O'General be power saving and long lasting ?

    Iam living in Chennai. Planning to but O’G for a room size 14X17 1.5 tons. Am so much doubtful that will it really be power saving ? If so, then how much power would it consume if I use it for 4 hours everyday ? And would it be lasting without making any problems for few years atleast ? If there’s is a problem after the warranty is over, where should I contact ? Please reply …

    • With 4 hours usage per day, there won’t be any big impact in electricity bill monthly. Maybe 500-700rs for AC per month. Buy a 3 or 5 star rated AC. But 1.5TON AC won’t be enough for you. You’ll need a 2 TON AC for your room.

  67. Hariharan

    poor service--- Ogeneral

    I am R.Hariharan residing at Madipakkam,Chennai-600091.

    We have purchased a Ogeneral Split 1.5 ton inverter AC on 13th April 2013 which was installed on 16th April 2013.There was some problem in PCB sensor(as per your technician report from your authorized service centre M/S Priya Enterprises,Medavakkam,chennai) on 30th December 2015.The same was removed and fitted after rectification after 10 days nearly. Once again the same issue was cropped up after 45 days i.e, on February 2016.Once again they have removed the PCB sensor.The same was removed and fitted after more than 15 days. Again the system is not working. When we have reported the matter to (on 27th April 2016) M/S Priya Enterprises, they have orally informed that the complaint was registered. However they haven’t provided any complaint number.So far nobody has turned up after our continuous follow up with the agency .They are very irresponsive that too during peak summer days. Kindly take up the issues with the agencies and advice them to resolve the issue immediately failing which I may be compelled to take up the issue with the consumer forum.

  68. Ramkumar

    How set automatic fan on/off

    Recently i buy o general ac 1.5 ton

    How to set automatically option
    If room is cooled for certain temperature and it automatically off tha fan and few min after its on.

    I means fan is automatically on/off when temperature changed.

    • Yes, that’s correct. That’s how an air conditioner is meant to work.

  69. Hytool

    O'General or Daikin ?

    O’General or Daikin ?

    My requirements for a home hall is 4-5 tons,
    Could you please guide me which one to take ?
    My focus is on Saving Electricity and Efficiency !

    • Go for any brand in these two. If the hall is most of the time isolated, pick an Inverter AC. or If the door of hall opens frequently, opt for a 5 star rated AC.

  70. Mihir Garg

    Very very poor service by O general . …..

  71. Pramod Sahoo

    Hi, I am from Bhubaneswar. I have 2 nos 1 ton AC And a 1.5 tonn. 1 ton AC is working well, but problem with 1.5 tonn AC.
    When the compressor relay start on the AC goes off and on again. It continues each time after 3 min. I have replaced the compressor capacitor and voltage stabiliser. And the input voltage is 190v. Out is 230v.

    Please suggest any possible solution

  72. Shweta Mahajan

    O general customer service

    O General has the worst customer services of all. Our AC showed defects after just 2 months of use. We registered a complaint and after 15 days and 4 angry intense phone calls they automatically cancelled our complaint without even visiting.

  73. mahavirsinh

    o general

    sir i bought 1.5 o general inverter asga18jcc ac from my area local electronics in ahmedabad i saw on net that o general ac only import from thailand but in my product it shows as importer eta general pvt ltd r.s no 79 10 81 mannadipet pondicherry and as a suplier fujitsu general(asia)pte ltd 25,pandan crescent singapore-128 477 so please tell me is it genuine product or gray how can i confirm please tell me as soon as possible

    • See, I cannot confirm if the product is original or not. But rest assured, if you have bought the product from a genuine seller, the product would be original. Also, you can call Customer care of General and ask how to identify if their product is original or not. Usually, they’ll ask you to tell them the product serial number, which they can match with their database to check the authenticity of the product.

  74. Manoj from delhi mobile no 8527857007

    Facing problem in 1.5 TON og SPLIT AC.

    I am using since last four year 1.5ton O.G Split ac ( without star marking ) but Last 2 years we r facing problem like some time cooling and some time not getting cooling and fan is working but not getting air. When starting after some time its work and after 15 minute not geeting colling.
    Service is done every year beginning the season.

    Please advise.


    • Please get it checked by service persons of the company. Prefer to show it first to officials from the company than showing any person provided by dealers with whom you may have bought the AC.

  75. Sunil Kumar

    I recently bought o general model AXGT18FHTA-B, 1.5 ton. but my dealer gave me bill of AXGT18FHTA only. word ‘B’ is not there in the invoice. anyone having any idea. or it is same thing. how to check originality of o general ac.

    • To check the originality of the product, talk to customer care and get the product serial number checked for authenticity of the product.

  76. Rishab Singhvi

    O General is worst.

    O general has the worst customer service. We installed two split AC’s. One had a fault in it. We complained again and again for 10 days, and there was no proper response. Worst !!

