LG Electronics has today launched the all-new LG XBOOM ON2D speaker. LG’s XBOOM Speaker range is quite popular and the brand has expanded the lineup once again. LG’s XBOOM ON2D Speaker provides a powerful output, deep bass, and excellent sound quality while offering easy connectivity to other devices with the support for connecting to multiple devices.

Commenting on the launch of the new LG XBOOM Speakers, Mr. Hak Hyun Kim – HE Director, said, “LG has always taken pride on providing a superior product range that is specially geared to meet the evolving needs of the families and the modern generations of today and will strive to do so in the years to come as well. With this launch, LG continues to innovate to meet the sound and audio quality and experience desired by users today at a very affordable price and will continue our journey to create the most superior yet feasible user experience.” He further added, “Customers today demand a one-stop speaker that provides a powerful party ambiance and experience along with the convenience of not having to use multiple devices. The latest innovations in the newly unveiled ON2D model not only deliver powerful sound and voice quality but also innovative and fun features that take the party atmosphere up a notch.”

The new LG XBOOM ON2D speaker comes with powerful sound output and deep bass with 16.5 cm woofer size which boosts the overall sound performance. There is a wide range of playback options including DVD/CD, USB, Bluetooth, FM, and as well as TV. For connecting to a TV, users get quite a few options like Bluetooth, AUX, and HDMI.

Karaoke features have been improved now on the LG XBOOM ON2D, with the addition of 2 mic ports, 9 Echo effects, Vocal Sound Control. The speaker also comes with karaoke features built-in making it a perfect choice for house parties. There are vocal sound control options that let users adjust the music and microphone volume separately. The XBOOM ON2D Speaker also has a phone cradle option, so that users can keep their phones safely. The all-new LG XBOOM ON2D speaker is now available for purchase at a price tag of ₹18990.

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  1. Good bass. Amazing Quality of sound. Best for a home small party. Looks are good, Easy to control. It comes in budget. Almost all types of connectivity Bluetooth, Aux, DVD etc.

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