Whirlpool Purafresh Air Purifier technology
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Air Pollution is a major concern these days. It poses several health challenges ranging from burning eyes to more serious ailments like heart diseases and cancer. This is an alarming fact, especially when you consider that 14 of the world’s most polluted cities are in India*.

The air pollution outside directly affects the quality of air inside, and so do indoor pollutants. Cooking, heating in tight spaces with less ventilation, off-gassing from household items such as new carpets or new furniture, smoking, and other indoor activities add to the already harmful levels of air pollution. This makes indoor air much worse than outdoor air.

An air purification system has thus become a necessity because it helps clean out the indoor air of particulate matter and other harmful gasses. Lowering down PM 2.5 is essential due to the presence of much finer particulate matter indoors. Such fine particulate matter below PM 1.0, usually PM 0.3, can congest our lungs and cause various respiratory diseases. The purification system that filters PM levels as low as 0.3 provide the utmost protection from indoor pollutants. However, not everyone has the space for large air purifiers or the means to keep them away from the reach of children.

Whirlpool’s solution is its 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC that has an inbuilt air purifier. The AC not only regulates the indoor temperature but also filters out PM 0.3 from the air effectively.

The best part is that you can use this AC in winters on fan mode to maintain the room temperature and still get purified air. And since it’s on fan mode, the power consumption would be that of regular air purifiers.

Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter Air Conditioner Review

An Air Conditioner with PM 0.3 Air Purification System

Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter Air conditioner comes with a PM 0.3 air purification filter. There are few models in the market which come with an Ionizer mode and claim that they purify the air, when they actually don’t. An Ionizer alone cannot be considered an air purifier system. Indoor air pollution is majorly below PM 1.0, not PM 2.5. So, if your air purifier only cleans PM 2.5 for you, you still need purification from PM 0.3 to combat indoor pollution. That’s where Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter Air Conditioner stands out as a better appliance than a stand-alone air purifier. It can clean both dust particles and PM 0.3, unlike most air purifiers in the market, which are only designed to clean PM 2.5.

This is indeed the best deal as you get 2 appliances at the cost of one – and in one package!

Whirlpool Purafresh Air Purifier technology

Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter Air Conditioner can remove PM 0.3 pollutants# more effectively than leading air purifiers. In lab conditions, the purifier is effectively able to get rid of 98.6% air-borne pollutants and allergens#.

# Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on the testing conditions. Purifying efficiency of PM.03 particulate.

Takes Virtually No Space

An air conditioner installed on the wall is never an obstruction at home. Not everyone is lucky enough to accommodate all the gadgets they wish to own because of space constraints. And an air purifier also needs to be placed free from any kind of obstruction for proper air-flow. That’s where having an air purifier in an air conditioner is a big advantage as a split-air conditioner doesn’t consume precious floor-space and can deliver purified cool air at a farther distance, to every corner of the room.

Runs only as an Air Purifier or an Air Purifier and AC Both.

Buying this air conditioner will fulfil your requirement of having two appliances, i.e. an Air Conditioner and an Air Purifier. Your life gets more comfortable as it saves you from the inconvenience of owning, installing and servicing two separate appliances. This means less cost for both operation and maintenance. Since winters are around the corner, you can use the air purification technology via the fan mode in the air conditioner, which shall only consume nominal power.

3D Cool Technology

Equipped with a revolutionary 3D cool technology, Whirlpool Purafresh Inverter AC draws the hot air out of the room quickly and efficiently, resulting in up to 40%*^ quicker cooling. Compared to conventional air conditioners, Whirlpool Purafresh Inverter AC uses a 3-vent arrangement, one at the top and one on either side of the air conditioner, cooling the room faster.

WhirlPool 3D Cooling Technology

The same technology is utilized when you switch to Air Purifier Mode. It cleans out the air faster than you can expect, and the long air throw of up to 12m* ensures that purified air uniformly reaches every corner of the room.

* Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending on the testing conditions.
^ Testing against select comparable products of other brands available in this segment.

IntelliSense Inverter Technology

Another functionality in the Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafesh Inverter AC is the IntelliSense Inverter Technology, which adapts to your cooling needs while reducing electricity usage, yielding a lifetime saving of up to ₹43000* on your electricity bill.

**Results shown at unit electricity rate of ₹8 at 10 hours per day for a period of 8 months over 7 years as per BEE recommended master sheet comparing Whirlpool 1.5T 5 Star inverter AC to 1.5T 2 Star on-off AC based on 2010 split AC ratings of BEE.

6th Sense IntelliComfort Technology

The Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC is powered by the 6th Sense IntelliComfort Technology that senses the room’s real feel temperature considering the humidity level and gives the best cooling result. This not only ensures comfortable cooling but also leads to 27%* Energy Savings.

*Results shown are based on internal lab testing done on select models under specific conditions and may vary depending upon the testing conditions.

Final Verdict

We always urge our readers to make smart decisions when buying home appliances. Buying a Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC even in the off-season is a smart buy as the requirement of an air purifier pertains for the whole year. This becomes essential especially during this time of year, when the pollution reaches its peak and becomes unbearable.

Even in summers, you require an air purifier because the dust, allergens, pollens, smoke and other pollutants remain a cause of concern. Whirlpool 3D Cool Purafresh Inverter AC ensures purified air all year around and cools the air as per the season, fulfilling two tasks with just one appliance!

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  1. Value for money. super cool product. Room turns to extreme cool even if we set 25 Degree can’t imagine. Loved it. Fast delivery. Quick installation by team. The team was Very professional. Overall best.

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