In an event from the house of LG, the company has come up with the World’s first 0.44mm Even Bezel Video Wall. LG plans to bring the same technology to its B2B customers. As per a press statement from LG, this new technology would change the game for professional broadcasters and opens up collaborative possibilities across corporate, government, fashion, retail and transportation.

With 16:9 aspect ratio and 0.44mm even bezel, it enables the overall video wall image to resemble a single screen. Due to the LED backlight technology, it produces uniform brightness across the screen ensuring a clear display. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Hemendu Sinha, Business Head, B2B, LG Electronics India said, “As the pioneer of OLED display technology in both the consumer and commercial markets, LG strives to deliver the ultimate and truly immersive viewing experiences. The Wall gives owners the opportunity to reinvent spaces. Its ability to scale to virtually any size, and display content with such remarkable clarity, will surely give our consumers amazing new tool to create immersive and engaging spaces.”

The 0.44mm even bezel enables the overall video wall image to resemble a single screen, offering a seamless viewing experience on assembled video wall screens without any loss of even the tiniest detail, whereas LG’s LED backlight technology guarantees high uniformity in brightness.

The new SVH7E generates high visibility and a consistent brightness across the whole screen while visibility is much improved as it reflects sunlight. The SVH7E includes an image improvement algorithm that can adjust to objects located in the boundary of the bezel for a seamless viewing experience. It also provides great viewing angles even when over four displays are stacked together.

On-Display Calibration ensures that the on-screen image matches the original source material and doesn’t look artificial and also, the color temperature can be adjusted using the remote. Signage 365 Care is there to help enterprise users manage the service via the cloud and it provides real-time monitoring and controlling of the video wall. Packed with WebOS 3.0+, it comes with a new UI which can manage signage under B2B environment with Home Dashboard, EZ Setting, GUI for portrait mode and bigger GUI for long distance control.

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