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This article is about LG Inverter V Air Conditioner (AC) review. Please read it till the end for gaining proper knowledge about this product. Buying an air conditioner hits a big hole in the pocket yet the consumers remains unsure if they are actually buying right product for them. Same was the case with me as i didn’t wanted to invest my valuable earnings in a product which may not result in desired cooling level or the performance i may expect from the product.

UPDATE: Check out latest review of LG Dual Inverter Air Conditioner model here – https://www.reviewcenter.in/8837/lg-dual-inverter-air-conditioner-ac-review-features-specifications/

So, unlike everyone i did extensive research on air conditioners, understood working of them, find out what points to look after while buying an air conditioner and which brand is best for this? And finally i resolved such points and ends up buying what was right for me i.e. LG Inverter V air conditioner model no. AS-W186C2U1 which is also Hot and Cold AC. This is 1.5 ton model AC.

LG Inverter V Air Conditioner Review, Price, Features And Specifications

Owning this air conditioner is like a proud thing because its so good looking and super powerful in terms of cooling that even O’General don’t have a match for this. And let me clarify, i am not being biased here as i know many fans of O’General too but since i have both at my home, i love LG AC more. And before talking of review, i shall need to clarify few myths.

I heard from many consumers saying to me after hearing from local dealers or from their near ones that Japanese brands are best to choose for air conditioners. Why people had these types of views because they had been influenced by mouth marketing since a very long time from their elders and others who actually never did any technological research or comparisons before buying an air conditioner. Technology with time always takes a big turn-around but people still don’t leave their old beliefs they had in their mind for a long time.

For example, Nokia ruled cell phone markets for 14 years but later on Samsung came up with better technology in those and it actually made people realize they are selling latest and better technology in mobiles and people shifted to it. Even if one has to buy a 5K priced phone, they do hell lots of research on it over internet but when they had to buy a 40-50K priced air conditioner, they just believe what other says and never compare or research which company is selling best and latest technology in air conditioners. Because of this, companies like O’General and Hitachi are popular because people think they give great cooling but an average customer never realize that they are still selling old technologies to consumers since years and they are just not doing any update or any major change to give some benefits to customers.

But we are today’s generation. We just don’t hear & choose but judge the things personally first and then buy it. Even because of mouth marketing i heard from others, i end up buying O’General window air conditioner in 2011 but after using it till now, i am not much satisfied with it, because it’s so noisy and most of all it consumes power which is more than expected when compared to technical specifications of that model. The time when i bought that model, there was no specifications given like how much star rated that model is or how much is the power consumption. But later on when i found out, i was quiet disappointed with it.

So, i decided to do proper and extensive research for next air conditioner which i required to install in my drawing room. And after comparing what technologies one must buy and which points should be taken care for, i end up buying LG Inverter V air conditioner and choose model (AS-W186C2U1) which is also hot and cold air conditioner (1.5 Ton). So, before i may start writing review of it, why not compare technologies and other important things first with other few famous brands. I am including in comparison only those brands which i think can be worth buying even though i recommend now only LG to my readers as i feel people must be recommended one thing and no more confusion and i have deep trust on LG for selling best quality products to consumers with confidence.

Comparison of Technologies in Air Conditioners

This is a comparison of 1.5 Ton inverter series air conditioner of various brands. I am comparing here inverter series air conditioners which are also having option of hot and cold feature.

Best value are in bold. O’General and Carrier both don’t sell Inverter series air conditioner with Hot and Cold option. Basically this makes them out of the scene here.

 Cooling Capacity (Watts)Min. 900 1600 1000 1700
Rated 5200 5200 5000 5200 5000
Max. 6000 6000 5300 6000
 Heating Capacity (Watts)Min. 900 1700 900 1700
Rated 6300 6200 5500 5400 5800
Max 9000 8300 6800 7700
 FiltersPlasmaster Cyclotron, Anti-Bacteria, Virus & Allergy Safe filter, Triple FilterNano TitaniumOnly Odour RemovingAnti Dust, Silver IonTitanium Apatite Photocatalytic air-purifying
 Power Consumption (Watts) Cooling 1490 1600 1660 1600 1550
 Heating 1650 1660 1615 1588 1600
 Running Current (Amps) Cooling 6.6 6.99 7.9 7.6 6.9
 Heating 7.3 7.25 7.7 7.5 7.1
 COP (W/W) (Performance) Cooling 3.47 3.25 3.01 3.25 3.23
 Heating 3.82 3.73 3.41 3.40 3.63
 Air Flow (CFM)Cooling 689 477 516 453 519
Heating 689 477 540 453 572
 Noise Level (dB)Sleep 29 32 29 40 30
 Compressor Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary
 Refrigerant R410A R410A R410A R410A

COP (coefficient of performance) is calculated as Cooling or Heating Capacity (watts) / Power input (watts) and higher the resultant value, higher the efficiency an air conditioner has. I have not mentioned EER here since i have done all mathematics in watts not btu/hr. You can calculate EER values easily my multiplying COP values with 3.412.

As you can see in above table, LG emerges out as clear winner as no other competitor is able to touch the standards created by LG. All above information has been collected from latest brand catalogs provided online and at offline dealers. Few points which we can make out of this comparison are:

LG model wins at following points:

  • When running in power saving mode, LG model is consuming least power in both cooling and heating mode.
  • It also offers maximum nos. of filters plus Plasmaster Cyclotron is the among the best filter when compared to all other models.
  • Power consumption and running current in cooling mode is least.
  • It also wins in being most efficient air conditioner by having highest COP values.
  • And last but not the least, it has highest air flow rate and even wins over a big difference over Diakin and Hitachi seems to be out of league here. And due to such high air flow rate, you can feel the air from a distance upto 30 feet away from the air conditioner.

Further i am not going in more detailing by comparing more basic features like Timer, Power saving, auto restart because these features are available almost in every brand with different names. The features which matters most and must be look after is what i had compared already above.

Benefit of using Inverter V Series Air Conditioners?

Inverter V technology can help you save 66% of electricity charges in your monthly bill yet provides silent and powerful performance. How it works:

Whenever you start your air conditioner with whichever mode whether cooling or heating, the compressor will first operate at maximum capacity to achieve the required temperature quickly. And once the required temperate is achieved, unlike conventional air conditioners that keep switching compressor ON and OFF, Inverter series air conditioners adjust and constantly vary the cooling capacity to maintain the desired temperature with minimum fluctuation, so that your comfort zone may also not get compromised.

Benefits of using Inverter V Series Air Conditioners
Benefits of using Inverter V Series Air Conditioners

Best thing about Inverter series is both performance and cooling of Inverter V compressor is faster and more powerful, thus they are capable to cool or heat much faster than conventional air conditioners.

LG Inverter V Air Conditioner Review

LG Inverter V Air Conditioner Installation

So, let’s start with the review. After ordering the air conditioner from nearby LG showroom, i received the product in 2 boxes i.e. Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU).

The product costed me nearly Rs. 54,000 however this price varies from state to state.

Pricing and Model Details Stickers on Box

Upon informing customer care on Friday, they sent the person for installation on Saturday, as it is their policy to send the person within 24 hours after calling them. That also means if you call them on Monday and request the person to be sent on Wednesday, they won’t register your query and will request you to call on Tuesday again. That’s nice!!

Next day, when the person arrived, we start unpacking the air conditioner. Here are few pics of it below of indoor unit (IDU):

LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1
LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1

As you can see, air conditioner length is quiet good. Rule is simple here, more wider the AC is, merrier the cooling (i believe so). There is also one more thing to observe if you go to market, 1-2 star rated shall be having shortest width, then a little more wider would be 3 star and finally 5 star shall be widest. That’s the also reason why inverter V are among the widest one.

LG AS-W186C2U1

There are nothing much fancy things given on the IDU. Things are simple and sweet here as it just has 3 LED’s to indicate cooling, heating and Plasma filter. Although those lights are little bright, LG has given an option in remote control to dim those lights if required at night. Below plasma filter indicator, there is remote controller sensor, not any button which people resemble usually.

Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 Top View
IDU Top View

If you can understand above provided pic, those 2 blue colored objects are filters. One on the left as per above pic is Plasmaster Cyclotron and other on right is combination of Triple filter and Virus & Allergy filter.

LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 Back View
IDU Back View

Above pic demonstrate the back view of IDU. The pipe alike thing which is coming out, is used to wrap both copper piping till IDU inlet and outlet.

LG Inverter V Filters View
Filters View
LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 filter view without Anti-dust filter
Filters view without Anti-dust filter

As you can see, there are 2 separate anti dust filter above the whole cooling mechanism. These are easy washable filters which you can clean once in 3 months.

LG Inverter V Plasmaster Cyclotron Filter
LG Inverter V Plasmaster Cyclotron Filter

Above pic demonstrate Plasmaster Cyclotron filter which has in-built blades through which electricity passes to purify the air to its best. Other filter i.e. Virus & Allergy filter + Triple filter also looks almost like this, the only difference visually you’ll see that it won’t be having metallic blades inside it.

LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 Right Side View
IDU Right Side View
LG Inverter V AC Horizontal Louvers

I loved the curves it has when looking from side view and the style statement it makes.

If you look closely at the horizontal louvers inside which controls the direction of air flow, they are quiet bigger in size. There is another important point to be observed here that more bigger the louvers, better the air flow regulation towards the required direction. I observed this point when i was at some random showroom, and observed Voltas air conditioner louvers size (which was quite very small), and realized how ineffective air flow was towards required directions where horizontal louvers were pointed.

Time to Answer Some Myths

Let’s start from Outdoor unit, People had been made aware and even i get lots of queries often that all models of LG have aluminum alloy MF condenser but that’s not the truth. Even there is no harm in buying an air conditioner with Multi-Flow condenser made of aluminum alloy because it’s the same technology and material which is being used in cars for years and now it has been brought to air conditioners so that they could handle similar rough conditions which they usually face in cars. Did you ever see condenser in cars having any issue?

But scenario with Inverter series air conditioners is different and all models of this series from LG has condenser made of copper only. So, next time when you go to local dealer outside, now you know that they won’t be able to brainwash you with wrong myths. Have a look at following pics for strong reference:

LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 OutDoor Unit Front View
OutDoor Unit Front View
LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 Outdoor Unit Back View
Outdoor Unit Back View

Above 2 pics are of Outdoor Unit front and back view. And if you see the ODU personally, you’ll easily spot the copper tubes inside.

LG Inverter V AS-W186C2U1 Side Views
ODU Side Views
LG ODU Condensor made of Copper
LG ODU Condensor made of Copper

However i have still taken a pic to show it more closely.

Another big myth is, LG used to provide Aluminium alloy kit with all models, but with Inverter V series, LG don’t provide any kit at all when you purchase the inverter series air conditioner from any place. Rather, upon purchasing, person from LG service center would bring the kit from company for installation, as Inverter series air conditioners requires the kit to be prepared on-spot as per installation requirements which obviously shall vary from place to place.

And, the kit which the installation guy would bring shall be of purely copper. As i said previously also, inverter series is special, so everything with it is different from usual. And not providing the kit is purely on customer benefit side as the company don’t want any kind of installation issues here with consumers.

LG Inverter V Copper Kit for Installation
Copper Kit for Installation

What installation kit basically consists of, is a set of 2 pipes which connects IDU and ODU for operational purpose. Both pipes have different internal diameter as per air conditioner requirements. I am not going much into technical details here for it, as it is not required for review purpose. So, next time don’t get shocked if the showroom dealer nearby you don’t provide you kit with your Inverter V air conditioner.

Cost of Installation of Air Conditioner

Since, LG don’t used to provide installation kit with Inverter V series air conditioners, so those are charged separately by the company. And standard charges applies for the things they brings along required for the installation:

Installation Price in Delhi

  • Installation: Rs. 1500
  • Copper Pipe (I required 3 meter): 3 x 550(price/meter with insulation) = Rs. 1650
  • Brackets: Rs. 750

= 1500 + 1650 + 750 = Rs. 3900

Persons from LG were quiet knowledgeable and cooperative. Even during installation, i made them do few changes and they did those very happily without any hesitation.

Other than above charges, you need to keep in mind electrical charges too.

Electric Wires + 2 pole 32 Amp Switch + Plastic Pipes + MCB = Rs. 1100 and Rs 200 labour charges of electrician.

I wanted to ensure 100% safety for my AC from electrical surges, so i got a separate external MCB installed nearby our electricity meter and then to switch ON air conditioner, used a 32 Amp 2 Pole switch even when single pole switch was also sufficient. I would also like to suggest you to better ask those installer guys from LG and your electrician both for best options as i did the same for mine.

Voltage Stabilizer to be Used

Even though i had a choice between V-Guard, Bluebird and Luminous, i bought Bluebird stabilizer since it was less expensive and i had been using their product with my 15 year old refrigerator since last 4 years and it is still working perfectly without any issue and i had trust over it. One thing to be kept in mind here, no matter whichever brand of stabilizer you may buy (I am not recommending any specific brand here), you need to purchase 4 KVA model for 1.5 Ton AC and 5 KVA model for 2 Ton AC.

Voltage Stabilizer to be Used with Air Conditioner
Voltage Stabilizer to be Used with Air Conditioner

Bluebird used to provide 2 years warranty and V-Guard provides same of 5 years. But there was a cost difference of Rs.1100 as well. You should check your local dealer for prices of these as it varies from state to state. I bought mine for Rs. 2200.

Features worth Wooing

Every one wants lots of features in their devices they bought and now-a-days air conditioners are no less in this league. To provide best user experience, LG has included numerous features in their inverter series air conditioners and even in non-inverters too. But i am listing here features available in inverter series models:

Healthy De-Humidification

As usual almost every hot and cold conditioner has basic features like cooling mode, heating mode, Auto mode, but other than that, there are few features which are included for giving more than what you expect from an air conditioner. So, during this mode, AC after sensing room temperature, will automatically set the room temperature and airflow to the best condition for DE-humidification process.

Why it is called Healthy De-Humidification because during this mode, room temperature set by AC is according to optimization algorithm responding to current room status, so that room condition is kept healthy and comfortable even on days with high humidity.

Auto Clean

Upon activating auto clean mode, moisture left in IDU after cooling mode or DE-humidification operation shall be removed automatically. So, whenever the unit is turned off, the indoor fan would still be running for 30 minutes internally without cooling or DE-humidification operation and this results in drying up of any remains of moisture and cleans the IDU internally.

If you want to cancel the auto clean operation, just press the respective button of auto clean again.

Plasma Purification

Plasma Cyclotron filter is the in-house technology developed by LG to provide remedy to consumers for getting rid of microscopic contaminants in the intake air by generating a plasma of high charge electrons which kills and destroys the contaminants completely to provide clean and hygienic air.

Energy Saving Cooling Mode

Energy saving mode operate AC efficiently by setting body-adaption time according to the change of time and temperature and by adjusting desired temperature automatically and saves energy during cooling operation.

Sleep Mode

Although sleep mode operation looks like basic reverse timer with increments of 1-hour and can be set upto 1 to 7 hours, but the special part about this is it will operate the IDU at super low speed in cooling mode and low speed in heating mode.

During cooling or De-humidification mode with sleep mode, the setting temperature will rise automatically two times by 1 deg C over next consecutive 30 minutes (max 2 deg C) for a comfortable sleep. This shall not left you chilling at middle of the night and ensures a comfortable sleep. This shall also be the final temperature as long as sleep mode is functioning.

Air Flow Control

You can control air flow at 6-steps on Vertical vane and 5-step on Horizontal louver. This justifies the 4-way swing by giving capability to direct air flow in various directions.

LG AC Air Flow

Great Looking Remote Controller

LG Inverter V AC Remote Controller
LG Inverter V AC Remote Controller

First look of remote controller of this air conditioner will make you fall in love with it. LG has done complete justice by providing a beautiful remote controller and this is the only way to control all features of this air conditioner, since there are no buttons on IDU to control anything. Below picture demonstrate the all the LED symbols and physical buttons it has (taken from product manual):

LG Inverter V AC Remote Controller Symbols

You can know more about all the features it controls in product manual. There is no point currently including those in review as i had already explained all major features above. So, next time upon purchasing your AC, don’t just throw away the manual but take out 20-30 min for reading the manual too. Trust me it’s totally worth it.

LG Inverter V AC Air Quality and Cooling

This air conditioner is amazing in Cooling or Heating department. With an air flow of 689 CFM, it has the highest air flow rate compared to any air conditioner available in market. You can feel the air flow even when you’re 30 feet away from the air conditioner.

Air Flow upto 30 Feet Away

And air is so pure because of Plasmaster Cyclotron along with Virus and Allergy filter and Triple filter that if the AC is running from last half n hour and you enter the home after coming from work, you’ll suddenly realize the difference of inside and outside air. You’ll be amazed by the level of purity of air inside and that is also moisture and odour free.

