Robotic vacuum cleaner are the next futuristic thing which you may like to have in your homes. Till now we have seen robotic vacuum cleaners by iRobot and LG and Milagrow too, but Milagrow has taken one-step ahead by launching World’s first Wet Cleaning Floor Robot which not just dust off the floor, but also gives it a wet sweep and that’s how it becomes a complete cleaning system for your home.

Features of Milagrow AguaBot 4.0

Full Wet Mopping

Full Wet Mopping

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 is India’s 1st Robotic Floor Vacuum Cleaner which comes with an advanced full wet mopping system which has a small integrated water reservoir that automatically dampens the world’s largest mop in a vacuuming robot to remove stubborn dirt.

Robotic 6th Sense

Robotic 6th Sense

A robot is supposed to work without human intervention to deliver most of its tasks. Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 possesses Robotic 6th Sense for minimal interaction or supervision, providing huge benefits in time and effort of cleaning a home. The 6th sense includes ( but is not limited to) Advanced Full Wet Mopping System, Extra Dirt Sensing, Robotic Suction Power Control, Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Charging, Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Fall Detection, Robotic Disentanglement, Robotic Virtual Wall Detection, Robotic Gyro
Sensor, Robotic Speed Adjuster, Self Diagnosis etc.

Large UV Germicidal Cleaning Light

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 is equipped with Large Ultraviolet (UV) light to sanitize floor surface while cleaning. The purpose of ultraviolet light is to kill organic matter, such as bacteria, mold, and viruses. The US Environmental Protection Agency refers to it as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation Cleaning.

Most Powerful Suction Eliminates Need of Center Brush

Most Powerful Suction Eliminates Need of Center Brush

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 is the most powerful floor cleaning robot from Milagrow. It has special turbo suction fan which can achieve RPM speed of 16000X18000 and a suction power of upto 40W. It eliminates the need of a main brush and yet sucks up tough dirt and leaves all surf aces clean and disinfected.

Hygenic HEPA Filter

Hygenic HEPA Filter

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 is fitted with High-Efficiency Particulate Air or HEPA air filter. Originally developed by the US Atomic Energy Commission to capture radioactive dust pollen. HEPA filtration is important for medical patients or for whomsoever very pure air is sought as they trap most particulate matter and bacteria, viruses etc. AguaBot -HEPA air filter removes 99.97% of all particulate matter greater man 0.3 micrometer from the air that passes through. for most hygienic environment.

Extra Dirt Sensors Robotic Suction Power Control

Extra Dirt Sensors Robotic Suction Power Control

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 has extra dirt detection sensors. Its intensity and suction power automatically increases when higher dirt is detected. The Robot cleans this area first before moving to next area. This sensor uses the same principle as mining-detection algorithms used by many armies.

All Cleaning Modes

All Cleaning Modes

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 can clean in specific cleaning styles. The cleaning modes include spot spiral clean, zig zag clean and wall-to-wall mode.

Robotic Disentanglement

It has an anti-tangle technology which ensures that it does not get stuck on cords and corners. If it gets trapped, the AguaBot 4.0 automatically slows the moving speed to protect the integrity of home goods and reverses the direction of its brushes to extract itself. It keeps rotating and reversing until it finds a clear path.

Robotic Gyro Sensor

It also possesses Gyro sensors, also known as angular rate sensors or angular velocity sensors. They sense rotational motion and stabilize directional orientation whatever be the direction.

Robotic Speed Adjuster

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 also possesses an accelerator that helps adjust the speed of the Milagrow robot based on sensing traffic and obstacles etc to give you an optimum cleaning performance.

Robotic Obstacle Detection

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 finds its way around cluttered floors. When any obstacle is detected, the robot automatically slows the moving speed to protect the integrity of home goods. The robot instantly backs up, rotates and moves on until it finds a clear path around obstacles such as furniture, people, appliances etc.

Robotic Fall Detection

Robotic Fall Detection

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 has many in-built infrared sensors that constantly send out signals to detect any drop in height (more than 2 ems) in their path. This helps them avoid falling off stairs, tables, beds etc.

All Surface Cleaning

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 cleans most hard indoor surfaces like concrete, tiles, glass, linoleum, wood, marble. It also cleans most carpets unless they are very fluffy and have loose tassels.

Pet Hair Cleaning

Pet Hair Cleaning

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 is ideal for homes with pets. Pets tend to shed a lot of hair that floats around the entire house. The AguaBot 4.0 easily sucks up the pet hair and helps keep your home neat all the time.

Robotic Virtual Wall Detection

To define the cleaning area for AguaBot 4.0 an invisible barrier can be set using the virtual wall. The virtual wall sends out infrared signals which can be detected by the receiver on the robot thus indicating it to turn around and head the other way. This way the Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 will not go into unwanted areas.

Robotic Self Charging

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 will return and connect to the charger by itself when the battery is less than 15%. The charging dock continuously emits an infrared signal that is picked by the receiver on the robot, once it is within range. The AguaBot 4.0 then follows the signal and docks itself on the charger.

Robotic Scheduling

Robotic Scheduling

The charging dock is also used to schedule the AguaBot 4.0 via the remote control to clean at a special time everyday or specified day of the week so that you can be at peace even when you are out of your home.

Robotic Self Diagnosis

When something prevents the AguaBot 4.0 from functioning normally it can diagnose the causes and helps you resolve the problems by yourself, eliminating the need of calling for service help

Top Fitting Large Dust Bin

Top Fitting Large Dust Bin

Milagrow AguaBot 4.0 possesses a large, top fitted dustbin to make sure tnat you do not nave to clean the
dustbin every day, and wnen ever you do it is very easy to remove clean and replace.

Maximum Coverage & Battey Backup

The AguaBot 4.0 can cover a maximum area of 3000 sq ft on a single charge, on a fully charged battery, The 2000 mAh Battery lasts around 120 minutes giving it the maximum working time.

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  1. Milagrow Products is nothing but a Kids Toy.

    This is Priya – a very recent disappointed customer of Milagrow.
    I ordered Milagrow Robodust Panda on 25th June 2017. I received the order on 04th July 2017.

    I made this order for my elderly mom who is struggling to sweep the floor by herself due to her severe arthritis problem.
    I had tried out Milagrow and within the first ten minutes of trying it I realized that it was useless.


    1. The dust still remained in the places where Milagrow moved.
    2. It kept moving in circles again and again in spite of no obstacles being there.
    3. I had to sweep the floor once again after Milagrow had worked on that room which makes the robot redundant.

    As soon as I placed the return/refund request, Mr. Kamal from Gurgaon Operations called me. The call started with knowing why I wanted to return the product and I explained all the above points.

    He then informed that I would be getting only a partial refund. The reason he stated was that I had used it once.

    Can you answer these please?:
    1.How can someone know if a product is working well or not without trying it even once?
    2. Why wasn’t the partial refund mentioned on the Amazon site?

    I would like my hard earned money of Rs.5990 to be returned. I have bought many products from Amazon like TV, Vacuum Cleaners and so many electrical appliances but this is the first time I had such a bitter experience.

    I think the rest of the population needs to know about the poor customer interaction of Milagrow on FB, Twitter, Amazon feedback and all other social media. Mr.Kamal took this as a threat but I think a poor product with partial refund deserves this.

    I have now spent extra Rs.600 to ship the useless product back to Gurgaon from chennai.

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