How the World is Embracing Indian Culture?


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Whether it be the large-scale acceptance of yoga and meditation by health gurus or the Bollywood frenzy that has captured western audiences, the world is fast adopting Indian ways.

I usually don’t watch television but one afternoon my Wi-Fi stopped working and I was bored out of my mind, so I began to surf channels on the TV. I saw this commercial by Lufthansa. This TVC made me realize how Indian ways are being accepted and embraced around the world. The advertisement showcased a coach’s innovative strategy to defeat the Indians. His plan was to “think like the Indians.” His team was made to eat roti, dance to Bollywood numbers, and adopt Indian ways. When it came to flying, the team was baffled by the choice of a German airline. But the coach was beaming with confidence. Lufthansa’s hospitality, food, and warm gestures are an embodiment of Indian culture. I was very happy to see this TVC because it celebrated the growing influence of Indian culture around the world and how companies such as Lufthansa are espousing it!

I think there are many things in the Indian lifestyle that make people fascinated towards this country. In India, saying “Namaste” to our guests is an important part of our culture. Indians are always very welcoming and believe in “Atithi Devo Bhava” meaning “guests are equal to gods.” I remember how the exchange students in my class were deeply moved by the warmth of the people here. They were impressed by the hospitality of their hosts and how everyone around them was trying their best to make sure that they were comfortable.

If international companies follow this Indian principle, I think this will make sure that people are never dissatisfied, because they will be treated like guests and not mere customers.

I have often been asked by my foreign friends about my multi-lingual skills. I find it a little weird that it is a big deal to be bilingual, because most Indians can speak around three languages from a young age. We hear so many languages spoken around us since childhood; it naturally enhances our ability to pick up new languages! So when I learn a new language now, I find that I am easily able to juggle between four languages.

When it comes to finding simple solutions to complex problems, Indians surely are the most creative. Living in a country where hurdles in everyday life are not scarce, “jugaad” has become a way of life! Everyone knows how crowded Mumbai Locals are, and with little space to stand, how can one sleep deprived person catch up on sleep? Well, I saw a man using rope suspenders tied to the handles above him in the train! This simple trick ensured that he did not have to stretch his hand all the way up to the handle, while maintaining his balance and catching up on his sleep. I was so impressed by this idea and I will surely use it if I ever get a permanent job in Mumbai!

The Indian way of thinking is one of persistence. We don’t give up no matter the amount of setbacks we have to face. Little inconveniences do not bother us. I think this has helped me become a mentally stronger person. When things don’t go as I wanted them to, I don’t complain because, we are not taught that we’re entitled to things. Facing traffic jams has increased my patience. Trying to study during festivals with loud music being played in the vicinity has enhanced my concentration. Now, I can study and grasp materials regardless of the atmosphere around me. This is the reason Indians are great problem solvers and have a lot of patience.

Living in the Indian society also gives us the privilege of learning about different religious practices and cultures. I know many terms related to other religions, the rituals etc. I have friends belonging to different religions and enjoy their festivities with them. Indians believe in “Vasudev Kutumbakam”, which means that the entire world is a family. This has definitely opened my mind to new experiences and cultures. When I travel, I find it easy to mingle with the locals and to accept practices that are very different from my own. This sense of belonging to one universal family also gives me spiritual upliftment and makes me feel rooted.

I have recommended Indian wellness to tips to many friends. Indian head massage called the “champi” has helped me to keep my hair healthy. I see bloggers everywhere endorsing the use of coconut oil now! It is astonishing how more and more people are utilizing Indian products and beauty techniques.

Whenever I feel stressed I head out to my balcony and perform “pranayama” (breathing exercise) and its helps me focus on my work.  These typical Indian techniques add to my quality of life and help me stay positive.

I think there are many values that can be imbibed from the Indian culture. It seems like these “winning ways” have been adopted by Lufthansa to provide exemplary service. It is the truth of today’s world that we are exchanging ideas from each other’s cultures. This being said, I think we are heading towards a world that is more Indian that we think!


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