Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier
Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier
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If you’re searching for an ideal water purifier, we hope that you know that buying just an RO based water purifier is not enough. By using an only RO based water purifier, sure, you’re drinking safe to consume water, but RO only filtration also removes the essential minerals from your daily water consumption. It is crucial that you consume minerals enriched water as the water accounts for providing 6% to 30% of essential minerals to the body daily. Therefore, many brands now offer a Post-RO mineral filter to add back some minerals in the water, while some brands use the by-pass line for mixing non-purified water with purified water to maintain the TDS level desired by the consumer.

Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier Review

Why I Bought the Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier?

The Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifier was an obvious choice for me after I went through all the brands available in the market and compared them against the Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier. First and foremost, it comes from Whirlpool, which is a global and trusted leader in the home appliances category. Secondly, it comes with a host of important features required in a water purifier like AI Technology which automatically checks the TDS of the water and adapts the filtration process accordingly, 9 Stage Purification which includes Micro Block Protection, Calcium Booster and Activated Carbon Block Design. Finally, it has India’s first* DIY Filter Replacement technology that solves for one of the biggest problems one faces after buying a water purifier i.e. buying 100% genuine filters.

Let me walk you through each of these benefits and the technology that helps you get pure and healthy water.

Whirlpool Purasense RO

Why the Whirlpool Purasense Range of RO Water Purifiers are the best in the Category?

Whirlpool’s PuraSense RO Water Purifier delivers several key features such as:

1. India’s First* Do-It-Yourself Filter Replacement

Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifiers give you the ease to change the water filters, all by yourself. Changing the filter is a quick 4-way step process specified on the front panel of the water purifier. It’s quick to change and surely saves you the hassle and cost of calling a technician to your home. The Purasense RO water purifier analyses the filter usage and prompts to replace the filters if the efficiency of the filter is not optimum via it’s LED Indicators on the front panel. One can easily buy the filters from the Whirlpool website and stay away from spurious filters.

India’s First* Do-It-Yourself Filter Replacement

* results based on market research and feature benchmarking amongst leading players in the segment in the month of August 2018.

2. Adaptive Intelligence

Whirlpool Purasense AI Microprocessor

Did you know that a normal RO process also removes essential minerals from the water? However, Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifier uses Adaptive Intelligence Technology where Microprocessors with IntelliSense automatically sense the hardness of the water and skip the RO process if the TDS is not high. This retains the essential minerals in the water, and you get safe and healthy water for you and your family. Also, it means lesser wastage of water and prolonged RO filter life.

3. Activated Carbon Block Design

Whirlpool Activated Carbon Block

Unlike other brands, inside the Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifier’s pre & post-carbon filters, the activated carbon blocks are tightly packed, rather than being loosely aligned. This leads to a higher contact time between water and activated carbon as it passes through this stage of filtration, which means higher purification level and better efficiency of the filter.

4. 9-Stage Water Filtration (RO + UV + UF + TDS)

Whirlpool has left no stone unturned in providing the multiple levels of water purification in this model. 9-stages of purification level is rare to find in the Indian market, and Whirlpool has provided with every kind of filtration level a consumer searches for in an ideal water purifier. Stages of water purification are as follows:

Whirlpool 9 Stages of Purification
StagesFilter TypeFilter Function
1Pre-FilterRemove physical impurities like sand, dust
2Sediment FilterRemoves fine dirt, turbidity & other physical Impurities
3Pre-Carbon FilterAlso known as Freshonizer filter, it removes bad smell & bad taste
4RO MembraneRemoves dissolved solids, heavy metals & waterborne microbes. Purifies water up to 0.1-0.2 microns. Works up to 2000 TDS level
5Post Carbon FilterPolish & Improves the taste of water
6Calcium BoosterEnhances Calcium in water and boosts the pH level
7UV FilterDeactivate water-borne micro-organism and viruses
8UF FilterRemoves harmful bacteria
9MicroblockMakes storage tank water 99.9% free from any bacterial growth and maintains the goodness of purification

+ – Tested on MTCC|2470

5. Calcium Booster

Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier comes with a Calcium Booster#, an innovative feature introduced by Whirlpool to enhance the calcium level in the water. Calcium booster adds the correct quantity of calcium in the water, hence providing healthier water to consume. This is especially helpful for the elders, women and children in the home, who are advised to have more calcium in their diet.

# – Adds back depleted calcium to maintain calcium level as per IS 10500:2012

6. Microblock Protection

To keep the water inside the water tank free of bacteria for a longer period, Whirlpool has added a special layer of Microblock protection inside the water tank, so you can have 99%* bacteria-free water even when you leave the water inside the storage tank.

* Results based on lab tests on select models under standard test conditions and may vary depending on testing conditions ~ After 24 hours of incubation load

7. Elegant & Flexible Design

Designed to stand-out, Whirlpool Purasense Range of RO Water Purifiers’ stylish and bold looks gives the kitchen an elegant touch. Can be installed as both, Counter Top or Wall Mounted as per your preference and liking.

Whirlpool Purasense Purifier Installation

Also, the purifier drip-tray is removable, and the water tank can be opened for cleaning purpose from time to time which the user can do it by themselves, and this doesn’t void the warranty of the product.

Types of DIY Interchangeable Filters and Price

(Please check www.whirlpoolindia.com for latest prices)

Purasense Sediment Filter

Highlights of our Experience with Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier

The effectiveness of a water purifier is checked by what output level of TDS is the water. In my testing, with an input source of 140-150 TDS level of water, the output TDS was in the range of 20-30 which is excellent, and since the count is above 20, it probably shows the presence of calcium in water which is getting counted in the TDS count by the TDS meter.

