LG India Seeks to Strengthen Consumer Base with New Managing Director Mr. Hong Ju Jeon

LG Electronics India has appointed Mr. Hong Ju Jeon as the new Managing Director. Jeon brings over two decades of experience in the consumer electronics industry to this role, including serving as Managing Director of LG Electronics subsidiaries in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria, as well as President of the Gulf region. He has a track record of strengthening product leadership and implementing sustainable initiatives. Jeon takes over the role from Kim Ki Wan, who will be joining as the Korea sales and marketing head.

In his role as the Managing Director of LG Electronics India, Jeon will be responsible for leading the company’s efforts to strengthen its presence across the country. He will focus on developing and executing strategic business plans that will help the company differentiate itself in the Indian market and drive growth for both its consumer electronics and home appliances divisions.

Jeon’s primary objective will be to create value through innovative product launches and introduce initiatives that enable LG Electronics India to remain competitive in the marketplace. Additionally, he will be tasked to ensure that LG is able to capitalize on the opportunities in India and develop sustainable, profitable business models for the long term. In addition, he will also be responsible for driving collaboration across consumer electronics, home appliances, and air solutions, including establishing new channels and partnerships.

Young Lak Kim, the former Managing Director of LG India, has been promoted to Executive Vice President and will be taking on the role of Korea Sales & Marketing Head. During his tenure as Managing Director, Kim significantly drove market leadership, sales, and brand growth in India, leading to LG’s market dominance in various product categories.

Mr. Hong Ju Jeon, newly appointed MD, LG Electronics said “I am very excited about my new role. I look forward to new challenges as well as the opportunity to serve millions of consumers. India is a growing economy and is an interesting market with vast demographics therefore, we aim to further strengthen our consumer base by introducing product portfolio that is developed basis the insights of the consumers.

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