There are few things worth mentioning here:

Monsoon Comfort

Other than using the AC for cooling purpose during summers or heating during winters, it also fulfill the purpose to provide the user a wonderful experience during high humidity days.

Usually during monsoons, indoor temperature remains lowers than normal season days but humidity gets higher. Even there remains risk of disease risk like Malaria, Cholera and Typhoid. Then usually conventional AC’s in De-humidification mode, cool down room temp. too much along with cost of high electricity consumption which doesn’t results in a favorable condition for user.

The remedy for this is that LG gives the feature of De-humidification with a difference (available in all models except L-Ultra series). It provides more optimum indoor environment by subdividing temperature control when indoor temperature is below 29 deg C. And optimum indoor environment is determined through various test of variables which affect thermal comfort level.

Monsoon Comfort LG air conditioners

Thus, the major benefit of monsoon comfort is to provide optimum indoor temperature by maintaining appropriate ratio of temperature and humidity. It also helps in saving energy up to 36%.

Electricity Consumption by Inverter V air conditioner

Electricity consumption is the biggest point because of which buying an inverter series air conditioner is recommended. Hence, lemme tell you my observations on electrical consumption mine AC is consuming.

Since this is an inverter V air conditioner, you cannot calculate exact electricity consumption by this beast. This is the reason why there are no norms of star ratings on inverter series air conditioners.

So, electricity consumption in one month approx shall be:

  1. I am assuming 8 hours normal working hours of air conditioner (1.5 Ton) in a day.
  2. Since in inverter series air conditioner, compressor runs all the time with variable speed for providing better average and less electricity consumption, so here i am assuming that upon running AC for 8 hours, it actually consumed electricity for 70% of its total run. That means compressor full run shall be  70% of 8 hours = 5.6 hours/day.
  3. This 70% value is just approx and can vary between 50-70% as per my observation.

  4. Electricity consumption shall be 1490 watts/hr which means it’ll consume (1490/1000) 1.49 Units/hour 
  5. Actual Units of electricity consumed per day = (5.6 x 1.49) = 8.35 units
  6. Assuming electricity rate per unit = Rs. 4.5
  7. Electricity consumed per day in price = (8.35 x 4.5) = Rs. 38
  8. Electricity consumed per month = (Rs. 38 x 30 days) = Rs. 1140/-

Hence, this proves that even doing one time investment can save you from big electricity in long run.

LG After Sales Service for AC’s

LG after sales service is so much better than other companies that they are years ahead in the map of service networks they had all over India. Also their 211 service is a complete success which constitutes, once you register your complaint, LG service engineer will call you back in 2 hours (hence 2), set up an appointment for the next convenient day for you (hence the first 1), and show up in the promised 1-hour slot (hence the second 1). If the next convenient day for you is the next day, that’s great too.

I didn’t had a chance yet to call customer care for my AC after installation since it didn’t had any problem till now for which i may could raise any complaint, Touchwood :). But even i called them to send the person for installation, they sent the person next very day as per mine convenient time. Even when everything is done, LG customer care will call you once after 1 or 2 days, for taking your feedback that whether the person visited to you on time or not, did he accomplished the assigned task well, how was his behavior and other few small things. This shows how much customer feedback matters to them for improving their service.

LG is very active on social networks as well like on Facebook and Twitter. You can contact them their also anytime if you face any issue with your any LG product.

Also LG was the first company to bring inverter technology in India and thus they know this market very well and takes proper feedback of customer for providing them best after sales service.

Final Verdict

If you had the budget for buying this air conditioner, there is no other choice you need to look at. Buying this air conditioner is like doing one time investment and forget it for years. It actually suits and enhances your luxury lifestyle as well. Owing such AC is to something you would be proud of and take my words, you’ll never be disappointed in any manner after owing it.

So, what are your thoughts about this air conditioner and if you own it, how’s your experience with it, lemme know in comments?

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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  1. Going to buy LG Inverter V.

    Hope I can trust your review. I am going to purchase 7 of these Inverter V AC’s for my office.

    Ac mechanics recommended only OGeneral / Daikin but LG sales was so convincing to me. However, mouthshut reviews sounded very negative and seemed to confuse me a bit.

    Will this AC have a long life? Also,the AC mechanic is saying that only OGeneral comes with 100% copper coils and it will last longer. Is this true?


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        mr ankit first let me appreciate you for your eye for the detail and that too for the benefit of AC CUSTOMERS. thanks for your time and energy.
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    2. LG Inverter V Worst Performance, No cooling


      I bought LG Inverter V on 3rd April 2015 from Reliance Digital, Calicut. They installed it with some vendors and they didn’t even show a demo for my parents on my absence. My parents were complaining that it was not working fine. Hence I went to my native place and checked. It doesn’t even cool the room after working for 24 hrs!!
      After complaining, their technical team came and says that the problem arose due to fluctuation of electricity!! We have refrigerator, TV, Computer, Pump Sets, Washing Machines etc in our house, which never had these complaints. I checked the electricity flow and found there was no fluctuation of electricity.

      1. The hard working professionals are the sufferers along with the consumers.

        You are absolutely right. But the dealer always counts on his margin. Professional technician has fixed charges as profession. But un-professionals are cheaper for the dealer. So he prefers un-professional who just executes the work sans professionalism and knowledge. But helps the dealer gain more. The branded companies suffer un-knowingly. But no company CEO has covered this aspect. Its the competition of sale rather than quality. I as a technician in this field for more than 30 years experience has specifically identified the drawbacks of the promoters. Presently the end user is the Guinea-pig for research benefiting the so called branded makes of various companies.

  2. Please Recommed a good ac

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    4) Diakin has 0.75 Ton Inverter AC – http://compareindia.in.com/specification/acs-split/daikin-ftks25evma/321112

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      I have one more question which will help me arrive at my decision.

      LG states its noise level to be 19db which is almost half of Diakin and other major brands. Even O’General state its noise level to be 22db.
      A competition dealer suggested me that LG must have stated the noise level of sleep mode.

      I mean can they really do that or its really 19db???


    2. Hi Ankit,

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  4. Condensation "Sweating"

    I have two LG Inverter V air conditioning units overall they are very good. My problem is condensation or sweating around the fittings for the liquid/gas (refrigerant) connections on the outdoor unit. I live in a high humidity area and my homeowners association is starting to complain about the “water”. Do you have any recommendations?

  5. Samsung Inverter Series AR5000 Series

    Dear Ankit – What is ur opinion about Samsung AR5000 Inverter Series with a new design concept of Traingular indoor unit. How do you rate this product in comparision to LG inverter AC

    1. Samsung Inverter Series AR5000 Series

      Appreciate your prompt reply.

      As per my knowledge the Samsung AR5000 Seriers is now available in Indian market, it was launched some where in Jan 2014. Check out the link below :

      I got a quote of aboutfor 1 TON AC (Model) as below (For your information I am a resident of Mumbai city)

      Model (AR12HV5NBWK) = 36000 Rs
      Mounting Bracket = 850 Rs
      Piping = 250 Rs (per feet as required).

      For comparision please see the LG Inverter model (1.0TR,COOLING ONLY,BS-Q126B8A4) — http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac/lg-BS-Q126B8A4

      I was initially thinking of buying LG L-Zyya Series(Model -LSA3ZR3M1,Only Cold,1 TON,MRP=32490). On the advice of sales executive i though of checking out the details of this new Samsung AC.

      Also note Samsung assures 10 year warranty on Digital Inverter compressor and 3 year warranty on Multi-Jet Technology (MJT) Condenser.

      With such a extended period of warranty it seems Samsung is confident about the product performance.

      The design and built quality is fantastic from my initial look at the demo model that i saw in display. Please give your opinion.

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    2. LG inverter v AC comes only with Aluminium alloy Multi Flow condenser not Copper

      Now a days these both AC dnt have Copper coil( LG BS-Q126B8R8 / LG BSA12IMA) even though u are supporting LG brand..is there any specific reason??

      will you please tell the difference between Condenser 100% copper coil (ONIDA 100% COPPER) and copper coil with Fin – Hydrophylic Aluminium, Blue Fin(VOLTAS)???

  9. Ankit ji

    As you say Q186c8R6 have
    skin care, E-saver and auto clean

    But as far as i know Q186c8R2 have E- saver and auto clean mode

    Only difference between R2 and R6 is

    R2 is not having
    1. Skin care
    2. Virus and allergy safe filter
    3. Plasmaster cyclotron filter
    4. Tripple filter

    R2 is around 45000 and R6 is 50000

    Can i really need to spend 5000 for those 4 filters

    And R2 is 2013 model and R6 is 2014

    Please suggest me

  10. sir ji

    As i know both BS-Q186C8R2 & BS-Q186C8R6
    Have E saver mode please confirm

    As i would like to go for e – saver mode

    Please confirm.the price
    R2 -45000
    R6- 50000

  11. finally opted BS-Q186C8R6

    Sir i have finally opted R6 .

    I have one query

    It has
    Power Input (Watts)1470/2300

    I dont understand 2300 .

    Can it consumes lots of power

    1. 1470 is the minimum to which the compressor would run, during the time of low requirement. 2300 is the peak wattage to which the compressor will run at the time of high requirement. No need to worry about as inverter compressor keeps on switching between wattages to keep your bill in check

  12. I have purchased the LG Inverter model BS-Q126B8R4 last month and so far I can say that I am thoroughly impressed by this AC. To start off, the looks of this AC is classy and elegant, as you can see from the pics posted above. It is unbelievably silent, both IDU and ODU and the cooling is super quick and smooth.

    I have installed a 1TR Inverter on a 130 Sq ft room in middle floor of a three storied building and it cools just fine. I was a bit apprehensive about buying a 1 ton unit for my room of 130 sq ft but the LG sales guy assured me that a 1 ton inverter AC is equivalent to 1.25 non-inverter AC and I can now see that it is indeed true.

    Also with the R410A refrigerant, the cooling is almost instant and doesn’t leave any foul smell in the room unlike those with R22. I can say this because I have a Samsung Crystal 1.5 ton that I purchased last year and it does leave a pungent odour after running for sometime. But the LG Inverter AC leaves no such odour in your room.

    I strongly recommend anyone planning to buy a split AC to consider these LG Inverter V air conditioners. I am a kind of guy who is hard to impress and look for perfection in everything, I blasted Samsung on their crappy air conditioners which you can read in the Samsung AC reviews page on this site. But I can safely and strongly suggest that with LG Inverter V, you won’t be disappointed. I know these ACs are costly than the conventional ones, but even so, I would suggest you take one of these instead of the normal ones.

    You will just fall in love with this AC, like I did within days of running it.

    Thank you!

    1. 1+ for BS-Q126B8R4

      I have also bought LG BS-Q126B8R4 inverter 1 Ton AC recently. Great review and I second it.
      Surprisingly LG has removed this model and brought a new model with less features than this BS-Q126B8A4.

      1. To start off I can see that the price has been bumped by almost 9K than the previous model. I bought mine for Rs 38500 and now it costs about 47,000. That’s an insane rise in price and they have added the Monsoon Comfort feature, not sure how that justifies this steep rise in price

        The rest of the features I see remains the same.

    2. LG shoppe bad relationship

      Yesterday , 20th May, I went to LG Shoppe at St. Inez Panjim Goa. The guy at counter is owner said it is Rs. 55000. I said this is expensive . He got wild . He asked which one I am comparing to . I said Daikin at 43000. He called up someone and confirmed that I was right. I did not like his style and manners. He considered me as dumpy and as I had read about Mosquito feature , I asked him how it works. He talked as expected that there is fragrance release .and mosquito run . I then explained him . Then he cooled down. Now I dont feel like going to that shop.

      1. Hi Ankit, what is the equivalent model available in the market. As I can find only 2 model in inverter series but model no does not match with your. And i dont know tht hot and cold option is there with running model or not. Could you suggest ?

  13. BS-Q186C8R6

    Ankit ji

    I have one query

    It has
    Power Input (Watts)1470/2300

    I dont understand 1470/2300 .

    What is 2300 watt.

    Can it consumes lots of power

  14. Please advise which one is good

    I am going to buy inverter type -1 Ton AC .

    Panasonic – CS-S12PKY (or) Lg – BS-Q126B8R4

  15. Hello Ankit,

    I am going to purchase a inverter series ac for my room. And I have read out your review and it really impress me. Though I am still on buying Daikin Inverter Ac but LG Inverter V is also really impressive. I have gone through Daikin website and find out that you didn’t compare the latest Daikin Inverter Series in your comparison list which is FTX Heap pump series specially FTXR Series Inverter Ac which has tons of features along with very attractive specification. The Daikin model you have compared is FTK (really FTK!!!!) series which is not too good compare to LG inverter V series model. So I need your suggestion on that. Here is the feature list of daikin FTXR series: http://www.daikinindia.com/pdf/split-pdf/2014/FTXR.pdf

  16. Comparison of LG Split AC AS-W186C2U1 with Diakin Split AC FTXR50KVMA

    This Diakin model you mentioned was not available when i wrote this article. That time i choose the best model available. And now since when I have gone through the specs of you model, i can still confidently claim that this LG model is still better when compared with FTXR Series Inverter AC FTXR50KVMA. I don’t know which features you’re talking about related especially to only pump. I went through the catalogue of it and realized that they just mentioned the usual working procedure of their pump as a feature. This doesn’t proves it as better. I am really curious to know from you which lots of features you’re talking about. And let’s compare it’s major specs:

    Comparison of LG Split AC AS-W186C2U1 with Diakin Split AC FTXR50KVMA:

    Power used in power saver mode: Cooling Capacity (in Watts): LG = 900 Diakin = 1550
    Power used in power saver mode: Heating Capacity (in Watts): LG = 900 Diakin = 1300
    Rated cooling capacity (in watts): LG = 5200 Diakin = 4880
    Rated Heating capacity (in watts): LG = 6300 Diakin = 6200

    Running current (lower the better)
    Running current in cooling mode (in Amp): LG = 6.6 Diakin = 7.2
    Running current in heating mode (in Amp): LG = 7.3 Diakin = 7.3

    Power consumption (lower the better)
    Power consumption in cooling mode (in watts): LG = 1490 Diakin = 1470
    Power consumption in heating mode (in watts): LG = 1650 Diakin = 1490

    COP (Higher the better)
    COP (W/W): LG = 3.47 Diakin = 3.32
    COP (W/W): LG = 3.32 Diakin = 3.97

    Noise level (lower the better)
    Noise level: LG = 29 Diakin = 44

    Air Flow (higher the better)
    Air Flow in cooling mode (in cfm): LG = 689 Diakin = 470
    Air Flow in heating mode (in cfm): LG = 689 Diakin = 494

    As you can see, whatever any company claims, I believe if air flow is lower, cooling shall happen slower and you’ll end up running AC in rated or full power mode for higher time. Thus it’ll not help much in power savings even if it’s an inverter AC. There is a big air flow difference better LG and Diakin, and even when Diakin may win in power consumption in very small gap, it does loses in race of effective cooling because of lower air flow.

  17. Plasma & 3M Filter on 1Tr Inverter

    Hi Ankit – I was today cleaning the dust filter of my LG Inverter AC (1 ton) when I noticed that it doesn’t have the Plasma Filter or the Allergy filter/ 3M filter as mentioned in the manual. Could you please confirm is those filters are not available in the 1 ton model?


  18. Thanks for the confirmation. But when I removed the dust filter, I just saw the heat exchanger, no other filters were present

    I also checked the top of the unit, but unlike the 1.5 ton one, I couldn’t see any filter on the top of it as well

  19. BTW, Just to let you know that I got a 3M filter that was loose in the box and not attached to the AC unit. Do I need to attach it myself to the IDU?

  20. Inverter AC


    I came across this blog while researching for some ACs and found that there are a couple of facts not represented correctly.

    My first point relates to Inverter AC being a superior product vs the convectional AC. Inverter AC is more energy efficient if you are using the AC through out the day or night. But if you turn on the AC only for 4 hours in the night, it makes sense to go with the conventional AC. I stay in Bangalore and we experience summer for 2 – 3 months max. Hence the dealers over here suggest 3 star AC. So the number of hours the AC is used and the place you live should determine the AC type. Inverter AC are energy efficient only if you use them throughout the day. Otherwise they are least efficient power consumption units. That’s why they are not rated in the star system, because if you rate them on a per hour basis they will be getting a single star.

    My second point is you have not compared them with Samsung which is among the top 2-3 largest selling brands in India. I also believe that Mitsubishi has the best compressor in India but you have not included them in the review as well.

    1. Ankit, I hope you understand how the star ratings are given. it is calculated on the basis of consumption per hour. If you calculate the consumption of an Inverter for an hour, it works out to be the highest. If it is run for more than 10 hour in a day on an average you will get the least electricity consumption. That’s why I said Inverter ACs are suited for people who use the ACs for long periods. If Inverters are rated they won’t get a single star. That’s why it was decided not to include them in the star category.

