Must Have Tools for Women Safety and Home Safety

Day per day, as women in India is getting insecure, the concern of women safety in everyone’s mind is increasing too. And as we almost come across daily some news related to mishappenings, it becomes mandatory for taking some steps to ensure the safety of her. So, keeping such thing in mind, I have prepared a list of safety tools which a girl or woman must keep with her to protect her from this cruel world whenever required.

Must-Have Tools for Women Safety and Child Safety

But I shall also request women here, not to misuse these tools and use only when things take the form of an alarming situation. These tools can be used outside and at home too as per the requirement and as per tool functionality.

Tools for Women Safety

Knockout PUNCH (Pepper Spray)

Knockout PUNCH (Pepper Spray)

This is the one which I gifted to my sister and wish that no situation may come in front of her that she may ever feel to use it. Spraying this on someone can immobilize the attacker for some time so that the victim could escape easily from the incident place. There are many choices available on the respective site here of Pepper Spray but I told you my choice here as this one comes with Twist-top safety cap with the child-lock facility.

Electric Shocker

Electric Shocker – Brand RUGER

Ok this is the one which is only available exclusively at and you cannot buy this item from anywhere else. This product is very rarely seen and even most of them are not aware of it in India. I have seen this tool in some movie (not able to recall the name), or have seen in real at the product demo at launch. If you’re not aware of the functionality of this product, then let me tell you that, when deployed, this product can emit strong electric shock that neutralizes the assailant upon contact with the body. Here is the product description given at site:

Ruger F3F1 is an electrifying product that protects you from thieves & bullies. Light-weight yet a highly powerful device, a few seconds of 80KV high voltage electric shock is enough to cause the assailant a sudden mental confusion & will let you escape from the situation.

Handle it with care and I believe this is also a must-have product for girls and women.

Note: There is a very limited stock of this product available on site and once sold out, it won’t be made available again on site for selling. If you’re concerned about legal terms for using this product, then there is not any law as such up to my knowledge (so not very sure about it), but according to IPC Section 92, it states, “Any defence against the offence is not an offence”. Hope you get my meaning here.

ResQME Keychain Car Rescue Tool

This product usage is applicable to both men and women. If you used to drive daily, then either this and the tool which is listed below this tool is a must one to have in your car. It’s actually a unique portable safety device which you can keep it all the time with you as a key chain. The major USP of this tool is to help you getting escaped from trapped vehicles. Basically, it had a very sharp blade fixed which can cut the seat belt and has a diamond tip too which helps to break the glass of vehicle window, so that you can escape from it safely. Here is how it works:

Resqme™ Attaches To Your Keychain With A Detachable Clip. Pull The Clip Away From The Product To Reveal The Cutter (blade). Hook Over Seatbelt And Pull. To Activate The Window Breaker, Simply Push The Black Head Against A Side Window Until The Concealed Spring-loaded Spike Releases And Shatters Window.

Multi-Functional Car Safety Tool

Multi-Functional Car Safety Tool

This is very useful and is a very unique tool which is highly rich in features. Again usage of this tool is applicable for any person of any gender. You can use this tool in so many things, that it’s a full paisa-vasool item and works for a very long time. Here are the major capabilities of this tool listed below:

  • Sensitive AM/FM radio.
  • Power can be generated by a crank dynamo. No exterior adapter is needed.
  • 3 High brightness LED lights with life more than 10,000 hours.
  • Blink & siren can be used in case of emergency.
  • Powerful magnets can cling to the car roof for a flash light alert.
  • Safety belt cutter in an emergency allows you to cut the seat belt.
  • Safety hammer in case of an emergency helps you to break the glass and get out safely.
  • The inbuilt USB port can charge different mobile phones and digital products.

Although I feel the price of this tool is a bit high, keeping mind the features it has, then somehow it justifies the cost too.

Child Safety

Adco Barton Door Block

Adco Barton Door Block

Since I also have a small child at home, I am gonna buy this product very soon as it helps to prevent the door from slamming on children’s fingers and thus prevent injuries. Basically, that small child at home is very fond of opening and closing the door all the time, and it becomes a tedious task for us to monitor her all the time, so that her fingers may not come between the wall and door and thus keeping it safe from injuries. But monitoring is not always a remedy, hence for getting a permanent solution to this issue, Adco Barton Door Block is the perfect product for it. Basically, this device prevents door slams by those children’s and frees you from the task of monitoring them from this point too. Watch the following video for more clarifications:

Important Tip: Before buying this product, keep in mind of which direction door you shall require this product… Left or Right?

Chicco Baby Control Classic

Chicco Baby Control Classic

Using this product, you can keep a watch and listen to the baby while he/she sleeps or plays on their room without disturbing them. This is a very useful product which keeps you remain in contact constantly with your baby. It has 2 transmission channels to prevent interferences and luminous LED’s which indicate the level of noise in the baby’s room. Both devices (parent and baby) can run on batteries (re­chargeable batteries included for the parent device) or plug into the mains (two adapters included). Transmission frequen­cy: 40.67-40.69 MHz. Operating range is approx 150m in good range conditions without any obstacles which are great for in-house monitoring and can be good when you’re at the nearby neighbourhood.

This list can go big long, and there can be much more important things which I might not have listed here currently. If you feel, that I should list any particular product here in must-have-tools, please let me know in comments. And also tell me you’re an opinion about the current list of tools too.

An optimist to the core, I always see the glass half full. I like to take life as it comes and not to become too serious on the harsher aspects of it. Apart from this, I am an Engineer, a Blogger & a Researcher....

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