LG Launches #UpgradeResponsibly Campaign To Spread Awareness

E-waste is a significant problem in many parts of the world. Though mostly the developed countries have the worst e-waste issues but have plans to tackle it, in developing nations like India, where we are witnessing an ever-growing market of smartphones and electronics, the problem is e-waste is persisting. This year, on the occasion of Earth Day, LG, one of the leaders in consumer electronics, has announced a new campaign themed around #UpgradeResponsibly.

Speaking of the campaign, Young Lak Kim- MD- LG Electronics India, said, “This Earth Day, we look forward to inspiring people with our latest campaign on how to discard e-waste responsibly. Our digital video tells the tale of every Indian home and LG products being an integral part of a consumers’ journey. The video intends to establish an emotional connection between your beloved old electronics and how discarding them responsibly can help save the environment. The LG call centers across India will be available for guiding our customers to suggest the process of e-waste pick up from their doorstep. Through the video we aim to create awareness that discarding our old electronics irresponsibly hurts the environment which eventually also effects our own health.”

The campaign focuses on how discarding old electronics irresponsibly causes harm to the environment, affecting our health. LG has launched a short and simple video that aims to create awareness around the simple solution of discarding e-waste to help save the planet.

LG already has a recycling service that is accessible to the doorsteps of consumers in India. It is called LG Care & Delight Service, and customers can call 1800-315-9999 to schedule a pickup of their old electronic appliances. LG will arrange a pickup, and once the old appliances have been picked up, they are sent to LG’s E-waste Processing Plant, where the appliances are recycled in an environment-friendly way.

Consumers can visit this page to know more about this #UpgradeResponsibly campaign and find out more about the harms e-waste cause and how to minimize it.

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