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Google Assistant, the virtual assistant from Google is getting smarter and better with time, and now Google has pushed another update via which the Google Assistant is getting more user-centric at times, rather than information-centric. In this latest update, the main highlights are clock routines and broadcast replies, along with some improvements here and there.

Apart from the regular Broadcast feature, there is the ability is to let users send a message from smartphone to smart speakers throughout the house. This is a useful feature and Google extended it by adding the option to reply back from a smart speaker or Smart Display to phone. Also, the reply is shown as a pop-up and the message is transcribed.

Also, now using the Google Assistant, routines can be added to the Clock app. And this is cool, as most people start the day as the alarms go off. As soon as users dismiss the alarm, Google Assitant can run through a routine to trigger multiple things in order. So, you can set it to read the headlines for the day and inform you about your agenda, upcoming meetings and can also pull the phone out of DND. Also, for smart home users, it’s more and more helpful as it can turn lights, fans and AC on or off depending upon your choice.

Also, keeping the winter holidays in mind, Google has added new kid-friendly features to the Google Assistant, like now during a podcast or audiobook, the speed can be changed by saying “Hey Google, play at twice the speed,” or “play faster.” There have been more additions that focus on the enlightenment and entertainment of kids, in a playful way and Google may push the update soon to all eligible Android devices. However, Google has not specified any date when the update would roll out, but we are expecting it right around the corner of the holiday season.

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