Canon India has announced the all-new Canon Rayo Mini projectors in India. The two models, Rayo i5 and Rayo R4 are compact, lightweight, and portable projectors. The compact and lightweight Rayo mini projectors are highly portable and handy travel accessory. The compact size makes it extremely convenient to carry them around in carry-on bags or even in a shirt pocket, making it well-suited for corporate, retail and educational purposes. The Rayo R4 weighs at 169 grams and the Rayo i5 weighs 260 grams.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. K Bhaskhar, Vice-President, Business Imaging Solutions, Canon India added, “The Rayo Mini Projector is an innovation that complements the Smart Phone Proliferation trend perfectly. The easy setup and versatility of the mini projectors make them a must-have travel accessory particularly for the mobile business professionals and for families on vacation or those using them for leisure. The Rayo projectors truly boost the power of information on-the-go by enhancing the way photographs, presentations and videos are shared.”

The new Rayo i5 has wireless connectivity which reduces the hassle of plugging in cables and users can play movies or share content from their Android or iOS devices easily through Mirroring or DLNA technology. The Rayo R4 projects directly from mobile phones or tablets through MHL cable and offers a brightness level of 50 Ansi lm. It can also be connected to a laptop using a Mini HDMI cable.

Both of these new projectors from Canon come with a mini tripod, with adjustable height for convenient viewing angles. The Canon Rayo i5 packs a 1,900 mAH battery which is rated up to 120 minutes of playback time at standard brightness, whereas the R4 has a 1,700 mAH battery offering up to 150 minutes o playback at the standard brightness. The LED light source lasts up to 20,000 hours in the Rayo i5 and 10,000 hours in the Rayo R4. Both R4 & i5 come with built-in speakers, as well as AUX ports so that users can connect their headphones as well if required. The Rayo i5 has a wide aspect ratio of 16:9 whereas the R4 has an aspect ratio of 4:3. also, the Rayo i5 comes with Stereo speakers providing rich sound quality, whereas the R4 comes with a mono speaker.

The new Canon Rayo R4 and i5 will be available for sale in India starting from 1st June 2018. The R4 is priced at Rs. 30 000.00 and the Rayo i5 is priced at Rs. 50 000.00, both of these prices include all taxes and are maximum retail prices.

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