      Secondly, Samsung has 18 percent share in the Indian and you say that Samsung is the least popular. Also check what is the cooling capacity of any 1.5 tonnage Mitsubishi Inverter ac and then talk.

      Just because I don’t agree with your views, please don’t comment that I’m spreading dealer myths. Learn to respect others views even if they are different from yours


      1. Use Calculator

        @ Vinod, Kindly use your brain. If one hour is 1470 W then 10 hrs is ???
        @Ankit, Good analysis, However New Samsung series is a must see. Check AR18HV5DAWK 1.5 TR http://www.samsung.com/in/consumer/home-appliances/air-conditioner/split-air-conditioner/AR18HV5DAWKNNA ..It seems to be too good.It even has virus doctor (plasma)
        If only COP is considered, Hitachi is also good
        I am searching for R2 and R6 in Nagpur It is not available (only A4 available with no plasma) with any dealer and that is why misselling is rampant

        1. Samsung sells factory seconds air conditioners through online sellers

          The strategy is that to keep the cost low as said earlier by utilizing scrapped parts and sell it to Indians where they get from other developed countries in scrap

          The second part comes the service, all you can experience is technicians come and go and try to make a name out of it without solving any issues. and after your warranty period is over then they proceed the same method but now you need to pay them for visiting and parts…

          This will not stop until we have strict consumer laws.

          I bought samsung inverter AC and from day 1 i had many issues like low cooling high power consumption and big whining & hissing sound from the compressor. The even low cooling stopped one day and broke. Imagine how many people came and every time they say “ITS NORMAL” story. I fought back and got refunded. Thanks to Akosha.com I am happy with my LG invert er AC. PLEASE BEWARE OF SAMSUNG AIR CONDITIONERS…

  21. Please Advice Better AC up to 40K

    Hello sir i’m looking forward to buy an AC….can you please advice me one my budget is 40K.
    and also tell me the power efficient and best in cooling up to that range.

  22. Interest to buy a LG Inverter 1 Ton AC - Need your Suggestion


    This is Mani from Salem. Need your suggestions on buying an AC inverter.

    My Room size is 11×11(121 Sq.ft) which is just above the terrace. There is a Computer table, a Beero where we will store our Cloths and a Single bed cart in the same room. There are 4 members in my home. There is always dusts in my room. Plan to buy a 1 Ton Inverter AC. I went to most of the shops and the sales people are recommending their own single brand. I hope they will get more commission if they sell a particular brand. These are the main features which I am looking in an Inverter AC;

    * Power/Energy Efficiency
    * Dust/Virus Filtration
    * Less Noise
    * Customer service after sales.

    I have few doubts as follows;

    * The sales man told me that there is no need of Stabilizer for an Inverter AC. Is this True?
    * In a room where we fit 1 ton inverter AC, if suppose we are sleeping around 6 to 8 people, what will happen?(Relations kids are coming in Summer)

    My Choices are either LG or Panasonic. But after I read your review, my heart says to buy LG 1 Ton Inverter (Model – BS-Q126B8A4). So kindly clear my doubts and also share your suggestions. Thanks for your valuable time. Takecare.

    1. Dont go for Q126B8A4, it does not have plasma filter.
      Go for Q126B8R4 or Q126B8R8. These models additionally have plasma filter and also skincare, four way auto-swing features.
      You will face hard time finding these models with your local dealers but its worth.

      1. Thanks

        Hi Ankit,

        Thanks for your valuable feedback. Finally I bought this LG 1 Ton inverter model – Q126B8R8. All I can say is Awesome. Excelling cooling performance and the best thing is 19 db sound. I checked the no.of units which it takes by running AC upto 8 hours continuously and its taking only 5 units even in the High Chill Mode. So happy on using LG AC. Happy Summer :)

        @Rohan – Thanks for your suggestion. Cheers.

        1. Great buy Mani :)

          Could you plz mail me a snapshot of your remote controller to rohan26may at gmail dot com ?
          I am interested in comparing it with my R4 to see what I am missing :)


  23. Which one is best

    i had a doubt about inverter and inverter V model in LG. what is the diffent between two of them.

    and how about the new technology in LG for himalaya colling

  24. Want to buy LG BS-Q186C8R6 inverter Ac after so many search and reviews from this and other website.

    But now i came to know from LG showroom that this model is not available .

    From where should i get this model since dealer say i cannot call this model

    Can you please send me review of Onida inverter Ac INV18SLH8 and compare it with LG model

  25. I am from Raipur Chhattisgarh .

    And i have contacted all the dealer of the state and all of them told me that there is shortage of inverter model.

    It is not availale in depo also

    So i think onida will be the best option . if i will not get lg i will go for onida

  26. Does it works at ambiet heat

    Hi ankit
    I agree with u tht lg v series inverter ac is having awesome cooling capacity I have Bs q186C8r2 cooling , but I’m bit confuse tht it can cool at ambiet 52 degree temprature like hitachi tropical inverter

    1. I live in Punjab here temprature rise upto 48 at this temprature most Ac trips I have hitachi , loyds and o general , loyds doesn’t work even lg in my office trips . So I m bit confuse

    2. Hi ankit I just want to know lg inverter (r2 )model ac can work on 46 /48 degrees or compressor will trip like mine previous lg ac which usually trip At 42 degree.

  27. Deepu can i know is R2 model giving you good cooling

    And does it has Energy saver buttin on Remote
    Alsi i would like to know your room size and cooling

    1. R2 cooling is awesome

      Hi anurag R2 model cooling is very good , mine room size 175 sq feet on top floor it also have e saving mode , u can compare it . Ankit have provided link in one of his comment

  28. Ankit i would like to know


    I would like to know if i buy BS-Q186C8R6 from Nagpur which is other state . ia there any problem with warranty..

  29. Vertical Swing Question

    Hey Ankit

    I have a quick question about the vertical swing of LG Inverter AC and was hoping you could throw some light on it

    Let’s say I am running my ac with the vertical swing full on ( the large white swing louvre at the front), while running in this condition I switch the AC off.

    After 4-5 hrs when I switch on the AC again, the remote display shows that the vertical swing is activated (since I turned it off while it was on), but the vertical swing doesn’t happen. I have to press the swing button 4-5 times to put it back full swing.

    One caveat is that this does not happen all the time, but yes, most of the time

    Have you observes thia with your AC or do you have any idea why this could be happening?

    I haven’t booked a call with LG over this yet


  30. Yeah I see what you’re saying..but I was actually referring to the previous condition on which it was turned off and not that what key was pressed on the remote while the AC was off. The AC on restart should work as it was at the time of switching off and that’s what is not happening with this unit.

    I have already booked a call with LG and will update you on the findings. Keep a lookout for similar issue on your inverter as well


  31. Confusion

    Hi Ankit

    I have gone through the entire blog and I getting some positive vibes about LG inverter V because of your reviews and analysis ,earlier I also heard a a lot about Daikin and OGenral.

    I have some LG products facing no problems in them (touch wood) and after sale service is also good but what I am confused about is the power consumption of inverter ac and a normal 3-4 star AC I request you to share a bit detailed comparison of power consumption if possible so that the picture become clear. I am not good in electronics. I want to rely on your statement and go for LG inverter V but I am curious to understand the technology also.

    In addition if possible cloud you please share a comparison between LG and O genral inverter AC.

    Thanks a lot for all your help.

    Arjun Vashisht

  32. Recommendation


    Also if you could suggest any blog based on Inverters, I am planning to buy one but have some questions, or if you could help me out for the same.

    Thanks… :)

  33. Clafication

    In addition please explain the difference between the power consumption of 5 star AC and Invertver AC, you can refer LG model – L-NOVA PLUS , 1.5TR 5STAR.

    I didn’t found much difference but in terms of price there is a huge gap.


  34. Need more Comments

    HI Ankit

    Thank you for your reply

    In your above answer you said it is difficult to say about the power consumption of an Inverter AC but I guess you forgot that you have explained in the trail about the power consumption of the same product as mentioned below..

    Since in inverter series air conditioner, compressor runs all the time with variable speed for providing better average and less electricity consumption, so here i am assuming that upon running AC for 8 hours, it actually consumed electricity for 70% of its total run. That means compressor full run shall be 70% of 8 hours = 5.6 hours/day.

    Electricity consumption shall be 1490 watts/hr which means it’ll consume (1490/1000) 1.49 Units/hour
    Actual Units of electricity consumed per day = (5.6 x 1.49) = 8.35 units
    Assuming electricity rate per unit = Rs. 4.5
    Electricity consumed per day in price = (8.35 x 4.5) = Rs. 38
    Electricity consumed per month = (Rs. 38 x 30 days) = Rs. 1140/-

    Hence, this proves that even doing one time investment can save you from big electricity in long run.

    All I requested was that if it is possible please share the same thing about 3-5 star rated AC. It would be helpful for most of us to make decision about buying an Inverter AC or not in cost perspective.I don’t think so that my run will be more than 8 – 10 hours a day so if there is no big difference in electricity consumption between the 4-5 star AC as compare to Inverter AC then why not a normal one but cost difference is there so one have to think about his/her pocket as well.

    Also ,If you could please help in buying an Inverter or suggest some awesome blog like this. Hope you will understand and please share your valuable comments for LG vs OGeneral.

    Waiting for your reply eagerly.

    Thank you

  35. Hi Ankit

    I found after going through your website that the LG Inverter AC is value for money. I’m planning to buy LG Inverter AC BS- Q126B8A4 or BS- Q126B8R8. I came across a new product from Samsung – Digital Inverter AC AR12HV5NBWK 1.0 TR. which I found to be interesting. Could you please throw some light through comparison & review on the above mentioned LG & Samsung product.

    Thanks & Regards


    1. Inverter AC

      we are in the final stage of buying inverter AC we have considered Samsung Digital Inverter AC triangle,AR12HV5NBWK1.0 TR,LG inverter v, & Panasonic Eco navi inverter, request your inputs urgently as we need buy today. Good day!

  36. LG vs Sharp inverter ac - time to finalize

    Hi Ankit

    First of all thanks for the nice review & analysis. I want to buy an inverter ac, but not able to select between LG BS-Q126B8A4 1 TON (BS-Q126B8R8 model not available in my nearby showrooms!) & SHARP AH-XP13PHT 1.1 TON. The points right now I’m considering are (as other features are more or less same) –


    pros – getting plasmacluster ion filter with 2-3k less in price
    cons – no temperature display, instead it has power consumption display

    LG BS-Q126B8A4

    pros – ASS better than SHARP (at least i think so)
    cons – don’t have plasmaster ionizer with 2-3k more in price, not sure if it has temperature display(i like it :) ).

    Waiting for a quick suggestion to get rid of my confusions and buy the better product.



  37. Which Inverter AC in 2014?

    Which inverter AC would u suggest in 2014 models as the review was all about 2013 models?

  38. hitachi ace inverter or lg inverter v

    I believe hitachi ace inverter specs are more promising than lg inverter v. Please review these 2014 models and let me know the difference an which one to go for …

    1. Why hitachi is bad ?

      Bad experience in terms of after sales service wise or operational problems?

  39. Hitachi,Panasonic,LG which one to go for?

    Finally decided on these models (1.5 ton). Please tell me which one to go for and why I’m pretty confused each having unique features (Ex: Panasoinc econavi features are damn good). Kindly tell me as soon as possible which one to go for

    1. Panasoinc http://panasonic.asia/in/airconditioner/product-details.html?CS-S18PKYP

    2. LG inverter V http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac/lg-BS-Q186C8R6

    3. Hitachi http://www.hitachi-hli.com/productdetail/Ace-Inverter/

    I’m kind of inclined towards panasonic but no one is encouraging to buy ac from panasonic. Please reply as soon as possible.

  40. air conditioner

    Hi ANKIT I want to buy an inverter split ac for my bedroom 160 sq. ft in the ground floor .I live in kochi kerala Two windows are there . walls of the room are not over exposed to sun. My usage is 8 hrs a day 5 days a week at 26 degrees. Actually what tonnage do i need. I came across a model Toshiba 1.1 ton RAS-13N3KCV-IN The power consumption is 1070 watts and btu/hr is 13000 EER 3.27 .Another model 5 star rated mitsubishi heavy industries cjv series 1.1 ton .Power consumption 900 watts . Cooling capacity is 12300btu/hr .EER 3.38 And the brochure says it covers area upto 172 sq. ft . When enquired about lg 1.1 tonnage is not there so i must go for a 1.5 tonnage so the power consumption will be higher( 900 &1070 waats compared to 1470 watts for lg 1.5 ton ) Now lg is importing from china not korea .So if i need 1.5 tonnage inverter which brand should i go for having best cooling capacity,less power consumption,high eer,100% copper, r410 a gas ,fully imported .Please give me your valuable advise

  41. Cooling effectivness of LG Inverter 1 Ton VS LG Terminator 1.5 Ton

    I would like to buy 5 Air Conditioners for my home in coastal part of Andhra Pradesh. Generally the weather is humid and quite hot. For 3 rooms I made up my mind to buy 1 Ton inverters. But for other two rooms I’m torn between 3 star 1.5 AC or 1 Ton inverter AC.

    Independent house and well ventilated all around.

    Room 1 – No floor above – 198 Sq Ft – ODU will be exposed to sun.
    Room 2 – No floor above – 176 Sq Ft – ODU will have tree shade.

    For normal AC, 1.5 is the sufficient to cool the room. Since people claim that inverter AC are more effective, will 1 Ton LG inverter AC work for above rooms?

  42. O General ASGA18JCC

    After reading your review i have finalized LG BS-Q186c8R6 but i am unable to get it in my state chhattigarh

    now i have finalized O General ASGA18JCC .please compare it wit LG ac

    can i go for O General ASGA18JCC

  43. please compare and suggest

    I have finalised few ac please compare and tell me for which ac 1.5 inverter should i buy

    As LG BS Q 186c8r6 is not available i ahve taken

    1. Carrier superia 365
    2. Panasonic TS 18PKY
    3. Hitachi Ace / iclean
    4. Onida INV 18 SLH8
    5. O general Asga18jcc

  44. please compare and suggest the best one

    I think carrier is best option ease compare and suggest
    1. Carrier superia 365
    2. Panasonic TS 18PKY
    3. Hitachi Ace / iclean
    4. Onida INV 18 SLH8
    5. O general Asga18jcc

  45. please compare the above selected Inverter ac and suggest the best option

    1. Carrier superia 365
    2. Panasonic TS 18PKY
    3. Hitachi Ace / iclean
    4. Onida INV 18 SLH8
    5. O general Asga18jcc

  46. Whether to consider Inverter AC

    I am in Bhopal and whether is not so extreme here. During summers and winters i may be using AC for longer durations but almost half a year i mayuse it only for short durations. Should i go for inverter type AC with heat/cool option or a regular one?

    The pricing for LG/Daikin seems similar though. Which one to consider. Voltas has its all weather 1.5 ton model for just 41000 with installation. Bluestar has for 50000, whereas LG/Daikin would cost 65000. I am not very clear and would appreciate some input.

    Most dealers in Bhopal say “take regular 3 or 5 star and not worry about inverter and/or heat/cool option and in winter use a regular blower”



    Hello to All,

    I’m speaking from Brazil, I have a customer with imported equipment of brand LG model Inverter made in Korea.

    The problem is Compressor starts but the refrigerant gas is not expanding, due this reason equipment is not getting cool.

    We already made a lot of tests such as the change condenser control board, compressor etc.

    Have you had similar problem and know how we could solve it ?

  48. please suggest daikin inverter

    Suggusr me diakin inveter 1.5

    With good EER rating 3.5
    Good cooling capacity
    good air circulation

  49. Please sugest me about LG AC


    I want to buy a LG window ac 1.5 to 2 ton but i am confused about star rating which star rating is best and how much its help to save electricity bill and if compare to HOT and COLD LG window ac which one is best for me . because hot and cold AC not having star rating its mean its consume so much electricity please suggest me should i buy hot and cold window ac or only cold ac…..

  50. Can I opt for Q126B8A4?


    Im from Chennai.

    I had shortlisted Q126B8A4 model. Can i go ahead and get this if i dont get Q126B8R8.

    Or you have any other suggestions ?

    Vignesh Kannan

  51. Recently bought BS-Q186C8R6

    In your review, you had mentioned that the minimum cooling watts for this model will be 1490 . Well I could not agree with it. You have been using this AC for a while. Could you please share you electricity bill ? I think that this AC will consume less according to the temperature (appx 10 step cooling compressor speed) but it is a guess. Kindly share your EB bill as it will be crucial for others to decide if go or not. Currently this AC comes with multi flow condenser and the efficiency might get improved??

  52. BS-Q186C8R6

    My review:-

    I have searched for reviews for this model BS-Q186C8R6 and never found one that is recent. Now with owning one I know the actual reality of this air conditioner that I wish to share. I am not a guy who would bias and mislead but I have stated the facts to be helpful to others in deciding if go or not.

    I purchased it from nearest LG brand shop for a neat discount and other offers such as free insurance for six months, 4 year additional warranty for the condenser and free installation at a bargain price of 47K.


