In recent years, foam mattresses have gained a lot of popularity and brought a revolution. People are flocking markets to buy foam mattresses because of its comfort and various other aspects which makes it stand out from all other spring mattresses. Even doctors have started recommending people to buy foam mattresses because of its health benefits. Here are some of the reasons to let you know why foam mattresses are a perfect complement to modern bed designs:

1. It helps in the alignment of the spine

This uniquely designed mattress was first used in hospitals to provide comfort to the patients who suffered from spinal cord problems. This mattress supports the back evenly by spreading the weight all over the surface of the bed. It keeps the spine in a neutral position by providing contours to the body’s curves and also by supporting your lower back.

5 Reasons Why Foam Mattresses are a Perfect Complement to Modern Bed Designs

2. Different positions of the body can be accommodated

Remember, taking a turn in the middle of the night and not being able to get comfortable and then turning the whole night to find just the right position so that you can sleep? It is not in the case of foam mattresses. No matter which sleeping position you enjoy – sleeping on the side, stomach or back, these mattresses are designed to accommodate any type of position. Because of their cradle and mould design, they allow every part of the body to settle evenly on the bed.

3. Motions are not a problem anymore

For light sleepers, the motion of your partner in a traditional mattress can disturb your sleep any time. Therefore, these new foam mattresses totally eliminate this problem. It absorbs the motions and stops it from transferring it thereby making your sleep more comfortable and sound one.

4. Durability is high

One of the core benefits of the foam mattress is the durability that it provides. An average lifespan of foam mattress can last up to seven years. They are free from sagging, so if you use it wisely you can stretch this lifespan to about eight to ten years.

5. Hypo-Allergenic and free from dust mites

These mattresses have proved to be beneficial for people suffering from allergies. Allergens like pet dander and mould which crawl up to the mattresses are now prevented from doing so. No hard chemicals or gases are involved in the making of the mattresses, thus, preventing people from exposure to harsh chemicals and smells.

Dust mites are found everywhere. In fact, millions of dust mites can be found on your bed. Open spaces and fluffy paddings of fiber allows the dust mites to accumulate on the traditional mattresses. But, due to the dense structure and the materials used, the foam mattresses do not let any dust mites accumulate over them.

Not only foam mattresses come with so many specialities but they are cost-effective too. Once you buy it, you will not have to worry about another mattress for a long time. Made from Visco-elastic foam, these mattresses offer everything you can ask for. So fire up the laptop and search for the best foam mattresses online and buy it immediately without giving much thought to it.

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