  77. Vicky

    Tonnage Calulator by room area

    Dear Ankit,

    At the outset, commend your perseverance in responding to user’s innumerable queries. Much appreciated.
    Recently bought an O’General Window AC for my bedroom and would like to add another one to my hall/dinning room. The room is spread at 30ft x 13 ft with an small passage in the middle(5ft x 5ft) and an open stairway(which shall secure using a PVC strip curtain) in the hall that leads to the 2nd floor. I did a lookup for the tonnage calculator and arrived at 2Ton split model to accommodate for the air conditioning. Wanted to seek your expert advise and concurrence before i purchase the product.


    • See, for such big area, even 2 TON AC is not enough. But do one thing, calculate your sitting area size where most people would spend their time and install AC exactly at the front of that sitting area. This way even 1.5 TON AC could be enough for you. In your case, you don’t need to cool down every corner of your room, but the area where you’ll most of the time.

  78. Anand

    Which Ac is right for me......

    I am planing to buy 1.5 ton 3star window ac for my room 12×15 top floor…please advice me to choose between options LG, Carrier or Hitachi……..Also please let me know whether split ac will be effective in cooling or window ac for first floor………

  79. Ismail

    I want the 2 kinds of model price R22 and410

    Hi al i want o general split unit ( wall mounted) i want to know the price and do you have any branch in UAE the order will be 35 machines

    • Sorry, but asking for sales query to O’General is like banging head against wall. Can’t help you with that.

  80. Raj Kumar Aggarwal

    Refund of money


    It is to inform that I have bought 1.5 tons 2 nos.split ACs of O.GENERAL S. AC ASGA1BFETA amounting to Rs.94,000/- from M/s E P Electronic Paradise Pvt. Ltd., 9 DAV School Bldg., Yusuf Sarai, Main Road, Green Park, New Delhi-110016 on 30.05.2016 vide Invoice No. YS/R-1875.2016-17.

    Since the purchase of above ACs I am facing lot of problems and numbers of complaints were lodged vide complaint/ticket nos.are as follows:
    11606030132, 11606030150, 11606090436, 11606160380, 11606230355,11607270231, 11608030202 and uncountable telephonic calls on various occasions to your service centre and customer care but all are wasted.

    On various occasions your semi-trained technicians/engineers have visited to my house and only they checked the ACs and filled up the gas. They are not able to detect the manufacturing defects in these ACs.

    One of the two AC has been installed in the room of my daughter on the advise of doctors as she is not well. But the purpose of installation of AC was useless. Even though during this period, my relatives and friends visited my house many times and have taken a bad image for bought a cheap product.

    I have given more than sufficient times in the hot season to replace the defected ACs but at this stage it is advised to refund my money along with interest @ 24% p.a. at the earliest.

    The copies of bill and above stated complaint numbers are attached herewith for necessary action.


    Mob. No. **REMOVED**


    Hi I am confused between O general 1.5 T inverter or 5 star rating ac?, somewhere i saw inverter ac has is made in china while 5 star comes from thailand, is it true?

  82. RAJA

    In the middle of the night, Im searching for a remedy to switch on my O General Ac 1.5 ton Window.
    I completly dont have any idea whats going on.. Evening, When i returned from work, it was working perfectly. After an Hour, I tried to switch on but it dint. Stabilizer is working perfectly. Everything is fine. Whether any timer prob?..I reset the remote many times..still that prob continues… Kindly suggest me something…

    • That has happened to me as well. I realised stabiliser is the problem here. Leave the stabiliser ON for half n hour and then try turning ON AC. It should work, and for the longer run, get the stabiliser repaired or replaced.

  83. Jaleesfarooqui

    Worst ac poor performance spend so much money 32k and bought a 1.5 ton window ac and now with 1.8yrs there is cooling problem and the service person told the cooling coil has multiple leak and has to be replaced with another worth rupees 12k today only he visited….wth y should go for it and spend 32k and again 12k with 1.8 yr which sum up 44k ..Y not go for voltas and buy for 22k …naam bade Darshan choye

    • Voltas is worst than oGeneral. You must have no idea of that.



    I bought o general AC in 2015 but within 2 years it’s cooling coil gone, but their service technicians not identified within warranty period , from starting onwards I have faced problem with this inverter type AC 18JCC. After warranty period they have identified the cooling coil problem I.e also not correctly identified by them but they have given estimation cost about 20000/- , with branded product also not exactly maintained quality components … Like floods they have earned more money with changing components from service centres.. I have taken information from experts but all are saying , this is manufactured problem.. service oriented also very very very poor.. I am not entertain to purchase


    i want to buy a a/c for my 6 10*15*20 feet hall … i have 4 gates in my hall and no window ….. suggest me how much ton a/c i should install …and plz tell me power consumption of a/c with 20 degree C

  86. Saurabh Bagga


    Dont buy O General AC
    AC of O General is good but at the time of service they take more then one month to repair. How you will survive one month without AC in summer.

  87. bharat jha

    urgent reapir

    I have many times called to customer care but no one is come to attend the complaint.
    The service is very very poor. The split ac is under breakdown from last 3 days.