Whirlpool Purasense RO Water Purifier Product Variants

There are three models, i.e. Purasense RO + UV + UF + ATDS, Purasense RO + UV + UF and Purasense RO + UF. Here’s a quick comparison of all 3 models:

Should You Buy It?

Decide for yourself. Believe it or not, a water purifier is a necessity, and there’s no shortcut to water purification. You never know what quality of water you might get tomorrow? In general practice, every three months, we must clean our water purifier pre-filter because the kind of impurities and pollution it captures is unimaginable. You can’t imagine drinking water without passing it through a water purifier. Also, boiling water is not a 100% protection; boiling cannot remove the dust or impurities; it can only kill the germs and bacteria. And when it comes to you and your family’s health, no one wants to take a chance or settle for anything other than the best.

Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier
Whirlpool Purasense Water Purifier

Moreover, as for an RO water purifier, Whirlpool Purasense is an impressive package overall. The features we discussed above are of the top-model of Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifiers range. As usually required by consumers, Whirlpool didn’t miss out on any feature which a user would need in any water purifier and because of the product quality, water quality output, impressive features, futuristic design and excellent after sales service, this one gets our buying recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it safe to use for bore water?

Answer: Yes, Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifiers are suitable for purification of Bore water, Brackish/Tap Water/Municipal Corporation water.

Question: My water has some metal content like iron, will the purifier be able to remove that?

Answer: Yes, it can remove any traces of any metal from the water.

Question: How much TDS in water is expected from water purifier if input TDS of water is above 1500.

Answer: Ideally it should be around 150. Though can vary because of various factors.

Question: For what purpose is the UV filter used in the water purifier?

Answer: It is used to deactivate water-borne micro-organism and viruses.

Question: Does Whirlpool provide free installation of water purifier?

Answer: Yes, the water purifier is installed for free, except if some extra parts are required for installation other than from the box contents like extra water tubes or special plumbing requirements, that the user has to pay for or arrange the part themselves.

Question: I bought the Whirlpool water purifier, what’s next?

Answer: Upon buying the product, you can call the customer care at 1800 208 1800 (Toll-Free) and create the installation request. You’ll get an assured call back within 2 hours, and Service engineer will visit you within 24 hours.

Question: Does Whirlpool provide pre-filter with their water purifiers?

Answer: Whirlpool provides Pre-filter free with the RO+UF+UV+ATDS models, for the rest of the models it can be bought.

Question: Do I get the free installation and warranty if I bought the product online?

Answer: Yes, if bought from Amazon and Flipkart with a proper bill.

Question: Does it auto-cut offs if the water input source is not available?

Answer: Yes, it auto-cuts off the motor when the input source water is not available.

Question: Can I leave it running 24×7?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Is it necessary to mount it on the wall or can I keep it on the shelf of the kitchen?

Answer: You can keep it either way.

Question: Does this purifier works with MCD water pressure or do I have to run the motor for filling the tank?

Answer: Cannot say for everyone, but in our experience, it worked under normal input pressure without using the motor. However, the input pressure can vary from home to home.

Question: Does it shows on the display when the filter change is required?

Answer: Yes, it does.

Question: Can you take out water from it when there is no power?

Answer: Yes, you can.

Question: Up to what TDS level can Whirlpool Purasense RO water purifier purify water?

Answer: Up to 2000 TDS.

Question: From where I can buy the replaceable filters?

Answer: You can order those online from the whirlpool online store or from trade dealer from whom you bought RO purifier or can buy from the service centre of Whirlpool too.

Question: Does installing a pre-filter really required?

Answer: It depends on the quality of input water. But it is recommended, to increase the lifespan of the RO and to filter out dust from the water, pre-filter is required.

Question: Can we manually adjust the TDS in Whirlpool Water Purifiers?

Answer: No, you cannot. Whirlpool Purasense RO + UV + UF + ATDS gives you optimum pure water.

Question: Does the temperature of the stored water in the purifier remains the same or does it change accordingly to the room temperature?

Answer: Temperature of the water in the purifier tank shall vary according to the room temperature.

Question: Does this water purifier makes water taste sweet?

Answer: Whirlpool Purasense range of RO water purifiers does change the taste of water from salty to sweet.

Question: What are the AMC charges?

Answer: The service person can tell better about it depending upon the area the user is from & other factors. You can also query them about current offers going on for their area.

Question: What are the warranty terms?

Answer: 1-year full product warranty + 3 free services in 1st year. (TBC)

Question: What are the warranty terms?

Answer: 1-year product warranty including RO Membrane + 3 free services in 1st year.

Question: Does Whirlpool provides an extended warranty?

Answer: Yes, Whirlpool does provide that. You need to call on the toll-free no 1800-208-1800 to know more about it.

Question: How many service centres Whirlpool have across India?

Answer: Whirlpool’s after-sales service network covers over 3500 cities & towns across India.

Question: In how much time should we change the RO filter?

Answer: Between 1 year to 1.5 years depending upon the input water TDS level & consumption.

Question: Can I change the filters myself.

Answer: Yes, you can, that’s one of the prominent features of Whirlpool Purasense water purifiers.

Question: How much is the water tank capacity?

Answer: It’s 7 litres for Whirlpool Purasense RO models.

Question: Does it comes with UF filter?

Answer: Every model of Whirlpool Purasense RO comes with UF Filter.

Question: How’s Whirlpool after sales service?

Answer: It’s one of the best in the industry.

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