    The above does not apply for LG alone but all the other brand AC’s too.

    The design does not appeal in photos but in actual it looks great. Not as appealing as other ac’s but in neat sense it looks really good.

    features the same condenser as in automotive cars. That means no more leakages and no more trouble. Imagine the toughest environment that a car condenser is experiencing and still it is rare that it fails. The same technology is used in this A/C.

    I opted for this A/C with ionizer because it has horizontal swing and much more powerful compressor than the BS-Q186C8A4 which is a failure model as per my belief and research. I don’t affirm the same but to my sense it’s compressor and condenser is entirely different than the model here described.

    Unlike Samsung triangle A/C this model cools the entire room so where ever you stand you feel the same chilling effect. Samsung inverter A/C only cools certain region where the air flow is.and eventually it failed to cool as days passed by.

    one more great feature in the remote is you can check the current room temperature apart from the set temperature. It is really a boon to assess the ac cooling performance.

    I actually finalized SHARP & LG. I would have opted for SHARP if the customer support is great. I mean if they would have provided their customer care number in their website!. Too disappointing to know that the inventor of inverter air conditioner is hiding its customer care number. too surprising so that was the influence in my decision to opt for LG.

    I owned the triangle ac that used to make loud hissing noise and whining sound. Surprisingly this air conditioner out door unit is silent when compared to samsung’s. Samsung’s inverter AC when compared to this is a puny little thing with disappointing cooling performance and failed.

    The showroom guy said to me that the LG’s ionizer feature is a failure but any guy with common sense would not believe this nonsense. LG does not sell this ac here but globally. And on that account the sales guy’s knowledge is surprisingly disappointing.

    The installation guy told me that only one 3M filter will come along with the ac? even I found two slots for it in the AC. Hope that he would make some money selling the other half for his leisure! that he found in my AC. What to do these guys are way too clever in their deeds!

    I think that this AC would atomize some water that it condenses to provide that shivering chilling effect. Who knows?

    This AC’s maximum cooling power is around 6000 Watts that means it can cool a room faster than the lower model LG Inverter and in summer days we don’t need to have a fan running.Under jet cool button option, the room cools to 22’ C in 1/2 hour from 35’C outside temperature.

    The chilling effect is phenomenal. I mean I left the room open and it cooled all the way to hall Surprisingly

    Samsung only provide one ton indoor unit for 1.5 ton ac? and lead to failure.

    This air conditioner is little bulky but we need to accept the fact that more air goes in the better the cooling effect will be.

    There is no self cleaning button in the remote so I doubt how the self cleaning works. Even in their website it is mentioned as such.

    .The jet cool function will render phenomenal air throw and cooling that you cannot keep any news paper in you bed. I never experienced this sort of air throw in Samsung’s inverter ac.

    Unlike samsung’s out blank out door unit, this ac’s outdoor unit has a grill to protect the condenser.

    Samsung does not provide wire or connection kit but this ac includes genuine LG connection copper kit(0.8 mm thickness) for installation. and 4 chord wire supplied from the dealer.

    It operates in R410 refrigerant and that means it is more efficient and environmentally friendly. And secondly, R22 gas will be phased out in six years and that means it will get costly overtime and literally throw away your R22 ac away if replacement is not available.

    R410 gas operates at much higher pressure than that of R22 so any attempt to fix leakage will not stand well

    Lg customer care is little sloppy that you need to bare with of you want to get the right product.

    If you intend to purchase this AC, remember that the Air filter has to be cleaned every week. Literally you have to wash it in mild detergent and fix it correctly for prolonged cooling.

    My AC started to offer less cooling and when I checked the filter, It appeared clean but when I dipped in soap water, vola the mud and dirt showed itself thick.I fixed the filter after washing and phenomenal cooling with chilling effect resumed.


  53. can you share your electicity bill Ramesh sir

    Greta review Rameshji

    Even i was looking for the same model


    But unable to find it

    I would ike to ask you about the cooling capacity

    And economy mode


  54. compare lg inveter v Bs-Q186c8R6vs ogeneral ASGA18JCC

    Please compare lg inveter v Bs-Q186c8R6vs ogeneral ASGA18JCC inverter ac

    I am confuse between this model

    According to.rameshji review the lg model is good but i havr also experienced OGeneral

    Please compare

  55. Got a spare meter to aid my curiosity

    Today I fixed a spare electronic power meter that I had dedicated to the AC. The outside temperature was 32 * C and it approximately consumes 1 unit/hour. I will update the exact figures soon.

    Sorry, Anurag. Haven’t experienced O General. Some say it is the best but not sure about it.

  56. BS-Q186C8R6 Power consumption

    Yesterday it was raining here in Chennai and humidity was high. The out side temperature was 32*C. I have a digital clock that displays temperature in my hall. I couldn’t check the humidity though. I switched on the AC by about 10.08 PM and the meter reading was 522.35. I switched off the AC the next day by 7:00 AM. The reading was 527.05. I did not use the economy mode. I just used cooling mode with 20*C set temperature. So total units consumed during this period was 4.7 units!!!! I think this is a miracle that any AC would consume more. But I don’t know for sure!!!

    I will update regularly about different outside climate temperature and power consumption figures. Only yesterday I started to track.

  57. Great feedback

    Ramesh ji

    if your readings are true it will be the best review for me

    please keep updating


  58. LG BS-Q186C8R6 Power consumption

    Update:- 02-07-2014

    The out side temperature was 34 C. I switched on the AC by about 10.00 PM and the meter reading was 532.75. I switched off the AC the next day by 6:30 AM. The reading was 540.40. I did not use the economy mode. I just used cooling mode with 20*C set temperature. So total units consumed during this period was 7.61 units for 8:30 Hrs.

  59. LG BS-Q186C8R6 Power consumption

    Hi Anurag,

    I am an engineer and work at FORD motor company. I was confused in deciding an AC so I wanted others to have a detailed review of the latest LG inverter AC. It should be helpful for others to decide, so the effort. After all LG is India’s No 1 Sales company in AC.

  60. LG BS-Q186C8R6 Power consumption

    Please note that the cooling capacity of this AC is from 899 watts to 6008 watts and the rated power watts was 1470/2300. So as per the rated 1470 watts this AC is expected to consume 1.47 units per hour but surprisingly it only consumed 0.9 units average. and cooling watts will be 6008/2300= 2.61 cooling watts / electricity watt. So for 8.5 hrs/7.65 units = 900 Elec watts we get 2351 cooling watts in average in night. So in average sense it lowered its capacity to 0.71 TON AC!!!

    YEH GADI KITNA DETHI HAI is a mantra in India. This AC fulfills that.

  61. Ramesh ji Great Review

    Ramesh Ji Great Review

    I think you should write a complete review as suggested by Ankit ji

    Now i will definitely go for your model and wait untill i dont get LG inverter AC in my Area

  62. LG BS-Q186C8R6 Power consumption

    Date : 3-07-2014
    Reading @ 10:13 PM = 540.7
    Reading @ 5:30 AM = 547.5
    Power consumption = 6.8 units for 7 Hrs 17 Mins
    Average/Hour = 0.93 Units/Hour (Average)

  63. Ramesh ji I am not getting BS-Q186C8R6 in my Area

    Ramesh ji I am not getting BS-Q186C8R6 in my Area

    should i go for

    O -General
    Tonnage TR 1.5
    Capacity Range KW 5.2 (0.9~6.0)
    BTU/hr 17,742 (3,100~ 20,500)
    Moisture Removal ltr/hr 2.8
    Air flow – High m3/hr 900
    cfm 530
    Power supply Volts/Ø/Hz 220-240 / 1 / 50
    Running Current Amps 6.6
    Power Consumption Watts 1480
    EER W/W 3.51
    Indoor Unit Dimensions H x W x D mm 320 x 998 x 228
    Indoor Unit Net Weight Kg 14
    Outdoor Unit Dimensions H x W x D mm 620 x 790 x 298
    Outdoor Unit Net Weight kg 40
    Noise Level (Indoor Unit) dB 26 dB
    Connection Method Indoor-Outdoor Flare
    Connection Pipe Size (Gas/Liquid) Gas,Liquid(Inches) 1/2, 1/4
    Pipe Length Max (Pre-charged) m 30 (15)
    Height Difference m 20M
    Operating Temperature Deg. C 46°C
    Refrigerant CFC Free R410a
    Compressor Rotary Rotary

  64. Inverter V , 1.5TR Hot & Cold For Comfort Throughout The Year AS-W186C2U1

    Ankit Chugh,
    What is your experience with Hot usage?
    Many dealer saying that heater not successful & its taking more power.
    I am planning to buy “Inverter V , 1.5TR Hot & Cold For Comfort Throughout The Year AS-W186C2U1” 2014 model but just worried about “Hot” usage.
    Right now LG showroom offer me this AC-2014 model at “61,500 Rs” price.
    Please share your experience.

  65. Inverter Ac

    Hi Ankit,

    Nice to see your comments about Inverter AC. I have the following requirement. Could you please suggest the right tonnage for AC and which model will be fit for my requirments.

    1. Master Bed Room – 15′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) — 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (13′ x 12′ x 8′ )
    2. Child Bed Room – 14′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (12′ x 12′ x 8′ )
    3. Guest Bed Room – 13’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (11’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ )
    4. Drawing + Living / Dining Area – 13’6″ x 12’6″ x 8′ + 18’3″ x 12’6″ x 8′ ( with false ceiling — it is one hall devided in to 2 parts with 7′ partition )

    I was going to finalising among Daikin / Hitachi / Carrier but after reading this blog. I am not able to take the decision.

  66. Which AC to buy?????

    Hi Ankit, I am staying in Chennai and i am shifting from one city to other within three years as per my job profile.

    By reading the reviews about the Sharp & LG inverter models, i finalized these two models, but after reading your review and bit confused, as i am not getting the model (BS-Q186C8R6) in chennai and the LG showroom Owner also telling actually it was stopped due to some manufacturing defect. He did’t tell what is the problem?
    1. Can you pls suggest, if i will go with the SHARP AHXP18PHT OR LG BS-Q186C8A4 or Daikin any Inverter model.
    2. Also can you do the comparison of the both the model mentioned in detail.
    3. Whether purchasing the inverter AC is good having less usage like night time- 3 to 4 hours and day time 2-3 hours.
    4. Which brand will be best for a shifting person like me as more shifting creates- installation, de-installation and shifting through packer & movers so many times, which may hamper the product integrity?
    5. Also whether the LG model, i have mentioned is having similar quality and technical specifications except some special features like with your suggested model?
    6. If we see the services of Company, the LG remain number one but what about the Daikin and Sharp in India?
    7. Pls. suggest, if i will purchase the LG AC, shall i opt for the AMC for 5-7 years, which will cost around 6-7K?
    8. But help in future for continuous maintenance of Quality of Air Conditioner?
    9. Whether BS-Q186C8R6 is better than LG BS-Q186C8A4?

  67. Hi Pandey

    Don’t go for inverter if there is more house shifting. The gas used in inverter ac is r410a that does not do well if mixed with air due to moisture. R410A compressor uses oil that gets solidified if mixed with moisture and may result in failure
    Secondly this gas is also flammable. You get the idea if oxygen mixed with propane.

    1. If not inverter AC then Any Sharp AC with R-22 gas????

      1. If no inverter AC then which 5-Star AC brand is best in product durability and service, both.

      Also reply to the earlier asked below mentioned questions:-

      2. If we see the services of Company, the LG remain number one but what about the Daikin and Sharp in India?
      3. Pls. suggest, if i will purchase the LG AC, shall i opt for the AMC for 5-7 years, which will cost around 6-7K?
      4. But help in future for continuous maintenance of Quality of Air Conditioner?

  68. Hi Pandey

    BS-Q186C8R6 is having ionizer and the compressor unit is also different than the economy model. R6 is more powerful. You could opt for Sharp if you are determined to go for inverter model. On the other hand if you opt for normal ac then go for LG non inverter AC

    1. Any 5 star model or Inverter model with R-32 gas???

      Hi Ramesh, thanks for suggestion..yesterday i also read somewhere that, in rainy season we need not to go for Inverter ac or if we want we need to Do the vacumm for 90 minutes.
      Why Ankit Chaug ji is also not giving his comments for my query…i am waiting for his comments also.

      A) Then as per my usage like 8 hours per day, which AC i have to go for Whether:-
      a) Any Non-inverter model with R-32 gas b) Any Non-inverter model with R-22 gas c) Any Inverter Model with R-32 gas d) Any Inverter Model with R-22 gas.

      B) Whether R-32 Gas works well with Inverter model (Eg:- Daikin 1.5 Ton Inverter FTKV 50 NRV16 R-32)

      C) Whether R-32 Gas works well with Inverter model (Eg:- Daikin 2.2 Ton Inverter FTKD 71 FVM R-22 Split Air Conditioner)

      D) As per Ankit Chug review, Non inverter LG AC’s are not good, then still Ramesh why you are suggesting me for LG. And FYIP, in LG no inverter models are coming only with R-22 gas, which is going to ban from 2020, then how why we should opt for AC’s which still coming with R-22 gas?

      E) Ramesh ji from you only i came to know that R-410a gas is inflammable, then talking Inverter AC’s are dangerous as same as talking Godrej AC’s coming with R290 gas?

      Waiting for Ankit Chaug Comment also on these queries. I think reply to my query will help so many persons who are planning for Inverter AC.

  69. Go for Sharp ECO Inverter

    Hi Friends, I was very confuse when i was planning to buy inverter A/C.
    But, when i go for buy to one of shop then one sales person suggest me for Sharp Eco-Inverter below model.

    After googling i was decided to take a risk and after buying this Sharp model i realize that its real power saver as per sharp mentioning in the site.
    My first electricity bill for 25 days + minimum 8 hours per day running is 700 Rs.

    The reason for lower electricity bill is i am using sharp ECO power saver option strictly.
    Below is amazing feature provided by sharp:
    1) ECO power saver mode, 80% & 60% power setting as per user need.
    2) Plasmacluster Ion Technology.
    3) Laundry Function.
    4) Horizontal/Vertical Air Swing using remote button so it will save energy compare to automatic other brand.
    5) Super Jet / Turbo Jet — Superb quick cooling option.
    6) Gentle Cool Air System (COANDA) – Superb new logical feature added by sharp.

    I was buy(July-2014) this model in 41,500 + 1500 installation charge.
    Superb value of money, thanks to sharp for gr8 technology.

  70. wants to buy split inverter ac hot cold

    suggest me ac with hot option is right or not

  71. 1.5tr or 2tr?

    Hello Ankit and everyone,

    Great blog on the LG inverter air con and about air conditioning in general! I live in a hot humid tropical climate of Brunei and recently found myself facing the same dilemma like many others here. I have a top floor apartment which is the middle of 3 units aligned along an east-west axis. Opposite our units is another set of 3 units arranged in a similiar fashion. So in the east of my unit is the open but shaded laundry room, which is beside the closed kitchen. Then in middle is the dining and living room and the entrance, which opens into the living is on the west. The living room is separated from the kitchen by a wooden door.

    Because my unit is in the middle, there are no windows on the north/west corners. I only have glass panels, one on the east side which looks into the laundry and another one beside the main entrance. Because of this arrangement, my unit does not get a lot of sunlight and it gets quite dim even during the day. My living/dining room has floor space around 410 sq foot and ceiling height 8 foot 10 in. Based on this info, can I safely go for the 1.5 tr LG INVERTER air con model BS-Q186CAX2? It has a cooling capacity of 900/5400/6300 w (min/rated/max). More technical details avail at http://www.butterfly-group.com/index.php?id_product=80&controller=product

    The air con guy appointed by building contractor at first suggested a 2.5hp non inverter panasonic model. My guess is that he may be trying to sell a oversize AC and also, he may not have taken into account the lack of sunlight. So I am leaning more towards the LG. The question is will I be maximising the power saving benefit of the inverter and also cooling the room sufficiently by choosing this model?

    Any suggestion from Ankit or anyone will be much appreciated. Thanks.

  72. Review LG Hot and Cold Window Ac

    Hi Ankit,
    Have read your detailed review about invertor Ac.nice review.
    Pls throw some light on LG Window Hot &Cold Ac.
    I live at Noida and want to by one for my drawing room.
    I have all LG. Applicances and their after sales service is excellent in noida.

  73. Inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,

    Nice to see your comments about Inverter AC. I have the following requirement. Could you please suggest the right tonnage for AC and which model will be fit for my requirments.

    1. Master Bed Room – 15′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) — 2 ft covered with wooden work at shorter side. so effective size would be (15′ x 10′ x 8′ )
    2. Child Bed Room – 14′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at shorter side. so effective size would be (14′ x 10′ x 8′ )
    3. Guest Bed Room – 13’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (11’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ )
    4. Drawing + Living / Dining Area – 13’6″ x 12’6″ x 8′ + 18’3″ x 12’6″ x 8′ ( with false ceiling — it is one hall devided in to 2 parts with 7′ partition )

    I was going to finalising among Daikin / Hitachi / Carrier but after reading this blog. I am not able to take the decision.
    I am staying at Hyderabad where AC uses is not more that 3-4 months.