  88. praveen rai

    O general Worst Customer care i have ever seen

    worst experience with Ogenral AC service center delhi
    i have registered complain on 9.48 Am 18th april, my complaint number is DEL11704180258, i have recd message that Executive name called Surjeet will assigned for servise of your AC.

    but till date no body calls / contact me

    have called on customer care thrice to look into this matter, but no psotive response.

    its better to have teh servise from outside in cheaper price rather than waiting or chaising for the company executives

    mob 9810981555
    Praveen. rai
    New delhi

  89. Lukesh

    Hitachi noice

    Pls tell me hitachi window ac noice m feeling little bit higher thn others, is it normal or someting wrong with ac thnx.


    Worse than awful service by General

    Awful service by ETA General. My O General 2 ton AC got faulty on 24 June 2017 & complaint was registered. The under warranty compressor is to be replaced. Nothing at all has happened since then in last two & half months. No response whatsoever. Worse than awful service. Never buy this brand.

  91. Engr. Zobaer

    original General AC?

    how I can identify the original General AC?

  92. Nitin malik

    Wrost service

    Wrost company. Do not purchase this. Service is so bad.never ever puchase. Don’t come for service. Go to other company because they will provide good service after puchase

  93. RAMESH.M


    O General service is worst.
    3 Service per year but service request given responsible Customer.
    I don’t know how customer know the service time period about This product.
    Manufacturing company don’t know the service time period, This is very comedy.
    3 Service per year only instruction given to dealer, if dealer not inform about service details to customer, This is customer fault says in O General service team.
    Manufacturing company not mention for service details in Manual book.
    Thanks to O General service team for learning about this situation.

  94. Archita

    Pathetic after sales services

    This company Pathetic after sales services. Worst customer service I have come across. We have bought 1.5 tonne split AC and we were delivered was an AC with broken plastic plate. We contacted customer service but the complaint has still not been resolved by the company. It’s been 1.5 months since then and this shitty company has still not resolved the issue. We were daily given reply that our complaint will be resolved the next day or the material is not in stock. And after 1.5 months we were told by the company that the problem will not be resolved since company do not provide guarantee about plastic material. These foolish people wasted the time for 1.5 months and did nothing but just wasted our time. A humble advice to the company if you cannot appoint any skilled staff then just try to avoid appointing brainless people and try to deliver better quality products rather shut your company. Because might be your time is not valuable but everybody else is valuable.

  95. kuldeep


    simple and easy word for product and service…..WOOOORRRRSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT………….

  96. Vivek Agrawal

    Dont buy o general products

    I request u my all indian plz dont buy ogeneral product o general inverter ac rs 70 k after one year 10 k repairing poorest service all staffs misbehave me

  97. Imran

    Aboug my compressor complaint

    Dear Customer, your Service Call No.DEL125061800709 is registered, happy code 174. It will be attended shortly.Dear Customer, your call DEL125061800709 was attended but could not be completed for Part pending. For assistance pls contact Butterfly customer care at 18602081007. ek dam bakwaas company hai executive sahiii se jawaab nahii dete. 1.5 mahina ho gaya complaint karaye hue magar compressor aaj aayegaa kal aayegaa kuch issue aa raha hai isse bakwaas company koi nahii mere ghar main daikin or l.g ke bhi a.c hai magar aaj tak waha complaint itni lambi nahiii chali chutiya banate hai phone nahiii uthate main kuch din baad consumer court main case daaloongaa is company ke khilaaf agar meri problem solve nahiii hui. 3 mahine main comprassor kharab ho gaya hai jab ye change nahii karke de rahe hai or agar 5 saal ho jaayenge to ye mar jaayenge magar kisi ka part nahiii badlenge jhooti fraud company hai

  98. Sanjay Goyal

    Please Don’t Buy O General Air Conditioner , a few months ago I bought one & it’s compressor failed after two months, the compressor was replaced in 45+ days & it again failed after working for 2 hours

  99. Jaswinder Singh

    This company has the worst after sale service.Their staff does not have any knowledge and experience of the products or the fault in the AC.When we call them they do not respond for 3-4 days.The service is pathetic.

  100. Firdosh

    Worst AC’s ever. DO NOT BUY Ogeneral inverter

    Bought 3 O’General inverter split ac’s From Croma pheonix mills Mumbai. Have only been facing problems with these machines from Day 1. Brand new machine out of the box did not work. PCB had to be changed. Took the company more than 10 days. After 6 months compressor failed. All 3 units there is hardly any cooling. Electricity bills have come down but that is because the Ac’s don’t cool only . My old ac’s at 24 degrees setting would cool much more than these ac’s even at 18. Worst ac’s ever made. Olden day O’General machines would last for 10 years no problem. These new machines are crap. DO NOT BUY.

  101. Anand

    Please say me very frank about Ogeneral Sales & Services after purchase.

    I want to purchase Ogeneral 2 Ton Split AC. Is this product good.

  102. V.P. Muthukumaraswamy

    Warranty and service not good

    Check warranty, only compressor is covered. If the board is gone. They say it’s not covered. However, while buying they say all is under warranty. The board cost around 15000/- after sales is not good. Customer service number is not attended at all.