Caution: Marriage Ahead

Due to my hectic and very stressing life cycle of serving a US MNC leaves me with very little or no time for my childhood passion of reading, However I got a very pleasant surprise when a autographed copy of JUST MARRIED PLEASE EXCUSE was sent to me for a review.


I must say that that I was surprised reading the background of the author, My first response was “Man, Do these guys even have time to read what they have written themselves?”. Author has used a very unconventional but interesting pattern of speech and description in the book.the story has been described with uttermost interesting and spell bounding choice of words and writing pattern that holds you stuck to the book until you have completed a section at-least.

Sparingly you get to spend time with some literature which has the background same as yours and you can relate to the issues and problems faced by the author. Though tagged as FICTION you will find out that what is written is 90% the reality. The author is aN experienced FMCG professional facing the same issues of work, commuting, children and family.

 The story is laced with humorous quotes, narration and situations which makes it worth a read and the conditions in which you can relate with.

The story opens with a dialogue between the author and her beau, and it keeps on swinging back to past and present and the description is always at its best and one can simply visualize the proceedings as they unfold themselves.

The plot mainly handles with the cases of differences between two individuals who basically have the same type education, jobs and yet they think differently and have their own share of troubles, how petty things can mean a world to an individual and how big issue can be waived off just because of the love of the relationship.

The plot first revolves around the author’s professional, personal life on how she tries to make the things work, even when she is subjected to unplanned situations and instances.  She tries to cope up with the daily issues of married life, adjusting with his husband who hales from a traditional family from Rajasthan. Who is very over concerned and over caring but has his own set pattern of doing things.  Though comically this book shows us the mirror by describing some incidences which shed some light over the point of view before and after marriage like once in the story comes a situation when the Tall husband of the author seems shorter while sitting alongside.

just married please excuse book price


Being an inexperience and carefree couple they both have issues when setting up their place in a city where they were like unguided missiles trying to make out and finalize targets on their own, When another jolt is faced by them to move to another city which again had the same home making sessions but with a twist of having a new member in  the family,  This leads to another difference category between the couple “how to raise a child”, The soul mates as you read in the first part seem to be not so appropriate, So the question What happens next? Will they continue or something will be worked out between them, Well to find the answers PLEASE READ THE BOOK.

Some details about the book:

Title: Just Married, Please Excuse

By: Yashodhara Lal
ISBN: 978-93-5029-227-3
Cover price: INR 199
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
Published by: HarperCollins Publishers India

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    1. Thank you ma’am for writing such a great story, Reading it was a time well invested, Please keep on writing.
      Looking forward for more such novels from you in near future.

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