  74. Inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,

    Nice to see your comments about Inverter AC. I have the following requirement. Could you please suggest the right tonnage for AC and which model will be fit for my requirments.

    1. Master Bed Room – 15′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) — 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (15′ x 10′ x 8′ )
    2. Child Bed Room – 14′ x 12′ x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (14′ x 10′ x 8′ )
    3. Guest Bed Room – 13’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ ( with false ceiling ) – 2 ft covered with wooden work at longer side. so effective size would be (11’6″ x 10’9” x 8′ )
    4. Drawing + Living / Dining Area – 13’6″ x 12’6″ x 8′ + 18’3″ x 12’6″ x 8′ ( with false ceiling — it is one hall devided in to 2 parts with 7′ partition )

    I was going to finalising among Daikin / Hitachi / Carrier but after reading this blog. I am not able to take the decision.

    1. Inverter AC

      Hi Ankit,

      My budget is 45 – 50K per AC. I don’t need Hot and Cold AC. I need it only for cooling as I stay in Hyderabad. I also need to know whether I need inverter AC or not.


  75. Samsung AR12HV5NBWK Vs LG BS-Q126B8A4

    Hi Ankit,
    I wanted to go for 1 ton inverter ac. I found that samsung (AR12HV5NBWK) inverter AC is less priced than LG (BS-Q126B8A4). The final cost on samsung including installation charges is coming to Rs 40000 where as on LG its coming to 51000 which is bit more for my budget. so could you please let me know your view on samsung? I am very confused


  76. Reg LG Split AC Requirements

    Hi Ankit,

    Great reviews, comments and tricks :-) Thank you for the same…

    I have posted questions that i require clarification on, wrt ACs on a different post…

    Fr now, I see that you had mentioned “I wanted to ensure 100% safety for my AC from electrical surges, so i got a separate external MCB installed nearby our electricity meter and then to switch ON air conditioner, used a 32 Amp 2 Pole switch even when single pole switch was also sufficient. I would also like to suggest you to better ask those installer guys from LG and your electrician both for best options as i did the same for mine.”

    I shall check with LG installation and electrician… But, from your perspective, how important is it to get this done?

    Also, will we require 4 KVA stabilizer for 1 T as well?


  77. LG BSQ186C8A4

    Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for the fabulous explanation on LG inverter ACs. After going through your review i decided to buy LG inverter ac and purchased LG BSQ186C8A4. I got a problem with the outdoor unit. The fan of the outdoor unit runs continuously for hours and never stops even if the desired temperature is reached. I have seen samsung non inverter ac where the outdoor unit fan stops at regular intervals so i thought of reporting this error to the dealer where i have purchased. The dealers response was a bull shit he doesnt know anything about the inverter ac and said that its normal. I am not an expert but after going through you reviews i came to know a little so i couldn’t argue much with the dealer. Could you please let me know whether its normal or there is a problem with it?

    Thanks and Regards
    Reshma Sulthana

      1. LG BSQ186C8A4

        Hi Ankit,
        This AC (LG BSQ186C8A4) was working fine initially. I used to set the temperature to 22 or 23 and after sometime I used to feel the cold but the room temperature displayed on the remote was always 29 or sometimes 28. I didn’t bothered about it as the room was cool enough. But now as the temperatures has gone up my room doesn’t cool much. It looks like there is no AC. I have noticed that even if I set the room temperature to 18 and let the AC run for hours it won’t cool the room and the temperature displayed will be 28-29. It shows 35 deg at start and then after some time it drops to 28-29 and not less than that. I have reported this to LG and they have sent two technicians to my home and those guys checked and said that its normal, NO AC IN THE WORLD WILL DROP THE TEMPERATURE TO 18, NOT EVEN 21 or 22. They said that the lowest temperature any Ac will achieve is 25. When I tried to argue they said ‘’Madam we have 6 years of experience and we never saw a AC which cools the room to 18 or 22. I don’t know what to do. Could you please suggest me Ankit? Is the above statement true?


  78. LG Invetr V BS Q 186C8A4

    Pl suggest whether this invertor is good or should go to other model.

  79. kindly help with invertor ac selection

    kindly help with invertor ac selection for 2015 year 1.5 ton. thanks


    your review was very helpful to me as i was told by every one that o general and daikin is best and no other company can touch them in ac. i liked your review very much and now i am heading towards lg inverter ac. BUT HERE COMES A PROBLEM OR DOUBT. some one told me that in cases of POWER FLUCTUATIONS , inverter in inverter ac stops and it not works then until u get an service of your ac. IS THIS TRUE OR NOT. IF YOU HAVE ANY IDEA ABOUT THIS PROBLEM THEN PLEASE TELL ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE . I HAVE TO BUY AC IN NEXT TWO DAYS ,SO PLEASE QUICKLY RESPOND. THANK YOU.

  81. New LG inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,
    LG has recently launched New inverter AC. They are of lesser cooling capacities than previous models. 1.5 ton model (BSA18IMA) has cooling capacity of 5567watts. Indoor unit is same as previous but the outdoor unit is smaller in less and weight 30 kgs compare to 42 kgs of previous models. My question is are these new models equally good. and are their outdoor unit is also have copper winding in them as they are 12 kgs lighter than before. Is it good to buy these new models or should i buy the older model. Please reply.

    1. Copper winding??

      Not all Inverter ACs have copper winding in condenser. I just purchased 2T BSA24IMA based on the above feedback and found that it has Aluminium winding. LG person told that only Hot & Cold models are having copper winding. Life of Aluminium winding is about five years as told by LG engineer. Your comments please.

  82. sharp vs lg

    In most of the comments so far it is lg VS carrier hitachi daikin samsung voltas panasonic….and it is shown/argued that lg is better. But nowhere there is straight talk that lg is better than sharp….in fact in all the comparisons of inverter ACs, sharp name is missing ! Is it a fact that sharp inverter acs are better than lg inverter acs?

  83. Planning to buy ogeneral inverter
    ASGA18JCC ASGA18JCC – 1.5 Ton- 1.5 Ton

    Not getting LG BS-Q186C8R6

    New models are having less cooling capacity

    Tell me ahould i go for OGeneral or Ac

  84. Actually after reading all of your Reviews i have decided to go for LG BS-Q186C8R6 . But after searching it for a year i came to know that the same product is discontinue due to some technical problems ,some one told me that only the basic model LG BS-Q186C8A4 is available in market . I also called LG customer care.

    Now the problem is my Room is little big its 12×24=288 sq ft. and i want to go for 1.5 inverter ac . As LG BS-Q186C8R6 as good cooling capacity 5400 i was planning for that .

    1. LG BS-Q186C8R6 cooling capacity 899~5400~6008(old model) EER 3.6

    2. LG BS-Q186C8A4 cooling capacity 1172~4982~5567(old model) EER 3.4
    3. LG BSA18IMA cooling capacity 1172~4982~5567(New model) EER 3.4
    4. LG BSA18IBE cooling capacity 1172~4982~5567(New model) EER 3.4

    I think the cooling capacity of BS-Q186C8R6 is good but its not availble in market
    and cooling capacity of 2,3,4 lags little bit

    so i have decided to go for Ogeneral or Sharp which have great feaches and cooling capacity

    1. Ogeneral ASGA18JCC cooling capacity 5.2 (0.9~6.0) EER 3.5
    2. Sharp AH-XP18PMT (1.5T) capacity 5270 EEr 4.4
    i Want to know whether i go for OG or sharp or any one from LG as my Room is big and i want to go for only 1.5 inverter

    I have heard alot about Sharp Inverter Ac but their is no review abot the Ogeneral Inverter ac . someone wrote their inverter acs are not good


  85. I think 1.5 inverter is enough aince jnverter has variable cooling capicity

    If not please suggest me

    One more thing i have to ask
    If i go for 2 ton LG inverter

    Tonnage Range2.0TR
    CompressorRotary – R410APower Supply(Volt/Phase/Hz.)220-240 / Single / 50
    Power Input (Watts)1760/2400
    Running Current(Amps)9.1

    I have single phase connection in my home and the phase mentioned in above model is also single.

    It can run in single phase or not

    C8A2 Power Input (Watts)1760/2400


    246IMA AND 246IBE Power Input (Watts)1760 ONLY


  87. Should i go for2.0 Ton
    old model BS-Q246C8A2 Power Input (Watts)1760/2400
    i Want to know about the 2400 mentioned in above

    or new models BSA24IMA Power Input (Watts)1760

    or BSA24IBE Power Input (Watts)1760

    please suggest

  88. Hello, ankit i want yours opinion which split ac of 1 ton is best. Some says lg is good, some Hitachi, o general. But all the companys are not no 1 companies. And also on inverter ac

  89. BS-Q186C8R6 requested online via LG Brads Store

    Hi Ankit

    Thanks for your valuable suggestions for purchasing AC. I m from Nagpur (MH) and upon reading your reviews, I decided to buy BS-Q186C8R6 (1.5 Ton/Best EER 3.67/Higher cooling capacity – As 2015 models lacks these features) model before 1 week. I searched all Nagpur dealers (Around 4-5) but all of them told me that this model is discontinued. But upon calling customer care, they confirmed me that this model is still in production and if u order u will get model manufactured in 6 months. Even 2015 LG brochure has this model printed and u will find the same on site but when u go to dealers they will simply denied.

    But while searching, I came to know http://www.lgbrandstore.com/in/ which is LG site and ordered/requested BS-Q186C8R6 (Without any payment) and selecting preferred LG Brand store on 09/03/2015 (Nearest to me/they provided 4 option to choose). Next day, 10/03/2015, I got call from the selected LG brand store and they offer me new model as this model delivery will take few days (5-10 days) but I denied and firm on my decision to buy BS-Q186C8R6 and he confirms the same with Noida office with promised delivery by 15/03/2015 @ Rs. 52,990/= (have to paid at the time of delivery). Now fingers crossed and waiting for product delivery. I will update once I received the product, so that any one can buy/request online for desired model from LG.

    1. BS-Q186C8R6 delivered yesterday (17th March 2015)

      Dear Ankit

      BS-Q186C8R6 has been delivered yesterday by LG Best Shoppe (Delayed by 2 days due to hailstorm in Nagpur). The online ( http://www.lgbrandstore.com/in/ ) quoted price was Rs. 52,990/= but LG store person gave me additional Rs. 1000/= off with Brackets included (Choice of 10 meter IDU- ODU wire or Bracket). The unit has not been yet installed as I am not getting free time.

      Myths about BS-Q186C8R6 : This model is discontinued – This is running model (Check for BSNQ186C8R6 these are imported in India on Dec 2014 @ https://www.zauba.com/import-lg+r/hs-code-8415-hs-code.html ). This is only model that comes with Plasmaster Technology.
      Manufacturing Date – Dec 2014
      Made in Thailand

      First Impression of Inverter AC model BS-Q186C8R6 (1.5 ton) (IDU Model: BSNQ186C8R6 & ODU Model: BSUQ186C8R6)
      IDU is relatively big and same 2 ton IDU dimension (Due to higher cooling capacity)
      ODU is 42 kgs which is also same for 2 ton ac (Due to higher cooling capacity)
      Installation Kit is INCLUDED (Genuine LG kit 4 meter length: 2 copper pipes {Gas/Liquid})
      IDU – ODU connecting wire – Not included
      Only Difference in ODU : Coil in not made up of Copper. Instead, I think it is made up of Aluminium alloy (Fins r silver colors {Aluminium} but I am not able to see any tube in the ODU) and design also different (Not sure due low light in home and will update later)

      Power : 1470 watt / 2300 watt
      Operating Current : 6.8 amp to 9.9 amp (Max)
      Cooling Capacity : 899~5400~6008
      COP/EER : 3.67 Mentioned on LG site (COP is not mentioned in IDU or ODU box/unit)

      Additional Requirements:
      1. I bought V-Guard stabiliser VND500 (For AC upto 2 ton) @ Rs. 3,100/= locally
      2. Bought 4 sq mm * 3 core : 12 meters HAVELLS cable: Rs. 95/= per meter
      Bought 4 sq mm * 1 core : 12 meters HAVELLS cable: Rs. 30/= per meter
      Both cables @ Rs. 1,500/= (5% VAT included)
      3. HAVELLS: MCB Protected Socket 25 amp @ Rs. 450/= (AC Box)

      Once the ac is installed, I will let u know the performance (Noise/Cooling effect)

      Note: I have pics of the ac unit but here dont have any option to upload them

  90. 1.5 tone inverter ac

    hi, i want to buy 1.5 ton inverter split ac for room size 18.5×11.5x10height front & back covered with balcony one side with room
    suggest me the right ton to be used inside room 1 tv ,bed 6×7 , sofa set

  91. Need your suggestion for the 1 ton Split AC having 2 or 3 star.

    Dear Ankit, please advise me…

    This is Saket from Navi Mumbai. Need your suggestions on buying a 1 ton Split AC having 2 or 3 star.

    Your review is very helpful to me I have gone through the entire blog and me getting some positive vibes about LG inverter V but my requirement for 1 ton Split AC having 2 or 3 star only.

    I have few mandatory Requirements as follows;
    1. My usage is 4 hrs at every night in a week at 26 degrees for summer season only.
    2. I need 1 ton split AC of 2-3 star ratings only.
    3. I need DC motor in ODU**.
    4. Power/Energy Efficiency – less power consumption.
    5. Dust/Virus Filtration – i.e. Electrostatic filter
    6. 4-way airflow technology.
    7. feature of De-humidification
    8. Less Noise
    9. ODU is also made of 100% copper coils with cyclotron plasma filter
    10. Customer service after sales.
    11. Air Flow will be higher (best cooling capacity).
    12. Follow me Swing.
    13. Temperature display & LED display at remote .

    I have few optional Requirements as follows;

    1. Skin care
    2. Virus and allergy safe filter
    3. Plasmaster cyclotron filter
    4. Tripple filter or 3M filter.
    5. Power consumption display.
    6. R410 or R22 gas operates refrigerant.

    I have few Doubts as follows;

    1. R410 or R22 gas operates refrigerant??
    2. I heard AC motor costly and not repairable so looking for DC motor. Is it right???
    3. What will be the difference if imported equipment assembled at India or complete unit as imported??
    4. As we know more of the models are 2014 manufactured (Financial year ending)and may be next 2 weeks we will get new 2015 models with update price hopefully higher one (same features with new model name).so what will be the right time before 31 Mar,15 or after???

    I have some LG products facing no problems in them (touch wood) and after sale service is also good but what I am confused about is the model and brands a normal 2-3 star AC I request you to share a bit detailed comparison of some models if possible so that the picture become clear.
    Please give me your valuable advice or if you could suggest any blog based on Inverters, I am planning to buy one but have some questions, or if you could help me out for the same.

    So kindly clear my doubts and also share your suggestions. Thanks for your valuable time. Take care:J)

    Saketp – 9004073416

    1. Need your suggestion for the 1 ton Split AC

      Do u know corresponding 1 ton Inverter AC having features like LG inveter v( Bs-Q186c8R6) with 100% copper coil. i choose LG BSA12IMA but not sure whether it contains 100% copper coil.

      1. need your final suggestion on 1 ton split AC

        After lot of thinking and discussions, let me put up my views and experience here in this thread, with your kind permission

        My objective was to find the maximum cooling capacity with minimum input power with 1 ton Invertor split AC having at least following features.

        1. R410A gas.
        2. DC fan motor.
        3. Cost effective.
        4. I understood difference between All-Aluminum Canalicular tubing Condenser** VS RTFP Copper Condensers tubing having blue fin coating.
        But still I need I need Copper condenser with my real time experienced.
        5. Maximum cooling capacity range (Min – Rated – Max):

        I choose some models please guide me on that..even I m not confirmed in which models have Copper condenser.

        LG BS-Q126B8R8 Vs LG BSA12IMA Vs Sharp AH-XP13LV

        i am trying to take some suggestion from this forum “http://www.digit.in/forum/consumer-electronics-everything-else/” as well.

        ** New type of all aluminum condensers where first pioneered by Sharp in the room air conditioners segment and are now widely followed by LG ??

  92. After reading sumit dubey review i am bit confuse as he is saying that his inverter ac is having Alluminium coil

    I had just ordered BSA24IBE inverter Ac 2 Ton
    Costing me around 56k but if its not having copper coil then i am not going to buy it because its to costly .

    Why should i buy an Ac for 56 k haing alluminium

    Are you sure its having Aluminium coils

    why sumit is telling that his inverter Ac has Aluminium Coils

  93. Inverter AC confusion

    Hi Ankit,

    Good detailed thread. thanks. Need your help here.

