Samsung AC_Tender Lily Blue
Samsung AC_Tender Lily Blue

Samsung India today expanded its consumer electronics portfolio by introducing smart convertible frost free and direct cool refrigerators which run on solar power, and a new range of air conditioners with digital inverter technology that cools 43% faster.

Samsung launches World’s first Solar-powered Refrigerators with Digital inverter tech & World’s first 8-Pole Digital Inverter Air Conditioner that cools 43% faster

The new refrigerator and air conditioner range with advanced technologies enables faster cooling, power conservation, durability and great design. They combine innovation with advanced technology to deliver optimal performance. A key feature in the new line of refrigerators is solar power compatibility, which will go a long way in energy conservation in line with the Indian government’s efforts to promote solar power.

New S-Inverter Air Conditioner

Based on India-specific customer insights, a new S-Inverter air conditioner range is introduced in the affordable luxury segment with new technology, durability, and design.

Samsung AC - New Max Blue Cosmo Strip
Samsung AC – New Max Blue Cosmo Strip

The new Samsung S-Inverter Air Conditioner series is engineered to consume less power and produce exceptional cooling comfort. Equipped with advanced and world’s first new 8-pole motor in its Digital Inverter range, they ensure the faster cooling performance of up to 43% and consume much lesser energy as compared to conventional air conditioners. The entire New S-Inverter range will come with BEE ISEER rating.

Samsung AC - Max Copper Mild Blue Strip
Samsung AC – Max Copper Mild Blue Strip

For increased durability, it comes with DuraFin condenser which is corrosion resistant as compared to conventional condensers. DuraFin components are made of materials that are more resistant to corrosion with 34% more thickness. It’s larger condenser, and optimized refrigerant flow enables to endure extremely hot outdoor temperatures of up to 52°C.

Samsung AC - Triangle Inverter DA white
Samsung AC – Triangle Inverter DA white

Samsung air conditioner range comes with a new Voltage Protector feature which enables consumers to enjoy cool fresh air without having to worry about product damage due to power fluctuations. Best suited for India, these air conditioners with Voltage Protector can handle voltage fluctuations from 146V to 290V ensuring worry-free operation. In addition, they also improve the look of homes as there is no need to install an external stabilizer for managing voltage fluctuations.

Samsung AC_Tender Lily Blue
Samsung AC_Tender Lily Blue

All 1.5T and onwards Samsung air conditioner models comes with highly efficient twin BLDC (Brushless DC electric motor). Twin BLDC compressor optimizes and enhances cooling by 40% when compared to the conventional compressor. Not only that, Twin BLDC compressor increased reliability, reduced noise and hence provided longer product life.

Samsung AC - New Inverter Magnolia Blue
Samsung AC – New Inverter Magnolia Blue

Samsung AC range comes with the trend-setting new Magnolia floral pattern following Samsung’s tradition of introducing new floral patterns as per Indian taste.

Smart Convertible Refrigerators

Taking further the benefits of digital inverter technology, Samsung smart convertible

Samsung 2 Door Rose Mallow Blue Refrigerator
Samsung 2 Door Rose Mallow Blue Refrigerator

refrigerator is the first of its kind in the frost-free category, which runs on solar power as well as on the home inverter, giving the convenience of cooling and freshness to the consumer during power cuts.

The smart convertible range also comes with features like Power Cooling Mode and Power Freeze Mode that help reach the target temperature in 31% shorter time. Maintaining health and hygiene has been a key feature of the smart convertible refrigerator. Its twin cooling system avoids mixing of odors inside the compartment. Vegetables and fruits are stored at optimal humidity level by releasing moisture cyclically.

The digital inverter compressor optimizes usage by minimal wear-and-tear and extends the life of a refrigerator by over ten years. With low noise level, the smart direct cool refrigerator can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 100 volts to 300 volts. The new range of refrigerators comes with two new floral patterns: Rose Mallow and Magnolia. Star Flower and Tender Lily are the other shades available in the market.

Direct Cool Refrigerators

Samsung smart refrigerator has an advanced compressor of digital inverter technology which

Samsung direct cool refrigerators
Samsung direct cool refrigerators

can run on solar panel and home inverter to provide uninterrupted cooling. It can also operate on home inverters to provide uninterrupted service during power cuts with a cooling retention of nine hours.

The fridge automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand and is equipped with up to 7 compressor RPM that makes precise adjustments to cooling performance and maximizes freshness of food.

The digital inverter compressor optimizes usage by minimal wear-and-tear and extends the life of a refrigerator by over 10 years. With low noise level, the smart direct cool refrigerator can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 100 to 300 volts.

The premium range of direct cool refrigerators come with clutter-breaking designs of the door and handle. The three handle designs are Island, Bar and Bar Chrome. For the door, Elegant Crown and Grande enhance the aesthetics.

Price and Availability

Smart Convertible Refrigerator: Priced at INR 27,250/-, the mid-segment range begins from 253L and has multiple sizes up to 670L.

Smart Digital Inverter Direct Cool Refrigerator: Starting at INR 14,900, the products range from 192L to 230L and will be available across key markets.

S-Inverter, Digital Inverter Technology Based Air Conditioners: INR 35,900 to INR 66,600

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  1. Dissatisfaction

    I have replaced O General 1.5 ton split a.c. instead of Panasonic 1.5 ton split a.c machine with a confidence and assurance given by your technicians but in vain.

    * First it is not worthy one as given in the exaggerated advertisement.

    * AC Machines were in the market for a long time of about 20+ years. Day to day development is introduced even in small company machines too. But yours has not yet provided even with a display for temperature. This shows that your product may not show the temperature decided by the customer using the remote control unit. It may be because your machine is not capable of cooling to that extent, I think and hence you didn’t provide the same.

    * your OG machine is now fixed in the same room where Panasonic was fixed. I am able to feel a drastic difference between these two machines. In this season I never run the Panasonic machine for more than one hour. But it is ridiculous to say The so-called “OGeneral machine” runs for about 4 hours and still it couldn’t reach the cooling effect made by Panasonic machine.

    * I am sorry to say this. I’ve unknowingly got this machine and struggling every day with curses to “O General ”

    *Try to incorporate a minimum feature like “Temperature display” etc.

    * Another fault I found is the remote control unit so big (please visit other companies) which is highly inconvenient and looks very old.

    *As a whole I am not satisfied with your product which doesn’t fit for its advertisement.

  2. Do you have new BLDC: A/C, Refrigerator, Washing machine, water heater, Oven and so on among your Samsung Home appliances equipments .

  3. Nice Ac, good cooling, very smooth and silent. It consumes less electricity. It has too many modes. I am completely satisfied. Good service. Samsung installation team was very professional. thank you

  4. Very nice and great product. Ac cool my room within 10min. Professional service. Advanced features. cooling is great, silent, Electricity Bill’s impact is also not much, but as per usage. Good service. Thank you.

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