LG is one of the largest brands in the world in the consumer electronics market and the company is growing bigger as they expand their portfolio with innovative, unique, cost-effective and easy-to-use products that make household work easier than ever.

In a recent press statement, LG said that on the UN International Women’s Day, the company is committed to coming up with women-friendly products that make their lives easier and also acknowledges that women are a critical audience. LG accepted that it is the deep insights, needs, preferences, and lifestyles of women across the world, which gives the company ideas to innovative and deliver consistently. This has also sparked the need for customization, along with innovation.

Women consumers are smart buyers, they seek to buy products that are a great value for their money, efficient, have assured quality and can assist them at making their lifestyles more convenient.‘ said the electronics giant LG.

LG is a brand that believes that modern technology has widened the path of equality and it is helping to destroy the gender stereotypes, helping both men and women contribute to household work without being confused or being misguided. The technology has also helped women do many things faster than ever so that they can get more time to relax and follow their passions, thus proving to be a catalyst in bringing out their creative geniuses.

By equipping more connectivity features to its full range of 2018 appliances, LG is bringing substantial benefits to women consumers across the globe. These smart devices greatly reduce the time required to complete household tasks. LG’s Twin Wash Washing Machine helps to wash two loads of clothes at one time, whereas LG Dual Inverter ACs provide the perfect setting for a cool and composed home, LG’s latest range of Air Purifiers are equipped with technology that cleans the minutest of pollutants such as PM 1.0 and has lower ducts that keep the air near the floor fresh, LG smartphones such as the LG V30+ are equipped with a plethora of multimedia facilities and allow women to stay connected with their loved ones at all times. And last but not the least, in terms of cooking which was considered as a women’s job even a few years ago, is now transformed into an interactive activity as the LG All In One microwave allows her to cook a healthy meal with great ease for her family or organize a fun party in lesser time.

LG is also committed to taking care of its female employees by providing facilities like in-house nursery when their employees can leave their babies to be looked after, dietician and gym facility, AC cab and bus services. LG has always been the pioneer of technological breakthroughs and the company believes in creating a more dynamic world that can progress with the help of technological empowerment. It salutes the spirit of womanhood with its various offerings across product categories.

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