    I need to buy two AC’s for Kolhapur, Maharashtra.
    1. Room size 14ft x 13 ft x 10 ft.
    2. there are two more floors above us.
    3. rooms are not west facing.
    4. I believe 1 ton should suffice. your suggestions plz.
    5. I wanna buy inverter. confusion in Samsung & LG. Wht u say & why
    6. LG has new model BSA12IMA with mosquito repellent…. any comments.

    Looking forward for your prompt response. THanks in advance,


  94. Inverter AC confusion

    Hi Ankit,

    Does Whirlpool has inverter AC’s? If yes give me your recommendations among LG, Samsung & Whirlpool.

    Also if possible may I request you to respond today? Tomorrow 22nd Mar I am planning to buy this. THanks.

  95. LG MF Aluminium ODU is better than Copper ODU

    Hi Anuarag

    Two days before BS-Q186C8R6 installation done by LG. This model has a class leading EER/COP rating of 3.67 with higher cooling capacity (max 6002 watts).

    But it is confirmed, that this model ODU unit is made up of Aluminium alloy Multi Flow condenser. It does not have circular coil with fins instead canalicular tubing with fins. This results in better heat exchanging capabilities than circular tubing with resistance to galvanic corrosion. The MF Aluminium condensers are also used by SHARP AH-XP18MV 1.5Ton Eco-Inverter Air Conditioner for their inverter ac.

    My ODU coil is looks same as in (Click the link) : http://imagizer-cv.imageshack.us/a/img855/4782/ahxp18mv11.jpg

    For better understanding click this link, your doubts will clear.


    Final verdict: MF Aluminium Condenser
    1. Better thermal efficiency due to new design (Canalicular tubing with fins/Used by NASA)
    2. Better life than copper coil
    3. Resistance to galvanic corrosion
    4. Reduction in refrigerant used upto 50% than circular copper coil condenser

    Anurag, you can blindly go with BSA24IBE, if the information provided by me clears your doubts.


      SUMIT JI



      1. Rapid & Even cooling in 15-20 min

        Hi Anurag

        I was going to update in 2 days about energy efficiency and cooling performance.

        Room Size: 12 ft * 10 ft * 11 ft (Height)
        Persons in room: 3 adults

        1. 21 March (Testing for Cooling): AC ON at 10.30pm / Outdoor temp 32 dC / Cooling Mode with Set Temp 22 dC: AC operated only for 1 hr – Units Consumed 2 units {2 kW} in 1 hr 10 min (Simultaneously with 32″ LED TV/Fridge/Fan/10 W Bulb)

        2. 22 March: AC ON at 10.30pm-2.30 pm / Outdoor temp 34 dC / Sleep Mode with Automatic Set Temp 22 dC: AC operated with Sleep Timer of 4 hr – Units Consumed 4 units {4 kW} in 4 hrs (Simultaneously with 32″ LED TV/Fridge/Fan/10 W Bulb for 2 hrs after that Fridge)
        10.30 pm – 11.30 pm : 2 units (2 kW)
        11.30 pm – 12.30 am : No units changed means it consumed less than 1 unit
        12.30 pm – 2.30 am : 2 Units consumed (Saw meter in the morning/After 2.30 am ceiling FAN used)

        Average Consumption: 4 units/4 hrs = 1 unit per hr

        3. 23 March: AC ON at 10.30 pm-11.40 pm (Till now) / Outdoor temp 33 dC / Artificial Intelligence Mode with Cool option (Fully Automatic only we can change direction of air and all other Fan Speed/Temp set by AC itself by its microprocessor located at ODU) – (Simultaneously with 32″ LED TV/Fridge/Fan/10 W Bulb)
        10.30 pm (Meter Reading : 825) – 11.30 pm (Meter Reading : 825) : No units changed means it consumed less than 1 unit (Cooling effect was mild and Outdoor unit {Fan} starts for some time and then stops intermittently)
        11.30 pm (Meter Reading : 825) – 11.50 pm (Meter Reading : 826) : 1 Unit (I changed Mode to Jet Cool and AC cooled room to chilled air in just 15 min and my mother told me make it litter milder so changed mode to energy saver with automatic set temp at 22 dC)
        11.50 pm (Meter Reading : 826) – 12.20 am (Meter Reading :827) : 1 unit (I changed mode to energy saver with automatic set temp at 22 dC)
        12.20 am – till 4pm : Will update tomorrow

        Average Consumption: 3 units/3 hrs = 1 unit per hr

        Final Verdict:
        I think my inverter AC is consuming on an average 1 Unit (1 kW) per hour of operation. Nagpur is very hot and in summer temperature touches 48 dC or even more in some days.
        Note: While I start my AC with other than Artificial Intelligence (23 March), in first hour, it is consuming 2 units for 1st starting hour. This consumption is high as AC have to work at higher capacity initially to reach set temp from 32-34 dC.

        1. Electricity consumption of C8R6


          I bought LG Inverter V a/c (BS-Q186C8R6) just a week ago. It has higher EER rating so I went for it. It is 1.5 ton a/c for a living room of 187 sq.feet. It adequately cools the room but consumes 1 unit per every half hour I.e in a trial run of 4 hours every day (at night) for 4 days it consumed uniformly 8 units in 4 hours, all four days.

          I even tried running it in Artificial Intelligence mode to make the variable tonnage to work and save energy. Also tested in Energy effificiency mode too. But the result remains the same. Under what scenario it saves electricity by 66% as it was promised.

          What is your current consumption of units per hour? And what is your advice for me since you have reasonable experience and I am still a rookie experimenting with it. It seems that I will have to pay a huge bill!!

          P.S – I keep my bed room doors open and it is adequately cooled too with this a/c but the rest of the rooms are sealed.

          Now, is it because of my bed room being open, causing the a/c to run at the same speed or as some say it has to be run 8 hours minimum to see verifiable results?


          Thanks a ton :)

  96. Today i saw the ODU unit of inverter ac

    As stated by sumit its not having any of the copper pipes .i think now LG is new technology in inverter Ac completely made up of Alluminium.

    Its completely different from usual one having Alluminium fins configured in a different manner

    As we saw in pic Ankit Ac having copper pipes.
    But now the seen is completely changed.

    Ankit please see the latest Acs ODU and give ur suggestion

    no buyer is giving their feedback who are using the inverter ac about the performance and Alluminium

  97. LG Star rated budget Best AC

    Hi ,

    I am impressed by so much analysis on a product. But I am bit disappointed on seeing the whole page revolves around two models of LG and invertor AC alone.
    I am quite convinced on such an elaborate analysis on invertor AC,BUT my budget don”t fit to afford an invertor AC. My budget is 30-35K. What is the best AC i can buy on this budget?


  98. Need suggestion on best option

    I stay in Bangalore
    I needed to Buy an AC for my Bedroom 10X15 ft with a decent portion covered by warerobes and furniture.
    I am looking at utilizing it only during Summer and that too only for the night time.

    Can you suggest the best option for the same.
    I am looking value for money in the longer run

      1. I am getting the below options in LG 1 ton and below is the price in Bangalore

        BSA12IMA : RS 39,000
        BS-Q126B8R8 : Rs 39,000 (I heard this is a 2013 model with Plasma Ionizer but not sure the cost is 39000)
        BS-Q126B8A4 : Rs 36850
        BSA12IBE : Rs 36400

        The Price Inlcudes a stabilizer from Vulcan
        The price includes standard Installation with 3 m tubing Clamps extra cost

        I am a bit confused between BSA12IMA and BS-Q126B8R8

        Also the Warranty on Samsung Inverter is 10 years for condenser and 5 years for Compressor so not sure would this be enough to go for Samsung.

        1. got the reply late :) by that time I had already made the decision to go for BS-Q126B8R8. I checked and from a technology stand point there is not much difference. there are more feautures whcih I was getting at the same price so went for it.

          thanks anyways for the help anyways hope this turns out to be a good buy.

  99. LG Star rated budget Best AC

    Hi ,

    My room is 12 x 16 approx.I am in chennai living in 2nd floor house, with a east facing window in bedroom.
    My budget is 30-35K.I want to go for 1.5 tonne if it will fit into my budget.

    please suggest.thanks.

  100. All Reviews are based on Old models having Copper Coils

    All of the reviews made above are based the on the old models having copper coils .
    But now the LG INVERTER ACs are completely changed with a multiflow All Alluminium Coil .

    why LG has changed their Inverter models from copper to Alluminium
    and they are still selling it in HIGH cost.

    As compared to LG other company like DAIKIN and OGENERAL are still selling their thier INVERTER acs in same price tag
    with ALL COPPER COILS,so why should one go for LG on the basis of price and copper product

    As now the AC is completely changed now how can one predict the Performance and Efficiency
    of the Inverter AC

    because all the review here made by you and others is based on old models

  101. LG Inverter BSA12IMA model

    Hello Ankit,

    After a lot of research and lot of comparisons between LG Inverter models, I am planning to buy the BSA12IMA model because it has the mosquito away option and I really face a lot of problems with respect to mosquitoes and also I have a 1 year old daughter who needs protection from them. A few queries:

    1. Is this a good model to buy?
    2. The mosquito away feature does not harm us in any away, does it? Asking this because of the presence of an infant in my house.
    3. I do not have the exact dimensions of my room but it is not more than 120 sq. feet. So 1 ton is okay, right?
    4. I stay on the ground floor. That would not matter for the tonnage, right?

  102. lg - BS-Q186C8R6 super cool machine

    Hi all, and thanks for the information in the blog and all the comments. finally after going through rigorous R & D and comparing all the major companies a/c of same tonnage and price i am satisfied that i purchased a class machine i.e (Lg – BS-Q186C8R6). Its a super cool and the most efficient and effective machine. Thanks for such a superb post.

  103. LG Hot and Cold Inverter V

    Hi Ankit,

    I want to buy Inverter LG hot and cold AC but as far as I see I couldn’t find any hot and cold Inverter AC from LG in http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac
    So is there no such AC? Secondly which AC should I buy if I am looking for an inverter AC of 1 ton with budget upto 40-45k?

  104. need help

    Just bought 2 ton Inverter BsA24IBE
    Need help

    20 A MCB is enough or 25 A is needed for 2 ton

    And suggest me stablizer

  105. Inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,

    Thanks for your comment. Do you have any information on how the Diakin after sales service is in Noida/Ghaziabad area?
    Also there is quite a a lot of voltage fluctuation in our area so I am planning to buy a good (V-Guard) stabilizer with surge protection but I wanted to check if that (voltage fluctuations) should also affect the type of AC that I buy (Inverter AC or 5 start BEE) and the brand (whether LG or Diakin which you recommended)?


    Hi Ankit

    Its been an wonderful resource reading through the whole page – especially you updating as new information comes in… Kudos.

    Updates from Ramesh, Sumit Dubey have especially been useful.

    In the review by Ramesh on 27th June 2014, he had said “If you intend to purchase this AC, remember that the Air filter has to be cleaned every week.” … EVERY WEEK?! Whats with THAT? … That sounds quite discouraging :-(

    Still, I have almost made up my mind to go for the BS-Q186C8R6 model… As warned, the local dealer says “its no longer available” – i’ll try to contact LG CC tomor as suggested by Sumit… Let’s see how things pan out …

    I have a few questions:

    1. Is BS-Q186C8R6 the *only* LG model with PLASMASTER IONIZER technology? There is no other LG product with the Ionizer feature?

    2. If BS-Q186C8R6 is old (2014) model, what is the 2015 equivalent?

    3. The latest updates about LG’s switch to Aluminum is NOT a big issue to be worried about, you say? Been reading a lot of stuff about how Aluminum cannot be fixed/welded if something goes wrong and all …

    4. It looks like the models with BSA in the name are the 2015 models – and we seem to have only two (BSA18IMA and BSA18IBE) – and the dealer has been pushing me for the BE model… Which should i pick within the two IF i am not able to get BS-Q186C8R6

    5. Does the ‘Mosquito away’ thing *really* work?

    Waiting eagerly to hear from you…

  107. I want ac for Rajasthan like hot

    Ankit sir I went to Showroom & asked for BSQ186C8R6 model but they recommened me BS-Q186C8A4 model Is model better than As you recommend .
    Can i buy this BS-Q186C8A4 model.
    Please reply Sir

  108. LG BSA18IBE Review

    I have bought LG inverter V Ac model BSA18IBE and got it installed yesterday. I am not much impressed with the quality. AC IDU looks dull and the built quality is also average. Hitachi O general built is better. Even sharp looks better. but LG is significantly cheaper than Hitachi or O general. ODU is made of aluminum. Size of IDU is big and look like a box. Remote looks good but there is no back-light on LCD screen and only 3 buttons glow.
    When it comes to performance it performances well. IDU is silent and air flow is very good. Even ODU also makes very less noise. This model does not have horizontal auto swing and vertical swing is also not good. The flap do not move completely but the air flow is strong so the room cools down easily.
    When it comes to service i had a bad experience on this. My AC was installed 8 days after the purchase and that also when i made 10 phone calls. Customer care staff are untrained and unprofessional. There was a wire missing for the ODU also. Installation is also expensive 1500 for installation and 650 for ODU stand plus the taxes. Drainage pipe cost me 50 rs per meter extra. total installation charge was 2500 rupees. Plus i was gave them wire as it was missing in the package, it cost me 300 rs extra.
    Overall i am not impressed with the product and service. When it comes to value for money Brand like sharp is better option as its installation and price is less. If you can spend more then definitely go for Hitachi and O general.

    1. Hi Ankit
      thanks for your concern. I appreciate it. But i do not want any more customer care service from LG.
      As the quality is concern i think my Inverter model is the cheapest LG inverter AC available in the market so it would be not as good as your review model. the flap of IDU do not cover the air outlet completely and it has only one flap unlike yours AC IDU which has two. the remote is also completely different. ODU is also made of aluminum. But i am ok with it as for this price you will not get a copper one. now as the technology has advanced aluminum made ODU is also as durable as copper. for the people like me who wants the cheapest inverter AC they will be little disappointed.
      I also bought sharp inverter AC AU-X18SST. it has same feature as this LG model. Sharp was 1000 rs cheaper and installation was also 1000 rs cheaper. ODU of both are identical. Both are of same shape and size. Both uses R410a refrigerant.Only difference is the brand logo. Remote also look same. IDU of sharp AC is smaller in size but the air flow is good. Both have only horizontal swing optional. Sharp horizontal swing flap moves completely unlike LG one so sharp can circulate air better. Sharp IDU shape and quality is also better. But sharp IDU is nosier than LG. LG IDU is very quite.
      so for the low end inverter model i think LG is not the best. Sharp is also good and giving LG a tough competition. You should consider sharp AC in this category. You can also review one of them.

  109. Feedback for LG 1 Ton Inverter AC model BSA12IBE

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning to buy 1 Ton Inverter AC. My room dimensions are 12*11*10 feet. There are no floors above my room.

    When I checked with a dealer, he suggested me to go with LG Inverter AC of 1 Ton capacity; Model BSA12IBE.

    Can you please comment on this model with respect to its pros and cons? Can I go ahead with this model?

  110. 1 to 1.5 ton. And pliz tell me what do you think about Samsung Purista
    AR18FC5TAPD 1.5 TR.

  111. As your advisc

    Ankit sir i have search about model BSA18IMA EER is 3.41 means It will consumes more power than BSQ186C8R6 EER 3.67 I am still confused with hitachei acRAU019CVEA eer 3.81.
    Please reply sir.

  112. Inverter or non inverter

    Hi Ankit…
    Planning to replace my old LG split ac of 7 year.. every year end up spending 5k for it repairs. ac usage is in summers only about 4/5 months in a year. Should i go for regular or inverter ac ? I live in Mumbai near the coast.

  113. Opinion about Mitsubishi Electric 1 ton AC

    Ankit, Thanks for the excellent reviews.

    I wanted to know your opinion about Mitshubishi Electric 1 ton ac in India. Also since my usage is 5 months in a yr, 6 hrs a day .. would you recommend going for an 1ton inverter Vs a non-inverter AC

  114. Confused in buying an AC

    Hello Ankit,

    I have been googling through the forums and didn’t find a place with right suggestions. I am posting here so you can guide me in the right way.
    I stay in Bangalore and my room is 126 SFT (12.6 FT (l), 10 FT (b), 9 FT (h)), I see that I would be needing a 1 Ton air conditioner. Things where I need your guidance is

    1) Should I go with inverter or 5 Star AC (usage is about 6 to 8 Hrs a day and mostly for 6 to 8 months in a year) with R410a refrigerant ?
    2) Rainy and Winter seasons are slightly colder (18 to 20 deg), so should I go with Hot and Cold ?
    3) I researched for models in Daikin, Mitsubishi, Trane and Toshiba for 1 Ton Inverter Split hot and cold A/c, do you recommend any better ones ?
    4) I am also considering the after sales service where I see many aircon manufacturers are having issues.
    5) Looking for a model where the basic filters can be cleaned by self instead of calling the service guy
    6) Could you recommend me any model for my need ? My place is on the 4th floor and nothing above it so it is also a bit dusty.
    FYI, I have a balcony attached to my room where I can get the ODU installed.

    Appreciate your suggestions at the earliest.


  115. ac tonnage

    Dear Sir, I live in Mehsana, North Gujarat, where temperatures cross 46 to 47 deg C. For a room of 12*10*10, and direct sun hit on one side, ground floor with another room above, can you please indicate the tonnege required for an LG invertor AC ?. Thanks in advance. swaroop

  116. LG AC

    My budget is around 30k to 40k for the Split Ac. Please suggest which Ac model I can go for.Also read about the Mosquito repellent LG Ac.whcih Model is that.Is it really safe.

  117. lgbsa18ima, sharp ahxp18pmt which is best

    Sir I an going to buy ac for my home,my friend suggest me go for sharp ahxp18pmt.but I need your advice which is better

  118. 2 Ton Ac Requirement

    Hello Ankit,

    I have been googling through the forums and didn’t find a place with right suggestions. I am posting here so you can guide me in the right way.
    I live in Chandigarh and my area is 15*12*10 with one side direct sun light full day, where one bedroom 10*10*12 attached with door, which i want open during AC use. I Wish to go for Inverter AC or 5 star ac.
    Things where I need your guidance is

    1) Should I go with inverter or 5 Star AC (usage is about 6 to 8 Hrs a day and mostly for 5 to 7 months in a year) with R410a refrigerant ?
    2) I researched for models in Daikin, LG, Samsung, Voltas & Mitsubishi for 2 Ton Inverter Split hot and cold A/c, do you recommend any better ones ?
    3) I am also considering the after sales service where I see many aircon manufacturers are having issues.
    4) Looking for a model where the basic filters can be cleaned by self instead of calling the service guy
    5) Could you recommend me any model for my need ? My place is on the ground floor and nothing above it so it is also a bit dusty.

    Appreciate your suggestions at the earliest.


    G S Sandhu

  119. Suggest AC -Latest Features and Economical Budget

    Hello Ankit,

    As you suggest LG & Daikin are 2 good brands in India. Now days you recommended LG BSA18IMA INVERTER AC . Can I know some Daikins brand too? I heard that LG uses Alloys material in condenser & compressor while daikin uses Copper. Which is best ? What other useful parameters do we consider while buying AC for naive user?

    My Budget is as usual 30-40 K. I need 1 ton AC. I stay in Mumbai ;Here humidity level is considerably high. Pls. suggest AC.

    Can you suggest guidelines for online Vs offline shopping? Which is the recommended?

  120. new ac for my home

    Hi Ankitji
    I want to buy new inverter ac of 1.5 t capacity. please suggest a good one with less electricity consumption and good features. As I am living in Kerala I don’t require heating. I short listed LG, Hitachi and Daikin. which should I go for. please help

  121. BEWARE with the new LG Inverter models – BSAxxIMA/IBE – they now have a *very* short air throw. Unofficially they still advertise these newer models as having a 20 ft air throw, however it is realistically around 10 ft. This is largely due to the fact that the air vent flap now hinges from the top and points downward directing all the air on a sharp downward trajectory instead of straight out or at an upward trajectory.

    The sad thing is LG is not owning up to this and instead blaming everything from the user to the house for this poor air throw, when clearly this is a design issue.

  122. Don't go for Invert er Series, its waste of money

    i booked inverter ac of LG by reading it views on net and specification.
    i booked LG Inverter AC 2 ton model no. BS Q246C8R3 on 18 of feb. 2015.
    but the dealer give me ac after one month and other model. on asking he said yr model is out of stock. so if you want i can give you this model only. or wait 1 more month for that model.
    after 15 days i asked , he said that model is not on stock. u have to buy this only.
    i call engineer and he install the ac but it performance is soo bad .neither it is cooling nor it is working properly.
    i complain but engineer said it is working properly. and cooling can not be more than that.

    i m also 4 other ac of different company godrej is the best goof performance and fast cooling.
    i never suggest to buy LG product and dont go for inverter AC, your money will go waste.
    in the same amount you can have 2 split AC.
    i filed a case also in consumer forum to give my money back.
    company write it air flow is 30 feet, whereas it has only 5 feet flow.

  123. LG Inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,
    Planing to buy 1.5 & 1 ton inverter AC. Like many people, I am also looking at OG/Daikin/Hitachi inverter models. But your review about LG is impressive. can you please give me your opinion on LG 1.0 Ton Inverter AC – BSA12IMA & BSA18IMA

    Please guide me on this models or any best.

  124. I am confusing in buying simple or inverter type ac. In pakistan load shedding is Normal so it’s feasible still to buy inverter type ac. Or if I am not installing ups or generator at present then it would really feasible than simple type ac?

  125. AS-W186C2U1 Discontinued??

    Hi Ankit,
    Any idea….Whether AS-W186C2U1 has been discontinued?
    Actually I can’t locate it here: http://www.lg.com/in/split-ac

    If it has been discontinued…do suggest if you have any other model/make with similar feature in your mind.

  126. pls suggest me 1 ton inverter ac with heat pump?

    my room is 10*11 ft …and its on first floor…and maximum temperature in plassey {where i live,in west bengal} is around 40 degree in a whole year…
    and i think 1 ton inverter is enough for 2 persons…..if NO then suggest capacity also
    pls suggest me 1 ton inverter ac with heat pump?
    i mean that can cool the air as well as heating??
    thank you…

  127. Wanna shift ac indoor

    Hi ankit I wanna shift my indoor unit to other wall is it possible to shift while preserving it’s gas . Plz suggest me safest way

  128. lg ac which is bettet

    the lg inverter ac series for 1.5 ton starts with 181 prefix. but there r two types BE and MA type. dimensions are same. except for mosquito away feature , is there any other difference. size weight seems same in these two models. are there any other notable difference? which one should i take – performance being the criteria?

  129. Hi Ankit,

    Is there any difference in power consumption if I change the fan speed but the temperature remain same?

    Salman Shah

  130. Daikin

    Hi Ankit I want to but 1.5 inveter ac and have zeroed in on daikin FTKM model, after doing some searching, (e’er of, 3.8, power consumption of 1315w etc etc.,) but I want to have your expert opinion on the said model and if not daikin then alternate to it.

  131. LG website says -No Hotn Cold Inverter AC as of now.

    Hi Ankit,
    First of all Thank You for sharing your review and experience with us all, its very helpful
    I went to LG website and even talked to one of their representatives, they told me that LG Hot n Cold Inverter ACs are not available right now and their website too is not showing any hot and Cold Inverter ACs (They are just showing Cooling only).
    I live in Rishikesh and want to buy a Hot n Cold Inverter AC for my room of area – 140 Sq-Ft and height 10.5 feet. One side is facing East (no west Sun, Ground Floor,No Room above) and window area is – 30 Sq-Ft in total. What Inverter Hot n Cold AC and how much tonnage should I opt for, Plz suggest.
    Again Thank you for your efforts in maintaining this valuable Web Page.


  132. Daikin FTKM 1.5 split ac

    Hi Ankit, I have a room of 154 Sq feet and after doing some searching I narrowed down to daikin FTKM 50PRV16 1.5 split. Following are the specs which I found attractive 1) 3.8 eer (among highest in the rabge) 2) 1315 watt consumption 3) 50000w cooling capacity. Though it will cost me 56k including everything

    But u have few worries it’s upper operation temperature limit is 46 degree so will be ok if I keep the odu in shade (I live in lucknow) and many have criticised daikin for poor after sales service. Also how is the long term performance of daikin ac as after investing 56k I will not want to be calling mechanic every other month. So I’ll be greatfull if you can provide your expert opinion on above issues and overall performance of daikin

  133. LG says No Hot n Cold Inverter AC available as of Now

    Hi Ankit,
    I am not sure why my previous Reply is not showing in the comments, so writing it again
    First of all Thank You for sharing your review and experience with us all, its very helpful
    I went to LG website and even talked to one of their representatives, they told me that LG Hot n Cold Inverter ACs are not available right now and their website too is not showing any hot and Cold Inverter ACs (They are just showing Cooling only).
    I live in Rishikesh and want to buy a Hot n Cold Inverter AC for my room of area – 140 Sq-Ft and height 10.5 feet. One side is facing East (no west Sun, Ground Floor,No Room above) and window area is – 30 Sq-Ft in total. What Inverter Hot n Cold AC and how much tonnage should I opt for, Plz suggest.
    Again Thank you for your efforts in maintaining this valuable Web Page.



  135. compare with sharp?

    hi, i have bought one sharp inverter ac 1.5 ton, the cooling is good, but not on generator since inverter need 50hz only.
    now i need to know comparing EER sharp have a better rating, but i need to know the comparison with Lg inverter v and sharp inverter (the new model white color)
    As i am planning to buy another one, i need to know the differences between them.

  136. Need advice

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning to buy LG AC. With some many models I am confused which one to choose.

    I am looking for an AC that consumes less power and my budget is 45,000.

  137. Room AC units for cold room for agricultural purpose?

    Hello Ankit,

    I found your review on LG Inverter AC extremely helpful. However, I have a different situation and need your valuable advice on it. I am planning to establish a cold room to store ginger for a long-term (upto 5 months; it is technically possible if the required conditions are maintained). The size of the cold room is 600 square feet (20 X 30 feet), and it is fully insulated made up of PUF panels. There are no windows, only one insulated door (which will be opened just once a day), and the cold room will be under a shed and won’t be exposed to any direct sunlight. The ambient day time temperature on months when I plan to operate cold room could easily reach upto 30- 35 degree Celcius (on average).
    Gingers have to be stored at around 15 degree Celsius and therefore I am looking for a room AC to achieve my objective. I was suggested bigger emerson compressor but the operating and maintenance cost would be rather higher (besides I don’t need extremely low cold temperatures anyways). I was wondering if I can use room AC to maintain 15 degree Celsius inside my cold room so that I could lower my running cost. The place where I plan to establish this cold room has power cutoffs for upto ten hours a day and therefore I was thinking having a room AC might help to lower cost of running a generator to power them. In one of the websites, I saw that a room AC of 2TR should be enough for me but I doubt it. Please suggest me on the followings:
    1. Is it possible to use room AC for my purpose? I have heard that room ACs do not go below certain minimum temperature.
    2. What would be the appropriate size of the AC (in Tonnes) I would be needing?

    Thank you,

    Ashish Bashyal

  138. Need your suggestion for the Split AC

    Hello Ankit,

    i am planning to buy Ac. I am posting here so you can guide me in the right way.
    I stay in Mumbai and my room is 230 SQ FT

    1) usage will about 6 to 8 Hrs appx a day throughout year
    2) My room is on Top floor so my ceiling has direct sunlight on it.

    Appreciate your suggestions at the earliest.


  139. LG Inverter V A/C Unit

    I have a LG Inverter V A/C unit in my garage. Seems to work as it should, other than the terrible noise it creates inside the garage. It has a high pitch squeal or more like whine. It is almost unbearably annoying. Any thoughts on curing this problem.

  140. Confused

    Hi I want to buy an a.c. for room size 12*16 ground floor, no other floor on top.please advise what tonnage capacity a.c. would be great and which company.

  141. Need suggestion


    I want to buy New 1.5 ton Split AC for Office, I am confuse between 5star & Inverter AC.

    Can you pl suggest which model will be better & cost effective.

    I want for Mumbai and here only COLD option is ok for me.

  142. Hot & cold 1 ton Inverter AC model for home use

    I am looking for Hot & cold 1 ton Inverter AC model for home use. After going thorugh your reviews, I searched on LG website but there was no Inverter hot & cold option.
    Could you please suggest couple of models.

  143. Hot & cold inverter split ac

    I am planning to buy to ac’s for 1 & 1.5 ton split inverter hot & code ac’s. I have verified it on LG website that there is no hot & cold inverter ac.
    Could you please suggest some options?

  144. Hot & cold inverter split ac

    I want to install hot & cold inverter split ac in hall and bedroom.
    Hall is 292 sq ft
    Bedroom is 154 sq ft
    My flat is on 11th floor total building floors are 22.
    Please suggest couple of good inverter spli ac hot & cold model

  145. Your Comments on LG V Inverter Series BSA 181BE

    Ankit, Found your Review professionally written focused and useful. Thanks.
    I am located at Bangalore. Weather wise, no requirement for Heating, at any time of the year. Day temperature in region of 30 Deg for about 4 months a Year.. My room measures 15 x 15 with a ceiling of 10 Sq. Feet presently looking for a 1.5 Ton Capacity Inverter AC, for my Bedroom. After reading your choice of LG, I am pretty convinced, that it is the best choice.. I have identified a Model LG BSA 181BE; could I request you to compare this for me, on its merits/shortcomings Vis-a_vis the LG Inverter model, you have reviewed; LG ASW 186 2U1.
    I am getting it for about 44K. Would it be a Good price ? What is your recommendation for a Voltage Stabiliser? Do you see this as a MUST have…
    Would indeed appreciate a early response, as I wish to close the deal by 31 Jan.

  146. LG 18IBE

    Dear Ankit
    I am planning to buy an inverter AC. After having extensive research I am considering to buy LG 18IBE inverter ac. will it be a good buy? I stay in kolkata. Please guide me.

  147. Which is the best hot & cold inverter ac

    I am eager to buy 1.5 ton hot & cold inverter ac. As you recommended to all the viewres go with lg inverter v. But at
    this time lg is not providing hot & cold ac in inverter v series. Apart from this i shortlisted daikin; o’general and carrier . I want best ac in terms of best cooling best durable ; high performance and less power consumption .
    Daikin cold and hot price is too high . Should i go with o’general . If i buy only cold ac can i buy daikin FTKM50 QRV16 or go with lg . Which has best cooling daikin or lg inverter ac .

  148. GAS Warranty for LG Inverter AC (Pavan, Hyderabad, 8790900699)

    Hi, I Have recently purchased LG Inverter AC 1ton 12IBE model, as per showroom executive saying warranty will comprice of 10 years condensor + 5 Years Gas warranty also , i just want know whether company will provide GAS warranty for 5 years or not?

  149. Online purchase or from local dealer

    Dear Ankit,

    I am planning to buy LG BSA18IBE Inverter V AC.

    My query is regarding type of purchase
    Local dealer or
    Online purchase.

    As i found difference of 7 to 8K
    Online is less as compared to local dealer.

    So actual query is about LG service.
    Service provided by LG is same for both type of purchase or from local dealer there is some additional benefit.


    1. Ankit,

      Thanks for prompt reply.
      The online supplier is infibeam but they have not mentioned the supply of other items like copper wire, drainage pipes and other things required for installation while on Paytm it is mentioned, as LG customer support mentioned that now they are supplying all installation accessories with Inverter AC.

      I have queried this to infibeam they have ask time to confirm it.


  150. Anti Corrosion Coating

    Hi Ankit,

    Thinking to buy LG Inverter V 1.5Tr, BSA18IMA model.
    I know that this Model contains Copper condenser
    Does this model Condenser Coated with Anti Corrosive Coating ?

    The BlueStar Inverter Models contains Anti Corrosive Blue Fins Condenser.

    So, I am really Confused between these two…

    Thank You,
    Birendra Kodesur

  151. Please recommend current LG Model

    Hi Ankit, amazingly informative review and such attention to details hardly found for such large appliances so Hats Off to you for taking time, now I have quite a few questions,

    1. since your your review is based on 2013 and now tech. has changed a lot since, so I cant find the model you mentioned.

    2. My home is at south of Rajasthan (small town called Dungarpur) its not as hot as it might be in Delhi (pollution factor) and my room size is 12×14 and height is around 10-12feet, having a room above and direct sunlight is few hours of later half of the day, so real question is what tonnage AC do I require? as am sure going with INVERTER Tech. so going with a 1 TON (since I read it cools larger area compared to non-inverter ACs) and actually what I read some where is it actually stretches (1ton ac could go upto 1.3-4 I think It was about Sharp not sure if same goes for LG) so please suggest whether to get 1.5 Ton or 1Ton is sufficient (quite a big difference in price between 1 and 1.5Ton), since the occupants most of the time are 1 adult and 2 kids only, and which current model of LG which provides the Plasma clean and mosquito (yes mosquitos quite an issue at my place) but I need maximum features in line with current technology spending out couple of thousand is ok, so please recommend a LG model as am almost convinced on LG mostly due to your reviews and recommendations and their service network.

    have you considered Sharp Inverter ACs? as I was looking into some Kolkata based forums and almost all of the users were buying Sharp may be due to their strong service network in Kolkata? but one thing which stand out in Sharp was Plasmaster Air purifying technology does LG has this? as I cant see on LG site for the currently available models or is that stated 3M micro filter thing is similar air purifying ?

    please provide your recommendations and pointers as I need to buy AC in next couple of days so it gets installed within a week because summer is almost knocking the door, by the way I will be buying it online only because am abroad and don’t family back home to go shopping and bargaining so if any reservations about buying it only? like after sales services? installation issue if brought online?

    Whether to go with Hot and Cold ACs? because I don’t see inverter tech in Hot and Cold series ACs? neither star ratings? so does that mean they are going to consume a hell lot of electricity? please advise.

    Thank you so much in advance for going through my quite a long post and mixed questions, but am a totally illiterate person when it comes to AC.


    1. Thank you so much Ankit

      Hi Ankit, Thanks a lot for clearing a lot of doubts, im convinced to go with 1Ton as the difference is almost 10K between 1 to 1.5Ton, and taking bit long to cool wont be an issue as its not that hot in this room because it has a room above.

      few model suggested on here are no longer available but yes i will be adding you to WhatsApp my number starts with +965 (Kuwait) so tomorrow morning India time will ping you on WhatsApp.

      also not sure about LG service to my area but will hope to check with LG on that. by the way on of the INDIAN AC Technician here also suggested to go with LG only.

  152. new issue

    Hi i recently heard that new lg dual inverter ac has been laumched . Whats the difference between normal inverter and dual inverter lg ac. Model number BSA12BEYD. Please give details about the following lg product. And one more thing now inverter ac are also started with bbe ratings. This particular model is 4 star inverter ac ..



  154. Thank you for your article. I find it very useful.
    I need to buy 1 1 Tn, 1 1.5 Tn and 1 2 Tn inverter AC for my home. I’ve been recommended 3HW12FAX1 and 3HW18FA1 from Bluestar and Samsung AR 24kv5hBWK by a retailer. What is your recommendation on these models. Can you please help.
    Thanks in anticipation

  155. about Lg inverter AC

    I am going to buy LG BSA12IBE inverter ac 1 tonne after reading the reviews. Is this good for 100 sqfeet room . i want to know whether this model is best.

  156. Can I run this Air Conditioner On UPS?

    Hello admin,

    Firstly your review is awesome! I have a small issue you need to through light on. I learnt from internet that inverter ac s dont have surge current(if they do so, they have very little). Now I want to run ac during power cuts on an inverter.The air conditioner i am looking at is the one you described above- LG inverter v. Is it possible to run it on an inverter? what size of the inverter you suggest? Can you measure the surge current(different from running current from your ac and tell me.

    Reply would be very much appreciated.

  157. LG 1.5 Ton AC suggest the model for low to moderate use


    I will be using it only for few months (2-3 months) in an year and based on the room dimensions I need 1.5Ton. Which LG model from the list do you think makes sense

    BSA18IMA or LG LSA5NP5A L-Nova Plus

    Cost difference is ~15k. Feel free to recommend other model.

  158. 1.5 Ton A/C inverter needed.

    Hello sir,
    As a british citizen i have very little knowledge regarding A/C units so any advice is most welcome.I am looking to buy a 1.5 ton inverter A/c.This is for a dental clinic,room size of 185 square feet and will be in use for 7-8 hours per day.I live in Kerala so i assume i do not require a warm function as the climate does not require this.My budget is upto 60,000 Rs but less would be better.Please can you suggest a couple of brands/models that would fit my requirements? I look forward to hearing back from you with some suggestions,this would be most appreciated and welcome.Kind regards,thomas

  159. Dear Ankit
    Thanks for being so informative. But why do you recommend only one brand “LG”…please dont mind …are you not biased. Please suggest 1.5 Ton AC for me for Delhi climate. My kids suffer from Asthama …so clear air/ plasma…i do not know if they work. Further Delhi has lots of Mosquitoes. Please suggest an inverter type AC ( only cooling and Hot & Cold both).


  160. Need suggestion Bluestar Vs LG

    Hi Ankit Chugh!, I have gone through your entire review. I am actually comparing Inverter model ACs from Bluestar and LG..I need your suggestion in deciding it. And our Hall size is of 16*14 and someone suggested to go for 2.0 T capacity but I read it in your comments that 1.5 T would suffice. Kindly suggest.

  161. Power Connection with external unit

    Bought LG Inverter V AC and got installed. Technician used 3 cable power cord to connect external unit, instead 4 cable wire. In manual it is clearly mentioned to use 4 cable wire. The technician was not accepting the installation guide. They assured me that this will not cause any damage.
    Few days later my another friend bought the same model, in his case technician came for installation used 4 cable wire. I would like to know using 3 cable wire and 4 cable wire cause any difference for Inverter AC.

  162. Problem with My LG AC

    Dear Ankit
    I have recently bought a LG Inverter V AC. But the shop people has send indoor Unit Inverter V and outdoor unit Smart Inverter. When the technisian installed we cam eto know outdoor unit is not running. so they disconnected outdoor unit and let only indoor unit to run. But still after few minutes from indoor unit also power goes. Can u tell me the reason for this. Is indoor unit of Inverter V and Smart Inverter Outdoor unit will run together?

  163. Specs does'nt matter everytime

    I am really sorry to say sir but
    I m using 1ton Daikin FTKP35PRV16 inverter ac.

    I cant compare it to lg’s 1.5 tonne model
    But what i know is that,

    Yes it says 3400w cooling, but it never had any problem cooling my 13x12x11 sized room.
    Cools the room to 25°C from 32°C(thats my indoor temp most of the time) in 20min using powerchill mode.

    Yes its specs says 40db at IDU , but i cant hear that most of the time, until i dont listen carefully.

    It says 50db at ODU , but its very quite atleast from samsung triangular inverter ac’s ODU installed at my neighbor’s home.

    It has Blue Fin Condensor.
    Of course copper tubing too.
    ODU is 30ft from IDU.
    Using R-32 referigerent.

    Yes for mine its 347CFM airflow rate max. , but i mostly use it in quiet mode and never had any problem.

    The remote has night glow buttons and looks simple and beautiful.

    The main advantage i noticed is that spec says 4.7 amperes current at max. & 982 watts of power consumption BUT it only consumes 4-5units for usage of 8 hours along with a 300watt cooler and refrigerator.
    That means
    5×30= 150units/month
    150x₹4= ₹600/month (excluding other appliance bill)
    acc. to my electricity billing rates
    When switched ON, it consumes 1000 watts within 20 minutes it starts consuming 600watts, once the room cools ,keep consuming between 300watts & 150watts.

    Its been 2 years using this product i never faced any problem till now,
    Bought it for ₹33000 from flipkart.

    Customer care here in delhi is awesome, service person comes for servicing the next day you call them.

    Rest about filter n all features u know better than me
    Thats all i know

    I dont have any problem with LG
    But i cant judge product just by specs

    As u know android and iphone specs
    Both performs well without lag.
    I love my daikin inverter ac ( atleast till now ;) )

  164. A/C recommendation needed


    Your recommendation will help – am looking for an inverter tech split AC with focus on energy efficiency and electrical savings along with good cooling performance and servicing. I wouldn’t mind going for premium models upto 55k. I reside in Mumbai (where temperature averages 31-32 but feels like 35-40 degrees), and my room gets mild sunlight (I have a shade at my window) plus my windows are tainted dark green with curtains. My room size is 10.5X8.5X8, and is next to my kitchen. Which is the best air conditioner I can go for?

    I have heard a lot about the energy saving capability of Hitachi a/cs…

    Thanks for your inputs and your efforts on this page.


  165. Hi Ankit,.

    This is Arindam from Ahmedabad. I have read all your review and comments. Trust me I got Hitachi split ac this week which now I returned back today as the installation person misbehaved. This is a gods grace would say.

    Now I intend to buy 1.5 ton split ac LG inverter series model with a budget around 40k. We are on terrace floor with temparature always remains very high. Expect the ac to run at least 6 hours per day. I have a kid of less than 2 years so need to take care of hygiene air as well.

    Will wait for your quick advise with model no of LG.



  166. latest ac units of inverter type

    Mr Ankit can u suggest the latest AC of 1.5 ton and 1 ton for our house. We have a samsang ac 3 star but not satisfied with it…
    we are roaming around show rooms sice three four days .. and each guy suggests a new company model…
    how about lloyd… 1.5 ton inverter ac .. he says he will give at 42 K … budget is not a constraint… but need a good and standard product..


    1. BSA18MAYD updates please

      Hello sir, After your suggestions I went to buy BSA18IMA today but the dealer said that this model is been upgraded to BSA18MAYD . Please update us with the model.

      1. What is dual inverter technology? There is also watt selection option in BSA18MAYD. The dealer is unable to explain exactly about these.

  167. Bsa 18mayd?????

    What is dual inverter technology? There is also watt selection option in BSA18MAYD. The dealer is unable to explain exactly about these.
    Any updates?

  168. Can u suggest 2 ton inverter hot n cold ac for room size 13*17*11 and approx price i live in hoshiarpur punjab hot function is must.

  169. Smart Inverter VS Inverter V

    Hi Ankit,

    I hope if you can support me here, i bought a new AC H3224H and in the show room the unit had “Inverter V” written on it while the one delivered home have “Smart Inverter”, i tried to search all over the net but i cannot find any info on what is the difference? and how can I check the manufacturing date on the AC as i do suspect the in figuring out what’s they have sent me an old unit form the warehouse.

    thank you very much for your support.

  170. LG inverter V series is not cooling properly


    I purchased a LG inverter V series an 7 months of usage and the air conditioner is not cooling properly, I set it to 18 C and the room doesn’t get cold, it barely gets cool and the air flow cannot be felt at a mere 10 feet away, any suggestions?

    Thank you in advance,
    Jaime Valenzuela

  171. Bsa 18mayd?????

    What is dual inverter technology? There is also watt selection option in BSA18MAYD. The dealer is unable to explain exactly about these.
    Any updates?

  172. Help in inverter ac setup for 2rooms


    Thanks for the rich article. I need your advice to install two inverter units one in my living room and one in playing room. I live in Jordan (middle east) so it is not that hot/cold usually (35c-40c hottest summer days and 0c-5c coldest winter days, average is 30c in summer and 10c in winter).

    Hot & cold is mandatory, they will run in average of 6-8 hours almost every day.

    The play room dimensions are:
    3.6mx3.6mx2.8m (length x width x ceiling height)

    Living room dimensions are:
    4.7mx3.4mx2.8m (length x width x ceiling height)
    And it is open with two corridors for other rooms :
    2.5mx1.5mx2.8m (length x width x ceiling height)
    5mx1mx2.8m (length x width x ceiling height)

    Appreciate if you can give me best new models (LG or other if you recommend)


    1. How much tones for such setup?

      Thanks for the reply.

      1) I do believe we have all inverter models. Based in your article am going with lg
      Any specific model number you recommend? I can go to the agent and ask for same or similar model.

      2) Plus, how much tons do I need? Is
      1 ton for the play room
      1.5 ton for living room sufficient?
      More or less?
      Sorry to bother you but not expert with such things and the sellers look for their interest not mine :)

  173. Daikin inverter ac acts like normal ac

    I bought Daikin 1.5 ton inverter ac FTKP50QRV model. Now a days my inverter ac compressor switched off and switched on act like normal ac .why it is happening?
    As i purchaged inverter ac. Apart from this everything is fine. What are the reasons it acts like non inverter ac.

  174. Bsa 18mayd?????

    What is dual inverter technology? There is also watt selection option in BSA18MAYD. The dealer is unable to explain exactly about these.
    Please provide some details as I bought this model and no one knows everything.

  175. I would like to know can the model D12CM work good on heating even in outdoor temperature -10? For the place of 31 m2.

  176. Hello Ankit,
    your exhaustive article was very explicit ,and thank you very much for the guidance.
    I dont understand what hot and cold means. I live in mumbai and need an AC for my clinic of20x17 ft.people are suggesting diakin ac 2 ton and my ACrepairer suggested that I go for a 5 star Mitsubishi AC in favour of any inverter AC. Please give your opinion.

  177. Great and useful review…I would like to have AC in my bedroom in rental house which is 10*10 (might be bigger if we shift to new house)having 1side exposed to sunlight and we are in 2nd floor in 3storied building in chennai. And I want to cover some part of Hall during summer season..I am confused between 1ton and 1.5ton inverter AC. Can u suggest me model from LG? Buffet is around 40k.

  178. Bsa 18mayd?????

    What is dual inverter technology? There is also watt selection option in BSA18MAYD. The dealer is unable to explain exactly about these.
    Please provide some details as I bought this model and no one knows everything.
    Please explain sir.

  179. Very Poor Service Provided by LG

    I Purchase one AC in your Company I Purchase this on 21 May,2016. After that I installed this one by your service representative And we use happily.
    But I got a Call in your service representative that your service is due so We arrange the time and he came he see that AC and told me that this one was damaged by Rat.And tell me that you pay for the parts. I Doesn’t understand what I do Because only two months I Used and your representative does not give any instruction like that so Its not my mistake if he open the hole
    So its my humble request please see this matter and rectify whatever you can do so I can enjoy this summer also.

  180. Thanks in advance.

    Hi Ankit,

    I want to buy an ac with 1.5T capacity, inverter technology so that it could save energy, 100% copper condenser with most reliable brand and good service.

    Could you please suggest me few ac models?

  181. Which brand is best considering durability, features and service?

    Please suggest best AC for 1.0 ton. How 5 and 3 star inverter AC is efficient than 5star non inverter AC. I would use daily 6-7 hrs in summer and 3-4 hours off season. Should I go for inverter AC or non inverter AC and when money is recovered if I opt for inverter AC? Which brand is reliable in a long run in terms of build quality, features and service.

  182. Please Recommend Good Inverter AC

    Hi Ankit,

    I am planning to buy new AC to my home room size would be 12*10. Please recommend me good inverter model AC and brand as well.
    my maximum budget max 40 K.

    Jeyaram S R

  183. Stablizer needed or not for LG DUAL INVERTER SPLIT AC

    Hello please tell me do stablizer necessary for lg dual inverter ac? someone said there is inbuit circuit which help.. plz reply me its needed or not.

    1. LG don’t recommend Stablizer for their Inverter AC as they have built in stablizer. You can check from their site.

  184. Please Recommend Good AC - Lg Inverter 3 star or blue star 3 star split Ac

    HI I am planing to buy Ac , i am bit confused whether to buy 1) 1.5 ton inverter split ac or blur star split ac 3 star . Both costing 36k

    a)I need to know which AC has less complainants/ issues
    b) which AC will Save Power

  185. air conditioner’s compressor cuts off and fan keeps running

    My air conditioner’s compressor cuts off and fan keeps running, The air conditioner runs for about 15 minutes, then after that it stop (without achieving the set temperature). In my area there is a lot of voltage fluctuations at night but I am using a high quality voltage stabilizer (110 to 290).

    The main point is that in the day time its work fine because there is no voltage fluctuations at the day time, the problem occurs only at night when voltage fluctuations may be increase.

  186. Hi Ankit,
    I am planning to buy new Toshiba AC to my home room. I live in Delhi, India. I have heard a lot about Toshiba AC. Could you please tell me the name of official website of Toshiba in India?
    I will be very thankful to you.

  187. http://ziptech.co.in/samsung.php

    LG Inverter V Series BS Q126B8A4 1 Ton Split AC has a 3M micro filter that collects harmful microscopic substance by its strong electrostatic force. The dual protection filter kills the bacteria in the air which passes through and inhibits any germ growth. It also traps dust particles from the incoming air.

  188. 3 star inverter AC vs Inverter V AC

    Hello Sir

    What is the difference between LG 3 star inverter 1 ton AC and LG inverter V 1 ton AC.

  189. Need your guidance

    I will be relocating to India. I need to install 5 AC as heater and cooler “combo” units to heat in the winters and cool me off in summers and all features you have listed above….auto clean, anti allergen, energy saving, auto shut off and restart ( both when the desired temp is reached ) and in case of a power failure; plasma purification and copper coils, with a stabilizer…………….and also need 2 very small for my 5*7 bathrooms and 1 for my 6*9 kitchen. Please suggest.

  190. Very Very Very Expensive Installation services by LG.

    Well, I had such a bad experience as I purchased LG split ac 1.5 ton and I got shocked to know people from customer care are asking me to pay like 1800 rs for the installation. Bull Shit!!!! I have purchased Voltas, Hitachi, Samsung and others but never paid that huge amount before. Now the customer care agent said there is some scheme going on…If you buy another ac today, then the installation charges would be 500. What the hell. I hope company knows about it whats going on or I believe company is involved in this fraud. Most of the companies provides free installation service else at max they charge 500. I dont understand Why should I pay 1800 for installation. Better I ask My own technician to get it installed in 500. I hope the product is good else will make sure no one would buy LG in future as it will be mentioned in all social media platforms.

  191. General... not O'General

    When will people understand that it’s not O’General but General? There was never an O. It’s just a logo for Fujitsu.

  192. I am looking for new inverter ac

    I am going to buy a new 1ton ac budget is 55000. My room size is 12*13 ft. and I am looking for LG, Hitachi, Samsung, Haier. my proirity is after sales service. plz tell me which one would be best for me

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